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Roller Shades Make A Comeback

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Roller Shades Make A Comeback

Traditionally, Roller Shades haven’t been the usual first pick when styling a home or office. They are the fall back option when budget is low, or when the space is for more industrial purposes. But now they are making their way into personal homes and offices, bringing much more flare than they have in the past. With these options, more and more shoppers are choosing roller shades over drapes or blinds. Why? Here are some fun ideas on how to hop on the Roller Shade wagon and bring a different look to your space.

 Roller Shades - Artwork

Room Full Of Windows 

If you have a room full of windows, you know that although the natural light is amazing and probably the reason for the room in the first place, that space to decorate is limited. The free wall space is either too small to do anything with, or at such awkward parts of the room that it would just look odd to place anything in the space. But with roller shades these days, you can have your cake and eat it too! Roller shades can not only come in endless options of designs, but can actually be made with artwork on the shade itself. During the day you can let in all the light you want, maybe closing one or two shades of your choice --- while at night all the shades can be drawn, doubling as beautiful artwork on the walls. You can have the same shade on each window, or mix and match your colors and fabrics to compliment each other when all the shades are down. The Motorized Roller Shades are an efficient option for a room with many windows!

Roller Shades - Kids Room

Kids Room 

Whether it’s the bedroom, the school room, or the home-school room -- the kids can feel excited and eager to be in their own space when the room provokes their imagination. Roller Shades can be used for an assortment of patterns, i.e. favorite super heros, geographical locations, showcasing other languages...think about your child’s personality and interests and imagine having them on display in the room around them. Plus, these shades come in a variety of control options. You can choose the standard cord, or install a cordless lift roller shade which is easy to use and safe for the kiddos.

Roller Shades - Narrow Long Windows

Narrow and Long Windows

Some homes and offices have a series of several narrow windows, taking up half to a third of the length of the wall. These can simply be windows that open, or even doors on a balcony.  Because the room rely’s on the light allowed in from these windows, and normally there is plenty of space for wall decorations, less on the window in this situation is a prime choice. You want to stay away from a cluttered look, and roller shades are the solution. Easily functional to allow in light and practically unseen when rolled to the top or bottom of the window, they still protect from UV rays and give privacy when needed. However, they can be unrolled half way to reveal a complementary pattern or color to give the room a little spark without being overbearing.

 Roller Shades Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows

Many kitchens have that one window over the sink, overlooking the backyard, or if you’re in the city...possibly your neighbors living room. Regardless, like the narrow windows, Roller Shades are a great option for a subtle touch to the room but still allowing in natural light and privacy. You can brighten up the entire kitchen with a bright color, and can also choose the cord type that works best for your set up. With over 240 contemporary designs, you may find you prefer the shade to be down allowing the light as a backdrop, highlighting the design on the shade to give your kitchen that extra touch of style.

No matter what kind of space you have - considering roller shades as your entire window treatment or part of your window treatment is now an “in” thing to do. Personalize your home or office with your own designs and let your creativity run wild as each window is it’s own canvas. Plus, they are so easy to change that you could have a different vibe every month! 

Sheer Brilliance: 5 Unique Ways To Use Window Sheers

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Sheer Brilliance

You can’t go wrong with Sheers. There’s something about the flowy, slightly see through material in front of a bright window that just brings peace and calm into a room. Because they are such a pleasant window treatment, the options are endless of how many, what kind, and where they can be used. Of course, the common place is unsurprisingly dangling in front of a window. However, consider these next five creative options when sprucing up your home, bringing a whole new feel to the room. 

1. Extended Sheers

Picture a double set of glass doors, each with a typical rod across the top and sheers hanging down in front. Now, wipe that picture away and instead, picture sheers cascading from the top of wall where the ceiling is met, not only covering the doors, but covering the entire wall. These extra long sheers create a whole new ambiance as light peeks through the fabric. They can also be bunched to the side, creating a beautiful tapestry effect on that entire side of the room.

Divide a room with sheer shades

2. Divide A Room

Keep those extra long sheers in mind, but picture a large room full of windows. Instead of using the sheers to cover the windows, you can create separation in the room by hanging them from the ceiling to divide the room into smaller portions while still keeping the spacious, airy feel from the light fabric. Light is uninhibited, while allowing a sense of separation and focus change for each “room”.

