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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Blinds

There are few rooms where privacy is more important than the bathroom. Check out these tips to find the best bathroom blinds for your home.


Remodeling or updating your bathroom is a big project. From picking tile to choosing new fixtures, you already have a lot of decisions to make.

Some owners make the mistake of rushing to choose blinds, but your bathroom blinds are more important than you think. Not all blinds are right for the bathroom, though. Certain materials and styles offer a range of benefits than others.

Choosing the wrong type of blinds can end up costing you more money. Some materials aren't right for use in a bathroom, and won't be able to stand up to the heat and humidity for long.

Picking out the right blinds for the bathrooms in your home doesn't have to be a guessing game. Knowing what types of blinds work best and the qualities you should be looking for can make it easy.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect blinds for every bathroom in your home.

Think Privacy

You might choose blinds for other parts of your house to cut down on light or to help lower your energy costs. But the ultimate goal of your bathroom blinds is to provide privacy.

The last thing you want to do is to go for curtains alone or for blinds that are easy to see straight through. Too-thin of a screen blind can allow your neighbors to see more than you want, even when they're closed.

Besides providing privacy, blinds are a great way to increase insulation in your windows. If you have older windows or your bathroom is drafty, new blinds can be an inexpensive way to reduce your energy costs and keep your family more comfortable.

Avoid Materials That Are Affected By Humidity

Besides those that don't provide proper privacy, there are several other types of blinds that aren't a good choice for your bathroom.

Your bathroom blinds are going to be exposed to lots of water and humidity. The wrong kind of material will absorb the moisture and crack, wrinkle, or otherwise end up looking bad within days of putting it up.

For instance, real wood blinds may look great, but they will also absorb a lot of moisture. The moisture will then cause them to warp and expand until they no longer close correctly.

Other materials that aren't suitable for bathroom blinds are cotton, silk, and linen. While these may hold up longer than wood, they will eventually absorb too much moisture. This can cause mildew or attract water stains that will ruin the look of your blinds or curtains.

It's best to skip cloth curtains in your bathroom entirely. But if you do want to have curtains, polyester and PVC are the best fabric options. They absorb less moisture, which can keep them from developing mildew.

Alternatives to real woods blinds are faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

You can even opt for moisture resistant composite blinds that are even better equipped to stand up to everything your bathroom will throw their way. They are also often far more cost-effective versus other types of blinds, making them a great choice for anyone remodeling on a budget.

Consider the Location of Your Window

Where your window is located in your bathroom can affect what type of bathroom blinds are best for your space.

If your window is right next to your shower or sink, you can assume that a lot of water is going to get to them. In this case, you may want to choose a material that is completely waterproof.

If your window is away from sources of water in your bathroom, this is less important. If your bathroom is well ventilated, you may be able to get away with a less waterproof material for your blinds.

However, the humidity will still be present in the space and will get to your blinds even if they are far from your shower or sink. For this reason, its still best to avoid wood, cotton, and other materials that don't hold up well to moisture.

Choose a Style to Complement Your Bathroom's Style

With so many options for bathroom blinds out there, it's easy to choose some that will match your bathroom and your home's unique style.

Faux wood blinds can give your bathroom the same great look as real wood, but you'll never have to worry about warping or expanding.

You can choose from a variety of colors and grains to match your current bathroom. Or, choose your new bathroom blinds first and let that choice lead your bathroom remodel!

Aluminum and vinyl blinds are also available in a range of styles and colors and will hold up well to the humidity of your bathroom.

Go for Room Darkening

Your bathroom can be the perfect spot for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day.

But a normal set of blinds, even when closed, can let in light. If the area outside of your window never quite gets dark, or if you ever enjoy a bath during the day, this can very quickly kill your relaxation mood.

If a hot bubble bath, candles, and a glass of wine are your ideal way of relaxing, then room darkening blinds can be a great choice. These can help you turn day into night or block out pesky street lights so that you can enjoy a dark room whenever you want to relax in your tub.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Blinds

The right bathroom blinds will not only look great in your bathroom when they're first installed. They'll also stay looking great through years or humidity and splashes from your shower or sink.

Choose the right style, and they can help darken your room and set the mood for your next bath or provide increased security to protect you from nosy neighbors.

Now that you know what to look for in the perfect blinds for your bathroom, its time to start shopping. We can help.

Browse our collection of faux wood, aluminum, vinyl blinds, and more to find the perfect set every bathroom in your home.

