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5 Easy Tips to Clean Your Blinds

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Even during the winter months, the sun occasionally breaks through the clouds and shines into your home. In these moments, you can see it. The dust, dirt and grime that is everywhere.  

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. But getting those dirty spots on your blinds clean doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are five tips for getting your blinds clean today.

1. Leverage a vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums have a hose attachment that helps them suck up the dust that settles into the corners of blinds. Use the vacuum to clean that initial layer of dust before applying a cleaner — or use it periodically for a quick, fast cleaning job.

2. Use an old sock to reach tough places. A sock can help you clean hard-to-reach corners. Apply a window cleaner such as Windex, or mix your own cleaning solution by combining a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Vinegar is great for cutting through caked-up grime. Run the sock over all dirty places to remove buildup.

3. Use a blow-dryer for fabric blinds. In addition to using a vacuum as described above, you can also use a blow-dryer to clean fabric blinds. Use the “cool” setting and blow out any particles trapped inside cellular blind creases. Dirt and bugs will quickly blow out of the honeycomb shapes, leaving you with a cleaner window covering.

4. Clean wooden and more delicate blinds in place. You’ll want to clean these blinds in place using the above methods. However, for other types of materials, such as metal or vinyl, you can take them down and clean outdoors for greater efficiency.

5. Clean metal or vinyl blinds with dishwashing soap. Simply take the blinds outside and lay them on a large towel or blanket. Then place a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bucket with warm water. Wet a cloth with the soapy mixture and wash the binds from side to side. Use a garden hose to rinse. Alternatively, you could let the blinds soak in the tub with warm water and a little dish soap, and use a soft brush to wipe the slats clean.

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How Blinds Keep You Warm in the Winter

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Fall has arrived, and even though the season is barely getting started, winter is just around the corner. These cold months bring us cozy fires, warm beverages and a variety of holidays, yet they also bring us something far less desirable: skyrocketing heat bills. But those bills don’t have to be so high.  

People purchase new blinds for a variety of reasons, but one of the many benefits is winter savings. Select the right window coverings, and you may save money during these long, cold months. But where should you start? Here are a few tips for recapturing lost energy this year.

Minimize cold airflow. A honeycomb-shaped design, which traps cold air and keeps it out, is popular for conserving energy. For additional savings, select cellular shades that have more layers.

Hang blinds close to the glass. Blinds that hang close to the glass create a barrier that stops cold air from coming inside. As a result, you will minimize cold drafts and energy loss.

Select dual layers of fabric. Some blinds are made with a light color on one side and a dark color on the other. During the winter months, face the dark color outward so the blinds absorb heat. Then face the white color out in the summer to reflect heat.

Hang drapes. In addition to installing an energy-efficient blind, hang drapes, which act as a blanket keeping warm air from escaping. When direct sunlight hits the window, keep the drapes open, allowing the warm rays to flow inside and warm the home. Once the sunlight is gone, close the drapes to keep cold air out.

Staying Warm, Saving Money

The right blinds can save you money over the long, cold months of winter. Taking additional steps – such as caulking windows and doors, and placing weather stripping around windows – will prevent additional air leakage and save valuable dollars.

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5 Tips for Decorating Small Rooms

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All rooms have decorating challenges, but among the most challenging are small spaces. Select the wrong furniture, paint color or accent pieces, and a tiny room can feel even smaller. However, this isn’t a new problem. In fact, previous generations lived in much smaller spaces than today, with homes growing an average of 1,000 square feet since 1983. The result? People have come up with some innovative solutions for making your small rooms look larger.  

Use light window coverings and color tricks to transform your small space into one that feels more airy, open and inviting. Here are five simple tips to inspire your efforts:

1. Seek window coverings that complement small spaces. Large shades, such as Roman or cellular shades, can make a room look beautiful. But when decorating a small space, select options that are low profile to enlarge the room (e.g., roller shades, wood blinds and aluminum blinds). These options are subtle and won’t overwhelm the room.

