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Quick And Easy Tips to Modernize Your Home

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Tips To Modernize Home

Styles are always changing. Fads come and go as the culture constantly shifts and evolves. Maybe you found your dream home 5, 10, even 20 years ago -- but have noticed it hasn’t quite kept up with the times. You don’t need to find an entire new home. Instead you can spruce up your space to bring your past dreams into current reality. We have some quick and easy tips on how to transform and modernize your home.


Wall Color

A decade ago, bright, bold painted walls were the fresh new look. Bright yellow kitchens, red dining rooms, green living rooms - setting the whole house apart in a colorful theme. But times have changed -- neutral is the way to go. To have a fast, huge change to your environment, change your bold, bright colors to cool tones such as gray, light blue, or soft mint. Neutral colors cause small spaces to feel larger, as well as add brightness with natural light.


Wood Floors

To go with the new walls, replace tiled floors with dark or gray wood. Both look sleek and modern with cool toned walls, and have an airy, open feel to the entire room.


Update Fixtures

Many past homes were accessorized with brass or mismatched fixtures. Change door knobs, faucets, large brass light fixtures (i.e. over dining room table) for a brushed nickel, stainless steel, or oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Whichever you choose, have them all match. Decorate the room with some Faux Iron to play off of the fixtures coordinate with the new style.



It’s amazing how a window can change an entire room. You have the window frame, the color, the shades, the draperies -- which by themselves are hundreds of options. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. Not only can we give advice on the rest of the changes you want to make during your Free Consult, with our experienced eye for design -- we can show you how choosing the exact eco friendly window accessories for your home will alter the entire vibe of a room.

For example, a great change is ditching the mini blinds which are easily damaged and cause weird shadows around the room, and replacing them with one of our over 260 modern Custom Shades, which harness natural light. These include Sheer Shades, Motorized Shades, Solar Shades, etc with over 80 original print patterns.

Or you could drastically change a room with cool tones and Wood Blinds, setting off that wood floor for a modern trendy look with sharp edges.

You don’t have to feel stuck in the past. You don’t have to move. You can actually “eat your cake and have it too” by staying where you are, where you love, and updating your home to fall even more in love again. 

Your Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

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Stop for a moment. Walk over and open up your window. Take a deep breath in. Smell that? It’s the incredible smell of another beautiful Pacific Northwest fall starting to set in. Soon the trees will start changing colors, we’ll be eating pumpkin flavored everything, and swapping out tank tops for turtlenecks.

Fall isn’t just great for campfires and long walks in the glorious Snohomish county woods; fall is also a good time to do a little home maintenance in preparation for winter. The best way to protect your home from damaging PNW winter weather is by properly preparing for the coming winter months. These guidelines will help you make sure all of your bases are covered so you can sit back and enjoy the cooler fall and winter months, worry-free.

PNW Fall Home

Show Trees and Shrubs Some Love  

Everyone knows that trees do that hibernation thing in the colder months. If you have trees on your property, this is a good time to have a tree specialist come out and take a look; kind of like an annual check up at the doctor’s office. Tree specialists can tell you if your trees are diseased in any way or simply if they need a little trimming before the cold sets in. One thing PNW residents are sometimes concerned with is powerful winter winds blowing dead branches out of trees and possibly damaging property or other trees. Your tree specialist will advise you on which branches look to cause the most risk and even suggest entire trees be taken down if they are unhealthy or unstable. It’s great to get this work done now so when spring comes your trees are ready to bud and blossom!

Pull Out the Rake

This is a great way to get the kids involved in fall clean-up. You’re going to want to take some time to get the leaves raked off of your lawn before winter sets in. Although they look pretty, having a thick covering of leaves over your grass can damage the grass and make it look less than healthy in the spring. Again, do the prep work now so that in the spring your yard will look brand new and fabulous. One thing to remember: never leave piles of leaves sit on your lawn for an extended period of time. This will kill the grass underneath. Instead, bag your leaves or dispose of them according to your city’s vegetation disposal guidelines.

 Rake Leaves

Time to Gut the Gutters

We know, this job can be incredibly gross and disgusting and no one ever wants to do it, however, this is one of the most important fall maintenance steps you can take to properly prepare your home for the winter months. Taking the time to clean pine needles and leaves out of your gutters and downspouts will help keep them clear of debris and can also help prevent damage to your roof.

