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5 Ways to Add Draperies in Oyster Bay to Your Home

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Want to add Oyster Bay draperies to your home? They can look absolutely beautiful, as long as they’re used in the right way. If you’re struggling with ideas and style, these ways are certainly worth the consideration.

Two-Shaded Draperies for Your Home

Sometimes you don’t just want one block of color around the window. You want to work with all the shades in the home, especially in a bedroom. The top way to use modern draperies in Oyster Bay is to use two-colored drapes.

The drapes will have block colors, usually white and another color. Make sure the colors are prominent in the room. Work with throws on the bed, ornaments around the room, and the color of furniture. This can require a little of extra decoration around the room, but it’s all worth it when you get a gorgeous style.

Anchor Electricity with Yellow

Bright yellow drapes were once a home décor faux pas, but they have become a bright way to anchor electricity in a room. If you’ve gone for the modern artist look, you can add too much vibrancy to the room. Guests can struggle with where to look. You want something that anchors the look and draws attention in.

Yellow drapes are perfect for this need. You’ll keep all the attention on one spot, allowing the artwork and other colors to blend in and match.

Match One Particular Color

The way most people use Oyster Bay draperies is to match with one particular color in their room. This can actually help the drapes stand out, depending on the color you work with.

If you want the drapes to blend in, you can match the color of the walls. Create a basic wall of color throughout the whole room, so specific pieces of art or ornaments stand out instead.

When you want the drapes to stand out, work with one color of ornaments, furniture, or throws. Have white drapes against patterns wallpaper, working with the white of your bedroom furniture and throw on the bed. Match with browns of the couch in the living room and the woodwork around your room.

Decorate Your Wall

Your drapes don’t have to just dress a window. They can also dress a wall and add simple decoration without a lot of installation or maintenance work. Children’s bedrooms can benefit in this way. You can make drapes with their favorite animals, cartoon characters, or colors. The drapes hang as if they would around windows, but cover the majority of the wall.

The benefit of using drapes to decorate the wall is that you reduce the need for paintwork. It’s possible to change decoration quickly without needing a landlord’s permission if you rent. It’s much easier to add style and personality, especially as your children get older.

Make a Drape Divider

Like with decorating walls, it’s also possible to use drapes in Oyster Bay as room dividers. The drapes can keep the costs of room dividers down, while offering style and personality to the rooms. You can have two drapes back to back to make sure the styles work with the individual rooms.

All you have to do is pull the drapes back when you want to open the space. The drapes end up overlooked when open, so guests focus on the space.

Use your Oyster Bay draperies with style and practicality in mind. They’re not just good for blocking light, but will also add personality and color to any room.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Roller Shades in Jericho Homes

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There are just so many window treatments available and it’s sometimes difficult to choose between them all. Jericho roller shades are one of the most popular options, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for your needs. If you have decided they’re right due to the low cost, you need to make sure you use them just right in your home. Here’s your ultimate guide to help.

Think About the Colors to Match With

There are two main options for your color scheme. You can work with the color of the walls and blend in or you can make your blinds stand out. The latter will involve picking a color from the décor in the room. While it can help to bring more personality to the home, if you change the room décor you will need to change the blind colors.

Working with the walls can be a little boring. One option is to match the colors but add a small pattern in one individual color. Try black and white, as the colors work with absolutely any other color you could add to the room.

Consider the Thickness of the Blinds

Before choosing any roller shades in Jericho, think about the thickness of the material. You don’t need to get dark colored blinds to create a blackout effect in the room. Thick blinds will offer the same benefits, while matching the décor in the room.

Likewise, you don’t just need to choose light colors to allow some daylight in through the day. Thinner blinds will still let light through, blocking out just the glare and protecting against UV damage. You can practically use the blinds in the day, match the décor, and keep the energy bills to a minimum.

Think About Cutting the Cords

You will find plenty of corded roller shades in Jericho. That doesn’t’ mean you have to use them in your home. There are also many companies creating safer cordless options. Going cordless will help to protect your family. Children don’t understand the dangers of cords, and can put their head through and become trapped.

Even if you don’t add cordless roller blinds for all rooms, opt for them in children’s rooms. This will help to avoid the risk of the cords falling and accidents happening when you’re nowhere near to help.

