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Awkward Windows and Doors? Budget Blinds of Bothell Can Help

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Awkward Windows and Doors TOP BANNER

With countless different types of builders, homes, and styles in the Pacific Northwest, there are bound to be some windows and doors that don’t quite fit the mold. What do you do when you have a super arched window but still need privacy? Or completely off centered windows that don’t seem to fit the space? Have you had a french door that you use frequently but don’t necessarily want the whole world to see you? How about a front door that is 80% transparent glass? No matter your situation, we at Bothell Budget Blinds have simple solutions for you.

Solutions for Arched Windows

Arched windows come in many sizes, which make them difficult to fit into a generic mold. Thankfully there are multiple ways to handle each scenario, so you can see as much or as little of your neighbors in Canyon Park, Lynnwood, or any of the other beautiful areas along the Pacific Northwest. If you have super tall arched windows, you may want to consider adding Draperies above the highest point. You can install a drapery rod above the arch, and let the drapery panels open up to the side when they are not needed for privacy. An option or wide arched windows are shutters. Did you know Shutters can be fitted to any window? That means they can be created with the arches, fitting perfectly in the rounded edges, giving you the option for open or close shutters whenever you like. Or let’s say you have an arched window but you like the extra sky light it provides, yet still want privacy. You could always put a sheer fabric over the arched part, while the rest of the window either remains open, or has another window treatment that is easily adjusted separate from arched fabric.

 Awkward Windows and Doors ARCHED DOOR

Solutions for Off Centered Windows

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed it just seems a little…off balance? Or maybe you’ve walked into a room that could’ve easily been out of balance but you didn’t even notice because of how strategically the room was set. We can help you be the latter option. Sometimes windows are placed in odd places - i.e. one in the corner, and one in the center, one big one on half the wall with nothing on the other half, etc. What do you do? You choose your window coverings wisely, while also placing the furniture in a way that will bring balance back to the space. If a window is completely off center and over to one side, you want to bring the furniture to the other side to balance out the focal point. You can also have heavier and noticeable window treatments to bring weight to both sides of the room. Maybe some bright colored drapes, or an intricate patterned roller shade. You can go a little more extreme on the window so that it becomes balanced with the furniture,and not just an open space hanging out by itself on the other side of the room.

Solutions for a French Door

These really don’t have to be difficult. If your french doors are in an area that requires a lot of sunlight and privacy, floor to ceiling Drapes are a great way to go. This will even create an illusion of a picture window instead of a door as well as soften the space. You could also use Blinds and Cellular Shades to cover the glass doors if you need full privacy. These will assist in insulating your home and will provide a cohesive look when matched with the other windows in the room.

 Awkward Windows and Doors FRENCH DOOR

Solutions for a Front Door

The front door is usually facing the street, so depending on where you live, this could be problematic when having a glass door that isn’t frosted. A simple solution is adding sheer fabric over the window area of the door to allow in light while still keeping your privacy. You can create a cinched look with a knot towards the center, or try stretching the fabric for a more contemporary option.

Awkward windows and doors don’t have to stay awkward. If you need help deciding what to do, give us a call.  We love a challenge!

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

Why These are the Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids

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Why These are the Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids

At some point you were a new couple, in a new home, with the new styles. Then came the kids! As wonderful as they are, there’s a lot more safety precautions to take and things to prepare. When babies grow into toddlers, they become curious of all their surroundings. Opening and closing anything they can, pushing and pulling on everything available -- you never know what they will get into next. But just because you’re adjusting your life to hold these little ones, doesn’t mean you have to adjust your style. Here are simple ways to have the best of both worlds.