Surround Bath Sheer Shades

3. Surround The Bed or Bath

We’ve all seen the beds with the thick fabric falling down from the top of the frame -- in fact, when you were a kid you probably day dreamed about these beds, wishing you could have this easy fort! But consider instead of using the “bed curtains”, use sheers! This brings a romantic, sensual and soft feel to the bedroom without burying yourself in darkness and separation. Maybe you match the bed sheers with the window sheers in the room - a light uniform look that again, seems to create the feel of space instead of diminish space. In the same way, if you’re someone who loves those stand alone tubs, use a long window sheer to surround the tub creating faux privacy, yet a cozy feel whether night or day.


4. Create a Headboard

Maybe you don’t want the bed surrounded by fabric of any kind, but like the idea of incorporating the feel and ambiance of a sheer to the bedroom. You can replace your headboard with sheers! This is a fun, creative option where you can easily change the look of your headboard at any time. You could let a light colored or patterned sheer simply hang from the ceiling. You could tie ribbons around multiple sheers creating a wall of bunched sheer fabric from top to bottom. You could even use two sheers and bunch them off to the side, a window effect, creating a beautiful drapery over your bed. Perhaps you even want to create a canopy above the bed, which attaches to the headboard. There are so many simple, beautiful options.


5. Block From UV Rays

Did you know there are Sheer Solar Shades? Moving from the flowy material to a Solar Shade, you can choose a sheer like fabric that allows light and breeze, while protecting you and your furniture from the sun. This is great in a patio, a window covered office, or even a kitchen. Just because the room is a prime place for the sun to pelt down into, doesn’t mean you have to compromise the condition of your home and miss out on that beautiful light!

Valance: The Piece You Might Be Missing

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What is a Valance? Just because you may not recognize the word, doesn’t mean you haven’t seen them everywhere. A Valance is an ornamental drapery, decorative board, or metal strip mounted across the top of a window, sometimes to conceal structural fixtures. You may initially associate them with older generations, but don’t be fooled --- these decorative pieces aren’t outdated. In fact, you can find one for every type of style -- even the most modern, sleek home. Check out the range of styles below as we map out some examples for you!


When most people see a valance, they identify it with a more traditional, early American time, or with stoic historical buildings such as the White House. This is because these type of buildings feature the most formal type of valance -- which usually displays a lot of jabots and cascades in the material. Even though they certainly look the part traditionally, valances are far from limited to a traditional setting.



Yes, a valance can work in a contemporary space! Valances can come in many designs and colors, allowing you to contrast with the rest of the room and compliment the overall feel of design. Instead of using heavy material, light, flowing material can be used to cascade from the hinges, and styled to create a clean line, adding softness and dimension to the room.



Have you ever seen in insanely glamorous room? This type of room is full of sharp designs, bold colors, bright features. A bold colored valance can really add to the entire atmosphere. Whether it’s hot pink or dark blue, the entire window area comes to life with this added feature, bringing an edgy flare to the entire room.


Love the rustic feel? Whether you live in the country or not, your home is your domain. No need for a valance to be ultra feminine or extra plush --- it can simply be a plank of upholstered wood! Or, if you didn’t want the fabric on the wood, you could nix the fabric and stain the wood to your liking. The purpose of the valance is to normally cover the roller mechanism of woven wood shades, so layering the plank of wood on top would have the same outcome. This will create a modern, woodsy, rustic feel when you want to step into your home and escape.


Beach Life

If you live near the ocean or have vacationed anywhere tropical, you may have seen a tiki-hut like valance at some point! These are a fun way to bring the beach life home, spicing up the room like your own personal luau. Add some sea shells and tropical colors around the room and its like you disappeared to your favorite vacation spot.



But maybe you just want that homey feel. You know, the one where dinner is on the table, family is close by, and the cozy close quarters are soothing to your soul. Perhaps you have a kitchen window over your sink while you do the dishes. A nice patterned valance can add to the soft, home life feel - possibly creating a slight “chic” and inviting look.


Single men or a husband who wants that man cave….there are still valances for you. You don’t have to go with any of the other styles and compromise your taste. In this case, the rest of the room will make the big difference. Consider mixing a wood valance to contrast leather furniture, or a dark brown valance to complement the masculine room. Most designs aren’t solely masculine or feminine, it takes the rest of the decor to tip the scale one way or another. A valance can truly be the icing on the (window)”cake” in this situation.

