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How to Keep Your Roller Shades in Federal Way Looking as Good as New

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Federal Way roller shades are an extremely popular option for window treatments. They’re practical and affordable, perfect for short-term buys, renting, and businesses. The downside is they can suffer UV damage and look worn relatively quickly. They are only shorter-term options compared to other types of treatments. You can keep your roller shades looking just like new with these top tips.

Spot Clean and Vacuum Regularly

It’s all about a little bit of maintenance now and then. The benefit of roller shades in Federal Way is they require less maintenance than some other options, but they still need some care. Getting rid of the buildup of dust is the first step, which you can do with a duster over the top of your shades or with the vacuum cleaner, gently using it against the fabric with a hose.

Now and then you’ll need to do a spot clean. This is the case if someone gets something on the shades accidentally or you see dust buildup that can cause some discoloration. Use a damp cloth with just warm soapy water to gently clean. You can usually do this while the blinds still hang.

Get UV Protective Layers

You’ll want to consider protecting the material from UV damage. It’s possible to get protective layers that go onto the Federal Way roller shades. The layers will reflect the UV rays back, rather than allowing the material to absorb and become worn. It’s the UV rays that cause bleaching and damage to the fibers in the material.

If you don’t want to put a layer on your shades, you can always use a layer on your window. It’s possible to get a treatment that goes directly on the glass. This is an option if you’ve bought your home, where you don’t need to worry about anything a landlord might say. The treatments don’t damage the windows, but not all landlords want them!

The benefit of UV treatments is that you’ll reduce the damage to your furniture and walls from the UV rays. The treatments also help to reduce the heat coming into the room, since the UV rays are reflected back.

Repair Damages Right Away

Don’t leave the damages to fix on a rainy day. You want to make the repairs as soon as possible. If you have a few loose threads on the side, manage them quickly so they don’t get caught on something and unravel more. A little clear nail polish can help some materials avoid fraying even more!

You’ll also need to repair damage to the roller section and cord if that occurs—if you do have corded Federal Way roller shades. Broken cords become tangled and your blinds are no longer usable.

Looking after your roller shades in Federal Way will help to keep the long-term damage to a minimum. You’ll still need to replace them more frequently than the likes of shutters and faux wood blinds, but they remain as good as new for longer and brighten up your home better.

Why Mini Blinds in Federal Way Make the Perfect Option for the Office

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Whether you’re dressing a home office or looking for something for the business premises, Federal Way mini blinds are perfect for your windows. They offer a range of benefits that other window treatments can’t. Here are four reasons you need to consider mini blinds for your office space.

They Look Professional

Mini blinds in Federal Way are very similar to venetian blinds. In fact, they are venetian blinds but on a smaller scale. You can add multiple blinds next to each other to work for larger office windows without distracting. The mini blinds give a more professional look in the office space than many other types of blinds.

One of the benefits is the different material options. Faux wood is one of the most popular and you can get to look like different types of real wood. You take out the multi-colored look or low quality style of fabric and metal, while keeping the practicality of the blinds.

They’re Easy to Use

It doesn’t matter who is in the office. They will all be able to use the Federal Way mini blinds, creating a useful option for all the windows. Plus there are different ways to use the blinds, making them far more effective for the office. The blinds can be opened completely or closed completely. Then the slats can be moved up and down to force the sun’s rays to different parts of the office.

Someone who constantly has sun on their computer screen doesn’t just have to place the office in darkness or put up with the glare. It’s possible to turn the slats so the rays sit up a little, allowing light and preventing sun damage.

Affordable Options for the Office

You don’t want to spend a fortune for your office space so you can spend more money elsewhere in the business. This means you need something affordable. Faux wood venetian blinds don’t tend to offer than benefit, but Federal Way mini blinds are perfect. Because they are smaller and use less material, the manufacturers take the costs down.

