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Top Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

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Top Bedroom Window Treatments To Blog Out Light

The days are growing longer with the Pacific Northwest sun shining through your windows this Spring. As much as we love the change in the season with the extra sunshine, there’s potential for disrupted sleep in the beginning or end of your day. Whether you want some extra sleep, or simply want to watch a movie without a glare on the TV, we have solutions for you without compromising your interior design.

Drapes Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light


Draperies are normally made with a heavier and thicker fabric which naturally blocks more light than other window treatments, making them already popular in the bedroom. But guess what -- you can make them even darker! Add a blackout liner to the backside of the drapery at minimal cost, or purchase a separate blackout curtain which can be mounted directly behind the original. These can extend from floor to ceiling, blocking out any misdirected light. Because the liner and the blackout curtain are separate from the drapes, you have flexibility to choose the level of darkness you prefer based on your needs in the moment.

Blackout Shades Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

Blackout Shades

One way to get the best bang for your buck are blackout Roller Shades. Like the drapery liner, the blackout roller shade can be mounted behind the original. However, you can mount the blackout addition slightly higher than the rest to ensure full coverage. Roller shades in general aren’t known for being the most attractive, so you can always mix these with another window treatment, keeping your style in tact while adding a black out option behind, hidden from plain sight. If you aren’t sold on the roller shade, you can do the same thing with Roman Shades by using a liner behind the original look. Pleated Shades with a tandem blackout liner (shown above) is also a great option.

Shutters Blinds Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

Shutters and Blinds

Honestly, if you’re aiming for a complete blackout, Shutters and Blinds aren’t the way to go. However, if you already have them, or are determined to have them, you can choose wisely to ensure the most darkness possible. Aluminum Blinds block light better than vinyl, and the wider the slat the better, aiming for 2-2.5 inches. You can use Wood Blinds as well, but run the risk of the wood eventually warping, which would let in light. Shutters function the same way, except you can normally find slats as wide as 4.5 inches instead of 2.5 inches, covering even more possible lighting.

Motorization Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light


It’s finally the weekend, you plan to sleep in for some long awaited and much needed rest...when the Lake Forest Park sun wakes you up MUCH too early. You realize you forgot to lower your blackout shades. Now, not only are you awake because of the sun, but you have to get up to make the room dark again, waking you up even more before you can attempt to go back to sleep. ...Or do you? Thankfully, there’s an answer for this little mishap too. Every option we discussed can be motorized. Motorized Drapes, Motorized Shades, and Motorized Blinds can be controlled right from your bed, saving you the task of getting up, allowing you to fall back asleep that much quicker. Or maybe you have a skylight in your room -- no worries! You can install a motorized system that will be battery powered to open and close even when you can’t reach the window itself. This way you can enjoy the King County sunlight without missing out on precious sleep.

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Facts About Mountlake Terrace Drapes

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Are you checking into Mountlake Terrace drapes for the windows of your house, but are hesitant to get this type of window covering because you don’t have enough information about them? It is time for you to be informed about the important facts about these window coverings then.  

Once you are aware of the most important facts about them, you will see why you need to get them for each window of your house. Here are the main facts.

One: Can add elegance to any room of the house – Many people want the rooms of their home to look elegant, but they don’t have a lot of money to spend on items that will help them achieve this goal. It is easy to add elegance to each room with these window coverings because the way that they look on the windows is going to give each window the unique and elegant look that you are going for without it costing you a lot of money.

Two: Cost effective – These window treatments are very affordable for all sized budgets. You just need to know what your budget is so that you can find the draperies that fit well within that budget so you don’t do any damage to your finances.

Three: Complements the décor in each room – When you choose the draperies that you get carefully, they will complement the décor that you have in each room of your house. There are many color, fabric and pattern options for you to select from, so finding the right ones for each room that fits well with the décor in that room will be easy for you.

Four: Can be layered or a stand-alone covering – This type of window treatment can be put on each window as a stand-alone window covering, and it will make your windows look fantastic. You can also make the choice to layer draperies with another type of window treatment such as, blinds or shades, and really give each window a unique and fantastic look. Either option works well, and will make all the windows of your house stand out. Just make sure you make your choice on whether to layer them or not before you shop for these window coverings so that you can get exactly what is needed for each window.

With these facts in mind about Mountlake Terrace drapes, you can now understand why these are a smart decision for each window of your house. The sooner you can get these window treatments up on each window, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the variety of benefits that they provide you with.

