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3 Top Tips for Caring for Your Drapes in Carlsbad

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Your Carlsbad drapes look beautiful when you buy them. Over time, they can start to look worn and you may wonder if they need replacing. Actually, there are steps you can take to prevent them looking worn and dull. Here are the top three tips for caring for your drapes and ensuring you get full value for your money.

Protect the Materials from UV Light

The light coming through your windows will destroy the fabric of your drapes. Make sure you take steps to prevent this happening. Sure, you can’t stop the light coming through (that’s what the drapes are for!) but you can help to protect the material.

There are a few options here. Many people will hang net curtains. They help to offer that barrier protection, taking in the UV damage so the gorgeous drapes in Carlsbad don’t. Another option is to add a lining to your drapes to offer the extra protection.

You can also buy drapes that are lighter in color. They reflect the light, unlike darker shades, which absorb the light. While you don’t stop all UV damage, you can minimize it considerably.

Shake Drapes When Opening and Closing

As you open and close your drapes, just give them a quick shake. It’s not just sunlight that damages the material. The dust and grime that collects over the day will also cause some damage. You can minimize this by giving your drapes a shake and dislodging the built up dust. This is easy maintenance, since you’ll be moving your drapes anyway!

If you don’t use your drapes in a traditional way and they’re more decorative, make it a habit to shake them out at least daily. This helps to ensure their longevity.

Once or twice a week, use the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner and take it to the Carlsbad drapes. This helps to collect the dust at the top that you can miss while giving your drapes a shake.

Wash and Dry on Cooler Settings

High heats will break down the fabric and cause damage. They can also make the colors run and fade. While you’ll want to wash your drapes now and then, think about the heating of your washer and dryer.

Keep the water for washing cool. You don’t need anything more than a 40C wash for your drapes, although a 30C or lower wash is better. The exact temperature will depend on material and colors.

Try not to use the tumbler dryer if you can avoid it. However, if you are going to tumble dry, do it on a low setting. This will help to protect the fabric from heat damage.

Avoid putting too much in the washing machine or dryer at the same time. It’s best to wash the drapes on their own or with a small amount of like-colored items.

Look after your drapes in Carlsbad and they will love you. You’ll have drapes that don’t just work practically but also look amazing.

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