There’s also no need to buy custom blinds for larger windows. Multiple mini blinds in a row will look natural. In fact, they often sit next to each other without a gap, so nobody can tell you have individual blinds.

Offer of Heating Benefits

You want to be comfortable in the office. Your employees need to be comfortable. Of course, you don’t want to constantly have the heating or air conditioning on in the office space because that just costs extra money. Mini blinds in Federal Way are perfect for this reason, especially faux wood blinds. They stop the UV rays coming in during the summer and prevent the heat escaping in the winter. You get more consistent heat during the seasons.

Federal Way mini blinds are the most cost effective and professional options for your office space. No matter how big or small the space is, consider faux wood mini blinds today.

How Plantation Shutters in Tukwila Really Help to Sell Your Home

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You may not be thinking about selling your home just yet, but you want to plan ahead for that time. If you’re going to live in a home for 10-20 years, Tukwila plantation shutters are highly recommended. You gain many benefits in the time you’ll live in the home, but they can also help to sell your home in the future. Here’s how shutters help with the sale of a property.

People See Permanent Fixtures without Going Through the Hassle

Plantation shutters are traditionally left behind in the home when you sell. Potential buyers will see that there are beautiful window fixtures already placed in. They don’t have to go through the hassle of getting the shutters themselves, so they’re more likely to rank a home with shutters higher than one without.

This will depend on the way your shutters look. Your plantation shutters in Tukwila will need to look like they’re new and will last for the decades to come. They need to fit well and offer all the benefits new shutters offer.

There’s a Chance to Talk About Benefits

People want a home that costs as little as possible to live in. This is more than just the mortgage costs, but also about the heating and air conditioning benefits. Plantation shutters have the ability to keep the costs of your bills to a minimum. This is something you or your real estate agent can touch on when in the house.

Good estate agents will actually point out the use of the shutters in the home on the listing. This will help to encourage discussion about all the benefits, especially the way home owners will save money in the long term.

This works for both internal and external plantation shutters in Tukwila. Potential buyers can learn about the lowered home insurance rates, the better privacy, and the protection against storms and damage.

No Need to Think About Window Treatments

Since the Tukwila plantation shutters are likely to be left in the home, your buyers have no need to think about window treatments and coverings. There’s no need to consider whether blinds, shutters, curtains, or shades will look good. They get to move in and have the treatments already there.

This is another way to save money and another reason why buyers are more likely to pay your asking price. Many will go through some work to make a home look like their own and looking at decorative items is one of those processes. If they get to move in with window coverings already in place, it’s one less question to ask themselves. Again, the plantation shutters need to look good and having neutral colored ones will be beneficial.

It’s time to think about getting plantation shutters in Tukwila. You’ll instantly gain financial benefits by installing them. When it does come to selling your home, you’ll have an extra element helping to push buyers to pay your asking price and even more!

Are Your Roman Blinds in Tukwila Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

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One of the benefits of getting indoor window treatments is that you can make them work based on the décor in the room. However, many people make mistakes with their treatments that affect their curb appeal. The way you’re choosing your Tukwila roman blinds could lead to you making this major curb appeal mistake.

Not Thinking about the Uniform Look

When someone looks at your home from the outside, they expect everything to look uniform and neat. This includes the way your windows look. Your roman blinds can be seen from the outside when they’re closed. If they’re all different colors, you get this odd and off-putting look.

This isn’t usually a problem when you’re living in the home. The big issue is when you’re trying to sell. People will get an instant thought about your home before walking through the door and a non-uniform look can instantly turn them off.

Does this mean that you need to buy the same roman blinds in Tukwila for each room? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of matching your décor? It’s not necessarily an instant ban on customizing per room.

Opt for the Same Backdrop

When you buy a set of roman shades, look at the way they look from the back. Does the pattern show through to the other side or is there a lining that covers the coloring? Look out for Tukwila roman shades that offer linings of the same color. You can still get the shades and styles to work with the room on the inside but create that uniform look from the outside.