2. Hang shades outside the window. Rooms look even smaller when the windows are tiny. Solve this challenge by mounting shades outside the window, creating an illusion of larger windows and more square footage in the space. Adding additional height and width where the window coverings hang also lets in more natural light.

3. Opt for lighter hues. Dark colors create a bold statement in a room, but if you’re working with a small room, always opt for lighter colors. For best results, select white or off-white window shade fabrics, which open up the space and amplify natural light.

4. Hang an oversized mirror in the room. Hanging an oversized mirror in the small space will help capture natural light, which brightens the room and makes it appear larger.

5. Create more space by removing clutter. Clutter makes a room of any size look smaller. Yet if you have a small space, you may struggle with storage space. Solve this challenge by selecting furniture that has built-in storage. For example, stash magazines, remote controls and other items inside an ottoman with built-in storage.

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Planning and Measuring for New Blinds - Greenwich Blinds and Window Coverings

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Light is critical to how your home looks and feels. Too little light, and a room feels depressing. Too much light, and you lack privacy. New blinds can achieve the right balance, but before getting started, you must measure for your desired results. Plus, you need to answer the important question: Do I want inside- or outside-mounted blinds?

Both styles have benefits; for example, you may have really beautiful woodwork trim. If so, you don't want to cover it up, so opt for inside-mounted blinds. In contrast, your windows might have strange cranks that open that window (not very attractive). In this case, you can select outside-mounted blinds that cover them up.

Regardless of your choice, here's a quick guide to getting started with measuring for both styles:

Inside-Mounted Blinds 

Start by measuring the width, which is the distance from one inside edge of the casing to the other. Measure in the following places:

  1. Top
  2. Middle
  3. Bottom

You might find that the measurements aren't uniform, and if so, that's alright. Simply use the narrowest measurement to ensure that once you install the blinds, they operate easily and there isn't any obstruction.

Next, measure the height of the window, which is the distance from the windowsill to the bottom edge of the upper casing. Do this in three places, just like before. But this time, record the longest of the measurements for use.

Finally, measure the depth of the window. Look for the flat surface of the window (it's where you'd set a cup of coffee without spilling it!). Measure the depth of this surface. Some blinds have a minimum depth requirement, so it's helpful to have this measurement to ensure that your first choice will work in the window.

Outside-Mounted Blinds  

Outside-mounted blinds are more forgiving when it comes to measurements. Start by measuring the width, which is the left-to-right space that the window treatment will cover. Then measure the length. When measuring the length, keep in mind where you want to position the headrail (the housing for the parts that control that up-and-down motion of the blinds). From there, measure to the bottom of the windowsill.

No depth measurement is necessary, so once you have the width and length, you're all set.

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How Window Coverings Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer has arrived, and as the season kicks off, many are remembering the high energy bill that accompanies it. If you are fortunate enough to have air-conditioning, using it can be expensive. So in an effort to drive down costs, people wonder, "What are some low-cost solutions that will keep my house cool and reduce energy consumption?"

Surprisingly, 30 percent of the heat that enters your home is coming from the windows. Making a few changes, however, will help keep the heat out and make your home more pleasant this summer.

Leverage the power of blinds

Blinds are by far the simplest and most effective way to reduce your energy costs. It's not enough, however, just to install blinds. You must use them consistently to keep the heat out. With blinds, you can adjust the slats to control the light. During the summer months, always keep your blinds closed. This single action can reduce heat gain by 45 percent.

Use curtains and drapes

Similar to blinds, any existing curtains that you have throughout the home can be used to keep heat out. Keep them closed all day, especially on the side of the house where the sun hits directly. If you're shopping for new drapes, opt for medium colors with white plastic backings. This will reduce heat by up to 33 percent.

Also, hang your drapes very close to the windows. This will prevent additional light from seeping in through small openings.

Use awnings to maximize results

In addition to your blinds and drapes, install awnings outside your windows to further maximize results. In fact, these awnings can reduce solar heat by 65 percent on windows that face south and 77 percent on windows facing west. Awnings, combined with your window coverings, will ensure that you are keeping your house cool and minimizing your energy bill during the hot months.