We’ve given you just a few examples out of limitless options on how to use a valance. It’s easy to get accustomed to a perception of something simply from the past --- but when you expand your creativity and vision, that same thing can turn into many current, new options. Maybe a valance is the missing piece to your room. 

Don't Let The Radiator Steal Your Style

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Window Treatments Over Radiator

Decorating can be so much fun, until something gets in the way of your vision. Most times the answer is simple, move said object out of the way and carry on. But what about the times when something is there to stay, like a radiator? You can’t really make this disappear, and it’s kind of vital to the comfort of your home...so what do you do? Give up and let your style go down the drain? No way! We have some simple solutions that will tie your room together with the radiator and your style still in tact.

Love floor length curtains? Yes, you can still have them! Choose your favorite curtain and hang them on a stationary Panel to have the look of the curtain but not the function. The floor length curtains will flow down on either side of the window (outside each end of the radiator), with an open curtain appearance. Don’t worry, you can still have privacy and shading with adding additional window treatments between the curtains. Try Wood Blinds for a contemporary clean look, allowing you to open and close the blinds at your discretion. Or you can use Roller Shades to cover the windows, giving you the flexibility to roll them up or down letting in light or keeping your privacy, while still enjoying the look of floor length curtains. If you like both ideas, have the best of both worlds with Woven Wood Shades creating it’s own unique, soft look.

Cellular Shades Over Radiators 


Shutters can look just as modern as you want! Choose a bright white for a classic look, or a dark wood for a warm look, letting them come down to the bottom of the window. You can open for light, or close for darkness -- and are best on their own holding their look strongly in the room, while keeping flesh to the edge of the wall with the radiator gracefully sitting underneath.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades, especially those that lower from top to bottom, are a great option for adjusting light levels without sacrificing privacy. These won’t interfere with the floor radiator, and you can also add side curtains for a little extra “wow” factor. Regardless, these look great on their own and add a crisp look to the room even with the occupied space below.

Short Curtains

Like the curtain look but don’t necessarily want them to hit the floor? You can always use short curtains as an option, eliminating the need for a second window treatment if unwanted. Short curtains can come right above the radiator, covering the length of the window, with space to open and close as normal. The only drawback is they tend to divide the room, so as a general rule this is ideal in more casual spaces such as a child’s room or a home office. Another good tip is to avoid heavy fabrics and intense colors, and go with a more casual look to blend in the room easier.

Whether you mix and match, or stick with one treatment --- there’s a solution for every window. You can even change it up within the same room, as long as the colors and styles complement each other. Maybe you only have one window with a radiator underneath -- no big deal! Adding shades between that one window with curtains that match the rest of the windows, blends perfectly all around. A radiator doesn’t have to be a focal point -- especially with so many options to explore.

Short Curtains Over Radiators

The Benefits Of Motorized Window Coverings

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Benefits Motorized Window Coverings

2017 is the year to get things done. The general population is ready to buckle down, problem solve, and live efficiently. Many believe that your home reflects your life. Do you keep a chaotic, messy home? Are you always on the run? Or do you live in a clear space, free to move and breathe, ready for whatever comes your way. One way to bring your home in line with your resolutions is adding this easy way to bring efficiency, convenience, and a clean look to your home with motorized window coverings. Once viewed as as an indulgence, progression of technology and advancements in pricing has allowed 2017 to be the year of Motorized Window Coverings for the general public.

With so many benefits and affordable prices, making the change is completely worth the time. Blinds, Shades, and Drapes can all be motorized saving the hassle of tangled cords, safety for curious children, and easier function for the elderly or anyone with mobility or dexterity issues. Going a little deeper we can see just how utilizing the motorized option will enhance your living space in endless scenerios.

Motorized Blinds


Custom Motorized Blinds not only eliminate tangles, safety issues, and play toys for animals -- they create a trendy, clean look with the easiest functionality for all types of people. Blinds can be set with a timer or temperature sensors so that they open and close each day, effectively lowering your energy bills. You can control them with wireless wall switches, or with handheld remotes. Skylight Blinds are already challenging to reach, but with easy to access wall switches or a remote control, it will be as simple as a press of a button to adjust to your exact preference.