Another option is to have your shades custom made. This is perfect if you have larger windows. You can organize for the backs of the shades to look the same.

Use Net Curtains on the Windows

If you want to get blinds that are purely all about the character of the room, you’ll want to consider another way to make your blinds look like they match from the outside. One of the best things you can do is hang net curtains in the window.

These are perfect for those who also want to gain some anti-UV benefits when their roman shades in Tukwila are open. The net curtains constantly hang over the window, blocking the view from the outside easily while helping to manage the glare coming into the home. You get the appearance of a uniform look without sacrificing the décor or style on the inside.

People walking to your front door will initially see the net curtains. They go in with a positive thought and then get to see the beautiful of the décor on the inside.

Are you making a mistake of having non-matching window treatments in your home? Are you taking advantage of stylish Tukwila roman shades without thinking what it looks like on the outside? If you’re selling your home, you’ll definitely want to think about the curb appeal your window coverings offer.

Why Get Auburn Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shutters

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There are so many different brands and companies selling blinds, shutters and other window treatments. Hunter Douglas in Auburn is one of those that you want to put at the top of your list. The reputable firm offers absolutely anything you could need. Here are reasons you need Hunter Douglas now.

Blinds, Shutters, Shades and More

Whether you want a set of blinds, some shades, or even exterior shutters for every window of your home, Hunter Douglas will help. The company covers all the window treatments you could need, with professional staff members to fit those that require professional installation (such as the shutters).

You also get the blinds online or in store. They will be delivered directly to your door, so you can install everything yourself if you can.

Reputable Multinational Firm

Sometimes you just want a name that you can trust. That’s exactly what you get when it comes to Hunter Douglas in Auburn. This is a multinational firm, so you don’t have to worry about where you may have moved from or where you may move to in the future. You’ll always be able to get the brand and it’s one that is highly reputable around the world.

This should put some confidence in your choice of blinds or shutters. You know that money you spend won’t be wasted.

Range of Styles for All

Whether you want a blackout effect, need something that offers more light control, or want something suitable for the bathroom, Hunter Douglas has got your back covered. There is literally something to suit all personal styles, tastes and needs. Shutters come in wood and faux wood, you can get venetian and vertical blinds, it’s possible to get a range of shades, and you can opt for beautiful curtains.

All you need to do is choose the type of window treatment you prefer. You’ll be able to look online and make a quick choice. It is best having an idea of the type of window treatment and color you want. This can help narrow down your initial search.

You can mix and match your options. There are blinds that work with drapes and shutters that look beautiful with decorative curtains. You’ll never be stuck for choice.

Affordable for All

There is something that will suit all budgets when you go for Hunter Douglas in Auburn. This is the perfect brand whether you’re renting or buying. There’s something for bathrooms, bedrooms, dens and more. Need solar shades for your conservatory? You’ll be able to find them. Want more protection to the outside of your home? Exterior shutters are available.

The brand lasts, too. This isn’t something you’ll need to replace a few years down the line, unless you decide you want to upgrade or chance colors.

It’s time to think consider Auburn Hunter Douglas more seriously. This is an excellent, durable and reliable brand that will make your rooms look and feel amazing. Now you just need to choose the type of treatment for your windows.

Do You Need Window Curtains in Federal Way with Exterior Shutters?

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You’ve decided to get exterior shutters on your home, and now you’re looking at the other window treatments available. Federal Way window curtains are highly popular, but do you really need to buy them? After all, you have exterior shutters. Don’t the shutters do the same job as the curtains?

Well, there are certain benefits to installing the curtains, too. Here’s a look at why you may want to have both.

Curtains Are Easier to Use

There’s one main benefit to window curtains in Federal Way. They’re much easier to use than shutters and you’re more likely to use them on a nightly basis. As soon as the light outside dims, you can draw them and use your interior lights. With exterior shutters, you’ll need to go outside to use them on a regular basis.