Why These are the Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids CORDLESS

Cordless Blinds and Shades

That’s right! Your favorite styles have the option of coming cordless! We at Bothell Budget Blinds love kids AND their parents, and want safety and style to go hand in hand. You can choose everything from wood, vinyl or our Signature fabric blinds, to wooden or exotic fabric shades coming in every style. Roller Shades, Cellular Shades, Solar Shades, and Pleated Shades, all come in cordless free options. We can replace the cord with a cordless lift to allow easy access to the Washington sunlight and breeze, as well as simple functioning for privacy even when the kids are up and running around.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades aren’t just for luxury, they are extremely useful when you have your hands full with kids. Press a button from across the room and dim the shades for nap time or a movie.  Not only are they controlled remotely, but they can also be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day -- taking away any extra thoughts of things to do. Wake up in the morning to open shades and Kirkland sunshine while getting ready for school and work. While away from home, the shades can close on their own keeping in the temperature and saving on energy bills. Then, once at home, you can choose what you prefer before you settle down for the day for a little bit of playtime and relaxation.

Why These are the Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids SHUTTERS


Shutters are cordless by nature, making a great option especially your child's bedroom or playroom. With so many shutter options like wood, vinyl, and aluminum, you can have that timeless elegance with safe functionality. You could have Plantation shutters, Cafe shutters, or shutters hinged to swing away from the window. With no cords necessary, you just pick your panel size and style, and allow us to fit the shutters into your specific space -- customized for all shapes and sizes for your Mountlake Terrace home.

Additional Options

Blinds offer cord cleat and wand control options that are easy to operate and don’t require a cord. We also suggest a Sliding Track System which is an alternative to vertical blinds by sliding glass doors. This way you can move the blinds without a dangling cord, but still with the same desired look.

Bothell Budget Blinds in the Pacific Northwest is only interested in using manufacturers that are committed to high-quality safety features as well as the trending styles. Contact us to have a consultant come out to your home and help match the best safety and style options for you and your lifestyle. We are dedicated to keeping your kids and pets safe while keeping your personal flare alive.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell, WA article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

Benefits For Wood Blinds In Kirkland

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Do you want to find the best window treatments for all the windows of your house? Are you a little overwhelmed by all the options that are available? If you said yes, there is one type of window covering that you need to check into that is perfect for all types of homes, wood blinds in Kirkland.  

These blinds offer multiple benefits for you and your family. It is a smart idea for you to learn about the benefits these window coverings offer. That way you can see for yourself why they are the perfect option for your house, and family.

One: Will complement your home décor – These blinds offer you a variety of stain finishes or colors that you can choose from. They also can be custom color matched to your existing furnishings and wood trim.

That means that you can personalize them to fit perfectly with each room of your house, and with the décor in every room. That way you can get window treatments that will complement the home décor and not detract from it.

Two: Can be made to custom fit each window – There are various sized windows in each house. Trying to find the right fit for every window with a window treatment is not always easy, unless you can custom fit them to fit each different window in your house.

With this type of window covering, you can easily have them custom fit to each window because they come in the slat sizes of 1 to 2 ½ inch. That gives you the right custom fit option for each window in your house.

Three: Easy to maintain – This type of blind is very easy to maintain, and is one reason it is so popular with so many people. All you need to do is to wipe down these window treatments with a damp cloth each time that you clean the room that they are in.

This will ensure that you always have clean window coverings that you will be able to enjoy looking at each time that you walk into the different rooms in your home.  

Four: Energy and money saver – These blinds will help to keep your energy costs lower because they will help to be extra insulation on your windows. When your energy costs are kept lower, you will also save money so you are getting two benefits in one.

Now that you know the benefits for wood blinds in Kirkland, you can understand why these are the right window treatments for your home. Make the smart decision, and get these window treatments for your house as quickly as you can so that you and your family will be able to begin enjoying the multiple benefits that they offer you.

Plantation Shutters In Kirkland Provides You With Multiple Advantages

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Are you in search of good window treatments for all the windows of your house? If you answered yes, then you are in luck because there is one type of window covering that is perfect for all homes. You need to check into plantation shutters in Kirkland because they provide multiple advantages for you.  

You need to be informed about the advantages that they provide so that you can understand why they are the perfect option for all the windows of your house. The following are the major advantages.

One: Perfect for large windows of sliding glass doors – These window treatments are the right choice for any sliding glass doors you have in your home, or any large windows. These shutters are available in bi-fold track style, which makes them the right choice for large windows because they are hinged in the middle, and will fold accordion style when you open them.