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4 Reasons Why Shopping at Home Reigns Supreme

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Shopping for New Blinds?

The internet is transforming how   people shop, as they spend minutes instead of hours selecting and purchasing blinds. And while this type of shopping is easy, for some people, getting over the mental hurdle of making large purchases online is a challenge. They'll buy a book on Amazon, but buying blinds feel different.

Making this type of purchase online, however, offers significant time and cost savings. Here are five reasons shopping online for blinds reigns supreme.

Lower Prices

Regardless of your budget, it's always good to come in under the expected cost. In fact, the majority of people who shop online do so to save money, with 42 percent reporting better prices as the primary motivator. And they're right: Buying blinds online does save money.

Online stores have a different strategy than traditional brick-and-mortar locations do. Many offer the same high-quality blinds, but they do so at a lower cost, increasing the volume that they sell.

Convenience and Variety

Even at large blinds brick-and-mortar retailers, there is a limit to the options available. Or even worse, the selection that you want may be out of stock, which wastes valuable time and energy as you begin the selection process over again. Shopping online for blinds offers a wide variety of options, and you can see what is in stock.

If you like something that is currently unavailable, you can quickly move on without investing too much time and energy.

A Faster Experience

People today report having less time than ever. In fact, American workers are said to work the equivalent of nearly one month more annually than they did in 1970. As a result, they need to recapture lost leisure hours.

Shopping online for blinds offers one method for accomplishing this. You can get the task done when it best fits your schedule, without being tied to the traditional operating hours of physical retailers.

Making Returns Is Getting Easier

When purchasing online, you might be thinking, "What if I don't like it? What happens next?" Overall, satisfaction with online shopping is very high, at 83 percent. Part of this might stem from retailers' willingness to make the return and exchange process easier. Before selecting an online blinds provider, make sure you understand their return policy.

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Design Trends for 2016

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Your Next Design Project: Get Inspired With These 2016 Trends 

Even if you've spent countless hours fine-tuning your home's décor, there is likely something else that needs to be done. Maybe it's a room that's outdated, or one that has huge potential but you just need to figure out what   you're trying to achieve. Before diving into that next project, you need direction and inspiration.

As a starting point, check out these five 2016 trends. Because when you intentionally select furniture, window coverings and accent pieces, you can transform your room from average to amazing.

1. A Burst of Spring

Spring is an incredible time. The colors are bright, yet soft, and can totally transform the way you feel. Achieve a new look in your home by embracing the pale pink of spring. Capture the shades associated with blooms and botanical accents, and temper them with shades of gray, which are the perfect complement to lighter chalky colors.

Metals, woods, glass and ceramics can all be used as accents to provide additional textural interest.

2. More Fun, With Geometrics

Looking for a more artsy feel? If so, select bold color patterns and geometric shapes to liven up your room. Break up the mixture of bright colors by tempering them with solid black and white items.

For example, you could select fun, bright, geometric accents and opt for solid-colored - white or black - window coverings and furniture.

3. A Global Feel, at Home

Do you love to travel? Maybe you like visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures, or perhaps you haven't done so but you'd like to. Regardless, you can achieve a global feeling in any room.

Start by selecting global patterns and fabrics (think animal prints and cool embroidery choices). Select items that have a handcrafted, rugged, organic feel. Accent loud prints with soft pastels and deep grays.

4. Strong and Vintage

How do you want to feel when you enter the room? Maybe you want the room to feel strong, yet classic. If so, select dark window coverings and metal accents. Seek furnishings with classic shapes and accent pieces made from leather, copper or wire. Add natural elements for additional texture and design.

5. Upscale Glamour

Achieve a "center stage" feeling by balancing texture and shine. Furniture pieces that have vintage shapes and feels are good choices. Select fabrics that are rich, such as velvet; high-quality linens; and leathers to achieve a contrast of matte and gloss. Finish the room by selecting jewel-like accents to create a glamorous feeling in the space.

Do you need assistance designing your next room? If so, we can help. For more information, simply call 203-580-3362 today.


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