How to Use Window Drapes With an Arched Window

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Use Window Drapes With an Arched Windows

Dressing an arched window can be challenging. We've got the details here on how to use window drapes to make a beautiful covering.
Custom Drapes Kirkland

Arched windows can be a gorgeous architectural feature on a house. They add elegance and height to a room in ways traditional windows could never hope to do. But when it comes to hanging curtains, arched windows can be awkward.

With a flat window, it's easy enough; the curtain rod goes at the top, and pick out some window drapes you like. But with arched windows, how do you take something as square as a rod and window drapes and make them complement the rounded beauty of your window? Below are seven tips on how to style your curtains to best show off your arched window.

Get High

Arched windows are great for making ceilings look loftier, so why shouldn't your drapes do the same? Curtain rods placed at the ceiling help enhance the height of a room. Putting the rod at the ceiling will also keep the window from looking stumpy (as it would if the rod were placed closer to the window).

Hang a straight rod that's a little wider than the window just below the ceiling. Get window drapes long enough to reach your floor and arrange them at the far ends so your beautiful window is on display. If you have exposed pipes that run near your windows, these can also be used as makeshift curtain rods.

Compromise is Key

Depending on the location and size of your arched window, placing window drapes halfway down the window may be the best way to get the privacy and protection from sunlight you need without covering up your beautiful architectural feature. Place the curtain rod across the window at the bottom of the arched portion, leaving the top uncovered. You'll want half-length window drapes for this.

This treatment can be excellent for half-size arched windows, such as you sometimes see over kitchen sinks. It can also be a good option if you have an arched window upstairs, where you need protection from prying eyes from below, but would like to leave the natural light and open view for the top. If the arched portion of your window contains especially spectacular geometry, this can be a great way to show it off.

Use the Middle Ground

If you have more than one arched window grouped together (for instance in a bow window), hanging a rod over the top, even with curtains bunched at either end, may still obstruct the view. Instead, consider getting rosettes or a small rod to go between each window. This will allow you to show off more of your windows while still gaining the advantages of drapes.

Having window drapes grouped like this on either side of floor-to-ceiling arched windows can be particularly stunning. It creates a very vertical impression, so if you have high ceilings, this can be a wonderful way to show them off. For this job, you again want full-length drapes.

Show Your Swag

Swag window drapes can be a great way to accent the shape of an arched window without framing it in rigid vertical lines. If you want to really take advantage of the softer lines an arched window can provide, this may be the way you want to go. Swag-style drapes can work on large or small windows depending on how dramatic an effect you'd like.

Using rosettes and maybe one short rod, place two long window drapes at the center top of the arched window. Take each curtain and secure it on the side of the window where the bottom of the arched window forms a corner; make sure to leave enough slack in the curtain for it to drape. From there, you may add additional rosettes further out to the sides if you wish, or simply allow your curtains to drape from there to the floor.

Eyes on the Prize

If you opt to hang a straight curtain rod over your arched window, picking a curtain rod with a decorative centerpiece may serve you well. A carved crest situated right over the center of your arched window can draw eyes up and help give the whole window a very finished look.

You still want to hang your rod near the ceiling for this style, so as not to artificially lower the height of your room and make your window look stumpy. This effect also works particularly well on windows that are wider than they are tall. Taller windows already have so much vertical draw that an additional pull in that direction may not have as much effect as it would on a wider window.

Stay on Top

Using valence curtains to cover the top part of your arched windows can lend an elegant, classic feel to your room. You want to be sure to buy a valence that matches the curve of your window, but if it is fitted properly, it can be a stunning effect. This generally works a little better on shorter, more vertical windows.

You may want to get a valence with a subtle, intricate pattern. This will add almost a gingerbread effect to your room and will help draw the eye up to the curve of the arched window. A valence that is scalloped at the bottom can also be a lovely touch.

Be Flexible

If dancing around the issue of how to hang a straight curtain rod just isn't working for you, don't be afraid to bend the rules - or in this case, the rod. Get a flexible curtain rod that you can shape to hug the top of your arched window. This does work better for windows that are a little less curved on top but can lend a very pretty, soft look.

You will want to be sure to get curtain rings that lock in place if you choose this style of drapes. Gravity will not be on your side with standard rings, as they will all just slide to the ends and hang there. When you want to pull the curtains back, you'll need to do so with tie backs.

Find Beautiful Window Drapes

Take time to look at your arched windows and determine which style will best accent them and suit your style. Done properly, your arched windows will become a major focal point on your house and the subject of tons of compliments.

