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Pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington

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If you happen to be cruising around the internet right now looking for pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington than you’re in luck because this picture is truly worth a thousand words or at least 600 or so.
Why would I say that as this looks just like a lot of shutter pictures that I have seen? Well there are so many things to look for when you are considering purchasing plantation shutters that you may not know exactly what you looking for or what to ask the people you choose to have come out and show you today’s shutters, and after this article you may want to have someone come out that carries a lot of different shutter manufacturers.
A good place to start is with the shutters on the main windows in this master bedroom. The first thing you should notice is the tilt rod in the middle of the shutter panel. This is called the standard tilt option and is the way that most people think of when they picture a plantation shutter. There are 2 staples for each vane in the panel, the firs goes into the van and the second goes through the first staple and into the rod. By doing this all of the vanes are tied to the rod so when you start to move the rod up or down the vanes start to open or close. Keep in mind that the vanes close tighter one way than they do the other (they call this nesting) so make sure and tell your consultant which way works best for you. The next thing is that the vane on the top third of the panel are open and the bottom 2 thirds are closed. If you look closely you will see that this customer in Kirkland wanted to be able to have privacy at times but still wanted lots of light coming in from above. There is a piece called a divider rail that separates the bottom from the top and there are 2 rods one for working each group of vanes. Depending on how tall your panel is going to be you can also have your panel made without the divider rail and you would just tell them you want your tilt rod split and also where you want it split. This is very popular to do with shutters and can give you great flexibility for you window treatment. Just like the divider rai that you no longer have to have to split your tilt rod now you don’t even need a tilt rod at all. Many shutters manufacturers will now make them with what is called a hidden tilt rod. This is where you move it from the front where it breaks up the window to the side and in the back so you don’t really see the rod. The biggest problem with this approach is that you now have a hole drilled into the end of your vanes and a screw attaching the rod to the vane and what can happen is the screw gets loose and the vane hole stripped and then you must replace the vane. Norman international has a patented feature call Invisabletilt where they put little gears in the inside of the panel and there you have it not tilt rod at all.
The next thing to notice is the vane size. They went with the 3 ½” vane but You can get from 1 ½” up to 4” vanes on your shutters (the bigger the vane the less to clean and the better view through them but the bigger vanes only look good on a certain size window so be careful. The last thing to notice on the main windows is that these shutters were purchased with the frame or molding already on them and mounted on the outside of the window opening. Many homes in Kirkland do not have the molding on the window opening, especially on the home that are over 10 years old. This Kirkland customer chose the 3” deluxe crown molding which is just one of the dozens of choices you have for adding a frame to your plantation shutters if you have a company come out which carries more than just one shutter company.
When you look at the glassed bedroom door you may think it would be a problem but this customer just went with the same window covering on the door. This is a plantation shutter with an L Frame with a  ½” build out so they could have the same 3 ½” vanes as on the main windows and not have the vanes hit the glass on the door when they open and close. Lastly let’s take a look at their closet doors which if you hadn’t noticed are also plantation shutters. That’s right we do shutters for people closet doors all the time, don’t they look fantastic with the other shutters in the room? The shutters on the closet are what is called a bi-fold shutter where you have 2 panels connected together and they fold to open and unfold to close. The top valance is the same molding as on the windows and the vane is the same size. There is a track on top and the panels have little wheels so they can move back and forth at ease. The vanes are also non moving and aimed in the downward position.
All and all I think these shutters in Kirkland make this master bedroom look amazing. If you are looking at purchasing some shutters for your home Budget Blinds of Kirkland carries the largest selection of plantation shutters companies in the Northwest, with companies like Hunter Douglas, Norman International, Alta, Springs and more, our FREE In-home consultations and the industries best shutters warranties you should have us out for a visit to you home which of course is the absolute best place to look at shutters for your Kirkland home.

 Pictures of Shutters in Kirkland Washington

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