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      Window screens are an important consideration as they have a multitude of beneficial uses. In their most basic form, they can cover a window or door opening to help prevent outdoor pests and allergens from coming into your home. They are also virtually invisible which helps preserve your view.

      To lower your energy costs, consider installing solar screens. Solar screens block a high percentage of the sun's heat and glare to help keep your home cool on hot days. Solar screens are also perfect for porches and patios as they create a more comfortable environment in the summer months and protect you and your patio furniture from harmful UV rays.

      To give you complete flexibility, consider installing retractable screens that quietly retract into their compact housing mechanism. Retractable screens are custom fit for any sized doorway or window and are sturdy enough to handle heavy use with ease. Contact Budget Blinds today to learn more about the various screen options for your home or office.

      Did you know?

      Solar screens from Budget Blinds qualify for a government tax credit of up to $500? Now you can create a more energy efficient home while saving money come tax season! A win-win scenario. For more information click here.

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