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Decorator's Pick - Fall 2017

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Trend Alert!

    Fall is a wonderful time for comfy sweaters, crisp walks, and making time for friends before the busy holiday season arrives. Fall is also a great time to finish up the last couple projects in your home that you had planned to check off the list this summer. Is one of your to-do's a new covering for some of your windows? Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and decor selections with this post all about the latest fashions.  

Woven Woods In Living Room with Drapery

    This photo features beautiful deep blue drapery with woven wood shades. Woven woods are a beautiful handmade window covering that use natural fibres like hemp, jute, kenaf, and flax to offer a soft and elegant look. Our line of eco-friendly woven woods are created with high quality organic materials to bring a gorgeous and natural look. 

Woven Woods in Dining Room

    Woven wood shades have many feature options such as cordless, top down, and automation. These shades can also be fabric lined in light filtering fabrics to add more privacy or room darkening fabrics that offer room darkening. Woven woods have started to pop up in show homes around Canada. We recently had a home builder select a beaufitul chocolate brown woven wood for their show home in Regina, Saskatchewan. The photos of this space (below) show how the  rich texture in the window coverings really help bring the space together and give a modern meets boho-chic style. 

Trademark Homes Show Home with Woven Woods

    Are you considering woven wood shades for your windows? Find out more today at your own In-Home Consultation. Call us at 306-949-2300 to request an appointment at a time convenient for you.


Summer Cool Down Contest

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 Summer Cool Down Contest from Budget Blinds and Rebellion Brewery

You are invited to enter our Summer Cool Down Contest!

Budget Blinds Regina has partnered with Rebellion Brewery to give away a prize package valued at $330.00. Both Budget Blinds and Rebellion Brewery are in Regina's Warehouse District. We are so excited for this giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a certificate for a Brewery Tour and Tasting for up to 20 people, a large refillable growler, and a gift certificate so that they can fill up their growler. Regina has experienced a seriously hot summer this year which inspired this latest giveaway. Cool down this summer with Budget Blinds and Rebellion Brewery! 


Prize Package

All rules and contest details are as follows:

 How to enter the contest:
1. Like our post on Instagram on the Budget Blinds Regina Instagram account.
2. Follow Budget Blinds Regina on Instagram (@budgetblindsregina).
3. Follow Rebellion Brewery on Instagram (@rebbrewregina).
4. Tag your “squad” (or friends) that you would bring on the tour.


Terms and conditions:

1. Must be 19 years of age or older to claim prize.
2. Contest will close at 12:00 MIDNIGHT August 28th 2017.
3. Winners will be chosen by draw and announced via Instagram.
4. We will contact the winner via private message on Instagram
5. Winner must claim prize and pick up from Budget Blinds, 1433 Hamilton Street Regina, by September 15th 2017 or another winner will be drawn.


Prize description:

One certificate for a Brewery Tour and Tasting at Rebellion Brewery for up to 20 people, one large refillable growler, and one $20.00 gift certifiate for Rebellion Brewery. 

Fall In Love with Sheer Drapery

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Sheer Curtains & Why We Love Them

      Sheer curtains may not be your first choice when updating your window coverings but perhaps they should be! For a timeless window treatment that can work with any style décor from traditional to modern sheer curtains are a perfect fit. There are plenty of fabric and trend choices which can make any room have major visual allure. Sheers can be a stand-alone treatment or go for a layered look with another window treatment like blinds or shutters for more coverage, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Like heavier drapery, sheer curtains offer an abundance of benefits including light control, privacy and security. Sheers are so beautiful and Budget Blinds® wants you to fall in love with them again. Here are some sheer curtain options that will captivate you:


 Sheer Drapery in White

 Sheer White Drapery in Modern Rustic Dining Room


         Sheer white curtains are a beautiful, yet uncomplicated, design option for your window covering needs. White sheers create an airy and bright feeling for your windows and make the room seem more relaxing. They offer softer natural lighting while providing some privacy. White sheers are a great option if you have a room with a lot of windows or very expansive window. They will offer you the option to cover up without having your windows look so heavy and full of window treatments.  Lastly, white sheers are ideal for outdoor living spaces because they allow the indoors to continue outdoors.      