You may only have got the exterior shutters for aesthetic purposes. Or you may want them for the days that the weather is extremely bad. The curtains become your daily option to block the light, offer heat benefits, and protect your privacy.

It’s also possible to just quickly pull the curtains on when you need them. During the day, if you get a little glare, you can temporarily use the curtains to block it in seconds, instead of going outside and managing your shutters.

You Get Extra Heating Benefits

Even if you do use your shutters nightly, you’ll still want to consider Federal Way window curtains. The big benefit is the heating one. This will depend on the thickness of your curtains; you’ll want to think of this when buying.

Curtains offer an extra layer to capture the heat leaving your room. Rather than getting through the glass and getting stopped by the wood, your curtains will prevent the heat from even going through the glass. You keep far more in your home, keeping your heating bills down. Meanwhile, the shutters can offer the cooling benefits in the middle of the summer.

Aesthetic Benefits Inside

Your exterior shutters look beautiful, but they offer the beauty on the outside of your home. What about inside? Undressed windows look bare and odd. Getting a set of window curtains in Federal Way will offer that quick benefit to dress your windows and make them stand out for the right reasons.

It’s very easy to make your curtains work well with the room’s décor. You can get curtains in different colors and with patterns to work for the individual rooms. This brings out personality easily.

In fact, if you relied on the backs of the shutters to add color when the shutters are closed, you will still want the curtains. Shutters will have to have the same colors and styles, because they need to look uniform on the outside. Curtains allow for more individuality inside the home.

Even though you have exterior shutters, you’ll still want to consider Federal Way window curtains. They can be extremely beneficial in terms of looks and use.

4 Times You Need to Consider Exterior Shutters in Federal Way

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You may see a lot of homes in your area with exterior shutters. This can make you wonder whether you need to get them installed in your home too. While Federal Way exterior shutters certainly offer a range of benefits, they’re not for everyone. These are the four times you definitely do need to consider them, though.

In Bad Weather Area

If you live in a part of the area that is known for bad weather, you’ll definitely want to consider the shutters. Exterior shutters in Federal Way offer that extra protection for your glass. When trees blow around or debris hits the window, they won’t hit the glass when there are shutters up (and used properly).

This can give you more protection. Your insurance company may even lower your home insurance quote because you have something to minimize damages.

In Bad Crime Areas

If you live in an area that’s known for high crime levels, think seriously about Federal Way exterior shutters. When you use your shutters on the outside of your home, would-be burglars look at the home and walk away. There are too many risks for them to break into a home with shutters.

The big benefit is you make it harder for someone to get through the window. They immediately see that your home is barricaded, so won’t even bother trying. Exterior shutters also tend to offer more privacy, so you make it harder for people to see in. How do they know if you’re in or out? They’re not going to risk that!

Because you become a lower risk, your home insurance costs will be lower.

When You Want More Privacy

As mentioned, exterior shutters offer more privacy. When you use them, you block out the view coming from the outside. Absolutely nobody can look in and this can make you feel safer in your home.

You will need to use your shutters for this to become effective. However, you will also block the light coming into the home. The privacy benefits are more for a night and link to the anti-theft benefits, helping to reduce the cost of your home insurance.

You Want More Value to Your Home

If you want a quick way to add more value to your home, then you’ll definitely want to consider Federal Way exterior shutters. The window treatments are permanent, custom-made fixtures. They remain there when you leave and add aesthetic benefits to your home.

Your buyers also realize that there’s one less job for them to do when they move in. They’re more willing to pay extra because of the convenience. You’ll just need to make sure you carry out routine maintenance on your shutters to ensure they always look good.

Exterior shutters in Federal Way certainly look beautiful, but they do more than add aesthetics to your home. They’re highly practical, especially for certain individuals. If any of the four factors above affect you, make sure you give exterior shutters a good consideration.

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