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4 Tips for Choosing Curtain Fabric

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You’ve decided that Tacoma window curtains are right for your home. Now that decision is out of the way, it’s time for another: the material for your curtains. Should you go for a thick, soft material or something light and breezy? Just what are your options and what are the pros and cons to each one?

Here are four tips for choosing the perfect fabric for your window curtains in Tacoma.

Consider the Durability

Your curtains will take in all the UV rays from the sun. Some materials are more susceptible to sun damage than others and you’ll see the damage earlier in others. Silk is the most prone to damage and you’ll see it almost immediately.

One of the benefits of window coverings is that they take the UV damage away from the rest of the room. While they suffer the sun rot, the rest of your home is left looking like new. But you want to get your money’s worth, right? Look out for cotton or brocades for the best durability.

Look Into the Width

There are usually two widths: 42-45in or 54-60in. You’ll want to check out the width of your window to determine the one that you need. Not all materials will come in both widths, so this can heavily affect the type of window curtains in Tacoma you buy.

Got wider windows? You may be able to find some curtains that will suit. Some materials are available into the low 100s. However, you may find that you need a different type of window covering or extra curtain panels to work.

Look at the Thread Count

Decorator fabrics will usually last longer than others. They’re thicker with a higher thread count. There is a downside, though. Most of these fabrics will break down if you put them through the washing machine. They need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. You’ll want to double check all labels before you buy to make sure you get something that is easy maintenance for your needs.

Thicker materials will help to keep more heat in your home during the winter. They can also keep less heat out of the house in the summer. They prevent the heat of the sun shining through, unlike some of the fashionable fabrics.

Consider Your Color Preferences

The color you want will affect the type of material you get in some cases. Thicker materials tend to be in darker colors. You may find you can only get black, dark read, or navy blue. If these colors suit your home then great. If not, then you’ll want to look at your other options.

One of the downside of lighter colors is not blocking out enough of the sunlight. You want to watch a horror movie in the middle of the day but can’t see the screen clearly because of the sunlight shining through your curtains. You’re left with two choices: find something else to cover the window too or wait until later to watch your movie.

Consider all your needs before you get Tacoma window curtains. You want something that will last and is easy to maintain. At the same time, you need curtains that actually do the job you have!

Top Safety Tips for Blinds in Tacoma

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Before installing your Tacoma blinds, you need to make sure you’re using them properly. There are many safety issues with different types of blinds. While many involve children and pets, there are other safety issues that will affect the whole family. Here are the top four safety tips for using blinds in Tacoma.

Opt for Cordless Blinds

This links to when you first buy the blinds. Make sure you choose the cordless options that will keep your whole family safe. While you may not imagine your children getting caught in the cords on blinds, it can happen. There are many stories of this happening online.

Don’t even give your children or pets chance to get caught in the blinds. They won’t know what to do to get out of the cords. Just opt for the ever-so-slightly more expensive cordless blinds.

Always Follow the Manufacturers’ Instructions

Whoever has made the blinds will have instructions for installation. Make sure you follow them. They are there for your own safety, as well as to make it easier to get your blinds up in your home. Use all the items provided to make sure your blinds don’t fall down in the middle of the night and potentially hurt someone sleeping under them.

There will be some suggestions for placement. You’ll likely see warnings for your blinds in Tacoma to help avoid various risks in the house. They include placement of other furniture, use of candles, and tips for keeping children safe. Read the warnings and follow any suggestions that you can.

Attach the Cord to the Wall

If you’ve already bought corded window coverings, you can take steps to avoid an accident. One of the best options is to securely tight the cord to the wall. You need it completely out of reach from your children, so there is no chance that they can get caught. Once out of reach, most children will also ignore that it’s there: out of sight, out of mind.

There are a few ways that you can attach the cord to the wall. Some companies even offer fasteners knowing how dangerous the cords are for families.

Keep All Furniture Away

If you do have corded Tacoma blinds, make sure all furniture is out of the way. It’s actually best to keep furniture out of the way of any blind, but the corded ones are most important. Children will climb on the furniture and will attempt to reach up for the cords. They don’t understand the danger.

When any loops or knots form, unfasten them right away. Many parents will cut the loops in cords to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Put your family first. The manufacturers will include safety and installation instructions for all Tacoma blinds. This is to keep your family safe and ensure there are no accidents at later dates. Many companies and manufacturers are now also moving into cordless-only blinds. Look out for these companies so you can find only the best blinds for your home.