Fix Window Drafts

Check for Gaps Around Windows and Doors

As the weather gets colder outside, critters and creatures are going to be looking for a warm place to lay their little heads for the winter. You don’t want your home to be that warm, cozy place. It’s a good idea to check for gaps or small holes where mice, squirrels, or chipmunks can burrow into your home or possibly even store their winter food stash. Patch any holes you find with spray foam, caulk, or if it’s a larger hole you may need to use small pieces of wood. We all love our woodland creatures, but they need to stay outside.

Drapes and Curtains Winter Months

Assess Drafts Around Doors and Windows

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a cozy fall afternoon and feeling a draft hit the back of your neck. Drafts around windows and doors are not only annoying, they can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Check around the doors of your home to see if you can feel a draft. If so, you may want to replace the seals around the door. You can purchase adhesive sealing strips at your local DIY store. You could also place a blanket or heavy towel at the base of your door to prevent drafts. If you notice drafts coming through your windows, you may want to consider replacing your traditional window treatments with ones made from heavier fabric. These winter-type window treatments are not only a beautiful addition to your fall decor, they also work as an excellent insulator to help keep your energy bills down.

We hope these guidelines will help you properly prepare your home for the winter months. Now that the work is done, it’s time to sit back and relax with a warm cup to cider and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy Fall!

The History Of Curtains And Drapes

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1950s Curtains

It seems everything has a past; curtains are no exception. While the history of curtains may not be quite as interesting or as colorful as, say, a celebrity’s past, it certainly does shine an interesting light on why curtains are not only functional but a must-have decor items as well. 

You may know several people who insist they have no need for curtains. They may argue that curtains are more trouble than they are worth, are hard to keep clean, that it’s difficult to find curtains that aren’t completely hideous, or that they are simply unnecessary. These are not the kind of people you need in your life. On a serious note, we’re going to walk you through some of the most interesting parts of the history of curtains and we guarantee you will finish this article with a new appreciation for this seemingly simple yet intriguing invention.

As with just about anything in life, curtains came about due to a functional necessity. Back in the days before central heating and cooling, people lived in homes that weren’t very well built. The windows and doors were quite drafty and allowed freezing winds to blow through. Homeowners started hanging large pieces of heavy fabric in front of the windows to keep out the draft, and the curtain was born.

History states that the earliest curtains were actually made from animal hides. Once the trend caught on, people started looking for ways to make these draft-stoppers fashionable. Along came the advancements in textile production and a new generation of fabrics took center stage. Linens and flax were first developed in Egypt. Later, wool, silk, and cotton were woven into fabrics that would change the course of clothing and drapery forever.

Bedroom Of Queen Charlotte Drapery

Imagine, if you will, early England. Castles there were known to be cold, dark, damp places and with the dawn of curtains early people had a choice to make. They could either hang their heavy curtains and tapestries over the windows and doors to keep out the drafts or they could keep the window clear of curtains in order to let the natural light flow through the room. Even with the large fireplaces burning for warmth, many opted to keep their curtains closed, making rooms exceedingly dark even during daylight hours. You can imagine how thrilled people were when, in the early 13th century, the Italians succeeded in creating glass, and thus, the modern-day window came into being. No longer did people have to choose between keeping drafts out or letting sunlight in. They could finally have the best of both worlds. 

When we look back through the history of curtains, we see that Asian cultures were using fabrics and tapestries to cover windows and doors long before the trend caught on in Europe. Persians, Indians, and the Chinese even used curtains as dividers to separate rooms. The elite hung curtains made from the finest fabrics around their beds for added privacy and luxury. Curtains, it seemed, had graduated from being simply functional to functional and stylish.

1800s Drapery

The late 1800’s brought about mechanization and mass production of clothing, bedding and linens making these items more affordable for the average citizen to purchase. Curtains were no longer only for the elite, but could also be incorporated into even the most modest of homes. Soon textile production experts began to experiment with the creation of different weights and designs of fabrics. We see the birth of sheer fabrics come about after 1850 along with other fabrics resembling our modern-day lace or netting. Curtains became fancier and more elaborate as people used design and fabric choice to separate the upper class from the middle class. Vibrant colors and trimmings also became an essential part of curtain design and development.

