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3 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Any Window Treatments in Lincoln

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Lincoln window treatments are a necessary part of making your home comfortable and practical. There are just so many options that it can make your head spin. Before you just pick one and run with it, you need to consider your budget, the room, the space, and the décor. Some are more important than others and will directly affect the type of blinds, curtains, or shutters you get. Here are three things you need to consider before buying any types of window treatments.

The Time You’ll Be in the Property

Are you buying a property to quickly flip and sell? Would you like a family home for the decades to come? The answers you have to the questions will affect the type of treatments you get. Some treatments are low in cost and designed for shorter-term use. Others are designed for permanency and will add value to the home in the long term.

If you’re going to live in the property for a few years, you might want to consider shades, blinds, or curtains. However, if this is a property for life, plantation shutters could be the perfect option. Those who are renting will likely find shades and curtains the best options as they are so low in cost.

Figure Out the Basics

You’ll want to know everything that the blinds, curtains, drapes, and shutters can offer. This means going through the pros and cons to find the best window treatmentsin Lincoln for you. Some will offer more light benefits, helping to control the direction if the light and not just block it out. Other treatments are better for privacy or allow for more light to shine through without the glare. Then there are others that offer heating benefits.

Don’t forget to look into the use of the window coverings. Are they practical for your needs? Can they be motorized to make things easier?

Consider the type of room you’re placing the Lincoln window treatments in. How will the materials warp with heat and moisture?

The Style You Want

Décor and style are important when choosing Lincoln window treatments. This is more than just making sure your colors match. You want to think about patterns, size, and materials. Make sure the materials match the practicality of the room, such as keeping fabrics out of a room that suffers a lot of moisture.

When you want a rustic look in the home, wood or faux wood blinds can be perfect. If you want to bring a sense of the past, thicker and darker drapes are beneficial. However, if you want an airy feeling for the room, you might want to consider solar shades. Don’t forget about mini blinds for a professional look in your home office space.

Don’t just buy the first set of window treatments in Lincoln that you find. Take the time to consider your budget, your needs, and your expectations. This will help you find treatments that are practical and beautiful for each living space.

4 Ideas for Repurposing Your Plantation Shutters in Lincoln

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While Lincoln plantation shutters last for decades, eventually they need replacing. If parts of them have been broken in harsh storms, you’ll want to replace them to get all the benefits again. Replacing your shutters doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. You can repurpose them for other needs and uses. Here are four ideas for repurposing your shutters the next time you’re replacing them.

Create a New Shelving Unit

How about creating a beautiful shelving unit for your home? There are a few ways that you can do this. Start by just laying your shutters flat and placing L-shaped or triangular brackets underneath to hold in place. The louvers on the plantation shutters in Lincoln will act as a stand for your plates and dishes! No need to have everything piled on top of each other in the cupboard.

Another option is to nail up-right to the wall. You can add small boards of wood or faux wood to the front, to create longer shelves for your makeup, jewelry, and more. If you want something by the door, consider hooks for your keys along one of the louvers.

Don’t forget to varnish down the wood and repaint it before making your shelves. This way you can make them fit your room décor.

Make Christmas Decorations

Close the louvers and start painting a Christmas background. The shutters can hang outside to welcome people in or sit close to the tree in the room. The repurposed shutters look beautiful and you can have any type of artwork on the front that you want. Snowmen are the most popular, but consider dressing up with snowflakes and baubles.

And it’s not just Christmas decorations that work. Consider beach decorations or dress up with leaves and pinecones for the fall. You can have different Lincoln plantation shutters for each season to bring the world to life.

Try a Rustic Table

How about adding some legs to your shutters? You can make your boards into a table, both with the louvers open or closed. If the shutters aren’t broken and just look worn, consider leaving them to make them more authentic and rustic.

However, you can sand down the wood and transform the shutters into something new and brighter. Make your table work with the décor in the house, regardless of the type of Lincoln plantation shutters you have.