 Colored Sheer Drapery

  Coloured Sheer Drapery 

 Most people think that sheers need to be crisp white, but that is not so! Colored sheer fabric allows you to make a fashion statement with your curtains. Depending on the design scheme you are looking to achieve, colored curtains can range from very subtle neutral colors to extremely colorful. Consider bright pink sheers which will to add a pop of color in a little girl’s room or a powder room! Sheer fabrics also come in the ever-so-popular color-blocking. Color-blocking drapery allows you to combine two colors that are either complementary or contrasting into one window treatment. 

Your curtains can become the main décor spotlight in the space. There are so many possibilities when it comes to colorful sheers. Bring on the neighbourhood envy! 


 Patterned Sheers

 Patterned Fabric - Sheer Curtains in Dining Room with Whites and Country Chic Style

      Patterned sheers are an easy and creative way to bring personality into your home or favourite space. Although it may seem trendy, patterned fabric drapery will never go out of style. Depending on your personal style you can have a simple patterned sheer or if you can go for it with a fully patterned design. Both are fun to explore and will work great in a contemporary home. Having a subtle pattern can allow you to express yourself without going overboard but, if you love patterns, you can really show it off when it comes to your curtains. A fun and popular patterned print for drapery is geometric shapes which look fantastic on every window.


     Have you fallen back in love with sheer drapery? Let Budget Blinds help you find the perfect match for every room in your home. For sample book and innovative ideas, call 866-879-9730 today or go online to budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you and schedule your FREE, in-home consultation.


Six Selections to Make before Ordering Shutters

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Six Selections to Make before Ordering Shutters

Custom shutters are a stunning and classic window treatment that is exquisitely crafted and made to last. Shutters not only look beautiful, they offer you a vast array of benefits. Shutters provide excellent privacy and ventilation. This feature is mandatory when it comes to a good window treatment. But that’s not all they offer, they are energy-efficient due to their insulating design which will help you save on your energy bills, are extremely durable and become an investment to your home because they will last for years and improve your home’s curb appeal. Shutters are also very low maintenance and offer an extreme ease of cleaning.

 Cream/Taupe Shutters from Budget Blinds

If you have already made your mind up that your home’s coverings will be custom shutters, there are six choices to consider before you order. With plenty of decisions to make before your important purchase, it is crucial for an expert Style Consultant from Budget Blinds® to serve you through the process. Your Style Consultant can help you from the start to the finish of your order. They will assist you to consider every option so that by installation time you have exactly what you want. Here are some of the options you will have to discuss with your Style Consultant before making your purchase.

1. Shutter Style

Red Shutters in Dining Room

There are countless style options to select from when you decide to purchase shutters. First, shutters come in a variety of materials such as hardwood, faux wood, composite and aluminum. You will want to determine the type of material that will fit best in each room. For instance, if you are buying shutters for a bathroom, the material that would function best is composite because they can stand up to moisture. After you select the material, consider picking a style: Plantation, café or indoor/outdoor shutters. Lastly you will have to decide on color and texture. There is a limitless range of colors and finishes to match your distinct style preferences. This may seem overwhelming but your Budget Blinds Style Consultant will be there with you every step of the way to help you achieve your desired look while staying within your budget!  


2. Framing/Divider Rails

There are four beautiful shutter frame styles to choose from. The frame you choose has a lot to do with the window and how you want the shutter to hang. At Budget Blinds, we offer a selection of decorative frames for inside or outside mounting. Here are our four basic types of frames:

  • L-Frame
  • Z-Frame
  • Deco Frame
  • Direct Mount

Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant will recommend the best frame to complement your shutters for a polished and stylish look.


Frame Styles for Shutters from Budget Blinds

Divider rails

The divider rail is the horizontal bar on the shutter panel that separates the top and bottom louvers. It is used so you can control different parts of the shutter separately. Depending on your style choices, you can determine how many divider rails will appear on your shutters. There is no limit on the amount of divider rails; it is all about the look and function you are trying to achieve.

