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Why Do You Need Kenmore Blackout Blinds In The Bedrooms?

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Are you in search of the right window coverings for the bedrooms of your home? Have you looked at many options, but are torn on what to choose because there are so many options? It is time for you to be made aware of the reasons why you need to add Kenmore blackout blinds to each of the bedrooms in your house.

There are several reasons you need to be informed about. Here are the top reasons.

One: Helps everyone in the home sleep better – Many people don’t realize that having this type of blind on the windows can help everyone in the home sleep better, but it is true. The blinds will keep any light outside from getting into the home, and will help everyone sleep until they have to get up or are ready to get up.

So, no one in the family will be woke up in the mornings anymore by the sunlight hitting them in the face because it is getting in through the blinds. These window coverings will prevent that from happening.

Two: Excellent for people that work at night and sleep during the day – If there is someone in the home that sleeps during the day because they work at night, then you definitely need these window treatments up on the windows of the bedrooms.

This is going to block all sunlight during the day so that they can get a restful sleep, and wake up rested and ready to go to work again.

Three: Helps with sleep for young children – Do you have a baby or toddler that still takes a nap during the day? Then you really need these blinds in their bedrooms because this is going to make it easier to get them to go down for a nap.

They won’t know that it is daylight outside because the blinds will block the sun from entering their room. That will make it easier to get them down for a nap. These window coverings will also block all the sunlight from getting into the room while they sleep, and that is going to make sure they get the restful nap that they require.

This is going to make your day easier and more enjoyable because you will get some time to yourself, and you won’t be dealing with a grumpy and tired child.

Now that you have been made aware of the reasons why you need Kenmore blackout blinds in each of the bedrooms of your house, all that remains is for you to get them added to the bedrooms. The sooner that you do, the sooner everyone is going to be able to sleep better, and that is always a bonus, especially if you have small children.


Why Is It Smart To Decorate Your Home With Kenmore Draperies?

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Are you looking for the right window covering to help you finish off the perfect look for each room of your house? Are you a little overwhelmed by all of the choices that are available? It is time then for you to learn the reasons why it is smart to decorate your home with Kenmore draperies.

There are several reasons why you want to decorate each room of your home with these window treatments. Once you are aware of the reasons, you will see why you definitely need to be decorating each room of your home with this unique type of window covering.

Here are the essential reasons you need to be informed of.

One: Allows you to add your own personal style to each room – When decorating your home, and choosing the home décor that you put in each room, you are obviously going to be choosing furniture and other décor based on your own personal style.

That way your home is exactly what you want it to be, and you are comfortable there because it matches your personal taste in belongings. That is the way you should decorate your home, and that is also the way that you should decorate your windows.

The windows are just as important as the rest of the home, and adding your own personal style to them is important also. With drapes you will easily be able to add your own personal style because there are many bold prints, patters, and colors available for you to choose from.

That gives you many options to find the perfect drape for each room of your home, and to find the one that matches the décor in each room of the home.

Two: Interchangeable – This type of window treatment can be taken down and changed with another style easily. You can interchange these window coverings whenever you want to redecorate a room in the home, or when you are decorating for the holidays.

That gives your windows more than one unique look throughout the year, and you can play with the coverings that you use so that you always love the way your home and windows look.

Three: Excellent insulation – These window coverings are excellent insulation on the windows. They will keep the air in the home an even temperature all year long, and that helps to keep your energy costs low each month. That in turn also helps you save money, and everyone loves to save money.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why it is smart to decorate your home with Kenmore draperies; you need to get these window coverings for your windows as quickly as you can. That way you will be able to enjoy them right away, and will be able to enjoy the fun, and style that they will bring into your home.

Reasons You Need Bothell Blackout Shades In Your House

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Have you been checking into Bothell blackout shades for the windows of your house, but can’t decide if this is the right type for your home? Do you want to learn more about these shades before you make your final decision? It is time then for you to learn the many good reasons why you really need these shades on each of the windows in your home.

There are a variety of reasons, but the following are the top ones you need to learn about today.

One: Light control – These shades are perfect for helping you control how much light gets into each room of the house. That is important in the entire house, but definitely in a few distinct rooms of the home such as, bedrooms and family rooms.