Opt for a Rustic Headboard

Instead of buying a headboard for your bed, consider opting for the shutters to work in its place instead. You can nail the shutters to the wall and push the bed right up against it. If your bed comes with a headboard, the shutters can still work.

Consider keeping the shutters in the current state, as long as they’re not overly damaged. You’ll get the rustic appeal in the room.

As long as your plantation shutters in Lincoln aren’t moldy or a hazard, you can repurpose them for your home. Consider the above four options and make them practical additions after their lifespan.

Why Perfect-Fit Honeycomb Blinds in Lincoln Are the Best for Conservatories

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If you have a conservatory, you want a set of window treatments that allow the light in but block the glare. Solar shades are often touted as the best option, but they’re not great for heating benefits. This is where Lincoln honeycomb blinds come into play. Perfect-fit blinds are the best for all conservatories and here’s a look at why.

No Gaps in Your Windows

During the winter, your blinds should help to keep the heating in your home. They should help you spend less on your heating bills. Solar shades don’t offer that benefit. While honeycomb blinds in Lincoln are good, getting the perfect-fit ones are even better. They offer no gaps at all in your windows, as they’re placed on sliders in your window frame.

The lack of gaps is also good for the summer. You will still let light in, but not the UV rays that heat up the home. There are no gaps for the heat to sneak through, so you can keep the cost of your air conditioning bills to a minimum while enjoying your conservatory.

Plus the perfect-fit blinds work in the same way as other honeycomb blinds. The honeycombs will trap the heat and circulate it back the way it came. This naturally helps to reduce the amount you need to use the heating and air conditioning in the winter and summer respectively.

Privacy but Still Light

Many people opt for solar shades in the conservatory because of the lighting benefits. You allow the light in without all the glare. Other blinds tend to block the light completely. That’s not the case for honeycomb blinds. The perfect-fit options tend to be lighter in color, so you still get the light but reduce the glare considerably.

During the night, you also get the privacy benefits. Solar shades work like one way mirrors. During the day you have plenty of privacy but on a night people can see into your home easily. Lincoln honeycomb blinds don’t offer that downside. They block the view into your home throughout the day, so you can enjoy the conservatory even on the evening, as the sun starts setting.

No Cords to Keep the Family Safe

Perfect-fit honeycomb blinds in Lincoln are the safety option for those with children running around. You can’t keep your eye on children all the time. That just isn’t realistic no matter what the perfect parents will tell you. But you can keep the rooms as safe as possible and getting rid of corded blinds is the first step.

Perfect-fit blinds sit in the frame on a runner. You just simple pull up and down to open and close. There are no strings that can become tangled or cause a health hazard at all like you have with solar shades.

It’s time to consider Lincoln honeycomb blinds, but not just any type. Perfect-fit blinds offer a world of benefits: practical, financial, and safety ones.

How to Maintain Your Motorized Blinds in Lincoln

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You’ve decided on Lincoln motorized blinds. They are certainly highly beneficial, especially if you struggle to reach high up or you’re physically disabled. However, you still need to maintain these blinds to ensure they work. Just how much will you need to do to ensure your blinds look good and work effectively? Here are the important steps of routine motorized blind maintenance.

A Regular Clean

Cleaning blinds is a standard part of having them anyway. Every month or two, you’d want to clean the blinds to prevent too much dust collection. This keeps your room fresh and allergen free, while making your blinds took good and new. You’ll also want to clean where the dust can get in the motorized system, which often just means a feather duster to the top and just within, where the blinds hang.

If you have pets, you may want to clean more regularly. This helps to get rid of any pet hair that has clung onto the blinds, getting rid of those allergens.

Those who hang motorized curtains instead of motorized blinds in Lincoln will want to give the curtains a shake each morning. This would be standard with traditional curtains to help dislodge the dust collecting at the bottom but is routinely forgotten about when you have motorized systems.

