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Curtains for Kitchen Windows

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Curtains for Kitchen Windows TOP BANNER

Living room? Check. Bedrooms? Check. Playroom? Check. Office, bathroom, laundry room? Check, Check, Check. But wait, you are missing one of the most important rooms where no matter what is going on, the family interacts. Don’t forget your kitchen!

Your kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas in your Lynnwood home, and giving it the attention it deserves will not only brighten up your experience, but has the capacity to brighten up your entire home. The windows in your Kirkland kitchen paint the perimeter of the space and influence the whole style. Create a space you love to be in every day. Need a change? Try out our favorite curtain ideas for your kitchen for that much needed visual impact.

Small Kitchen

If your kitchen is on the petite side, you have the opportunity to really play up the windows to enhance your space. Light, bright colored curtains will cause your kitchen to appear larger while being visibly appealing. Open up your kitchen without knocking down walls, by simply choosing a color that livens up the space and invites both natural light and lighter tones to the entire room. If you prefer patterned curtains, go for a milder, softer pattern to keep from adding a cluttered feeling to the smaller space.

Curtains Kitchen Large Windows

Big Kitchen

There are just as many oversized kitchens as there are undersized. If you have a large kitchen, possibly with multiple windows, playing with dark, warm colors are the way to go. A large kitchen doesn’t need more space, in fact, your kitchen may actually benefit from feeling a little more inviting and cozy. Using deep, warm colors for your curtains will bring a balanced, grounded feeling to your space, while still allowing you room to move. Opposite from the small kitchen, you can use any type of pattern in a larger kitchen if you want really bring some zest into your cooking area.

Kitchen Curtains Small Windows

Small Windows

Regardless of your kitchen size, window size plays a big role. Small windows may not seem like a candidate for curtains, but quite the contrary. Curtains can be cut to fit any size window, meaning they will definitely fit your small windows creating a cute, sassy feel to your kitchen. You can choose any color or pattern depending on your personal style, and even play with cafe curtains to add some flair. With each curtain swept to the side, letting in that Washington natural light, cafe curtains on small windows one of our favorite options.

Large Windows

Just because this is your kitchen, does not mean you can not have floor length curtains. In fact, many kitchens look amazing with floor length curtains over their large windows or doors. Whether you have large windows or odd shaped windows, these curtains can be just what you’re looking for to add a focal point to the room. You have the flexibility to treat them like cafe curtains swept to the side, or you can opt for prime privacy from your Bothell neighbors with letting them hang to the floor at night while you play board games on the kitchen table. Depending on your color and pattern choice, you could create a new kitchen over and over again.

With all types of kitchen windows, you need to consider if your style is to liven up the room, or if you’re a more neutral, contemporary curtain candidate. With endless options, you could choose bright colors one season, and neutral colors the next to match our changing seasons in the Pacific Northwest. Whichever you choose, Bothell Budget Blinds will help all along the way. You never have to be tied down to the same style even if you are in your home for life.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

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