Many families like to spend time together watching movies in the family room, but the sun hitting the television can make that very difficult to do. With these shades on the windows you won’t have to worry about this happening so your family can enjoy the movie the entire time.

These window coverings are also perfect for the bedrooms because this helps everyone in the home get better sleep. You won’t be woken up in the morning by the sunlight hitting you in the face.

Anyone that sleeps during the day, and works at night is also going to get better sleep. Plus, if you have a baby or toddler that takes naps during the day, these window treatments are going to make it easier to get them to take a nap because they won’t know the sun is still up, and they will sleep better in a dark room.

Two: Lets you add your own personal style to your windows – Many people assume that these shades are black in color because of the name, but they are not. These window treatments come in a variety of colors, materials and styles.

With so many options available for you, you can easily find the best ones for your home décor, and for your own personal style.

Three: Elegant look for your windows – Do you want your windows to look as fantastic as the rest of your home? Would you like your windows to have a touch of elegance? Then this is definitely a good reason for you to get these window coverings because they will add a touch of elegance to each window that you put them on.

You can clearly see why Bothell blackout shades are the right window coverings for your particular home. Now you just need to do the smart thing and get them added to your windows as quickly as possible so that you can begin to enjoy the look of them, along with all of the other benefits that they provide you.

Top Advantages Of Kirkland Draperies

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Are you looking for the perfect type of window covering for the windows of your house? Are you having a difficult time deciding on the best type? It is time then for you to learn about the top advantages of Kirkland draperies.

Drapes offer a number of advantages that make them the perfect choice for any house. Once you learn these advantages, you will understand why these are definitely the right choice for your particular home.

Here are the top advantages:

One: Protection for your family – Every home needs to be protected when they are at home, and one good way to do that is to cover the windows of the house so that prying eyes can’t see into the home. This offers your family security from outsiders, and it provides privacy for anyone in the family whenever it is required.

So you are getting two benefits in one for your family when you add drapes to the windows of your house.

Two: Energy and money saver – Many people are unaware that drapes on the windows will help you save on energy each month in the home, and that also saves you money each month. Again, you are getting two benefits in one with this.

The drapes act like barriers on the windows and that keeps the air in the home an even temperature all year long, and prevents any air from escaping through or getting in to the home through the windows. That is how you will save on energy, and when your energy bill is lower, you automatically save money.

Three: Unique look for your windows – Do you want a unique look for your windows? Then this is definitely the right choice of window coverings for you because that is exactly what you will get with this type of window treatment.

Drapes can be added to the windows on their own, or they can be paired with another type of covering such as, blinds. Either option you choose is going to give all of the windows in your home a very unique look, and will allow you to add your own personal style on each window of the home.

Now you can really begin to understand why Kirkland draperies are the perfect choice of window coverings for all of the windows of your house. All that remains now is to decide on the style, color and fabric that you want for your drapes so that you can get these window treatments up on your windows at home as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy the many advantages that they offer you.

Pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington

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If you happen to be cruising around the internet right now looking for pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington than you’re in luck because this picture is truly worth a thousand words or at least 600 or so.
Why would I say that as this looks just like a lot of shutter pictures that I have seen? Well there are so many things to look for when you are considering purchasing plantation shutters that you may not know exactly what you looking for or what to ask the people you choose to have come out and show you today’s shutters, and after this article you may want to have someone come out that carries a lot of different shutter manufacturers.
A good place to start is with the shutters on the main windows in this master bedroom. The first thing you should notice is the tilt rod in the middle of the shutter panel. This is called the standard tilt option and is the way that most people think of when they picture a plantation shutter. There are 2 staples for each vane in the panel, the firs goes into the van and the second goes through the first staple and into the rod. By doing this all of the vanes are tied to the rod so when you start to move the rod up or down the vanes start to open or close. Keep in mind that the vanes close tighter one way than they do the other (they call this nesting) so make sure and tell your consultant which way works best for you. The next thing is that the vane on the top third of the panel are open and the bottom 2 thirds are closed. If you look closely you will see that this customer in Kirkland wanted to be able to have privacy at times but still wanted lots of light coming in from above. There is a piece called a divider rail that separates the bottom from the top and there are 2 rods one for working each group of vanes. Depending on how tall your panel is going to be you can also have your panel made without the divider rail and you would just tell them you want your tilt rod split and also where you want it split. This is very popular to do with shutters and can give you great flexibility for you window treatment. Just like the divider rai that you no longer have to have to split your tilt rod now you don’t even need a tilt rod at all. Many shutters manufacturers will now make them with what is called a hidden tilt rod. This is where you move it from the front where it breaks up the window to the side and in the back so you don’t really see the rod. The biggest problem with this approach is that you now have a hole drilled into the end of your vanes and a screw attaching the rod to the vane and what can happen is the screw gets loose and the vane hole stripped and then you must replace the vane. Norman international has a patented feature call Invisabletilt where they put little gears in the inside of the panel and there you have it not tilt rod at all.
The next thing to notice is the vane size. They went with the 3 ½” vane but You can get from 1 ½” up to 4” vanes on your shutters (the bigger the vane the less to clean and the better view through them but the bigger vanes only look good on a certain size window so be careful. The last thing to notice on the main windows is that these shutters were purchased with the frame or molding already on them and mounted on the outside of the window opening. Many homes in Kirkland do not have the molding on the window opening, especially on the home that are over 10 years old. This Kirkland customer chose the 3” deluxe crown molding which is just one of the dozens of choices you have for adding a frame to your plantation shutters if you have a company come out which carries more than just one shutter company.
When you look at the glassed bedroom door you may think it would be a problem but this customer just went with the same window covering on the door. This is a plantation shutter with an L Frame with a  ½” build out so they could have the same 3 ½” vanes as on the main windows and not have the vanes hit the glass on the door when they open and close. Lastly let’s take a look at their closet doors which if you hadn’t noticed are also plantation shutters. That’s right we do shutters for people closet doors all the time, don’t they look fantastic with the other shutters in the room? The shutters on the closet are what is called a bi-fold shutter where you have 2 panels connected together and they fold to open and unfold to close. The top valance is the same molding as on the windows and the vane is the same size. There is a track on top and the panels have little wheels so they can move back and forth at ease. The vanes are also non moving and aimed in the downward position.
All and all I think these shutters in Kirkland make this master bedroom look amazing. If you are looking at purchasing some shutters for your home Budget Blinds of Kirkland carries the largest selection of plantation shutters companies in the Northwest, with companies like Hunter Douglas, Norman International, Alta, Springs and more, our FREE In-home consultations and the industries best shutters warranties you should have us out for a visit to you home which of course is the absolute best place to look at shutters for your Kirkland home.

 Pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington

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Pictures of Hunter Douglas in Kirkland Washington

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If you ran across this article because you are looking for pictures of Hunter Douglas in Kirkland Washington than I’m really impressed. One reason is because Hunter Douglas has a lot of pictures of their window covering products out in internet land and part two of that is that they have a lot of products that people have taken pictures of so the fact that you found my article is quite impressive. When calling for a consultation ask if they carry the entire line of their products.
That is one of the most important things you should ask a Hunter Douglas representative if you are thinking of having somebody come out to your home. In case you were not aware Hunter Douglas and for that matter most all window covering manufacturers charge their dealers for the sample books that those companies use to sell their products. It may seem dumb that they would not give us those sample books for free so we can sell their products but that’s not what they do. Some of Hunter Douglas’ sample books cost over $300 and they must have at least 20 different products that they offer books on. If you are going to spend money on the most expensive window coverings that you can buy you might as well have somebody come to your home (which is always the best place to look at window covering products) they should at least be able to show you everything that you may want to take a look at.  Some of the most popular products that Hunter Douglas carries are their Duette honeycomb shades and their Silhouette window shadings but they are also the books that cost the most and a lot of dealers simply purchase their less expensive products in those categories (Nantucket and Applause).
The next thing to consider is that Hunter Douglas makes some products that you need special training for in order to order them. One example is home automation, if you are not trained in all of the different components that they make that you need to motorize and automate your window coverings you can show the products to your customers all you want but when it comes times to order those window treatments they will not let you do so. There is also a lot of training on their products that you will need to stay up on in order to give you the customer the right information. Every year they change how wide they will make a product or how long. Some window coverings they will motorize and others they will not. There are times when they will make a shade one width if it is a standard lift, another if it is cordless and still another if it is motorized, so make sure the company you have coming to your home in Kirkland know what they are talking about. I can tell you from experience that there is nothing more frustrating than having someone come to you home, show you just what you want with all of the options that you want, give them your money and think you are placing an order only to find out that what you wanted made can’t be made with the options you want and all the time you spent has gone to waste.

