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Prepare Your Pacific Northwest Home for Fall and Winter

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Prepare Your PNW Home for Fall and Winter TOP BANNER

 Prepare Your Pacific Northwest Home for Fall and Winter

Seasons are changing all over our beautiful Washington state as we move deeper into Fall and onto Winter. Blessed to be in a part of the Pacific Northwest that experiences all of the seasons, we get to take part in the annual changes as temperatures drop and the weather is a little more unpredictable. Maybe you got used to having your Bothell windows open, a light breeze throughout the home, and minimal window coverings needed. But now that the breeze is turning brisk, and we’re moving towards keeping the heat inside, you’re wondering if there are easy ways to transition to the next season. No worries, we have you covered with some great tips on how to prepare your home and your windows for the upcoming changes.

Winterize Your Window Treatments

Have some light, flowy curtains throughout the spring and summer? Consider switching them out with heavier fabrics or drapes for the fall and winter. This will help stop drafts from entering your home, and keep the heat in more efficiently to save on energy bills. You can even add layers to your drapes, providing more insulation around the most vulnerable parts of your home (windows). For additional protection, you could also replace blinds with shutters - which tend to be thicker in width and depth.   

Prepare Your PNW Home for Fall and Winter SHUTTERS

Add Pillows

Who doesn’t love a cozy place to call home? Adding decorative pillows on your sofas, beds, and other furniture will give off that comfort vibe, as well as help insulate the room even more by adding mass into the space. Just found some great drapes? Awesome - get the pillows to match! We have the ability to create pillows out of any of the colors and patterns you choose for your window treatments.

Prepare Your PNW Home for Fall and Winter PILLOWS

Check for Gaps

Take a look around your windows and doors for any gaps that could let cold air seep inside.  This is easy to fix by either buying self-sticking insulation strips to seal the area, or use caulking to achieve the same goal. Both are easy and inexpensive, yet save you from cold nights and high bills in the long run.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Switching your ceiling fan to spin clockwise is a major hot tip on spreading the heat! Since heat rises, instead of the ceiling fan causing the heat to disperse and stay above you, changing the direction will actually push the heat down towards your level of living space. Now you’ll have the same amount of heat in the room, except this way you’ll actually be able to feel it!

Replace Those Filters

Don’t forget to replace your furnace filters as we approach the colder months. Starting with a fresh filter will make your furnace more energy efficient and will not only put off a consistent heat without frequent breakdowns, but will save on your energy bills in the long run by keeping your home warm with less effort since you’ve prepared your windows and doors with easy insulation.

You have time. Since we are in the midst of fall all around Bothell, Lynnwood, Kirkland, and the rest of Washington, now is the time to get ready for winter to avoid any unseen headaches. Check the pipes, flush the water heater, and most importantly -- get those window treatments all set to go to keep you warm and cozy in the coming months.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

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