Divider Rails for Shutters from Budget Blinds

3. Mounting Options

Figuring out how your shutters should be mounted can be difficult to decide on your own, and that is where an expert Style Consultant can help. They will show you both options of mounting which include inside and outside and will inform you of the best option that will work with the window that you are trying to cover.

4. Louver Size

Louvers are designed to give you the ability to control the light and view. Budget Blinds offers three popular louver sizes, 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½.” Depending on what size louver you choose for your shutters will determine how many louvers are on a shutter panel. The smaller the louver size, the more you will have, giving more privacy. The larger louver size will give you a clearer view to the outdoors.

Louver Sizes for Shutters from Budget Blinds

5. Tilt Options

The main purpose of the tilt rod is to allow you to control the louvers in unison. There are three options when it comes to the tilt including:

  • Tilt Rod (located in the center of the louvers)
  • Off Set Tilt Rod (located on the left or right side of the louvers)
  • Invisible Tilt (located on the backside of the louvers)

All the of options function the same, it all just depends on what look you want to achieve!

Tilt Options for Shutters from Budget Blinds


6. Automation

The last decision to make for your custom shutters is whether you would like to manually operate your shutters or add automation. Budget Blinds wants to provide you ultimate convenience with automated window coverings to make your everyday life easier. With automation, you can program timers to allow for automatic opening and closing, even when you are not home. They can be managed by wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, and the option for a tablet or smartphone app. An important benefit of automated shutters is that they are child and pet-safe since they are cordless.



Window Covering Solutions for Your Sliding Glass Doors

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5 Window Covering Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors


Easy access to the outdoors is such an enjoyable feature of sliding glass patio doors. But due to its large size and location a sliding door can be difficult to cover with a window shade. Leaving your door bare is fine, but that can cause issues like too much sunlight which will lead to sun damage to your hardwood floors, walls or furniture. Sleeping may also be interrupted when there are no coverings on glass doors in a bedroom. Another issue of not having your door covered is the lack of privacy. If you are looking for a resolution to your bare sliding door, let Budget Blinds® offer you five solutions to covering it.


Vertical Blinds 


Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


The typical “go to” window covering for a sliding door is a vertical blind. It is a window treatment that had been around for decades because it is one of the best treatments for a large expanse of windows. Vertical blinds are unlike horizontal blinds because they stack side to side making them function perfectly for a sliding door. Vertical shades are hung from a heavy-duty head rail system that keeps them permanently aligned which will prevent excessive wear and tear. Not only are vertical blinds extremely durable, they are attractive. Budget Blinds carries them in two styles, including vinyl and fabric and come in a variety of colors and weaves to add texture to your space. Also, vertical blinds have multiple operation systems, including chain control, wand tilt, right draw, left draw and split draw to control the sunlight and privacy. Lastly, they are available in a cordless option making them super pet and child-safe.



 Vertical Cellular Shades


Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Patio Doors


A great solution for your large sliding glass door would be a vertical cellular shade available in light-filtering to complete blackout fabric. Vertical cellular shades are designed with “honeycomb-shaped pockets” which keep your room insulated and at a comfortable temperature by preventing air from entering or escaping. In addition to being energy efficient, vertical cellular shades help you control light and privacy and they can be matched with Eclipse window shades offering sheer coverage on the top and solid coverage on the bottom. The privacy options are important depending on which room your sliding door is in because if you have a sliding door in a bedroom, blackout opacity would be great for ultimate privacy and light control.  



Sliding Panel Track Blinds 


solar roller panel track shades


A beautiful and modern solution for covering your sliding doors are sliding panel track blinds. They are over-sized panels with varying widths and consistent overlapping. They are an excellent option for sliding doors, windows or as room dividers. They come in a large selection of modern fabrics that add personality to your living spaces. A popular trend with sliding panel track blinds is woven wood material. It is an elegant, eco-friendly option made of natural woven grasses. They are made from 100% organic materials such as bamboo, jute, hemp and flax for a textured look. With panels, you can even coordinate the materials with an accompanying top treatment for an overall designer look.