By the 1950’s every home in America was adorned with just the right curtains hanging in the windows of each and every room. We see a somewhat simpler design than those historians describe in early English castles, as the 50’s and 60’s were remembered as a “less is more” time period. Curtains were most always kept to a simple panel; functional, simple and tidy. It is later that we see more billowy, ruffled curtains become popular.

Today we see curtains as a way to express our individuality and design tastes. We wouldn’t think about leaving a window naked or undressed, as we value our privacy but also like to remain environmentally conscious. Using curtains for functional purposes helps us use natural lighting rather than having to use electricity. Using curtains for design purposes is just plain fun and helps to create a feeling of comfort to a home.

Curtains have quite the history, wouldn’t you agree? Who would have thought that an idea as simple as hanging fabric would have such an impact on how we function in our daily lives? Think about it; what would you do without the curtains hanging in your home right now? Would you feel vulnerable having your windows wide open to the public? Would you notice a change in your emotional state sitting in a room where you once felt comfortable and cozy, but now with the absence of curtains, the room just doesn’t have the same feel? We bet you’ll never look at another curtain quite the same ever again. We know we won’t.

Budget Blinds Drapery

Create Drama, Function and Beauty With Luxuriously Draped Fabric

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Remember the good old days when you would go over to Grandma’s house and everywhere you look you would see one of two things going on. Either her window treatments were loud and gaudy and horrid or they were plain white as the driven snow. There was no in-between.

Thank goodness window treatments have come a long way since then. Today, window treatments say as much about your personality and the vibe you want to create as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. Choosing window treatments has become just as important as choosing furniture or major appliances.

This being said, it’s also important to note that back in Grandma’s day she also had maybe two fabric choices. Wealthy people chose one and middle class chose the other. That was pretty much it. Today, not only do we have various affordable styles for everyone to choose from but advancements in the textile industry have given way to new fabric blends and materials that Grandma never could have dreamed up. It’s a great time to be alive, folks!

Outside Drapes

The textile manufacturers aren’t the only ones having fun creating new fabrics for window treatments; interior decorators have also been busy finding unique ways to incorporate what was traditionally reserved for windows into other parts of the home. This article will focus on how you can add depth, beauty, and function to your home with fabulously draped fabrics.

Living in the North West, particularly Snohomish County, we experience pretty much every type of weather imaginable. From the bright sunshine of summer to the rain and sometimes snow in the winter, it’s important to be able to control how the outside elements affect the inside of your home. Too much sun coming through the windows can overheat your home while the cold winds of winter can add a chill to the air. Fabrics draped in the right way in just the right space can help alleviate these issues while making your home look chic and incredible.

If you have a deck and love spending a little time in the natural surroundings that Washington state have to offer, consider choosing an outdoor-friendly fabric and adding drapes to a portion of your deck. If you choose a heavier fabric, these drapes would be perfect for blocking chilly winds, keeping your favorite nook cozy and warm. Drapes used in this way also add a personal touch to a part of the house that can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to decor.

The great thing about drapes is that there are so many different styles and fabrics to choose from. Take the same deck we mentioned earlier, only change the drapes out to something a little lighter like a gauze-type fabric. Now you have an area that is perfect for entertaining in the summer time. The lighter fabric helps keep pesky insects from invading but allows a gentle breeze through to cool your guests. If you wanted to go all out, add a few strings of white lights around the top of your deck for a little glitz and glamour.

Bedroom Drapes

Moving from the deck to the bedroom, drapes can be used to add life to an otherwise ordinary sleeping space as well. Not a big fan of headboards? Try draping fabric on the wall over the head of your bed to create the feeling of having a headboard without the commitment. Choose colored fabric that compliments your bedspread. This fabric can also be quickly and easily changed out for special occasions such as holidays or if you’re just ready for a new look. Store old drapes away for use in another room at a later date. 

Do you have a nook or small area in your home where you would love to have just a bit more privacy? Why not add drapes? Drapes can be attached to the wall or ceiling surrounding the nook and allowed to hang freely or be tied back when not in use. Again, this makes for a lovely look either way without too much commitment on your part. Remember, drapes can be easily changed out to suit your changing decor.