FAQs And Answers About Kirkland Window Curtains

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Having the right window coverings on all the windows of your home is very important for the security and privacy of your family. Trying to find the right type of window treatment can be a bit daunting because of all the choices available, but there is one type that you need to learn information about, which is Kirkland window curtains.

It is a smart idea to learn the FAQs and the answers about these window treatments. That way you can begin to understand why these are a good window covering to have on each window of your house.

Below are the top FAQs and the answers for each one.

One: Are these window coverings expensive?

Curtains vary in cost, and the cost for them is going to depend on the fabric that they are made from. It is a smart idea for you to check out the various options for this window treatment for yourself so that you can get a sense of the cost for the different fabrics.

That way you can easily find the cost that fits well within your budget, and won’t do anything to hurt your finances.

Two: Are they easy to maintain?

This type of window covering is very easy to maintain because you take them down when you clean your home, wash them, dry them, and then hang them back up. That allows you to always have clean window treatments on each window of your house.

Three: Will they match your home décor?

Curtains can easily match any home décor. There are many fabric, pattern, and color options available with these window coverings that makes it very simple for you to find the right ones to match with the décor you have in each room of the house. When you choose carefully, and you get the right one for each room, they will not only match the décor, but will also help to complement the décor.

Four: What is unique about these window treatments?

There are two things that are unique about these window coverings. The first one is that when you put them on your windows, they become extra insulation for each window. That means that they will help regulate the temperature in each room of the house, and this will help to keep your energy costs lower.

When your energy costs are lower, you will begin saving money each month, and that is always a good thing. The second unique thing about curtains is that they can be layered on the windows, or be a stand-alone window covering.

You can pair them with shades, blinds or another type of window treatment to give your windows a unique look, or you can use just the curtains as your only window covering. Either way you will be making your windows look fantastic, and will be providing your family with security and privacy.

Now that you know the top FAQs and the answers for each one, you can see why Kirkland window curtains are a smart option for each window of your home. Do yourself and your family a favor, and get this type of window covering for your home as soon as you can so that you are providing the security and privacy that your family needs with a window treatment that provides you with many benefits.

Why Are Bothell Roller Shades So Popular With Everyone For Their Home?

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Are you looking for a unique window covering for the windows of your house? Bothell roller shades are a unique window treatment that is growing in popularity with many people for their homes.  

There are various reasons why these shades are becoming so popular, and it is smart for you to learn the reasons. Once you understand why these window coverings are so popular, you will be able to understand why you need to get them for your own home immediately.

Here are the major reasons.

One: Add a unique style to any room – When you put these window coverings on the windows in any room of your house, they will add a unique style to that room. They can be used as a stand-alone window covering, or they can be paired with another type of covering such as, blinds, shades, or shutters.

Either option is perfect for any of the windows in the house, and makes it very easy to add that unique style to each window that you are trying to achieve.

Two: Various light filers – These shades offer different opacity levels, which means that you have various options for light filtering for each room of your house. You can choose sheer shades, which help to diffuse the light, but not completely block it.

You can even choose to get a room darkening shade or blackout shade for various rooms in your home such as, bedrooms that will allow for total blockage of the sun into the room. You can choose from opacity levels in between these options also.

The key thing to remember is that the light control for each room is completely up to you, and you do have options for each room of your house.

Three: Add your own style to each window – These shades come in different prints, fabrics, styles, and colors. That gives you an easy way to add your own personal style to each window of your house.

You can get different options for each room in the house so you can add your own personal style to each room, but you can also find the shade that will match that rooms décor. This way you are helping to complement the décor, and you are also adding your own style to each window so that you really love the look of the room and window each time you walk in there.

Now that you know why Bothell roller shades are so popular with everyone for their homes, you can understand why you need these window coverings in your own house. The quicker you get them into your house, and get them up on your windows, the quicker you will be able to enjoy all the unique benefits that they provide you.

Reasons Kirkland Window Coverings Are A Necessity For Your Home

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Do you have any windows in your house that are not covered? If you answered yes, then you need to learn the reasons why it is a necessity for you to have Kirkland window coverings on each of the windows in your home.

There are several reasons it is necessary to have all the windows in your house covered. Once you learn the reasons, you will not hesitate in getting the right window treatments for each room in your home.

Below are the main reasons.

One: Privacy – You need to be able to have privacy in every room of your house, and the best way to ensure that each member of the family has that is to cover the windows. This is going to keep the eyes of nosy neighbors out, and will make each person in the family feel more comfortable doing whatever they need to in the privacy of the home.