When you're shopping for drapes, head over to Budget Blinds. They have beautiful custom curtains, and they live up to their tagline: Style and service for every budget. Check out their gorgeous window drapes and find your next addition to your home.

Your Guide to All Different Types of Shutters

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Your Guide to All Different Types of Shutters

Shutters have a crisp design that looks great in any home. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to all different types of shutters for indoors and outdoors.

living room shutters in kirkland

Homeowners spent a record $361 billion on home improvements, maintenance, and repairs in 2016. Home improvements are particularly popular since they can add value and style to your home.

One way to create visual impact both internally and externally is to add new shutters. Shutters don't just change the look of your home, they can also be functional.

We're here to tell you all about the many types of shutters you can choose from.


The first thing you'll need to decide is whether the shutters are to be put on the outside of your house or used on the interior.

Interior shutters can help change the look of a room. They can also add privacy by blocking windows to prevent others from seeing in.

More often, homeowners install shutters on the exterior of their homes. Some types of shutters are functional and can add privacy or protect windows during windstorms and other adverse weather.

Those living in hurricane-prone areas often use shutters as an economical means of protecting windows during storms.

Shutter Design Styles

Several different panel styles are available. The panel style not only determines the look of the shutter, but also the functional value of the shutter.


The most popular types of shutters use louvered panels. This design uses overlapping slats to offer a country-like look to the home.

Louvered shutters are available for both internal and external use.

Raised Panel

This style uses raised box-like designs to create rectangular features that stand out from the rest of the frame.

As with louvered shutters, these are great for both external and internal uses.


Like raised panel designs, shaker style shutters have a flat body with the rectangular shapes. However, the shapes are recessed instead of being elevated like the raised panel design.

Both for internal and external use, these shutters offer a stylish addition to your home.


These types of shutters add southern charm to your home. The use of louvers or angled slats allows light to shine through the shutter. Many come with adjustable slats allowing you to control the amount of light passing through the shutter.

Plantation shutters are typically used inside of homes, although they are sometimes added to the outside of the home.

Board and Batten

As the name suggests, this style of shutter uses a series of boards linked together using crosspieces extending extend over the boards. This offers a rustic look to your home.

Board and batten shutters are typically found on the exterior of houses.


Visually like board and batten design, these types of shutters add a series of cutouts and carefully cut designs. Traditionally this style of shutter is thicker than other shutters to help protect against weather.

Like the other styles of shutters, Scandinavian shutters are available for both internal and external use.

Combination Shutters

This style uses more than one shutter styles. One popular combination uses a solid shutter on the bottom and a louvered style on the top of the shutter.

These styles are often used in the interior of the house and can help control the amount of light coming into a room.

Amount of Window Coverage

When selecting a shutter, one thing to consider is how much of the window you want to cover. While most people think of shutters as covering an entire window, this is not always the case.


As the name suggests, these types of shutters draw their inspiration from cafes. Rather than cover the entire window, cafe-style shutters usually come in plantation style designs and cover only the bottom part of the window.

Cafe-styles are available for both internal and external uses.


A great option, this offers 2 different sets of shutters vertically stacked on top of each other. This allows you to block part of the window completely while the other part is left open.

If you'd like to block the lower half of your window but leave the upper half-open, this is a great option for you.

Full Height

As the name suggests, these shutters cover the window from top to bottom and are most often the type found on the exterior of houses.

Accordion Shutters

You may think of shutters as being a single panel, but some shutters can fold like a closet door. This allows shutters to cover wider windows.

Also, accordion shutters are useful in controlling the amount of light since you can be partially open or close the shutters depending on your need.

Shutter Materials

Once you've selected where you want to put the shutters and what style you want, you'll need to pick what shutter material to use.

You have many choices of materials.


This is the traditional material for making shutters. With many paint and stain colors to choose from, it is easy to change the look of the shutter.

However, wood shutters will need painting or staining regularly to protect them from the elements.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is more durable than regular wood and better able to resist the effects of weathering.

Like regular wood, it can be painted a variety of colors to suit your tastes.


Made of different sheets of wood glued together, laminate materials are especially good at protecting against rain. Like wood, they need regular painting or staining to protect them from the elements.


Using metal creates a sturdy shutter, although it can dent or chip. Metal types of shutters can be painted any color.


Vinyl shutters can stand up to the effects of sun and UV rays. This material is often used for exterior shutters that do not open or close.

