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Top Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

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Top Bedroom Window Treatments To Blog Out Light

The days are growing longer with the Pacific Northwest sun shining through your windows this Spring. As much as we love the change in the season with the extra sunshine, there’s potential for disrupted sleep in the beginning or end of your day. Whether you want some extra sleep, or simply want to watch a movie without a glare on the TV, we have solutions for you without compromising your interior design.

Drapes Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light


Draperies are normally made with a heavier and thicker fabric which naturally blocks more light than other window treatments, making them already popular in the bedroom. But guess what -- you can make them even darker! Add a blackout liner to the backside of the drapery at minimal cost, or purchase a separate blackout curtain which can be mounted directly behind the original. These can extend from floor to ceiling, blocking out any misdirected light. Because the liner and the blackout curtain are separate from the drapes, you have flexibility to choose the level of darkness you prefer based on your needs in the moment.

Blackout Shades Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

Blackout Shades

One way to get the best bang for your buck are blackout Roller Shades. Like the drapery liner, the blackout roller shade can be mounted behind the original. However, you can mount the blackout addition slightly higher than the rest to ensure full coverage. Roller shades in general aren’t known for being the most attractive, so you can always mix these with another window treatment, keeping your style in tact while adding a black out option behind, hidden from plain sight. If you aren’t sold on the roller shade, you can do the same thing with Roman Shades by using a liner behind the original look. Pleated Shades with a tandem blackout liner (shown above) is also a great option.

Shutters Blinds Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

Shutters and Blinds

Honestly, if you’re aiming for a complete blackout, Shutters and Blinds aren’t the way to go. However, if you already have them, or are determined to have them, you can choose wisely to ensure the most darkness possible. Aluminum Blinds block light better than vinyl, and the wider the slat the better, aiming for 2-2.5 inches. You can use Wood Blinds as well, but run the risk of the wood eventually warping, which would let in light. Shutters function the same way, except you can normally find slats as wide as 4.5 inches instead of 2.5 inches, covering even more possible lighting.

Motorization Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light


It’s finally the weekend, you plan to sleep in for some long awaited and much needed rest...when the Lake Forest Park sun wakes you up MUCH too early. You realize you forgot to lower your blackout shades. Now, not only are you awake because of the sun, but you have to get up to make the room dark again, waking you up even more before you can attempt to go back to sleep. ...Or do you? Thankfully, there’s an answer for this little mishap too. Every option we discussed can be motorized. Motorized Drapes, Motorized Shades, and Motorized Blinds can be controlled right from your bed, saving you the task of getting up, allowing you to fall back asleep that much quicker. Or maybe you have a skylight in your room -- no worries! You can install a motorized system that will be battery powered to open and close even when you can’t reach the window itself. This way you can enjoy the King County sunlight without missing out on precious sleep.

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