Think About the Material Damage

Jericho roller shades will suffer from UV damage. This is natural considering the placement of the blinds. You will want to make sure the shades are made of material that’s durable against damage. The last thing you want is for the material to crumble away after a few years. Silk and satin tend to be the worst for UV damage.

It’s not just about the type of material, but also the color. Darker colors will absorb more of the rays, which makes them more susceptible to damage. If you really want to avoid UV damage, opt for lighter materials with durable material.

Are you ready to add Jericho roller shades to your home? Consider the guide above to get the perfect options for your specific rooms in your home. Not only will you match décor, but save money on replacing your blinds earlier than you wish.

4 Ways to Personalize Your Shutters in Bayville

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Have you considered getting Bayville shutters for your home? You likely know all about the benefits of installing them, whether you’re looking at internal or external shutters. Now you’re looking for ways to make sure they work with your home. It’s time to personalize your shutters to make sure they stand out and show off your style and interests. Here are four ways to do that.

#1. Paintwork Is Everything

The easiest and quickest way to personalize your shutters in Bayville is through the paintwork. This is much easier with interior shutters than exterior ones. When you have exterior shutters, all the woodwork will need to be the same color. You’ll want to work with the color of woodwork around the rest of your home, such as your porch or on your fence.

With interior shutters, you can work with individual rooms. Create the mood and feeling you want for each single room. Children may want something bright and playful, while a kitchen or dining room can work better with plain white or cream paint.

#2. Opt for Cut Outs

Work with cut outs for your shutters. Again, you get more choice if you opt for internal shutters, but even external ones will look good with cut outs. You can opt for a shape or item that connects to your interests or family. For example, you may have your family crest cut out into your shutters or opt for an animal or item that represents your family name.

When working with internal shutters, opt for something that connects to the individual room. This could be a bed for the bedroom, a teddy bear for a child’s room, or even a TV cut out for the den. You can also work with the mood you want to create, such as ‘Zzzz’ for bedrooms to create a sense of warmth and sleepiness.

#3. Choose Your Metal Work Effectively

You’ll need metal work to place the Bayville shutters on your windows. This element can be personalized for your needs. It’s possible to get metal work that’s engraved with initials or a family crest. You may think the metal work is too small to see, but the attention to detail will put a smile on your face.

And the metal work doesn’t just apply to the hinges. You can add metal clasps to keep the shutters closed. Use a personal symbol engraved on the metal work or craft an item from metal to replace the traditional lock.

#4. Choose a Design and Shape that Calls to You

Shutters don’t just come in one style. You can get curved options, plantation shutters, Scandinavian shutters and much more. It’s time to look out for a design that calls to you more. Don’t forget about wood etchings that will help create a personalized style that works with the décor of the room. Each type of shutter offers a range of benefits and disadvantages, so consider them as well as the personalized element.

While personalized shutters in Bayville may not create the same financial value for your home, they do add love, warmth, and joy. Interior shutters are much easier to personalize on a room-by-room basis, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out when it comes to exterior shutters.

How to Choose Hicksville Window Curtains for Your Home

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Your window curtains in Hicksville are an extension to your home. This means you need to get them just right to suit your décor. They help to show off your personality and style, and can make or break a room. With that sort of pressure, how do you choose the perfect window curtains for each room? Here are four steps to help.

Step One: Treat Each Room Separately

If you’re dressing all windows in your home, it’s common to look at saving money and time. You may be tempted to find a basic curtain that will work for every single room. Remember that your curtains are extensions to the rooms. They’re used to make the windows stand out or blend in. They can create a specific feeling or mood within individual rooms.

The first thing you need to do is treat every single room separately. Consider curtains individually for the living room, each bedroom, and the den. You can still save money and time!

Step Two: Blend In or Stand Out?

You have two choices with your curtains. They can stand out or make your windows blend in with the rest of the room. There’s no wrong or right answer, as it depends on the mood and feel you want to create with your window treatments. However, make sure you decide on the look before you start purchasing.

If you want to blend in, you’ll need to work with the wall colors. The windows then look like a seamless attachment to the walls. When you want the windows to stand out, pick a color within the room for your curtains. Work with a specific color of throws or ornaments.

