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Pictures of Honeycomb Shades in Kirkland Washington

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Well you’re starting to read this article right now so you must be looking for pictures? Honeycomb Shades or maybe pictures of honeys which in the last case you would be in the wrong place. But if you are by chance looking at honeycomb shades for your home or office you are in the right place.
Honeycomb shades are a very popular choice for home owners in Kirkland Washington these days because they seem to fit most of the requirements for the problems our customers are having in their homes. They’re very good insulators so if you are looking for a blind that can cut down on the outside noise or the cold crisp days we have here in Kirkland the cell shade is a good choice. Notice that this time I called the same window covering by a different name, well, it’s really the same product just described differently by the companies that first introduced them. Hunter Douglas called theirs the Duette Honeycomb Shade and Graber called theirs the Crystal Pleat Cell Shade.
Honeycomb shades are offered in many different cell configurations. There are singles, doubles and triple cells, Hunter Douglas has a shade called the Architella honeycomb shade which has a cell inside of the outer cell for more insulating and also one with another cell inside of that one (WOW). But it’s not just the amount of cells that you have it’s also the size of those cells. Three eight’s inch all the way up to an inch and a half. There are a lot of options for Operating systems you can use for lifting your window coverings. There is the kind where you pull a string and as the string gets longer and on the floor the shade goes up the window and vice a versa. There is a cordless lift where you have a handle on the rail and use that to lower and raise the shade. There is a continuous cord loft where you have a looped cord on the end of the shade and you just pull around and around until the shade is lowered or raised. There is a system by Hunter Douglas called an Ultra Glide where you pull on the string a ways and the shade goes up a ways then the cord retracts back up so no cords on the floor (very cool). And last you can motorize your honeycombs to make it as easy as pie. There is an option you can get that is known in the industry and a top down bottom up feature. When they first came out with this window covering product the only way you could operate the shade was to lower it form the top and as you did that the fabric would start covering the window. When you get to the end of the window the entire window would be covered and you could not see out the window opening. As Kirkland customers started buying and using their new window coverings they quickly asked if the shade could also drop down from the top so if the bottom of the window is covered you could drop the fabric from the top to see out and still have some privacy below. You can now get your shade so the fabric is turned vertically and instead of going up and down in the window it goes back and forth making it perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors some companies call this a vertical application honeycomb shade while Hunter Douglas calls it a Vertiglide.
And of course you have the colors. More choices for colors and textures than ever before. Reds, oranges, chocolates and more, no matter what your favorite color is you’ll be able to find it if you have a large selection of manufacturers to choose from. That is one of the reasons that Budget Blinds of Kirkland has the largest selection of honeycomb  shade companies in the Northwest, as of this writing we have 10 including companies like Hunter Douglas, Enlightened style, Signature series, and a lot more. We do this because we have many customers in Kirkland Washington, Kenmore Washington and other northwest locations that want to see every color out there before making their final choice. And it’s not just color, as you start to look at all the samples you quickly realize that the texture is a little different on many of the selections,  Choose wisely and if you don’t find the color are texture you are looking for with one company, don’t settle, go on to the next company.
If you are looking to change your window coverings and are considering Honeycomb shades you really should have Budget Blinds of Kirkland come out with our free in-home consultation and see all of your choices at the same time.
Print out this picture or just show it to us on your computer and we’ll give you a free cordless left system to make your expenditure a little less expensive.

Pictures of Honeycomb Shades in Kirkland Washington

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