Corner Drapes

As you can tell, drapes are not just for windows anymore. These are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate drapes into your home or porch area and add beauty and drama to any space. For all of your drapery needs, whether for windows or otherwise, visit Budget Blinds of Snohomish County. We’ll show you our wide variety of drapery and curtain options and discuss the best uses for all of our products. You’re guaranteed to walk away with just what you need at just the right price every time.

Laundry Room Curtains

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We’ve talked about curtains for just about every room in your home except for one; your laundry room. Poor laundry rooms. Most of the time they are left neglected when it comes to considering home decor, but not this time. We are going to give you some tips to make your laundry room the best on your block. No one puts your laundry room in a corner. It’s time for it to become the star of the show.

It may be difficult to choose a feel or style that you want your laundry room to represent, so it’s best to keep your laundry room decor similar to that of the rest of your home. If your general decorating style is contemporary, stick to contemporary curtains for your laundry room. One thing you don’t want to do is neglect your laundry room windows simply because they are rarely seen. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have windows in your laundry room, you can still use curtains to add a pop of texture and color. Simply replace cabinet doors with curtains to cover up cleaning supplies and detergents. You can even switch out your curtains according to different holidays or seasons. If you only have shelving, attach your curtains to the top shelf for a cabinet feel at a fraction of the cost.

Cover Up Cleaning Supplies

So which curtains should you choose? This depends on your wants and needs for the room. If your laundry room window faces a neighbor’s house or public area and you are needing some privacy, cafe style curtains would suit your needs. They provide privacy but also allow just a bit of sunlight in to enhance the natural light in the room. If your laundry room window is south-facing, you may actually want to consider a Roman shade with a decorative valance. Roman shades will allow you to make adjustments as the Camano Island sunlight shifts, making them a perfect choice.

Decorative Valance

Curtains can be used for more than just window coverings. If your laundry room opens up to another room of your home and you’d rather keep your dirty laundry in seclusion, consider hanging a set of curtains across the hallway or in a door frame. You can easily install a tension rod to hang your curtains from or go all out and hang actual curtain rods with holders. You can choose regular window curtains in an appropriate length to hang in your newly created doorway and add privacy and style all at once!

Open Laundry Room

Our last unique use of curtains in your laundry room is inspired by none other than...your utility sink. Yeah, that thing. We all love having it when we need it but hate the clutter that collects below. This is another great opportunity to use curtains to hide this space so you can use it for storage. Hang curtains around the sides of the bottom of your utility sink creating a space to place extra baskets or oversized bottles of cleaner.

 Utility Sink

We all know that the perfect custom window treatments can add pizzazz and sophistication to any room. We also know that Budget Blinds of Snohomish County has every stylish window treatment you could possibly imagine. So when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your laundry room, why go anywhere else? Curtains, they’re not just for windows anymore!

How to Deal With a Bad Outside View

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Here in Snohomish County, it’s hard to believe there is such a thing as a bad outside view. We are blessed with beautiful forests, rivers, and mountains in most areas, however, there are those who may look out the window and realize their view is not exactly the best. Have no fear, because today we will be providing tips on how to deal with less than impressive outside scenery.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

The great thing about nature is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and kinds. There is always something to suit everyone’s needs. If your outside view is an eyesore, consider using plants to create a screen. Do a bit of research and decide which plants you like best that will grow tall or can vine up an existing fence. You can even place a piece of lattice where you would like your nature screen to grow in order to provide a stable foundation for your vining plants to attach themselves. Plants like ivy or bamboo grow nicely in small areas and are perfect for a project like this.

Use Nature To Your Advantage

Create a Fabric Screen

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for plants to grow, you can always create a fabric screen to help provide a more desirable view. Combine different materials for the framing such as wood or metal to develop the perfect look that compliments your design taste. Next, choose a fabric that is weather resistant, durable, and pleasing to the eye. You may want to stick to solid colors, as prints may be a bit much. You may opt to leave space between your framing and the fabric to allow natural light to flow freely into the space. Place your newly created screen outdoors in front of the area you wish to conceal to create a view that is all your own.

