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4 Benefits of for Using Montecito Roman Shades with Your Drapes or Curtains

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You may have heard that doubling up on window coverings can help to add more style and gain more benefits. Roman shades in Montecito can look beautiful on their own, but what about using them with your curtains or drapes? Here’s a look at the top four benefits of using the two treatments together.

More Heating Benefits Throughout the Year

One of the biggest benefits is to your heating control. By having two layers of material to work through, the heating in your home is less likely to escape through the window. You can lock it into your home, meaning there’s no need to have the heating on throughout the winter. When you turn the heating off, you’re more likely to keep it in the room so you can enjoy lower energy bills.

Likewise, you can keep the heat out of the house during the summer. The Montecito roman shades can be used throughout the day, while the curtains are opened. Some lighting still comes into the room, while the heat remains on the right side of the window. The reduce air conditioning and lighting use will save you money on bills.

More Lighting Control Throughout the Day

If you have just one window treatment, you do have some lighting control but nowhere near as much as two covers. Once your blinds are closed, there’s nothing more you can do. After you’ve drawn the curtains, that’s your one option used up. When you have two options, you can choose to shut neither, either one, or both.

Really need to cut down on the glare but not the light in the day? The roman shades in Montecito can be perfect. Like to block out all the light to watch a scary movie during the day? Thick curtains can help with that, without feeling like you’re getting ready for the night. Want to block out all the light throughout the night or because of a migraine in the day? You can close two to make your room pitch black.

Better Sound Control from the Outside

Window coverings also offer sound control. The material soaks in some of the sounds, so they don’t interrupted your sleep overnight. Opting for two window treatments will offer further sound control.

During the day, the noise in the house will likely block out some of the sound but not all. You can close just one option if you’re struggling to cope with the sound. However, at night there’s no sound inside that mixes and blends with the outside noise. The noises from cars and people can become distracting. Just a set of curtains may not help. Two lots of material offers more of a sound buffer.

Better Protection from Sun Rot

Curtains are great but they tend to suffer more sun rot than other window treatments. Blinds are made with materials that are more sustainable against the UV rays. But that doesn’t mean you want to avoid using curtains. They can look beautiful and decorative.

Opting for Montecito roman shades can certainly offer benefits here. The material will be the first thing the UV rays hit, protecting your curtains or drapes.

It’s time to consider using two window treatments for your windows. Roman shades in Montecito can look absolutely beautiful with curtains or drapes, while offering a range of practical and money-saving benefits.

How to Make Your Draperies in Goleta More Modern

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When looking at window treatments, you may have initially considered Goleta draperies. The problem is they come across old fashioned. You likely have the thick materials like velvet in mind and view drapes as dark coverings for your windows. That isn’t the case. Drapes can look beautiful and modern with these top tips.

Work with Lighter Colors

Start by working with brighter and lighter colors. Dark shades tend to give an appearance of the past. You likely link to the things you’ve read in textbooks about how drapes were used for confinement and to keep breezy homes warm in the winter. With central heating and better windows, the drapes don’t have to be as thick or dark.

You can still opt for thicker material if you like. However, lighter shades will help to take away the look of historical castles and stately homes. They can also offer more benefits when it comes to heating. Lighter colors reflect the heat more rather than draw it in, so you can keep the heat in the home during the winter!

Use Thinner, Modern Materials

The material of your draperies in Goleta will have a direct effect on the look. Make sure you opt for thinner and more modern materials. Cotton can be an excellent choice, or you may choose a synthetic blend of materials.

While silk and satin do look beautiful and new, they will wear away quicker than other materials. One of the reasons for the likes of velvet was because it sustained UV rays. Satin and silk give into sun rot quickly. You’ll need a good lining on the side facing the window if you want to protect against this.

Add Pleats to the Hanging

Drapes tend to hang loosely and relatively thickly. You can make them look more modern by focusing on the pleats. Use thicker pleats from the top that hang neatly the whole way down. These pleats will also help to make your Goleta draperies hang neatly, adding character and style to your home.

Opt for draperies that are slightly larger than your window. You’ll keep the pleats when you close them on a night.