Motorized Shades


Beyond the same benefits of the blinds, Motorized Shades offer even more. All your favorite shades, such as roman shades, cellular shades, and woven wood shades can all come motorized. No matter your style of the season, you can keep things easy with motorized sensors and timers. Think about scenarios such as going away for vacation -- your shades can be set to their regular routine, allowing you to appear to be home, adding security. Or maybe you have a nursery or a child’s room and want to ensure their safety while they play, or set their timers to have the sun naturally wake them up setting up their sleep patterns. Lets not forget the hard to reach places! Maybe your window is above the kitchen sink, washer, or dryer - creating an awkward reach to adjust the shades. Instead, flip a switch and move on with your day.

*You can see them in action here! 

Drapes Motorized


Have you ever had a set of heavy drapes, pulling on the cord to close and open, and even taking breaks before the entire drapery has shifted? Think how hard this would be with an injury or for an elderly person? Motorized Drapes take all the strain away, freeing you to choose as big and as heavy of drapes your little heart desires, with NO sore muscles. In the winter you can layer on the drapes, providing insulation, and easily pressing a button midday to allow the sun to bring in extra warmth. The motorized drapes are available in any fabric or design, and are just as easily custom made to your taste.

It’s clear to see how simply getting rid of cords can add so much to your room and lifestyle. With easy dinner ambiance created, sitting down for a movie and forgetting to close the blinds because of the glare, or raising patio shades from inside without having to open the door --- it’s about time this became affordable for the average home. With 2017 just beginning, we can set the bar with ever advancing technology and have one less step to take enabling us to focus our energy on the future.

Vamp Up Your Room With Stylish Shades

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 Stylish Shades Top Banner

Guess what? Shades don’t have to be boring. They don’t have to be uniformed. They don’t have to be cookie cutter. They don’t have to be bland, hidden, or the same as your childhood home or neighbor. Shades can be ALL you, all your choice, all YOUR style, and all your idea. There are so many options that you could literally change your shades once a month and create a different look for each month of the year! But, that would probably be exhausting. Instead, maybe choose some you would like to at least keep for a season or even a few years, knowing you can change your tone at any time. Here are a few of our favorites to get your idea juices flowing.

 Faux Shades

Do we even start by telling you how these can be custom designs? The options! Faux Shades are fun because even though they aren’t functional (hence the “faux” part), they can add any type of pop to a room that you want! From bright colors, to interesting designs, they add an accent to a room in such a tasteful amount that it’s easy to get away with something a little more vibrant than you normally would. Plus, since less fabric is needed, these are more affordable if you are just going for a fashion look and not window coverage.

  Wood Woven Shades

Woven Wood Shades

Have you noticed how “in” wood is right now? Wood shades compliment the simplistic, minimalistic, clean, modern atmospheres that many people are gravitating towards. Not only are these popular in vacation homes, but your own home can feel like an escape when using these shades to teleport you into your own little world. The style remains classy, yet can add warm or coolness to any room.  An added bonus is we make these Woven Wood Shades from renewable sources, like bamboo, so you can feel good about the room you are in. They can be motorized, and come in many styles, including bottom-up or top-down.

 Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are flat stretches of fabric that can really show off a unique fabric once unrolled from a hidden mechanism. These shades are highly customizable and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, light filtering options, and light control/darkening/blackout options. They are available in over 100 screen styles, really opening up your room to anything you would like to create. Plus, as with most the products, they are available with a motorized lift, cordless lift, small cord lift, and more - depending on your specific goals.

 Graphic Shades

Graphic Shades

Have kids? Or maybe you have a room that makes you want to express yourself in a different way! Graphic Shades are incredibly fun and unique. You can actually have an image of your choice printed on the shade, which offers a level of customization like no other. Think, for kids, a princess? Spiderman? Or many you own a business or have a home office and want to add a logo to your window shade? Or perhaps you or your partner LOVE a certain team and just have to dedicate a window shade to their team logo? You can create whatever your little heart desires with this option. These shades look great, and are easy to operate. They can also come motorized for the kiddos to eliminate any cord danger.

 Repeating Shades

Repeating Shades

Are you one to enjoy coordination? One foolproof way to have a clean, well presented room, is choosing a shade, possibly a Sheer Shade, and repeating the same pattern on three or more windows, causing a visually pleasing effect. You can do this with any type of shade you choose. We recommend a light, floral pattern to brighten up a room.