Step Three: Choose the Mood

What type of mood do you want to create within the room? This will affect the color of your curtains, especially when it comes to making your windows stand out. A bedroom will be a sensual but calming space, so some deep reds can be useful. Meanwhile, a living room will need to have a happy and joyful feeling, so you may want to consider yellows and oranges.

That being said, you may just want a room that works for a particular personality. Cartoon curtains work excellently in children’s bedrooms. Patterns curtains can help to bring attention without worrying about mood and feelings.

Step Four: Consider the Privacy

While Hicksville window curtains will affect the lighting in the room, you will also need to think about privacy. Are your curtains the only items covering the windows? Will you use net curtains or blinds as well? The answers to these questions will affect the thickness of the curtain materials.

If you want complete privacy when the curtains are closed, you’ll want to consider thicker materials. They block out all light from inside the room on the outside. Likewise, they block movement. People don’t know what you’re doing, giving you more sense of security. When you already have blinds, you may be able to choose thinner material as the blinds will already offer you some privacy.

Take time choosing your window curtains in Hicksville. They’re not just for light control. They dress the room and can make or break the style. With the above four steps, you’ll be on your way to dressing your windows exactly the way you desire.

3 Tips on How to Hang Your Drapes in Bayville

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You’ve decided on Bayville drapes. The window covering is already here, with the material and style of your dreams. Now you just need to hang the drapes in your home. Just how do you do it? Where do you put that curtain pole? Here’s a look at three tips to help you hang your drapes perfectly.

Consider the Drape and Window Sizes

You should have already measured for your drapes before buying them. The measurement should have been taken from the level on the walls that you wanted to hang the drapes from.

If you didn’t do this and bought standard-sized drapes in Bayville, you’ll need to do the measuring now. You want start hanging from the halfway point between the top of the window and the ceiling. The drapes should then hang naturally to the floor. If there is central heating, the drapes will need to sit just above the heaters to avoid damage.

If you have cathedral ceilings, leave a gap of 4-6 inches from above the window and hang from there. The ceilings are higher and can look odd if you work with the middle starting point.

When you have arched windows, work with the top of the arch for your height. Need to add more height appearance to your window? You can work slightly more towards the ceiling.

It’s Also About the Width

You can’t just think about the height of your drapes. Make sure they sit at equal sides of your windows when open. You don’t want the curtain rods to sit too far out from the edges of the window either.

Leave between 4 and 10 inches between the sides of the window and the Bayville drapes when they’re open. The 4 inch mark is perfect when you want to dress your windows with the new treatments. If you want to keep them completely out of the way and have other ways of dressing your windows, 10 inches will work.

The larger gap will make your window look wider. This can help to create the sense of more space in a smaller apartment or room.

Get the Right Curtain Rods

Now you know where to hang your drapes in Bayville, you need to get the right curtain rods. Work with the material of your drapes for this. You’ll be surprised at the way they can draw attention to the windows, sometimes in the wrong way.

Let’s start with the thicker fabrics. They work best with the decorative rods with beautiful, twisty spirals on the end. If you have lightweight curtains and sheer drapes, look for the simplistic, minimalistic rods. They will avoid the attention drawn to your drapes.

Of course, you’ll also need to work with the other decorations in the room. If you have bronze lightshades, you’ll want to use bronze curtain rails!

It’s time to hang your drapes in Bayville. Make sure you get them at the right height. You may find they need adjusting at the bottom if you didn’t think of this before buying them. However, next time make sure you measure first to make installing your drapes much easier and quicker.

4 Steps to Choose the Right Material for Your Shutters in Oyster Bay

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You’ve decided on Oyster Bay shutters for your home. Interior shutters look beautiful and add character to any room they’re used in. You don’t need to add them to every room in the home, but you can with ease. It’s also possible to customize them for their specific uses in each room they’re applied.

The material of the shutters is one thing you will need to consider. Here are four steps to take to choose the right material for your shutters.

Consider the Room and Moisture

Using wood shutters in Oyster Bay bathrooms isn’t the best idea. Wood is a porous material and will soak in all the moisture from the room. The wood is then likely to suffer from rotting much sooner than it should.

