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5 Important Considerations Before Buying Stafford Drapes

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Drapes in Stafford can be beautiful additions to your home. They are also one of the most budget-friendly window covering options. Before you just jump at any type of drape for your space, make sure you look at these five important considerations.

Dark or Light Colors Depends on Room Size

Dark Stafford drapes do work well for nurseries to block out the light for babies. Other than that, if you have a small room you will want to opt for lighter colors. The dark shades will draw attention to the smaller room size, making the space look cramped.  Lighter colors help to open up the space more, creating a friendlier and wider atmosphere.

If you have a large space, darker drapes can help to draw in the space. Your room doesn’t look as empty and bare, and there are focal points within the room.

Colors Also Affect the Mood

Red drapes in Stafford bedrooms can be a negative color. While they help to bring some passion, red colors also affect irritability and bad moods. You want brighter colors that will help to make you happier and more at ease. Blues, yellows, and lighter shades of green can work.

Think about the mood that you want to bring to the room. Use the colors that will help to create that. If you are in doubt, you can always opt for creams or navy blue until you decide what mood you want to create.

Thick Materials Aren’t Always the Best

It may be worth investing in two sets of drapes, especially if your Stafford home struggles with hot and cold temperatures throughout the year. Thicker materials are excellent for keeping the heat in the room during the winter, but they can create a space that is too hot during the summer. You may want lighter materials to help encourage air flow around the room.

Opt for the lighter materials during the summer. Think about materials that will help to absorb heat from the sun but allow the air to flow throughout the night. It’s a balancing act, but one that may people forget about!

Consider Length Carefully

If you have a low ceiling, longer drapes can help to create the feeling of a larger space. Look out for drapes that you can hang slightly higher than the actual window but that will reach the floor (or just over the heating vent if you have one under the window).

When your ceiling is already high, you will want to find a balance for length. Opting for drapes that just cover the window will look out of place in the middle of the wall space. Let the drapes start from the top of the window but hang all the way to the floor.

Think About Cleaning Methods

Many Stafford drapes are designed to remain hanging. They don’t need regular washing and will just need some shaking and vacuuming now and then to remove the dust. However, if your drapes are going to be cleaned regularly, you want to think about the methods.

Dry cleaning is a popular option to maintain the health of the material. However, this can be expensive and annoying for busy families. It’s worth considering whether your drapes in Stafford can be hand washed or placed in the washing machine for ease.

There’s more to think about than the a color you like for your drapes in Stafford. Consider how the color will make everyone feel and the space of the room you’re hanging the drapes in.

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