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How Do Cellular Shades in Maple Valley Work in Your Home?

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You may have decided that you want to get shades for your window treatments. Maple Valley cellular shades can be beautiful and effective, while being budget friendly. With so many different shade options, it’s easy to confuse them. You’ll want to know exactly how cellular shades will work in your home. Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

The Term ‘Cellular’ Is for the Cells

The shades have two pieces of material that zig-zag in opposite directions. This helps to create cells between the pieces of material, that can have a honeycomb look. Not only are these cells where the term “cellular” come from, but they also give the alternative name “honeycomb shades.”

The cells are the important fixture that help you qualify for the 2011 US energy tax credit. Too many people lose heat through their windows and doors. Even with well-fitting windows, you can lose heat through the glass. The shades are able to stop the heat from escaping. The cells trap the heat and circulate it back into the home.

This isn’t just good for the tax credit. You will also keep the cost of your heating bills down. Since the heat goes back into your room, there’s less need to have the heating on throughout the window. You can turn the heating off for longer periods, as the room won’t get as cold as quickly.

Different Cell Structures for Better Benefits

It’s possible to get single cells, double cells, and triple cells in your cellular shades in Maple Valley. Each one will increase in thickness, offering different heating benefits to your home. Of course, the triple cells will cost more to install in your home, but you can benefit from the extra savings in your home.

Thicker shades can also help to offer more lighting benefits. The material of cellular shades tends to be thinner and more paper-like than other blinds. If you want the blackout effect, you’ll likely need to consider triple cell shades for the windows.

Pull Up and Release Down

The Maple Valley cellular shades work very similar to solar and roller shades. You pull on a cord to pull the shade up when you want to let all the light into your home. When you want to close the shades, you pull on the cord to release it down. The cord can be separated into two sections, so you pull on one depending on the way you want to move the shade, or it can be on a roller like with roller blinds.

The honeycombs will stack, helping to take up less space than some other shades. The open look is almost like slat shades, in the way they stack one on top of the other.

Cellular shades in Maple Valley are extremely beneficial for energy saving. They are among the best options for preventing heat from escaping through the window. This offers similar benefits during the summer when heat comes through from the outside. If you’re looking to reduce your heating bills, cellular shades are certainly worth the consideration.

Are Plantation Shutters in Ravensdale the Best Option for Your Home?

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Ravensdale plantation shutters remain extremely popular for many people. They are highly effective window treatments, offering a range of benefits. The big question is whether they’re definitely right for your home. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of plantation shutters to determine if they work for your needs.

Interior and Exterior Options

The first benefit is that plantation shutters come in both interior and exterior styles. There are different benefits to installing the two options in your home. You’ll only need one or the other.

Interior plantation shutters in Ravensdale are becoming extremely popular. It’s possible to control more light when the window treatments are on the inside of your home. You just need to walk into each room, instead of using ladders to open and close the shutters outside.

More Light Control than Other Shutters

One of the reasons people buy plantation style shutters is because of the extra light control. The shutters have wide louvers that you can twist to eliminate all or just some of the light. Think of them like slat blinds but within shutters. You can direct the sunlight to specific parts of your room, eliminating direct glare in your face when you’re trying to relax in a room.

At the same time, you can open the shutters completely. This opens the whole window, so you can let more light in. There’s still the ability to use your windows. Open then and then close the shutters again, using the louvers to direct the air flow into your home. This is good if you need to let fresh air in but don’t want to suffer from too much light glaring in your face.

Easy to Customize for Your Rooms

Ravensdale plantation shutters tend to work with all rooms. You can get them in a variety of materials and colors. If you just want the shutters to keep the neutral look, white and beige options are available. However, you can also make a fashion statement with the window treatments.

You can even customize your shutters when you want a change. This is much easier with wooden shutters. It’s possible to sand the paintwork down and re-varnish. Then you can repaint with whatever colors you want.

Some Materials Are Better Than Others

You’ll want to think carefully about the materials you use. While wood shutters look good, they can require a little more maintenance than vinyl shutters. They can also succumb to weather and sun damage more than the faux wood or vinyl options, which could mean slats need replacing sooner. This applies whether your shutters are indoors or outdoors.

If you want something low maintenance plantation shutters in Ravensdale aren’t for you. You will need to clean them every now and then, which means taking them off their hinges to give them a deep clean every few months or at least every year.

Are Ravensdale plantation shutters for you? There’s nothing wrong with saying you want something a little more maintenance friendly. However, there are some excellent and beautiful options for your home. Consider them, especially if you are looking for interior shutters. They can be far more beneficial than some other types of shutters.

Why Do You Need Exterior Shutters in Kent?

