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Pictures of Commercial Blinds in Kirkland Washington

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If you are now searching for pictures of commercial blinds in Kirkland Washington I have to wonder what exactly you are looking for. Some of our customers have their offices in their homes and may in fact be looking for something quite unique like a custom made roman shade or maybe a room darkening draw drape, knowing that while they do have an office at home they also want to match the décor that they have in other parts of their home. Someone else could be at work this very moment in an office that is covered in glass and you’re in charge of getting rid of all the complaints that are coming to you about employees getting burned alive at their desks in the afternoon or can’t work on their computers in the morning when the sun is out because of the glare on their screens. It’s quite possible that you are getting ready to give a presentation in the meeting room you reserved and you can’t get the room dark enough to see your PowerPoint.
Yes you could be looking for a lot of different things right now for your work environment and I’d like to tell you that Budget Blinds of Kirkland has the ability to help you with every single one of them. Just this last week we had two different commercial installations in Kirkland Washington. The first one in the morning was for more 1” mini blinds to match the ones they already had in other offices. In the afternoon we installed 4 motorized solar shades in windows that were 20 feet in the air and constantly flooding the reception area with overwhelming light. These beauties were solar shades in cassettes that were run on batteries that are recharged with little solar panels in the window. The windows mentioned above were east facing and by the time they got to work in the morning the entire room was hot if the sun was out and the glare was hard to work with until about noon. Now with the new shades there is a sensor that determines if the sun is out and closes the shades automatically with a wall switch that they can push a button on if they want the shades down. We have another customer who recently purchased room darkening roller shades for their conference room from a company we carry called Draper. Draper has a patented option called Fexshade which consists of tracks on both sides with a zipper inside of the track when the shade is lowered it is zippered together at the same time which blocks out the light and give you a true black out room.
Yes there are many options to consider when you are selecting window coverings for your office. A couple of the most popular these days are the honeycomb shade and the solar shade. The honeycomb shade is popular for several reasons the first being you can get them with a cordless lift system and more companies do not like having the cords hanging around, getting twisted up or getting played with by children that come in the office so if you have a business that has children coming in you should think about honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are great insulators. A couple of years ago I went into an office in Kirkland where the glass came down to the floor and the desks were pushed up to the windows. When I went round to measure the windows and talked to the employees that sat at those desks they said they had blankets to put over their knees in the morning because it was so cold under the desk. With a honeycomb shade the problem was solved. Honeycomb shades are made so that the color you select is only on the inside of the shade with the outside facing the street white. This allows for some great colors on the inside to brighten up the offices while from the outside you only see white. For many of our customers they like to look out the windows because they have great views but at the same time they don’t like the glare and heat when the windows are not covered. The solar shade is the perfect choice for these situations, when they are down you can still see out the window but the glare and heat are reduced by how much depends on the tightness of the weave, they call this the openness factor and you can get them with 1% up to 20% for a wide range of protection verses maintain the view.
With all of the choices you have with today’s commercial window coverings it’s nice to have a company like Budget Blinds of Kirkland who carry the largest selection of commercial window covering options in the Northwest and also the best blinds warranty in the industry. And don’t forget we bring the showroom to you with your free in office consultations.

 Pictures of Commercial Blinds in Kirkland Washington

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