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Make Your Bothell Windows Look Bigger With These 5 Tricks

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Windows Look Bigger TOP BANNER

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean we don’t have a few more tricks up our sleeves at Bothell Budget Blinds. But don’t worry, these tricks won’t send you screaming. On the contrary, they may cause you to want to stick around your space even longer. If you aren’t a fan of the size of your windows and wished they could just be a little bigger, we’ve got your back. Without replacing your windows, trick yourself and your guests around the Pacific Northwest,  into thinking your windows are bigger than they are, regardless of their real size.

Trick #1 Bigger Rods for Bigger Windows

Have the illusion of bigger windows simply by extending your rods beyond the window frame.  By having the rod overhang the edge of the window, the drapes draw open even further, and expose all the glass instead of covering the edges.This tricks the eye to think it’s seeing a bigger window since there appears to be more glass.

Windows Look Bigger RODS HIGHER

Trick #2 Hang Rods Higher

Similar to Trick #1, by hanging your rods higher above the top of the window frame, will also create the illusion of a larger window to cover. You can bring the rod as high as the ceiling and use floor length drapes to cover the expanded space, and to show off your “huge” windows.

Trick #3 Play with Layers and Patterns

Adding depth to your Kirkland, Washington window space will also help give the appearance of more window. You can layer on window treatments, such as shades and curtains, to create height and width magic over the window, not revealing the true size. Additionally, fabric with patterns assist in playing tricks no the eyes. Vertical patterns draw the eye upward, adding height to the window, while horizontal patterns play with the width of the window.

Windows Look Bigger LAYER

Trick #4 Cover Walls with Curtains

Curtains that extend from floor to ceiling and reach wall to wall makes it unclear where the wall stops and the window starts. This way, the window is pretty much up to the imagination of each person. Choosing curtains with sharp linear patterns also help give a focal point to the room enhancing the appearance of a larger window.

Trick #5 Choose Low Furniture

No, we’re not kidding. Purchasing low furniture will actually help your windows appear larger and taller. We’re not talking about baby size furniture, we simply mean chairs and couches that are just a bit closer to the ground then some other choices. This can be done with great style and strategic placement, without overdoing the look of the room. Ideally these items would be placed near or under the window for the best eye illusion.   

Sometimes, a little tweak like window size can make a world of difference to how you feel about a room. If this is something that has bothered you, try these tricks to create the space you want. We are always available for additional suggestions and insights to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Just like living in Lynnwood, Washington is incredibly beautiful, we want you to feel just as in love with the inside space as outside.   

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