That makes it easy for anyone in the family to open or close them, and when they are closed, they will completely cover the large window or door to give your family the privacy and security you need.

Two: Helps keep your energy costs low – These window coverings have an insulating design, which means that they can help regulate the temperature in each room of your house that you add them to. This is going to help to keep your energy costs lower, and that is a big benefit because it also means that you will save money every month.

Any time that you can save money, it is a big bonus because that gives you extra money to do other things that you or your family needs to do.

Three: Can be made safe for everyone in the home – These shutters can be made safe for everyone in the house because you have the option to get them as a motorized option, or cordless. That means that any home with pets or children will benefit greatly because your window treatments will be safe for the entire family.

Four: Helps protect your belongings – When these window coverings are closed on each of the windows of your house, they will be protecting your belongings from long exposure to the sun, which can damage your belongings. By keeping these shutters closed when you are not enjoying the sunshine, you will be keeping your belongings in good shape for a long time.

Now that you know the multiple advantages that plantation shutters in Kirkland provides you with, you can easily see why these are the perfect window treatments for all the windows of your house. Don’t delay in getting these window coverings for your windows so you and your family can begin enjoying these window treatments and the benefits that they give you as soon as possible.

Beautiful Summery Window Treatments That Lower Your Energy Bills

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Window Treatments That Lower Your Energy Bills TOP BANNER

Summer in Washington is gorgeous. But just because we are in the Pacific Northwest, doesn’t mean we don’t experience the heat! Thankfully, you can cool down your home with these beautiful window treatments, resulting in possible energy bill savings. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for style when you can have both!


When it comes to keeping cold air in and hot air out, shades are an exceptional option. Many shades, regardless of the fabric, have the ability to come in a dual layer where one side is lighter than the other. This allows you to turn your shades with the season, using the light side to reflect the sun in the summer, keeping cold air in, and also switch to the dark side in the winter to keep cold air out! One of the best parts about shades, is there are so many design and color options. You just want to make sure the shade is mounted around the very edge of the window, close to the frame, to ensure minimal space where air can travel.

Window Treatments That Lower Your Energy Bills DRAPES


Regardless if you have shades or not, you can still add drapes. Drapes come in many fabrics, but in this case you’ll want to choose a lightweight fabric to hang down the length of your windows. Ideally, to cool down your space, the brighter and lighter the color, the more cool the room will be by reflecting the sun. If you have medium weight drapes, you can add a white plastic backing to help still reflect the sun without buying a whole new set of drapes. Another option is trying out drapes made out of lace. The lace will provide easy airflow and ventilation with open or closed windows, allowing a beautiful, classy look and a cool, breezy room.

Window Treatments That Lower Your Energy Bills BLINDS


Blinds are an amazing option for ventilation, light reflection, and privacy. With both interior and exterior aiding these goals, they’re ideal to reduce heat. If it’s a sunny day and the blinds are closed, they automatically reflect the sunlight keeping the heat out of the room. When the blinds are open they provide easy movement to the air. Exterior blinds may even be more effective than interior, since they stop the heat before it even transmits through the glass of the window.

Using all or any of these options can lower your summer energy bill up to 30%! It’s likely you already have some of these in your Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace or Lynnwood home. Now that you are aware of the best strategies for use, you can test out your energy saving strategy for yourself and see the difference from month to month. If you have any questions or are in need of some new window treatments, Bothell Budget Blinds will help you comfortably pass through summer so you can focus on enjoying the season.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

Smart Phone to Smart Home: Budget Blinds Bothell + Lutron

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Smart Phone to Smart Home: Budget Blinds Bothell + Lutro

Are you in the business of cutting edge technology? Or maybe you just love to be up to date with the newest gadgets available? If you don’t have a smart home yet, you’ll want one after seeing the possibilities. Whether you’re a creator or consumer, both can show appreciation for the conveniences technological advances bring. With a large tech population in the Pacific Northwest, we can help match your home to your lifestyle.