Re-establish a New Focal Point

Sometimes all you need to change your view is a little different perspective. Rather than covering up the undesirable scenery, why not put your creative talents to work and create an incredible work of art that takes the focus off of the view? You can choose to create a wooden or painted metal frame and hang different plants at varying heights. You can have your children create artistic masterpieces on tile or stone and display them proudly by hanging them from the frame. The possibilities are endless. Not only will this technique provide a better view, it also spruces up your yard and gives an interior decorating aura to the exterior of your home.

 Re-establish a New Focal Point

Hang New Window Treatments

The advancements in window treatments are astounding and we are here to help. Simply stop in to Budget Blinds of Snohomish County and let us know what look you are wanting for your room. We have adjustable window treatments and blinds that can be manipulated in such a way as to allow natural light in and keep undesirable views out. Roman shades are a perfect option and come in many styles, colors, and fabrics!

 Roman Shades View

Use Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is an affordable way to quickly and easily transform your windows and add an element of privacy. Not pleased with the view from your window? Simply cut pieces of this self-adhesive gem to fit your windows, peel the backing off, and place over your windows for an instant privacy screen. If you’re wanting something a little more fancy, cut out designs and arrange the film cut outs on your windows. Either option gives you that element of privacy and also allows natural light to flow into your room without a lot of fuss and expense.

Frosted Window Film

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and can’t wait to hear which one was your favorite. As always, we would love for you to stop in to Budget Blinds of Snohomish County and let us show you our incredible collection of window treatments, blinds, and more. 

Outdoor Curtain Call

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Outdoor Curtain Call

Calling all you outdoorsy, nature-loving, Pacific North West, fresh-air-breathing fans of summer time! Have we got an epic post for you. Who would have thought that you could actually hang curtains outside? It’s actually a trending thing! Outdoor curtains add a touch of privacy and extravagance to your outdoor living area while keeping the view open enough to enjoy the summer splendor that surrounds you. A lot of designers place emphasis on bringing nature indoors, now it’s time to shake things up a bit and bring the indoors outside.

A Little Bit of History

Outdoor curtains actually aren’t a new trend. Curtains have been used outdoors for centuries to shield high-ranking officials from wind, rain, sun and sand. Modern day outdoor curtains serve much the same purpose but are more stylish and are made out of materials that simply weren’t around in the good old days.

Where Do You Start?

You can choose to continue the theme you have indoors into your outdoor space or opt for something completely different. Bold prints work well for outdoor curtains if you are wanting more of a party or entertaining atmosphere. Keeping things more on the natural side? Choose curtains that are more in keeping with earth tones and opt for solids rather than prints.

Most outdoor curtains are made from some type of polyester blend. These hang and hold their shape well and are easy to clean. Most outdoor curtain fabrics are water and mold resistant, and also resist stains and fading. You could consider purchasing pillows, throws, and couches with complimentary colored fabrics to add a splash of color and bring new life to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Curtain Call 2

Best Tips For Hanging Your Outdoor Curtains

Hanging outdoor drapes does not have to be difficult or expensive. Actually, outdoor curtains are hung almost exactly like indoor curtains. The first thing you want to check is that you are using curtain rods that are specially made for outdoor curtains. Otherwise they may tarnish or rust in the rain or humidity. Outdoor curtains are made to withstand weather without being destroyed. You can even use pipe as your curtain rod if you are going for a more rustic look. If you are choosing a heavy fabric to work with, you may want to consider using a pipe rod. This will ensure the weight of your curtains is well-balanced and your rod won’t bend or break.

Make sure that your curtain rods are attached firmly to the walls of your outdoor living space. Remember, these rods and curtains need to be able to withstand the Snohomish County elements. Using tie backs on your curtains gives you the flexibility to adjust the amount of sunlight in your space as the sun sets in the evening.

If you have brick walls, you may want to consider hanging your rods from your patio ceiling. It can be difficult to mount hardware appropriately to brick, so a ceiling mount may be a better option. Curtains hung from ceiling mounted rods have a really unique look to them as well. If you really want something different, forego using a curtain rod all-together and opt for hooks instead. The possibilities are endless.

Budget Blinds of Snohomish County has everything you need to make your outdoor curtain extravaganza a complete success. Call or stop in today and one of our team members will help you with everything from design layout, to fabrics, to hanging your curtains perfectly to suit your desired look.

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