Hunter Douglas make the finest window coverings in the world by many accounts and they certainly charge for them so you might as well as some of their most experienced people come out to help you. Budget Blinds of Kirkland has been helping customers in Kirkland Washington for over 12 years now. All of our staff are full time employees with hundreds of hours of training every year in the window covering industry. We carry the complete line of Hunter Douglas products as well as the largest selection of window covering manufacturers in the Northwest just in case you are looking for something other than Hunter Douglas. We offer FREE In-home consultations and have the best window covering warranties in the business.

 Pictures of Hunter Douglas in Kirkland Washington

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Pictures of Commercial Blinds in Kirkland Washington

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If you are now searching for pictures of commercial blinds in Kirkland Washington I have to wonder what exactly you are looking for. Some of our customers have their offices in their homes and may in fact be looking for something quite unique like a custom made roman shade or maybe a room darkening draw drape, knowing that while they do have an office at home they also want to match the décor that they have in other parts of their home. Someone else could be at work this very moment in an office that is covered in glass and you’re in charge of getting rid of all the complaints that are coming to you about employees getting burned alive at their desks in the afternoon or can’t work on their computers in the morning when the sun is out because of the glare on their screens. It’s quite possible that you are getting ready to give a presentation in the meeting room you reserved and you can’t get the room dark enough to see your PowerPoint.
Yes you could be looking for a lot of different things right now for your work environment and I’d like to tell you that Budget Blinds of Kirkland has the ability to help you with every single one of them. Just this last week we had two different commercial installations in Kirkland Washington. The first one in the morning was for more 1” mini blinds to match the ones they already had in other offices. In the afternoon we installed 4 motorized solar shades in windows that were 20 feet in the air and constantly flooding the reception area with overwhelming light. These beauties were solar shades in cassettes that were run on batteries that are recharged with little solar panels in the window. The windows mentioned above were east facing and by the time they got to work in the morning the entire room was hot if the sun was out and the glare was hard to work with until about noon. Now with the new shades there is a sensor that determines if the sun is out and closes the shades automatically with a wall switch that they can push a button on if they want the shades down. We have another customer who recently purchased room darkening roller shades for their conference room from a company we carry called Draper. Draper has a patented option called Fexshade which consists of tracks on both sides with a zipper inside of the track when the shade is lowered it is zippered together at the same time which blocks out the light and give you a true black out room.
Yes there are many options to consider when you are selecting window coverings for your office. A couple of the most popular these days are the honeycomb shade and the solar shade. The honeycomb shade is popular for several reasons the first being you can get them with a cordless lift system and more companies do not like having the cords hanging around, getting twisted up or getting played with by children that come in the office so if you have a business that has children coming in you should think about honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are great insulators. A couple of years ago I went into an office in Kirkland where the glass came down to the floor and the desks were pushed up to the windows. When I went round to measure the windows and talked to the employees that sat at those desks they said they had blankets to put over their knees in the morning because it was so cold under the desk. With a honeycomb shade the problem was solved. Honeycomb shades are made so that the color you select is only on the inside of the shade with the outside facing the street white. This allows for some great colors on the inside to brighten up the offices while from the outside you only see white. For many of our customers they like to look out the windows because they have great views but at the same time they don’t like the glare and heat when the windows are not covered. The solar shade is the perfect choice for these situations, when they are down you can still see out the window but the glare and heat are reduced by how much depends on the tightness of the weave, they call this the openness factor and you can get them with 1% up to 20% for a wide range of protection verses maintain the view.
With all of the choices you have with today’s commercial window coverings it’s nice to have a company like Budget Blinds of Kirkland who carry the largest selection of commercial window covering options in the Northwest and also the best blinds warranty in the industry. And don’t forget we bring the showroom to you with your free in office consultations.

 Pictures of Commercial Blinds in Kirkland Washington

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