Make Them Slightly See-Through

The thickness of the material will make your drapes look older. Remember that point about thinking of drapes from historical textbooks. It’s time to add some thinness to your drapes. Allow the light to shine through a little.

Doesn’t this prevent all the benefits of drapes? Well, not necessarily. You don’t need to let all light through. Just make your drapes slightly thinner so some of the natural light works its way into the room without any of the glare. You will reduce the need for your lights on throughout the day, while keeping the heating benefits. Think of your drapes a little like your solar shades. If you’re worried about too much daylight, you can put up a set of blinds or net curtains too.

Draperies in Goleta do get a bad reputation for being old. You don’t need to put up with that décor or avoid them completely. With the above four tips you will create a modern look with these traditional, beautiful, and effective window treatments.

Top Tips for Painting Your Vinyl Shutters in Santa Barbara

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Once you’ve chosen your external Santa Barbara shutters, you’ll need to look into maintenance techniques. Every few years, your shutters will need repainting, especially vinyl shutters. This offers an extra layer of protection, while making them look just like new. If you’re selling your home, you will definitely want to add a layer of paint to make them look good.

Here are the top tips for painting your vinyl shutters so they’re something you’re proud of having on your home.

Give Them a Good Clean

Start by fully cleaning your vinyl shutters in Santa Barbara. You don’t just want to wipe off the muck and dirt from the front of the shutters. Remove them from their windows and give the hinges a deep clean. Get into all the nooks and crannies of your shutters to make sure you get rid of all dirt, grime, and dust.

Use scrub brushes if you wish. They won’t do damage to the shutters and are good for getting into the tougher corners and sections of the hinges.

Remove the Shutters Before Painting

Always make sure you remove your shutters before you start painting them. This isn’t just for washing them, but to make sure you get an even coverage. You want to get every little section of your shutters for an even and beautiful look. You’ll also find it easier to follow the last tip.

Your Santa Barbara shutters can end up housing bee or wasp nests. Painting them while they still hang will run the risk of being stung. When you remove them, you can handle the nests effectively, calling in pest help if you need to.

Stick to Latex Paint

Your exterior shutters in Santa Barbara face all type of elements. You’ll need to make sure the paint protects them. Latex paint is the best, especially when it’s designed for exterior uses at the same time. It’s affordable, durable, and offers beautiful results to your vinyl shutters.

Don’t worry too much about the types of paints that are for vinyl shutters. While they are good, they don’t offer any specialist results compared to latex. They are just more expensive, so really end up being a waste of money in the long term. Plenty of experts highly recommend exterior latex paint instead.

Paint Away from the Sun

Find a shady spot for your painting. If you can, take your shutters indoors. The garage or dining area will be excellent options. If you can’t, then at least a spot underneath a tree that remains out of direct sunlight will be good.

Direct spotlight can affect the drying of your paint. You’ll also find it harder to see where the missing spots are and whether you’ve got an even coverage. It’s only when you put the Santa Barbara shutters back up that you realize you’ve missed a spot or two. By then it’s too late and you’ll need to do it all again!

Take your time to repaint your vinyl shutters in Santa Barbara. You will get a beautiful, even coverage and your shutters become something to be proud of having. Remember you don’t just need one color for your shutters. This will be a great time to try out different patterns and styles for more personality.

4 Important Considerations Before Buying Drapes in Summerland

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Before you jump out and buy your Summerland drapes, you’ll need to make sure they completely work for your home. It’s essential that they fit the windows perfectly and offer the exact style you want. Here are four important considerations to help you get the perfect draperies for your home.

Consider the Fabric

Don’t just buy any type of drapes you find. The fabric of your drapes in Summerland will affect their longevity. It’s the fabric that withholds against the sun damage and will affect the functioning of your window coverings.

Thick and dark fabrics can succumb to sun rot far quicker than lighter, brighter ones. The darkness of the material will draw in the light and withhold the UV rays, while the rays will bounce off the lighter options. Silk and satin are more likely to degrade quickly, unless you add a liner to the material.

Consider the Coloring

The colors won’t just affect the length of time your Summerland drapes will hold off the sun rot. You’ll also need to think about the discoloration over time. Darker colors will fade much more than lighter ones and the fading isn’t always going to be even. The sections that experience more light and heat will see more fading.

