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4 Cost Benefits of Locust Grove Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters in Locust Grove are still relatively popular. They’re not used as much as blinds and other types of window coverings and are often used more of aesthetic, but there are many reasons to consider them for your home. Let’s focus on the cost benefits for today. Here are four cost benefits to getting Locust Grove plantation shutters for your home.

They Are Extremely Easy to Install and Maintain

Some window coverings require professional to install them to your home. This isn’t the case with plantation shutters. You can do it all yourself, saving you a fortune. But this is something you can do with blinds and curtains, right?

Well, another cost saving is in the maintenance. The shutters require very little maintenance, whether you install them inside or outside your home. They will need repainting to keep them weather-proofed every now and then (if you have exterior shutters) but they don’t need the regular cleaning and washing that other window coverings need.

Lifetime Guarantee Available with Wood Plantation Shutters in Locust Grove

Curtains, blinds, and many other types of coverings require replacing at some point in their life. They’re not designed to last the lifetime of the building. That’s not the case with plantation shutters, especially wood. When you have them installed, you will usually get a lifetime guarantee on the handiwork. If there is ever a problem, you can get the shutters replaced for free.

There are some requirements to make sure the Locust Grove plantation shutters get the guarantee. You will need to do some maintenance work, but as we’ve see this is less work than with other window coverings.

Low Your Heating and Cooling Bills

While window coverings help to deal with light, they can also deal with hot and cool air. This is definitely the case with plantation shutters. They way that they are designed, they will allow air flow while minimising the amount of hot air escaping your home in the colder months. At the same time, they minimise the amount of hot air getting in during the summer months.

You won’t need to use your heating or air con as much. While you have lower installation and maintenance costs, you’ll also find your energy bills reduce.

As well as minimising air loss, you will also keep the heat out through the glass. The wood will absorb the heat from the sun, keeping your home cool throughout the summer months. If you want to allow the heat in or need to allow some air out, you can simply open the shutters completely to maximise the flow.

Protect the Inside of Your Home from UV Rays

When UV rays get through the window regularly, they will cause damage to other items in the home. They can lighten walls and other doors and they may cause damage to your photos and artwork. These will all need repairing and replacing, costing you money.

By getting plantation shutters in Locust Grove, you avoid this unnecessary cost. The slats will allow light into the home, while keeping the direct rays out. You still feel some of the heat and get light, without the damage that you will need to repair and rectify.

 It’s time to consider alternative window options for the home. Locust Grove plantation shutters offer a range of benefits, especially when it comes to the cost. They may initially be more expensive than blinds and curtains, but they offer long term savings that you can’t get anywhere else.

Blinds vs. Curtains in Spotslyvania

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You’re looking into window covers for your Spotslyvania home. There are two main options: blinds or curtains. Both have their own pros and cons. They will offer different functions, while both blocking the light out from coming through your window. Here’s a look at the differences between blinds and curtains in Spotslyvania to help you choose the right one for your home.

Blinds Look Modern and Bright

It’s often easier to work blinds into your décor. Whether you have rustic style furnishing or pale colored walls, you will find that blinds fit in seamlessly. The majority of blinds are light in color, often white. They take a modern day approach, adding brightness to your room while still blocking out the light.

Depending on the material, they can allow some daylight in. This is useful when the sun is too warm but you don’t want to create a blackout effect in your home. Spotslyvania curtains can be too thick and block everything completely.

Only Partially Close Blinds

Another benefit of blinds is that you can choose to partially close them with ease. Sure, you can partially close your curtains, but this doesn’t look as good. Blinds are designed to angle a different way or draw down a little, allowing some light still to come through your window.

It’s possible to redirect the light into your home with some blinds. You can angle the gap away from the couch or the TV, making sure you still let in the daylight but not in a way that disrupts your ease of living.

Spotslyvania Curtains Add Warmth

While blinds are bright, there’s no denying that they fail in one aspect: adding heat to your room. A lot of heat escapes through the windows, especially during the winter months. Curtains in Spotslyvania will absorb the heat before it leaves the home, creating extra warm in your home.

This occurs whether you have very thick curtains or lighter and brighter ones – and it is now possible to get lighter material to still allow some brightness through the day. The thicker curtains are better for this benefit.

Curtains can work the opposite way, too. During the summer, you can close your curtains and block the heat of the sun coming through the glass. The curtains absorb the heat, so you can live comfortably in your home.

Both of these benefits offer to keep the cost of heating and A/C down.

Curtains Tend to Be Safer for Children

There are a lot of horror stories when it comes to blinds around children. Young children don’t realize the dangers of the blind cords. They play around them and end up tangled up, sometimes with the cords around their necks.

While this can be rectified by getting the cords out of the way or choosing blinds with a pole instead of cord, curtains tend to be safer. There are no cords to wrap around and the material of the curtains is too big to wrap around easily. Of course, you will still need to look out for your children to make sure they remain safe.

Which type of window covering will work best in your home? While many people are looking into blinds, there are certainly some energy saving benefits to curtains in Spotslyvania, both in the summer and the winter. Consider your options carefully to make sure you get all the benefits that you need – blinds and curtains are not just about blocking out the light.

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