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Pictures of Roller Shades in Kirkland Washington

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It’s quite possible that you’re reading this article right now because you are looking for pictures of Roller Shades in Kirkland to see if you will like them in your home. These shades are very popular with many people because of the many benefits that they offer. The following are the top benefits that you need to be informed about now so you can decide if this is the right type of shade for your home's windows.
There’re very customizable:
The roller shade of today has a lot of choices for both color and the way you control you shade. From prints to stripes or pinks to oranges there are many choices. You can put them in small openings as they are a very thin fabric. You can put them in skylights or angled tops. You can motorize them to come down and go up on their own depending on the weather. You can get them for very long openings.
They come in different opacity levels:
No matter what amount of light you are trying to change coming into your room the roller shade can get the job done. You can get them made of Mylar that looks like sun glasses to just block the glare. You can get your roller shades made out of sheer type materials to soften you look out your window. You can get them made from wonderful textures the filter the light and give you privacy while letting the sun filter through those great fabrics or you can get then room darkening so no light at all comes through the fabric.
There are different ways you can operate them:
Today’s roller shades are not like the ones you see in the old movies, you know the ones on a spring roller when you pull on them they shoot up your window and flap around a few times. Don’t get me wrong, if you have always wanted a shade like that you can still get them but you have many other options as well. The most popular is probably the clutch operating system which is a beaded chain in a loop and you just pull on the loop and they go up or down. If you don’t like having the chain on the side of your windows you can opt for a cordless lift where you still give the shade a tug to get it going but then you let go and it rises up slowly in the window until it reaches the top. Just keep in mind that goes up must come down so if you are a little vertically challenged remember you have to be able to reach the bottom of the shade to pull it down. Of course if you don’t want the chain and you don’t want to reach up to grab the roller4 shade and pull it down you can just get it motorized and all your problems are solved.
There great to complement other window treatments you may want in the same area:
Roller shades are a great window treatment to mix and match with. You can put them under a nice cornice or valance and play the colors off of each other. They work extremely well with draw drapes instead of the older way of having a layer of sheers and a layer of drapes you have a sheer roller shade and drapes or just side panels to hide the gaps you have on the ends of roller shades. You can turn them on their side and make long panel tracks out of them.
As you can see, there are many thing you can do is you are putting roller shades in your Kirkland home. One of the best ways you can do that is by calling Budget Blinds of Kirkland and have we come out to your home for a free In-home consultation. When we come we’ll bring with us the largest selection of roller shade companies in the Northwest. Companies like Graber, Hunter Douglas, BECE and many more.

 Pictures of roller shades in Kirkland Washington
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