Replacing the Battery

If you have a wireless system, replacing the batteries will be necessary. Just because your system doesn’t work instantly on a morning doesn’t mean the batteries are the problem. On a night, your motorized system will often go into sleep mode. You’ll need to press the button twice to turn it on and then start the blinds moving to open them. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean your system is broken.

When you find you’re pressing the buttons more than once during the day, especially if you’ve been using the blinds frequently, then you may want to look at changing the batteries.

Make sure you have a set of new batteries stored in your home. Sometimes you can’t tell when the batteries decide to stop working, so having a spare set will mean you’re ready for anything.

Listen Out for Strange Noises

Part of the routine maintenance of Lincoln motorized blinds is listening out for noises or looking out for something that doesn’t seem right. The motor can start to wear down from routine use. There may also be a fault within the system. Listening out and getting a professional in to check on it will help to ensure fixes are made when they’re most routine.

Preventing a major problem is always going to be cheaper than fixing it. You’ll want to book a service yearly, like you would with your car, to make sure there are no direct issues forming.

Looking after your motorized blinds in Lincoln is essential if you want to get your money’s worth. They’re designed to last for decades, but only if you treat them well, clean them, and get them serviced.

Could Wood Blinds in Lincoln Work in the Bathroom?

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You’re looking for a window covering for the bathroom. This is one of the rooms that needs it the most, as a lot of private things happen in the room. The last thing you want is for the nosy neighbors to see in. However, you also have to deal with the moisture and heat in the room, which can cause problems for some shades, blinds and curtains. Lincoln wood blinds could be the perfect option.

The Material Is Used to Changing Humidity

One of the benefits of wood is that it’s used to the change in temperature and moisture. High and low levels of humidity won’t have the safe effect on wooden blinds as it would on fabric shades. This can help to minimize the negative effects within the shades.

Most other materials will soak in the moisture and struggle to release it. This can lead to mold growth within the fabric. Wood blinds in Lincoln (as long as they’ve been looked after well) won’t soak in all the moisture or suffer damage from high humidity levels. You can see less rotting and mold growth.

However, the wood blinds aren’t as effective as living trees outside. The trees will soak in the water and use it for growth. There’s no need for wood blinds to do that, so you’ll need to make sure you maintain the blinds and get rid of excess moisture in the room.

Faux Wood Blinds May Be Better

Rather than opting for real Lincoln wood blinds, you might want to opt for faux wood blinds instead. They are especially beneficial in the bathroom, since they won’t soak in the water at all. They’re lined with a protective coating that helps to reduce the amount of absorbed water and keeps the blinds looking great.

This protective layer can also help minimize UV damage. Even your bathroom windows will allow the sun’s rays in, especially if you have a south facing window. You’ll suffer UV damage throughout the room, unless you have the right window coverings.

Faux wood blinds in Lincoln won’t warp in the heat. They always look good and they require less maintenance than real wood blinds. Yes, there’s a slightly extra cost, but it’s not that much and the blinds will last much longer.

Venetian Wood Blinds Are Perfect

Look out for wooden blinds with a venetian style. These have the horizontal slats that will give you the chance to maximize both light and privacy. You’ll have the chance to direct the rays into the room to keep the light shining through, but in a way that makes it impossible for your nosy neighbors to see in. You’ll likely feel more secure and relaxed in your own home.

Lincoln wood blinds can be the perfect option for your bathroom. Faux wood blinds are especially beneficial, especially when you get them in a venetian style. They don’t warp or suffer the moisture damage many other types of window coverings do.

What Type of Cordless Shades in Lincoln Can You Buy?

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You’ve decided on buying Lincoln cordless shades. Whether this is due to safety or for design purposes doesn’t matter. All that matters is you know what you want and now you need to figure out which types of blinds and shades you can now buy. Are your options limited when you opt for cordless structures?