Foam Synthetic

This material can create a wood-like body with a synthetic metal surface and foam interior. The foam provides insulation and is good for use in areas with extreme temperatures.

What Types of Shutters Are Best for You?

With all these choices of shutters, you're wondering what's best for your home. Not to worry, we're here to help.

Whatever your need or design taste, we've got you covered. We offer a free in-home consultation to help you select your shutters.

See why our customers rave about our service then give us a call.

You'll be glad you did.

10 Window Treatment Ideas and Trends for 2018

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10 Window Treatment Ideas and Trends for 2018

The right blinds, shades, and drapes can pull together any room. Read on for 10 window treatment ideas and trends you have to try in 2018.

 wood blinds in Kirkland

With curtain prices ranging from free DIY solutions to $1,500 per window, there are window treatment solutions to fit every kind of budget.

The right kind of window treatment ideas can turn your house into a home and bring a lot of style to any room. Following trends can make the difference between a stale looking room and someplace where friends and family want to congregate.

One of the strangest trends in recent years is the number of young professionals moving to urban spaces and skipping window treatments altogether. Not only do their homes lack privacy but they can also appear unwelcoming and stale.

Rather than leave your windows looking naked and your home perpetually just-moved-into, take advantage of the latest in window treatment ideas and trends. Here are 10 of the hottest concepts in window dressings.

1. Au Natural

Plastic blinds, polyester curtains, and other synthetic materials aren't as popular as they were a decade ago. Because more people are choosing to go green in every aspect of their home life, eco-friendly window treatment ideas have never been cheaper to execute.

Bamboo, woven shades, and grass materials are now appearing in trendy magazines and trendy homes all over the world. They add a grounded earthiness to your home and can often have just as much elegance as fabrics and other standard curtains.

2. Go With a Pattern

Solid colors were in for a while, as more people took on the mid-century modern or minimalist look. As things have loosened up and more people are embracing warmer homes, patterns have replaced solids.

In a room with a minimal or modern design, pattern window treatments can be a surprising focal point. If you coordinate them with the furniture in your room, you could make your space more fun with one simple addition.

3. Let The Light In

You can have beautiful and high-quality treatments that still function to let light into your room. Sheer fabrics allow for you to keep your artificial lights off while still adding privacy and style.

If you want to make the most of your natural light, think about bring pinks, blues, and greens to enhance the feeling of your room. Traditional whites and off-whites are nice but could leave you feeling a bit stale in some of your favorite rooms in the house.

4. Accessorize

If you want to get a more customized look, you don't have to use items as you find them on the rack. You can get a store-bought curtain and add custom trim, beads, buttons, or even shells depending on your personal style.

For people with the talent on a sewing machine, you could create something totally unique. You could even turn a store bought item into something a little more stylish with some simple pleats.

5. Layers Are Lovely

Layers find their way into fashion and home decor in relative cycles. Some people are using black-out shades beneath sheers. This creates a sense of depth in your room while also adding some functionality.

In places like bedrooms and bathrooms, where you have a need for constant privacy but love a little light, this could be the way to go.

6. Repurpose Something

For years, people have taken on the classic DIY trick of turning flat sheets and tablecloths into cool looking blinds.

This is one of those window treatment ideas that works if you're on a budget and you want to look stylish. Go the extra mile and stitch on some extra fabric or ribbon ties. A colorful fabric shower curtain could give your room a little new life.

7. Try Window Film

One of the simplest and low maintenance options for the last few decades of window decor has been vinyl film. They can help you hit that sweet spot of giving your privacy while letting the light in.

They come in clear, clouded, or multicolored varieties and can come printed with all sorts of different patterns.

Most of these films are relatively inexperienced. The only issues you'll find is that you need a very steady hand to apply them and they're one of the more permanent window treatment ideas.

8. DIY Patterns

If you have some solid colored curtains that you already love, why not add something special to them. You could add some trim, beading, pom-poms, some embroidery if you're feeling really ambitious.

If you've got the tools to screen print, you could print a pattern all over your curtains to reflect the direction you want to take your room in. If you're decorating your kids' room, let them go wild with some adhesive puff paints and decorate their own curtains as a family project.

9. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb, or cellular blinds, have recently fallen into fashion. They are extremely stylish but they also trap air to insulate your windows during the winter.

They can be made very high-end but they're often quite affordable. The simplicity of design and installation makes them a very accessible high-quality of design.