You can end up with an uneven mess, unless you’re able to care and maintain the drapes. By opting for lighter shades, you can minimize the discoloration look.

However, brighter colors will also fade much faster than slightly duller colors. Opt for lighter, peach and pastel colors for the best results. At the same time, you’ll make the room look larger with extra light passing around.

Consider the Length

Drapes in Summerland are traditionally longer than curtains. The main option is for them to reach the floor, sometimes dragging along gently. This is great, as long as you don’t have a heater in the way. The heater doesn’t just cause a fire risk but can also damage your drapes. You’ll want to look at setting the drapes a little higher, just so they hang over the heater instead.

Alternatively, you can opt for curtain-length drapes. Measure your window to around the midpoint between the bottom of your window and your floor. This will help the drapes sit beautifully and not attract the wrong attention. Don’t forget to measure from wherever you’re hanging the drapes from above your window!

Consider the Washing Options

You can get drapes in all types of materials. This isn’t just great for managing longevity, but also for managing your washing options. Some materials are only good for dry cleaning. If you put them in the washing machine, you run the risk of drying them.

The good news about drapes is they don’t need a lot of maintenance. You’d be able to get away with washing them infrequently, but do you really want to go to the dry cleaners when you do? Check the washing labels before you buy to make sure they’re easy enough for you to maintain.

It’s time to consider all your options. With the four above tips, you’ll find a set of Summerland drapes that do exactly what you need and are well worth the cost.

Caring for Roller Shades in Summerland

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You’ve decided on roller shades for your Summerland home. They are easy to install and convenient to use. While they are also easy to maintain, you will need to do some work to ensure they last the years to come. This is especially the case if you have children. Here’s a look at the best tips for caring for Summerland roller shades.

Shake Gently on a Morning 

Dust can collect within the shades when you roll them up. Every morning, before putting them away, make sure you give the blinds a little shake. You only need to do this gently. This will help to avoid pits to form within the material where the dust remains lodged for days, weeks, and even months. 

You could go one step further than this. Get the vacuum out with the upholstery attachment and run it gently on your roller shades in Summerland. Ask someone to help by holding the shade out, so you can get through all your shades quickly. While you may not want to do this every morning, opt for it at least once a week for good maintenance. 

Use a Good Stain Repellant 

Roller shades are usually made with a fabric material. This can be stained very easily, especially from the sun’s rays coming through the window or from any smoke in the home. To avoid the staining, make sure you invest in a good quality stain repellant. Apply it across the whole shade material before you install each one in your home. This will allow you to get from bottom to top, even if your window isn’t large enough for the whole shade to roll out. 

You will want to reapply the repellant every now and then. Look at the instructions on the bottle for the time between applications. 

Clean with Soapy Water 

Every few months, you’ll want to do a slightly deeper clean. There’s no need for harsh chemicals. Just grab a bowl of warm soapy water and wipe down with a soft sponge. Harsh treatments will just damage the material. 

After you’ve washed down the Summerland roller shades, you will be able to apply the stain repellant again. You will want to time the cleaning with the new layer of repellant application to avoid too much time taking down and reinstalling the blinds. 

Avoid Being Close to Heating Sources 

Most people will have their central heating underneath their windows. You want to keep your blinds as far away from the heating as possible. Make sure they don’t sit less than six inches away. 

The heat can cause a variety of problems for your roller shades in Summerland. If your heating is steam, you can cause moisture to collect within the material and cause mold or bacteria growth. When you have electric or gas, you can cause warping or discoloration of the material. The heat will damage the fibres, so the shades won’t last as long as they should. 

Roller shades in Summerland are relatively easy to maintain. You will just need to take the above steps to make sure you help your blinds last and become the cost effective option for your home.   

Are Draperies in Santa Barbara Good for Window Treatments?

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You’ve spent time looking into all the different window treatments and coverings and Santa Barbara draperies continually pop up. While they can give a vintage look, what you really want to know is if they will be good for your home. Can they offer light control and heating benefits? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

Draperies Are More Decorative than Useful

There is a lot of confusion between draperies and curtains. Many people assume that they are both one and the same. The truth is while curtains offer more light control, draperies in Santa Barbara are more for decorative purposes. They’re not designed for constant opening and closing and aren’t designed to take in the sun’s UV rays.