Roller, Roman and Cellular Shades Are More Popular

The most popular types of cordless shades are roller, roman, and cellular. These types of shades are easy to make and affordable to buy. They also offer a range of design and heating benefits. Cellular shades tend to be the most popular because of the way they sit seamlessly within the window. They tend to sit on runners, so you can move them up and down.

You can get cellular shades that work from both the top and bottom, giving you more lighting benefits. If the sun is high,  you keep your shades towards the top, but when you have a low sun day and want to block the glare and keep the light, you can pull from the top down and have more functionality.

Roller blinds tend to be favored for those who want the cheapest options. Roman cordless shades in Lincoln look beautiful but aren’t as functional as the others.

Solar Shades for the Conservatory

When you want something for the conservatory, look out for cordless solar shade options. These types of shades work very similar to cellular or roller shades, making them extremely beneficial for the home.

You also have the option of getting the cordless shades in Lincoln on a motor. With just a push of the button, you’ll be able to pull all the shades down.

Solar shades don’t tend to work in other rooms in the home. While they block out the glare and keep the light in the day, they can lead to people seeing in easily on a night.

Anything Is Possible Motorized

All motorized shades are cordless. These types of shades offer a range of other benefits, including the ability to work all your shades from the one room. There’s no need to get up and down when you want to open and close your cordless shades in Lincoln. You don’t need to reach up high and hope your mobility issues don’t get in the way.

Roller and roman shades tend to be popular motorized, as well as solar shades. They can be used in all rooms in the home.

Opt for Shutters Instead

If you find Lincoln cordless shades don’t quite offer all the benefits you need, you could opt for shutters instead. They are far more practical and beautiful. While they cost more upfront, you save that money in the long term. You don’t even need to look for anything special, like you would with shades. All shutters are cordless and safe for the family.

Lincoln cordless shades are beautiful and practical. Now you just need to choose the best types for your home.

When to Use Lincoln Roller Shades in Your Home

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There are so many different types of shades and blinds. Trying to choose the best one for your home isn’t easy. Sometimes the best thing you can do is pick an option and run with it. Roller shades in Lincoln are perfect for the majority of houses, especially if you’re on a low budget. Here are all the times you’ll want to seriously consider using them in your home.

You’re Renting a Property

Honestly, there’s no need to spend a fortune on window treatments for someone else’s home. While you want the home to look good, you will also want to keep the costs to a minimum; spend the money where it’s going to work out the most beneficial for you.

Lincoln roller blinds are among your cheapest options for dressing your windows. They’re extremely easy to install and very minimal chances of damaging the woodwork around your windows. This will mean less taken from your deposit to rectify anything you’ve done around the property.

The same applies if you’re a landlord and adding blinds for your tenants. Opt for roller blinds, since they’re cheaper to install and less expensive to replace in the future.

You Have a Low Budget

Think about the money you have to spend. Roller blinds are some of the cheapest options, so they are perfect when you have a whole home to kit out and no money to spend. You don’t need to pay for someone to measure and install them (like you do with shutters) and there’s no need to adapt windows in any way.

Roller shades in Lincoln tend to be a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, the majority of windows are the same size in width. The companies then just add extra material so you can have them long or short.

They’re still practical despite the costs.

There Are No Children

If you have children in the home, you may want to consider other options. However, when you’re single adults or an adult couple, you can look at roller shades in Lincoln.

Why without children? The majority have cords that you will pull. These cords are extremely dangerous for children. However, many companies are now looking at changing their blinds, so they work with a pull and push system. This is something to consider to keep the cheaper options without sacrificing safety.

You Just Want Something Simple

Roller shades have the benefit of being easy to use. The décor is often simple to fit with the rest of the home, whether you go for block colors or basic patterns. You can also make them stand out with some cartoon characters and geometric shapes.

With roller blinds, you get the chance to choose something because you like the look of it. You don’t have to worry about how to use them when they’re installed!

Why not opt for Lincoln roller shades in your home? Now is the perfect time to consider them, regardless of budget.

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