4 Benefits of Permanent Draperies in Tacoma

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While looking through the different types of window coverings for your home, you’ve likely come across draperies in Tacoma. These look like curtains, but they are permanent fixtures in your home. They’re designed not to be removed, except for the odd cleaning now and then. They are also more expensive than curtains. Not sure whether they are worth your money? Here are four top benefits of having permanent drapes in your Tacoma home.

They’re Easy to Hang

Unlike plantation shutters and some types of blinds, you won’t need to hire a professional to hang your drapes. You need a railing or something similar that will allow the drapes to easily pull on and off across your window. Depending on the style of drape, you may need to get some hooks to hand through the holes for easier sliding.

Tacoma draperies are family friendly. You can get them up with just one of you, while the other parent watches the kids.

Not hiring a professional instantly saves you some money compared to some other coverings.

They Create a Homely Feel

It’s not often that your window coverings will add to the homely, cozy nature of your home. That’s the case with draperies. They are often slightly thicker than curtains, but they come in a variety of colors. You just have to choose a style that works with your décor.

Darker drapes are the best for creating that homely feel. You have this sense of safety and warmth whenever you look at them. They can be extremely beneficial for the cold winter nights.

Speaking of the cold, there is another major benefit to drapes.

They Keep the Heat In

Do you find your windows lose a lot of heat during the winter? You end up spending a fortune on your heating, when you want to spend the money elsewhere. It’s time to invest in Tacoma draperies.

The drapes are thicker than most other window coverings. They are also made of a stronger material that prevents air slipping through cracks. You can end up keeping more heat into your home, instead of losing it to the outside.

This can also work the opposite way around. Your draperies in Tacoma can prevent the heat from coming into the home. The drapes absorb the heat and light, allowing your home to remain cool without constant fan or air con use.

Not only will you save money on the installation, but you save on the regular outgoings, too!

They Offer Total Blackout

While you can get blackout blinds, they’re just not as elegant. You can get light colored drapes and still keep all the light out of your room. This is perfect for the window coverings in your bedroom. Whether you’re an adult or looking for something for a kid’s room, you won’t have the sun blaring through first thing on a morning.

A darker room can help you sleep better. If you are hanging them in a kid’s room, make sure you use a nightlight to help those who are scared of the dark!

You want to invest in Tacoma draperies. They are the most beneficial options for your home, adding a homely feel while helping you save money in the long term.

4 Reason to Choose Tacoma Curtains for Your Home

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With so many window coverings around, you will be wondering the best option for your home. If you want something that is suitable for the majority of rooms, you’ll want to consider Tacoma curtains. Here’s a look at why they are so superior compared to other types of window options.

They Add Decoration to the Room

While blinds and other types of window coverings do add to the décor, curtains go one step further. They are constantly visible, whether open or closed. Someone will always notice them when walking into your home.

At first this can seem like a bad thing, but curtains in Tacoma actually add a visual benefit. You can make sure they work with your specific décor. After all, curtains now come in a variety of styles, materials, and shades. You can work with futuristic, vintage, and fun styles.

They can also come with different patterns and characters on them. Kids love to add a taste of their personalities to their room, and curtains offer a quick and non-permanent solution.

They’re Easy to Hang Anywhere

You just need a railing and some curtain hooks. In fact, some curtains won’t even need the hooks. They have premade holes that are designed to simply slot the railings through.

This is great when you want curtains that you can quickly put up and take down. Tacoma curtains are extremely easy to remove to wash and you can transport them to new homes. It’s also possible to take them down during the summer, allowing for lighter options when you want to let more sunlight in and keep the room cooler.

There is absolutely no need for a professional to install your curtains. This is something that shutters and drapes can need, as they need to be sturdy for permanent fixtures.

They’re Extremely Easy to Maintain

A simple daily shake and monthly wash is all you need to maintain your curtains. Darker ones will need some extra protection when it comes to UV damage and dust collection (the dust will be more visible), but they are still extremely easy to look after.

Maintenance of any window covering is essential. You need to make sure you look after the material, so it is worth your investment.

Of course, you will need to follow the instructions on the curtains in Tacoma. Look out for dry clean only or no tumble drying signs.

You Can Add Netted Curtains

If you’re worried about privacy while your curtains are open or the UV damage during the day, you can add in an extra layer of protection. Your main part of the curtains will sit open and you can have a small netted curtain over your window. The netting will help to limit the UV rays into the home and cloud the visibility through the window. However, it won’t stop the actual daylight, naturally lighting up your room.

While they are an extra expense, they are much more affordable than the likes of plantation shutters or blinds.

Which type of window coverings will you buy? Tacoma curtains certainly have their range of benefits, especially for living rooms and bedrooms.

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