If you want to use something for functional purposes, you may want to look into curtains instead. If you have your heart set on drapes, then you’ll want to look at other window treatments too. A set of net curtains can help to take in the UV rays, preventing sun rot damaging the fibres of the drapes.

When it comes to decorative purposes, drapes are absolutely beautiful. They frame the whole window, drawing attention to it immediately. If you want to focus on the view you get from your windows or create a homely and warm feeling in your home, you will want to opt for these window treatments.

They Do Help Keep the Heat In

While they may not be the most useful option for light control, they offer many other benefits. One of those is the heat control. Santa Barbara draperies are thick and often made with darker materials. The latter is less common now than it used to be, but the material aspect has certainly not changed.

By being thick, the drapes are able to block some of the heat escaping your home. Even when they just frame the windows, they can capture some of the heat and prevent it escaping through the window. You end up spending less on the heating throughout the window, making drapes one of the most cost effective options for the home.

The drapes aren’t as effective in the summer. Since they’re not as likely used for light control, they don’t absorb the heat from the outside to keep the costs of air con down. However, this will depend on how you use them. If you draw them close during the day, you can gain some benefits.

They’re Easy to Maintain

Because drapes are decorative, they are extremely easy to maintain. These are designed to be permanent fixtures while you live in the home. There’s no need to take them down and wash them regularly, unlike with curtains and other window treatments.

There are just two things you will need to do on a regular basis. Every day, you will want to give your drapes a shake. Grab them about a quarter to a half way up and just gently shake them out to loosen dirt, pet hairs, and dust. Then on a weekly basis, put the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum and just run over the material to get rid of the rest.

Could draperies in Santa Barbara be right for you? Consider all your window treatment options and their functions before you jump in and buy anything.

How to Make Your Montecito Draperies Look Modern

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There is a major concern that draperies in Montecito look old. They do have an antique or vintage style, but that doesn’t mean you have to overlook them if you want a modern look. There are now many things that you can do to use them with a current-day look. Here’s a look at the steps you can take to make your drapes look modern.

Start with Lighter Materials

Vintage drapes have been dark with thick materials. If you want to add a slightly more modern look, you can change the type of materials you use. They can still be made to be durable and permanent without the use of thick, older-styled materials. Look out for brighter colors or even slightly thinner material.

Switch out velvet-like material for silk or satin. You could get rid of the deep reds and blues and opt for brighter pinks or creams. Lighter colors help to bring the look to the current day.

Extend the Curtain Rod

The curtain rod at the top was usually hidden. If you want an instant modern day look, you should opt for a longer curtain rod. Let it extend past the window and past where the Montecito draperies sit.

Iron or aluminum rods tend to work best. They’re durable and will take the weight of the drapes. You can add a small detail to the outsides of the rods, pulling in an element from somewhere else in the room. If you have certain animal ornaments, add that animal to the edges of your curtain rods for example.

Don’t Just Use Them for Windows

Draperies in Montecito don’t just need to act as window treatments. They can now be used in other parts of the home. You can use them to frame artwork or add them as a divided in the room. The different use instantly creates a more current day look with the material.

The benefit of drapes is they reach the floor. They can cover from ceiling to base, covering the mess that you may have in a particular part of the room. If you’re in a studio apartment, they do an excellent job of hiding your bedroom space when you have guests around.

Use Multiple Colors

Why not look at different colored drapes for your windows? Create your own, adding materials of different shades together. You can work simply with vertical strips of the different colors. These are quick and easy to make. Opt for two or three colors to work alternatively.

Another option is to have a shade at the bottom that slowly works into another shade on the way up. Think of it like a dip dye. This modern way of coloring will instantly get rid of the vintage look to your draperies in Montecito.

Just because drapes were once used for all window treatments in the past doesn’t mean they have to look old in your home. It’s all about placement and uses. Look at different ways to use the Montecito draperies in your home and consider the different styles now available. You’ll be surprised at the current twists you can add to them.

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