 Oversized Shades

Yes, we know that typically you construct shades to fit perfectly into the window. But maybe this time you let them be a little larger than normal, overlapping the window, creating a completely different look. They kind of cover like drapes, but instead of being pulled to the side, they function like shades, because, well, they ARE shades (and offer a unique alternative to draperies). This is great to try on a large window that takes up most of a wall as the main part of a room.

 With all the different options, there is no way we can address them all here! Each style has the choice of top-down, bottom-up,  as well as the ability to be motorized, graphics, oversized, custom designed or cut. The sky outside your window, is really the limit.  Don’t let yourself be bogged down by the mundane. Spruce up your surroundings and feel good about where you live!

Draperies For The Challenging Shaped Windows

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Draperies For The Challenging Shaped Windows Banner

Not all window shapes are the same. Sure, it’s easy to find draperies and window rods for a standard sized average window -- but what do you do when your home holds unique sizes, shapes, and types of windows? Do you let them go drapery free, opening up your inner lives for all the world to see? No way (unless that’s your thing) -- we have solutions for you. There are many reasons to add to your windows -- decoration, privacy, light control, temperature control.  Your odd, unique, or large windows can be just as fashionably decorated and insulated as all the others. No matter the challenge, there is a solution.


Motorized Drapes  

Extra Tall Windows

Whether these are window walls, or just tall ceilings calling for taller windows, no window is too big for drapes. If you have windows that are essentially your entire wall, the tricky part is where do you actually hang the draperies when there is seemingly no space? On the ceiling! Ceiling tracks are a unique and efficient way to allow the openness and luxury of window walls, while still having the option of privacy and decoration while keeping the streamlined environment. These can be motorized drapes, adding to the minimalistic atmosphere allowing them to easily open and close.

 If you have extra tall windows, but not quite covering the entire wall, you have two options! You can choose to mount tall drapes in the space between the top of the window and the ceiling,OR you can mount drapes midway, allowing privacy and the enclosed feeling, but keeping a pretty cool and unique elegant feel with the top part of the window remaining uncovered. This also gives the illusion of scaling the windows down to a more uniformed proportion, bringing intimacy into the room.


Curved Windows

Slanted and Curved Windows

Both deal with angles. Slanted windows are straight edge, but at an angle, causing the drapes to normally pile up towards the bottom due to the uneven height. This is when Medallions are a great option, allowing you to hang each part of the drapery in a stationary way, using custom window shades.

 Curved windows are a little simpler, still being able to used traditional rods. You may wonder, can rods curve? Yes! Most can! They can curve to fit almost any window. It’s helpful to have additional professionals to ensure correct measurement for the curvature as well as the drapes during installation since it’s not quite as standard as a normal installation. A professional will also be able to help you choose the correct rod and coordinating brackets that may need to be a special C-shaped ring to allow the drapes to be easily drawn. Sometimes a solution simply comes down to obtaining the correct hardware for the job.


 Bay Windows 1

Bay Windows

Bay windows are challenging in the fact that they have three sides, making it impossible to cover by a single rod, yet three rods look a little much. In this situation, try a curved rod like you would in the above windows. You’ll need a professional to measure this correctly because you will most likely need custom-cut hardware, but it is possible to mount a correct curved sized rod on the wall if there’s room, to cover all three windows.


Arched Windows

Arched Windows

The beauty of arched windows is...well, the arch. Typically if you have an arched window, you don’t necessarily want to over the arch in the process of using drapes. One creative solution here would be to leave the top arched undressed, having a rod for drapes to cross along the leveled portion of the window, creating a cafe curtain type of feel. This way, just like the extra tall windows, you ensure privacy and light control, while leaving the top uncovered adding a unique vibe to the room. Financially, this is the more economic choice. However, you can have a professional installer create a precise custom build specifically for your arch, to cover the entire window.


Deep Framed Windows

Deep Framed Window

This may possibly be the easiest challenge to find a solution. In a deep frame window you naturally have extra wall space on each side of the inlets. Solution? Something as simple as a tension rod - similar to a shower curtain rod- with each end on the inside of both walls, allowing a curtain to be easily drawn to cover the window, closer to the window instead of outside of the window frame.

Budget Blinds thankfully has the expertise and solutions to cover these challenges and more. Your windows don’t have to go bare, and they don’t have to look mismatched in their size and covers. Your home can be unique, you, and fitted to the exact measurements in any situation. 

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