10. Textures Are Big

Along with the organic materials mentioned at the top, there are a lot of ways to add some texture to your window dressing. Whether they're thick and embroidered or a sheer and lacy kind of style, one of the hottest trends in window treatment ideas are curtains you want to touch.

The same goes for blinds. Interesting materials attract the eyes and hands in equal measure.

The Hottest Window Treatment Ideas Warm Up Your Home

The point of having great window treatments in your home is to express the essential qualities of your design intentions. If you're interested in creating a warm and expressive domicile, there are lots of great options. If a high-end design is number one, there's a well-designed solution for just about every budget.

If you're interested in other ways you can dress up your windows, contact us for more tips.

What Window Treatments Are Best for Sliding Glass Doors?

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Window Treatments Are Best for Sliding Glass Doors

Some windows are easier than others to determine which window treatment best fits your home, style, and window. You’ve got your Bothell bedroom figured out, the kitchen looking spiffy, and the home office has the perfect level of lighting. What about the sliding glass door? You love having one in your home - it creates an open, light feel with the extra natural light and efficient outlet into the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. But when it comes to window treatments, what is best? Is there a way to have the style you love, with the coverage, privacy, and practicality you need? In one simple word: yes! Below, Bothell Budget Blinds lays out the best options for you and your sliding glass doors.

Vertical Blinds

Typically the most used window treatments for the sliding glass door, vertical blinds are popular due to their no hassle and practical appeal. We’re sure you’ve seen them in action in many homes, apartments, and office buildings. They have multiple operation options including chain control, wand tilt, right draw, left draw, and split draw for personalized control of your view. They can also be cordless or motorized, kid and pet friendly.

When you think of vertical blinds, you probably picture the generic white or off white version. But did you know there are many more options? Bring on the class and elegance while still using vertical blinds. You can choose Vinyl vertical blinds, available in a beautiful array of vinyl patterns and hundreds of colors. They are highly durable and can withstand strong heat, direct sunlight, and high humidity. Or, you could opt for fabric vertical blinds that also have a wide variety of colors and weaves (to add texture to the room), yet still continue looking crisp and wrinkle-free because they have invisible, sewn-in weights.    

Window Treatments Are Best for Sliding Glass Doors 2

Vertical Blind Alternatives

Not necessarily into the classic vertical blind look? No worries, Bothell Budget Blinds has several options that will bring a unique flare to your space perfect for living in Washington, while still providing the practical functionality of your sliding glass door.

Vertical cellular shades - come in the same soft cell sizes, fabrics, color options and opacities as their horizontal counterparts, and offer the same energy efficiency benefits.

Sheer vertical blinds - delicately filter incoming light to create an inviting ambience to any room, and instantly transform your windows into the perfect view.

Sliding panel track blinds - offer a modern and structured appeal to your home, and are available in a wide assortment of on-trend fabrics to choose from. They also come in oversized panels with varying widths to provide consistent overlapping. Plus, they look pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.

Roller shades on panel tracks - come in over 50 screen styles with varying amounts of opacities for your ideal light setting, and offer UV protection.

Woven wood blinds on panel tracks - are an eco-friendly option, available in a variety of natural woven grasses with unique patterns and rich tones.

You never have to give up your personal style and vibe for practicality and functionality. You truly can have it all. Whether you have a more natural tone in your Kirkland or Bothell, Washington home, or you love all the patterns and colors - there is something perfect for your sliding glass door that will enhance your look, not stick out like a sore thumb. Enjoy your space, and if you need a second pair of eyes, we are only a phone call away.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your Mountlake Terrace house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

What Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom?

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Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom

No matter where you live in the Pacific Northwest, no matter if you reside in a house, condo, apartment, townhouse, tiny house, castle...we all have this in common: there is a bathroom, and it most likely has a window. Now, what you do with this window is usually a little different than any other room of your Bothell home. The bathroom tends to have specific needs, privacy included. But just because this room serves a particular function, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your style or theme. With so many options at Bothell Budget Blinds, you’ll have a hard time choosing what you like best for your little sanctuary. Because no two bathrooms are the same, we’ve come up with some of our best options to share with you - to match your window size, shape, and style in a room you see every single day.

Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom FAUX WOOD

Faux Wood

Easily one of the top bathroom window treatments, faux wood blinds are ideal for this space because they are so versatile; elegant while made to resist moisture without cracking, warping, or collecting mildew. Super easy to clean, they are hassle free yet classic all at the same time. Because the slats point either up or down when closed, it’s virtually impossible to be peeped in on from the outside - unless you choose to keep them open in a very easy visual accessible area.

