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How to Make Your Montecito Draperies Look Modern

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There is a major concern that draperies in Montecito look old. They do have an antique or vintage style, but that doesn’t mean you have to overlook them if you want a modern look. There are now many things that you can do to use them with a current-day look. Here’s a look at the steps you can take to make your drapes look modern.

Start with Lighter Materials

Vintage drapes have been dark with thick materials. If you want to add a slightly more modern look, you can change the type of materials you use. They can still be made to be durable and permanent without the use of thick, older-styled materials. Look out for brighter colors or even slightly thinner material.

Switch out velvet-like material for silk or satin. You could get rid of the deep reds and blues and opt for brighter pinks or creams. Lighter colors help to bring the look to the current day.

Extend the Curtain Rod

The curtain rod at the top was usually hidden. If you want an instant modern day look, you should opt for a longer curtain rod. Let it extend past the window and past where the Montecito draperies sit.

Iron or aluminum rods tend to work best. They’re durable and will take the weight of the drapes. You can add a small detail to the outsides of the rods, pulling in an element from somewhere else in the room. If you have certain animal ornaments, add that animal to the edges of your curtain rods for example.

Don’t Just Use Them for Windows

Draperies in Montecito don’t just need to act as window treatments. They can now be used in other parts of the home. You can use them to frame artwork or add them as a divided in the room. The different use instantly creates a more current day look with the material.

The benefit of drapes is they reach the floor. They can cover from ceiling to base, covering the mess that you may have in a particular part of the room. If you’re in a studio apartment, they do an excellent job of hiding your bedroom space when you have guests around.

Use Multiple Colors

Why not look at different colored drapes for your windows? Create your own, adding materials of different shades together. You can work simply with vertical strips of the different colors. These are quick and easy to make. Opt for two or three colors to work alternatively.

Another option is to have a shade at the bottom that slowly works into another shade on the way up. Think of it like a dip dye. This modern way of coloring will instantly get rid of the vintage look to your draperies in Montecito.

Just because drapes were once used for all window treatments in the past doesn’t mean they have to look old in your home. It’s all about placement and uses. Look at different ways to use the Montecito draperies in your home and consider the different styles now available. You’ll be surprised at the current twists you can add to them.

3 Reasons to Stick with Curtains in Carpentaria

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There are so many types of window treatments out there. If you still have Carpentaria curtains, you can feel like you’re behind with the times. After all, everyone else has blinds and shutters. Should you really switch?

Well, curtains certainly have some major benefits. Here are three reasons you should stick with them and replace them with more curtains in Carpentaria when you need to.

They’re Extremely Easy to Maintain

Out of all the window covering options, curtains are by far the easiest to maintain. Whenever you open and close them, you just need to give them a shake and you’re good to go. This will get rid of the dust and pet hair that collects at the bottom.

When you’re vacuuming, add the furniture end and run over your curtains. This will help to get into the fibers and get rid of all the collected dust at the top. Every few months, you can take your curtains down and put them through a wash. Some will need to be hung to dry and others can be dried on a low heat in the tumble dryer. Check the label first.

Other window coverings can need maintenance a lot more frequently. They can also need removing with screwdrivers to fully clean and treat.

They Work With All Decors

Your Carpentaria curtains won’t just look good with your current décor. They can work for all types of styles and interests. You can easily find a set of curtains to replace your current ones if you need to, without spending a fortune. While you can do this with some blinds, it’s harder to do with other types of window treatments.

But with blinds you need to install. Curtains can use the same railing you already have set up. It’s as simple as feeding the railing through the rod and you’re done!

There are curtains for all rooms. You can get funky patterns and cartoon curtains for kids. Blackout curtains are popular for bedrooms. It’s possible to create an airy and light feeling if you want with ease.

They’re Affordable to Replace

There are times that your curtains will need replacing. This is the case for the majority of window treatments available. The only ones that don’t tend to need replacing are exterior shutters, but they cost more and will remain with the house.

Window treatments can cost a lot to replace. That’s not the case with curtains. You can get curtains in Carpentaria with ease whether in stores or online. It costs just a few bucks to get almost exact replacements for the ones you have.

If you really don’t want to replace, you can repair your curtains with ease at a much affordable rate. It’s easy to add patches or add a lining to protect from sun rot. Some of them just need a good clean to look like new!

Before you replace your current window treatments, make sure you get the best type for your home. Curtains in Carpentaria are not old or vintage. They can work for all decors and really are the best options for all homes.

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