If you have a room with a lot of moisture, you’ll want to consider shutters in a waterproof material. Faux wood and vinyl can look absolutely beautiful and add far more benefits to the bathroom windows.

That being said, wood can be added to other rooms. They are perfect for many bedrooms and attic rooms, especially the north-facing rooms!

Think About the Sun Exposure

Some materials are more likely to succumb to sun and UV damage than others. They can also succumb to heat warping. Any room that faces the south or has a lot of sun exposure at various times of the day will need to have material that won’t be affected.

Wood can warp easily. Some metals can also cause a problem. Vinyl is one of the best options, but faux wood tends to be the most acceptable. It is created with materials that will reflect the light instead of absorbing them completely.

However, all materials can be beneficial if you’re willing to do extra maintenance. Cleaning and treating the materials effectively will help to protect from sun rot and heat warping.

Consider the Decor

Having bright metal shutters in Oyster Bay will work well for modern or futuristic decors. However, they will draw the wrong attention when in a small cottage with a vintage look. Wood will help to bring the rustic appearance, but can add too much age to a simplistic design that works better with vinyl.

Think about the type of design and style you will gain from your shutter materials. Make sure they work to the design and personality that you want to gain from the home.

Think About Customizing Your Shutters

Everyone wants Oyster Bay shutters that work to their personality and style. That can often mean customizing their shutters through shape and paintwork. The material will often affect the ability to customize, but there are ways around.

For example, wood and vinyl shutters are extremely easy to paint. You can also have sections cut out, allowing you to bring in a small shape of light into the home. You’ll need to touch up the paint every now and then, but the ease will keep the costs down.

Other materials may need fabrics placed over them for customizing. On the other hand, you may find that non-personalized designs are the only option.

Think carefully about the types of materials you use for your Oyster Bay shutters. Each material has its own pros and cons and will react differently depending on the room of your home.

The Best Types of Westbury Blinds for the Kitchen

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When improving the look of your kitchen, you’re likely looking for window treatments. Blinds in Westbury tend to be the fallback option for this room in the home. They’re easy to use, offer a lot of light control, and don’t need a lot of maintenance. But there are just so many types of blinds. Which ones are best for your kitchen?

It’s All About the Water Absorption

Don’t just look at the types of blinds in Westbury, but about the types of material. The kitchen gets very hot and can sometimes be damp. When you’re boiling pans, you end up with steam rising up. So you need material that isn’t going to absorb all the moisture and lock it into its fibers.

When the materials absorb the moisture, they can cause mold or mildew growth. This puts your family’s health at risk. The great thing is that a focus on the material will help to avoid all this.

Look out for materials that are waterproof. This could include vinyl, plastic, metal, and faux wood. There are many options that will work for your exact decor and style needs.

Think About Smell Absorption

The blinds won’t just absorb the moisture in the room. The wrong material will absorb all the smells from the room. Even if your room is cleaned regularly, you will still end up with scents. This is especially the case if you cook a lot of fish throughout the week.

Look out for materials that aren’t as likely to absorb the scents. Look for those that find it harder to absorb the grease that you use. You want material that is easy to clean.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds are among the best, but metal will also work. Wood and fabric Westbury blinds are much harder to clean and get the scents out of.

Consider the Size of Your Window

Horizontal slat shades are effective, but what about if you have a window that’s six foot wide and four foot tall? You’ll need multiple slat blinds to cover up the whole window. This can look untidy and leave gaps in the window. You’ll also find it more time consuming to close all the blinds.

Consider vertical slat blinds instead. You still get the light control and the right materials, but you have a better chance of covering the whole window with one set of blinds. They can be a little trickier to install but they are mighty easy to use on a daily basis. You’ll also find them extremely easy to clean, avoiding the problem of smells and water absorbing into them.

Think About Window Placement

The issue with vertical slat blinds will be the location of your window. If you have counter tops in front of the window, you’ll find it harder to pull the blinds closed throughout the day. You want something that is easy to reach for and pull on to close the blinds. Vertical slat blinds can also be too heavy to install, meaning you may need to hire someone.

Think about the weight and fixture of the blinds. In this case, the horizontal blinds may be the best option.

Look into all your options for blinds in Westbury for the kitchen. The material is important, but you’ll also need to consider the size and placement of your window.

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