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There are two main types of Kent shutters: interior and exterior. While interior shutters are often easier to manage, exterior shutters remain the most popular. Here’s a look at why you need to get exterior shutters for your Kent home.

They Add Value to Your Home

Shutters in Kent are designed to be permanent fixtures. This means they’re there for the next people who buy your home. Because they’re permanent fixtures, they add value to your home. This may not be that much, but it will depend on the buyers. If a buyer has a dream of a traditional plantation-style house with the plantation shutters they are likely to pay more than any other buyer.

If you want to invest in your home and add more value in the future, you want to consider exterior shutters. Just make sure that your shutters do help to improve the look of your home. You want to work with the style, setting up a positive expectation for the inside.

They Protect Windows from the Elements

While you may keep your Kent shutters open most of the time, they can be good for during storms and other adverse weather. You can shut all the coverings and offer a layer of protection from the elements. That means less chance of the windows breaking due to the strong, harsh wind.

Your shutters will take the majority of the damage. The good news is you can use materials and protective paint to offer a layer against the potential damage. Good maintenance of the shutters will also help to keep the shutters in good standing against the inclement weather.

They Offer Full Privacy Within the Home

Fed up of people looking in your home? Worried about burglars? Exterior shutters offer the extra layer of protection for your home. It’s possible to keep the shut all the time, only having some of the slats open to let some of the light in. This is especially beneficial if you have a history of stalkers or peeping Toms.

You can also help to prevent burglaries happening. If thieves see shutters on the outside, they realize that there is an extra layer to get through when breaking in. Exterior shutters in Kent aren’t as easy to move out the way as normal blinds or curtains. They’ll move onto a house that is easier to get into.

They Keep Your Energy Bills Down

Your windows will lose a lot of heat through them during the winter. During the summer, you end up with a lot of heat coming into the home. Your heating and air con bills can go through the roof. This is where your shutters can become extremely useful.

The shutters will hold onto the heat. When the heat is trying to escape, it will be trapped and potentially pushed back into the home. There is also less risk of the cold air collecting close to the house. When it’s hot outside, the shutters are a barrier against the heat coming into the home. You won’t need to use the air con as much. Not only do you have extra value added to your home, but you save money in your energy bills.

It’s time to consider exterior Kent shutters. They add more to your home than some outdoor decoration. They are practical and offer an extra method of safety for your home. What’s your excuse not to get them?

4 Types of Blinds for Your Maple Valley Home

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You know you want Maple Valley blinds for your home. Now you just need to decide on the type of blinds. Yes, there are different types of blinds in Maple Valley to consider. Here’s a look at the main four types to find the best one for your exact needs.

Blackout Blinds for Bedrooms

If you have kids, you may want to consider blackout blinds. There are just what they sound like. They’re made of dark colors that will block all light coming in or out. It’s impossible to see into the window, but also helps to prevent light shining through from outside. If it’s still daylight in the summer, your kids won’t realize due to the darkness of the room. They stay asleep for longer.

Blackout blinds can be good for other bedrooms, but they’re not as necessary. They’re perfect for kids’ rooms. Make sure you pick up cordless blackout blinds in Maple Valley to protect your kids.

Solar Shades in the Living Room

Solar shades are a type of blind. They tend to be in lighter colors and materials, allowing some light into the room. These make good options for living rooms, as they take away some of the glare but don’t shroud a room in darkness.

It’s possible to control the amount of light coming in by rolling the shade up and down. You can also protect the room from UV damage, as the blind will take the majority of the sun’s rays. Lighter colors won’t absorb as much of the rays as darker colors, which means they last a little longer than blackout blinds.

Slat Blinds for the Kitchen

What about the kitchen or bathroom? These can be rooms that you don’t spend too much time in, but you still want to control the light. You also want window coverings that offer a little extra privacy. This is where slat blinds come in use.

Slat blinds allow you a little more light control. You can twist the slats so they direct the sun’s rays to other points around the room. You can completely block them or pull the Maple Valley blinds up entirely to let all the light into the room.

Slat blinds come in the most materials. You can get wooden blinds to create a rustic look or metal blinds for easier cleaning. Fabric or vinyl blinds are also available for something highly affordable and easy to work with all decors.

Cordless Blinds for Safety

There are two main options when it comes to all types of blinds: corded or cordless. Many companies are now moving into only offering cordless blinds, due to the safety issue of corded blinds. Cords easily become tangled. Kids and pets don’t realize the danger of putting their heads through the cord loops, and some get trapped accidentally.

Regardless of all the other types of blinds in Maple Valley available, you want to make sure your blinds are cordless. They will give you peace of mind in any room.

It’s time to decide on a type of blind for your home. There are just so many types that it can become tricky to choose between them. The guide above will give you an idea of how the main types of Maple Valley blinds are used to help you find the best type for your exact needs.

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