Smart Phone to Smart Home

We’ve all seen the advances in the phone industry - making anything from scanning documents and depositing checks, to checking your blood pressure and counting your steps as easy as a click of the button. But now you can go as far to control your home all the way from your phone. Bothell Budget Blinds offers Lutron Smart Home Technology linked to an app on your phone, to control not only the temperature among other amenities, but also your window treatments.

Here’s How:

Lutron Smart App integrates with Nest, Honeywell, Logitech, Apple Home Kit, and Siri, to name a few. By adding the application to your Iphone, Ipad, or Android, you can schedule and control settings from anywhere, even if you are not home. With easy installation and practically every window treatment available for motorization, you have your pick of the top quality, cutting edge products, at an affordable price. We will help you sync up your systems so that once we leave, all you have to worry about is whether you want the shades up or down, the temperature high or low, and what button to press to prepare your space just as you want when you arrive.

Here’s What:

With most window treatments available in a motorized option, two examples Lutron works well with are Cellular and Roller Shades. These shades are child friendly and available in multiple fabrics and colors. Not only is the sky the limit on designs, but imagine being able to control shades without having to even be present!

Smart Phone to Smart Home: Budget Blinds Bothell + Lutron Woman

Here’s Why:

The benefit? So many scenarios. Imagine being away on vacation -- you can set the timer for your shades to open and close to your specific schedule, saving on energy bills as well as posing to be in town for anyone who is scoping out your home while you’re away. Or maybe you had a long day at work and you really want your home to feel a specific way as soon as you arrive -- no worries! Press those buttons and have it set up for you in advance. Have kids? More importantly, have kids who have a hard time waking up? Set their shades to open in time with the sun, giving them the natural ability to wake up with ease without having to even come into the room. Not only does the convenience and obvious cool factor make it all worthwhile, but with Budget Blinds you won’t find matched customer service. Sure, you could go to an average store, think you’re getting a great deal with a DIY knockoff, go home and find out your product is either not compatible with your home or you are having trouble getting it to work correctly. But with Budget Blinds in Lynwood and Mountlake Terrace we are with you every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction. With such a large tech industry population in Kirkland Washington, we know how important it is to raise the bar and show pride in your home.

Whether you are in the industry, or just have an eye for interior design and love the benefit of functional convenience, switching your window treatments to match the Smart Home advances is something you won’t regret.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge. 


Why Are Window Coverings In Lynwood Imperative For Your House?

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Have you covered the windows of your house with window coverings in Lynwood? If you said no, then you need to get the windows covered as soon as possible. Having each of the windows in your house covered is vital for you and your family.  

There are several reasons why it is so imperative to have your windows covered. The following are the major reasons why you must have all the windows of your house covered.

One: Security – When you are at home, and your windows are uncovered, you are allowing the outside world, and strangers the chance to see into your home. This can be very dangerous because you never know who is watching your home, or your family.

It is always smart to ensure that every window of the house is covered with a good window treatment so that you are confident that no stranger will be able to see into your house. When you keep prying eyes out of the home, you and your family will be and feel safer.

Two: Privacy – Keeping the prying eyes of strangers out of the house is very important for security reasons, but also so that each member of the family can have privacy. There are several times throughout the day where you or one of your family members may need privacy, and with each window of the house covered with a good window covering, everyone will be able to have this whenever it is needed.

Three: Energy efficiency – Many people don’t ever think about how window treatments on each window can help with energy efficiency in the home, but it really can. When the windows are covered, this is putting extra insulation on each window.

The extra insulation is going to help keep the temperature in each room of the house regulated all year. When the temperature throughout the entire house is regulated, that saves on energy.

Saving on energy each month means saving on money, and that savings can easily add up so that you are saving a significant amount of money. Saving money is always a bonus for any family because it gives you much needed cash for other important things that you or your family may need.  

Now that you understand why you need to have all the windows of your house covered, you need to take the time to find the right window coverings in Lynwood for each window of your house. The sooner that you find the right one for each window, the sooner you and your family will be and feel safer at home.

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