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Awkward Windows and Doors? Budget Blinds of Bothell Can Help

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Awkward Windows and Doors TOP BANNER

With countless different types of builders, homes, and styles in the Pacific Northwest, there are bound to be some windows and doors that don’t quite fit the mold. What do you do when you have a super arched window but still need privacy? Or completely off centered windows that don’t seem to fit the space? Have you had a french door that you use frequently but don’t necessarily want the whole world to see you? How about a front door that is 80% transparent glass? No matter your situation, we at Bothell Budget Blinds have simple solutions for you.

Solutions for Arched Windows

Arched windows come in many sizes, which make them difficult to fit into a generic mold. Thankfully there are multiple ways to handle each scenario, so you can see as much or as little of your neighbors in Canyon Park, Lynnwood, or any of the other beautiful areas along the Pacific Northwest. If you have super tall arched windows, you may want to consider adding Draperies above the highest point. You can install a drapery rod above the arch, and let the drapery panels open up to the side when they are not needed for privacy. An option or wide arched windows are shutters. Did you know Shutters can be fitted to any window? That means they can be created with the arches, fitting perfectly in the rounded edges, giving you the option for open or close shutters whenever you like. Or let’s say you have an arched window but you like the extra sky light it provides, yet still want privacy. You could always put a sheer fabric over the arched part, while the rest of the window either remains open, or has another window treatment that is easily adjusted separate from arched fabric.

 Awkward Windows and Doors ARCHED DOOR

Solutions for Off Centered Windows

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed it just seems a little…off balance? Or maybe you’ve walked into a room that could’ve easily been out of balance but you didn’t even notice because of how strategically the room was set. We can help you be the latter option. Sometimes windows are placed in odd places - i.e. one in the corner, and one in the center, one big one on half the wall with nothing on the other half, etc. What do you do? You choose your window coverings wisely, while also placing the furniture in a way that will bring balance back to the space. If a window is completely off center and over to one side, you want to bring the furniture to the other side to balance out the focal point. You can also have heavier and noticeable window treatments to bring weight to both sides of the room. Maybe some bright colored drapes, or an intricate patterned roller shade. You can go a little more extreme on the window so that it becomes balanced with the furniture,and not just an open space hanging out by itself on the other side of the room.

Solutions for a French Door

These really don’t have to be difficult. If your french doors are in an area that requires a lot of sunlight and privacy, floor to ceiling Drapes are a great way to go. This will even create an illusion of a picture window instead of a door as well as soften the space. You could also use Blinds and Cellular Shades to cover the glass doors if you need full privacy. These will assist in insulating your home and will provide a cohesive look when matched with the other windows in the room.

 Awkward Windows and Doors FRENCH DOOR

Solutions for a Front Door

The front door is usually facing the street, so depending on where you live, this could be problematic when having a glass door that isn’t frosted. A simple solution is adding sheer fabric over the window area of the door to allow in light while still keeping your privacy. You can create a cinched look with a knot towards the center, or try stretching the fabric for a more contemporary option.

Awkward windows and doors don’t have to stay awkward. If you need help deciding what to do, give us a call.  We love a challenge!

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