Plantation Shutters 


White Wood Shutters on Sliding Glass Patio Doors


If you are looking for a timeless classic to cover your sliding door, shutters would be your answer. Depending on your style Plantation shutters come in real wood or composite wood in three popular louver sizes, 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” to match your distinct taste. Shutters have an abundance of benefits such as privacy, ventilation and protection. A major benefit of Plantation shutters is they are energy saving due to their insulating design. Another benefit is they are extremely durable and constructed to last. Shutters come in different styles including bi-fold shutters which are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors, as they are hinged in the middle and fold accordion-style to open (pictured above). Bypass style, a great option for patio or closet doors, are panels that slide on a track and stack neatly behind one another. Shutters can be custom-fit to properly fit any sliding door.



Drapery for Sliding Glass Patio Doors


Drapery is a fashionable way to cover your sliding door that won’t hinder the use of the door. Window drapes can completely cover the door or be pulled back to the sides with decorative tie backs of matching fabric or decorative hardware. Budget Blinds’ exclusive collection Inspired Drapes® offers a variety of prints and patterns to brighten up any room. Drapes not only look great, but will provide you with light and privacy control. For extra coverage, drapery can be layered with blinds or shades for added appeal and flare. Drapery allows you to have an uninterrupted view of the outdoors when open and full privacy when closed.

2017 Home Decor Trends

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We love being in the know! The latest styles and trends are what we live for. Budget Blinds Regina has a team full of home decor lovers. We love to share our knowledge with all of our clients and hopefully be able to learn a thing or two ourselves!

Decorator’s Picks

Our Style Consultants have been following some of the latest trends for this year and we wanted to share with you some ideas that we love!

Geometric Yellow Customize-able Roller Shade


The above photo is showing off one of Bece’s roller shades. They are customizable in so many ways. Select a double stitched hem; add a double stitch line just above the hem to add a subtle accent to your roller shade. They have 35 colors to choose from! Or select a wooden bottom bar; add sophistication with one of 16 beautiful wooden bottom bars. Unique from Bece are shades of distressed beachy colors to bold geometric and fun prints. 

Mixing Patterns

2017 is a big year for mixing patterns. It can be done quite easily when we consider how many different places there are to add pattern. Patterned bedding with multi patterned pillows? Yes! Bold patterned accents, chairs and window shades in the dining room? For sure!

Fun Flamingo Roller Shade


Navy is the New Black

We are especially excited about this trend. Navy and deeper blues are so rich and versatile. Navy is a great neutral because it can be easily paired with other bright colours, browns or whites. Navy and grey is such a beautiful combo too! We would love to see more light grey and white schemes with pops of navy! Talk about classy and beautiful. 


 Royal Blue and Navy accents


 Bright Colours.

Don’t be shy – we know we aren’t the only ones who like the bright greens that are popping up everywhere. It’s true that what we see on the fashion runway for style is what will filter through into the home decor world. We have been seeing more bright hues lately and we know they will continue to be a popular pick for home fashions.


Pretty Pieces for Mom!

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 Happy Mother's Day


Pretty Pieces for Mom!

    Show Mom how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day. Give the gift of beautiful new window coverings that she will love! Every year when we celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries we are reminded of the most important people in our lives. Have an extra special Mother’s Day celebration this year by updating her home with the help of Budget Blinds. 

      What a great present idea - the gift of  those window coverings that she has been dreaming about. She will be able to enjoy them for years to come. With a gift certificate you can give your mother something that is completely from you, but will let her select exactly what she wants (she so deserves it). Contact the Regina Budget Blinds showroom today to purchase your gift certificate and be ready for Mother’s Day.


Soft Drapery in Living Space


Our Top 3 Favourite Design Picks

Turn her bathroom into a spa like retreat by adding luxurious drapery and cellular window shades that she can adjust any way she wants.

Cellular Shades and Drapery in


Help her to create a home office that is a pleasant and invigorating space to inspire creativity by using bold window coverings.  

 Bold Cellular Shades in Home Office


Update her kitchen with our stunning exclusive Transitional shades that offer soft light to filter in while keeping out glare. 

Open Kitchen with Transitional Shades

Happy Mother's Day from Budget Blinds!

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