Woven Wood

Woven wood shades offer a natural and contemporary look to the bathroom. The texture of these unique shades not only add visual interest, but also play a huge role in diffusing the natural light, creating a soft atmosphere. They are the best of both worlds by letting the natural light in, while still giving you a sense of privacy.

Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom COMPOSITE SHUTTERS

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking due to their synthetic materials. Because of their durability, composite shutters work well in steamy bathrooms, and are excellent window coverings for higher levels of sun exposure by offering an easy way to control light and privacy. These window treatments are also low maintenance, easily cleaned, and are available in five frame styles to work with a wide variety of unique window shapes and sizes that you sometimes find yourself facing in different restrooms.

Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

Vinyl horizontal blinds are one of the most functional and affordable window coverings available. They are highly resistant to heat and moisture, making them a perfect choice for sun-facing or humid bathrooms. These simple blinds are the essence of functional design, as they are stain resistant and easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors and textures, they can be easily mixed and matched with your existing Kirkland, Washington home decor. They also come with additional privacy options, such as cloth tapes that can cover gaps to increase light control and provide you with additional privacy.

Window Treatment Is Best For The Bathroom ROMAN SHADES

Roman Shades

Perfect with almost any design or aesthetic, roman shades are a beautiful yet practical option for the bathroom. With endless color and pattern options, it will be easy to match your shades to the room. These shades allow you to control natural light, add softness to the hard surfaces of the bathroom, and help absorb sound. And guess what, there are actually fabrics you can choose to help withstand high moisture, as in a bathroom.

Whatever your goals are for your bathroom, there are multiple options for you. This is one area you can’t escape going, so create an atmosphere that feels good to you. Need help? We happen to know a few experts who would love to lend a hand.

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your Mountlake Terrace house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

Custom Window Treatment Highlight: Bamboo Shades

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Custom Window Treatment Highlight _ Bamboo Shades

Ahh, Bamboo Shades. Even saying the name brings an instant vision of relaxation. There’s just something special about these shades that create a whole different atmosphere. That’s why Budget BlindsBothell is giving extra attention to this unique choice, because no matter where you live, even high in the Pacific Northwest, bamboo shades are always a great option.

What’s So Great About Bamboo Shades?  

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Bamboo shades have a look like no other shades out there. Because bamboo is naturally grown in warmer climates, it’s natural for the style to bring that same type of feel, even if you are living in Washington during the winter. They have an amazing way at creating texture in a room, adding a level of depth, an important element to create an overall appeal.

Bamboo shades complement everything from hardwood floors, to thick carpets or fiber rugs - styling both masculine or feminine. They seem to add a feeling of peace and tranquility, regardless of the surrounding aesthetics. Their color, texture, and presence naturally balance out the room, and in a way create a “home away from home” feel. Coming in a wide range of natural wood tones, with the lightest and the darkest options available, there is a color that goes with almost anything.

Custom Window Treatment Highlight _ Bamboo Shades drapes

Easily Cleaned:

Possibly the easiest shades to clean, these eco friendly shades are made from 100% organic materials including bamboo, reeds, jutes and grasses, and offer an earthy look that can be integrated into a customized window treatment. Literally, a quick dusting, and they’re good to go. You may not even noticeably see the dust to begin with, especially if you open and close them every day.

Light Filtering:

Living anywhere in the Pacific Northwest - Kirkland, Bothell or Lake Forest Park...lighting is very important. Whether we are in summer or winter, we always have a different need depending on the direction of the sun against the window. Bamboo shades are a perfect option, gently filtering outside light to give your home a warm, natural glow. If you need a little more protection, adding a blackout liner will help the bamboo shades completely block out sunlight and help with energy efficiency.

Whether you’re creating a coastal feel,an asian inspired room, or a private getaway in your sunroom, you won’t go wrong with these earthy shades. Available in top-down/bottom-up options and can be motorized for added safety and convenience, there’s a perfect bamboo fit for every style.

Custom Window Treatment Highlight _ Bamboo Shades BATHROOM

If this Budget Blinds of Bothell article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. Our staff at Budget Blinds Bothell will visit your house for free! We can measure your windows and show you samples and displays at no charge.

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  • An outstanding business model
  • A network of enthusiastic franchisees
  • Valued alliance vendors
  • A dedicated corporate team