Two: Security – You always want to ensure that your family feels safe when they are at home, and if the windows are uncovered, that may not be the case with each member because anyone would be able to see into the house.

By covering the windows with window treatments, you can keep prying eyes out of the home, and will help to ensure the safety and security of each person in the home.

Three: Complements the décor – When you choose the right window coverings for your house, you can easily get ones that complements the décor in each room. There are many different styles, colors, fabrics, and prints to choose from with all the various types of window treatments available.

So, finding the right one that will complement the décor that you have in each room will be very simple for you to do.

Four: Gives you control over the light – Having sunlight in the home is always enjoyable for everyone, but there are times when you don’t want the sunlight getting in. With your windows covered, you can control when the light gets in, and when you close the light out.

This is especially important when you want to protect your belongings from damage because overexposure to the sun can cause fading or other damage. That is not something you want to happen to your belongings because then they won’t last as long.

Now that you know the reasons why Kirkland window coverings are a necessity for your home, you need to make sure that you get the right ones for each window. The sooner you get your windows covered, the sooner you will be able to have the privacy, security, and other benefits that they will offer you and your family.

Advantages Of Mountlake Terrace Roller Shades

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Do you need to get the windows of your house covered? Are you struggling to choose the right window treatments for your house? There is one type of window covering that you need to be made aware of today because this type of covering offers many advantages, which is Mountlake Terrace roller shades.

These shades provide many advantages for your entire family. Once you learn the advantages, you will know why these are the right choice to cover all the windows of your house. Here are the top advantages.

One: Allows you to put your personal style on the windows – When you decorated your home, you carefully chose the home décor for each room based on your own personal style, correct? Then why not do the same thing with your windows?

These shades come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and prints. That gives you a lot of options to choose from, and allows you to find the shades that fit your own personal style the most.

You will be able to choose the shades for the windows in each room based on your own personal style easily. Just make sure that when you choose these window coverings for each room, you are considering your home décor in that particular room so that you can find the ones that complement the home décor.

This way you can make each room on your home look fantastic, and you can also make the windows stand out and look fantastic.

Two: Different light filtering options – Do you want to be able to control the amount of light that gets into each room of your house? Then this is the right type of window treatment to do that with because there are various light filtering options to choose from.

You can choose from sheer, room darkening or blackout shades, and you can even choose different opacity levels for different rooms. That way you have the perfect amount of light control in each room of your house. 

Three: Variety of control options – These shades offer various control options also. You can choose from continuous loop lift, standard pull cord, smart pull, cordless lift, or motorized.

This way you can choose the control option that is right for your home and family. If you have small children or pets, the cordless lift or the motorized lift are the safest option because there are no cords for kids or pets to get hut on.

These are just a few of the advantages that are available with this type of window covering, and now that you know these top advantages, you can clearly see why Mountlake Terrace roller shades are the right choice for all the windows of your house. Be smart and get these shades for your windows now so that your family can have the privacy and security that they need right away.

Benefits Of Kirkland Motorized Blinds

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Are you checking into getting Kirkland motorized blinds for your house, but are hesitating because you are not sure that this is the right type of window treatment for your house? It is time then for you to learn about some of the various benefits of these window coverings.  

Once you are aware of the benefits, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right window covering for the windows of your house. Below are the top benefits that will help make your decision easier.

One: Various control options – With this type of blind, there are various control options available for you to choose from. You can select to have a wireless wall switch to control the blinds, or you can choose a hand held remote to make it really easy to open the blinds.

Two: Can be set to sensors or timers so they close automatically – One of the things that many people really like about this type of window covering is that it can be set to sensors so that they will automatically close when the temperature rises.

This is a big advantage for you because this is going to help effectively keep your energy costs lower. When your energy costs are lower every month, this is also going to save you money that can be used for other important things.

So, with this type of blind, you are basically getting two benefits in one, and that is a big advantage for every family. They can also be set to a timer so that they close automatically at a particular time of day. This way you don’t have to worry about remembering to close them each day.

Three: You can choose different styles of blinds – The motorization can be added to different types of blinds such as, faux wood, wood, composite, fabric aluminum or vinyl blinds. That gives you different choices of styles for each room of your home, while still allowing you to keep each window covering motorized.

That way you can choose the style that fits the best with the home décor in each room, and you can still have the convenience of the motorized blinds, which again is two benefits in one.

These are just a few of the benefits, but these are some of the most important benefits for you to know so that you can easily decide if these are the right window treatments for your house. As you make your decision, remember what you have found out here, and really consider whether you want these benefits in your own home so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. 

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