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3 Color Schemes for Venetian Blinds in Lincoln in 2018

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The new year is almost here and it’s time to look at your color scheme options. Décor tips change on an annual basis and Lincoln venetian blinds make it easy to follow tips and tricks. If you’re looking to change the décor in your home, consider these color schemes for your venetian blinds, whatever the room.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Start with the neutral look. White venetian blinds look crisp and clean. While they can mean a little more maintenance for cleaning, they will always look bright. Venetian blinds in Lincoln allow a little sunlight into your room, which the white allows to shine through better. You’ll still get daylight but no glare, making them perfect options for the conservatory.

You can also opt for beiges or darker neutral colors. This will depend on the look you want for the room. The benefit of lighter colors is the opening of the space. Getting the natural light through the shades will help to brighten up the area and make a small room look much larger.

Faux wood venetian blinds are among the most popular. You can get these in a light wood, bringing the outdoors inside but without pulling the attention to the windows. Sometimes the point of blinds is to make the windows blend well with the walls.

Work with Bold Colors

Let your windows become a statement in your home with the use of your Lincoln venetian blinds. Consider bold colors, such as bright reds, teal greens, and deep purples. Your windows will draw attention from guests, making them stand out for the glory that they offer.

Keep your walls relatively neutral if you’re going to opt for bold colors in the blinds. You want to avoid too much clashing. Consider using the same color as the blinds along your woodwork and with accessories in the home to continue the color scheme.

These bold looks can work well in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Think about the feelings colors give to help create the right atmosphere in individual rooms.

Add to the Rustic Look

Venetian blinds in Lincoln look absolutely beautiful in plain wood colors. While you may want to avoid real wood blinds, you can get the rustic look with faux wood or bamboo. Consider bold wood colors or varnished styles, whether oak, walnut or maple.

You’ll want to continue the rustic look throughout the rest of the room. This look works extremely well in conservatories, where you will likely have plenty of plants and that look straight into the garden. The bathroom and kitchen can also benefit from a little bit of a rustic feel. This is also popular for the office space if you work from home.

Rustic is becoming extremely popular in 2018. There’s a focus on recycling and nature, which bamboo venetian blinds offer easily and effectively.

It’s time to consider your color schemes. Don’t just buy colors you enjoy. Think about the feel of the shades, the atmosphere of the room, and the décor that you want. This will help you determine the best materials and colors of Lincoln venetian blinds for your home.

How to Make Blackout Blinds Lincoln Look Awesome

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You know you need Lincoln blackout blinds for rooms. They’re practical, especially for a child’s bedroom. The problem is they can look boring. That’s because of the common misconceptions about blackout options. Gone are the days where they have to be made with dark materials. Here are the top tips to make your blackout blinds look awesome.

Thick Material, Bright Colors

Nobody has to have dark blackout blinds in Lincoln if they don’t want. While you may decide that black or dark blue options are best for the décor, you can also look out for bright colors. Yellows, reds, oranges, and even whites are popular options for many.

It’s all about the thickness of the material. Look out for thick PVC roller blinds. The material is naturally opaque, regardless of the color of it. You can end up with crisp and bright shades that work better for the room’s décor. You get to add far more excitement and style with the look, rather than working around the blinds in the best way possible.

PVC isn’t the only material option. You can also get thick fabrics to get the blackout effect. Bright pinks, baby blues, and soft creams are all possible with the right blackout material.

Opt for a Printed Image

Rather than just going for a color or pattern, add a print image to your blackout blinds. There are now many that come with floral prints, beautiful woodland artwork and other outdoor designs. They help to bring an element of nature into the room, making it look bigger than normal.

It’s also possible to get custom made blackout blinds. You can add a printed image or artwork of your own choice. It’s possible to add a family portrait or a landscape photo that you adore the most.

These printed images are beautiful for adult bedrooms or for teenagers. Let the person whose room it is choose the printed image, especially when it comes to custom made. Just watch out for people choosing to have the blinds closed all the time!

Get Cartoon Characters Printed On

How about putting favorite characters on the blinds? Some Lincoln blackout blinds already come with the typical cartoon characters. You can get cute dogs, cats, bears and more. However, you can also select popular cartoon characters. Going for comic book heroes is another popular option when it comes to blackout blinds for the bedroom.

These can work for all rooms. Nurseries look adorable with the printed cartoon characters. You can even choose the alphabet and numbers to make the blinds teaching materials as the children get older. When kids outgrow the cartoon characters, they can choose movies, TV shows, and comics they love the most to put in their bedrooms.

Go with Beautiful Floral Prints

Rather than the artwork, invest in blackout blinds in Lincoln with beautiful floral prints. Work with vines intertwining along a white or cream base. Look into getting fall leaves falling from the top. Consider snowflakes for your winter décor.

The best thing about floral prints is there is something for all seasons. You can bring the outdoors to your bedroom without any hassle. This works with other décor items to make your room shine bright.

Don’t just choose black shades for your Lincoln blackout blinds if you don’t want them. It’s not the color that blocks all the light, but the material. With the right material, you can use the above tips to make your room look awesome.

4 Tips for Decorating with Drapes in Lincoln Like a Pro

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You know you want to hang Lincoln drapes in your home. That’s great! You’ve certainly cut down your window treatment options and found something cost effective for your needs. Now it’s just about decorating with them. It’s not as simple as just picking beautiful looking drapes and installing them quickly. You need to make sure they fit your window right and match the rest of your décor. Here are the top XX tips for decorating with drapes like a pro.

Never Underestimate the Length

Getting the right length for your drapes is essential. Many people work with the window length, but you just don’t get the right feel and appearance. It’s not just about reaching the floor, but about reaching from ceiling to the floor. You want to cover the whole wall space around your windows to make the drapes fit beautifully.

There are a few times that shorter drapes in Lincoln will work. If you have heaters under your windows, you may want to hang the drapes just above them. This will help to protect the drape material from heat damage. If you have high ceilings and low windows, hanging from in the middle of the two will help to create the length and minimize the ceiling height a little.

Always Work with a Color Scheme

You may just want the cheapest Lincoln drapes you can find, but this is not the way to create a beautiful look in your home. Don’t just opt for white or black. Think about the color scheme in your home. The drapes will dress the window and combine with the décor in the home.

Start by looking at the paintwork in your home. If you have alcoves painted in a bold color, consider using drapes in the same shade. The windows and alcoves complement each other, promoting the same boldness and beauty. This is especially beneficial if your alcoves are on the wall opposite your window.

You don’t need alcoves to make this work. Match the color of specific items of furniture or accessories. You can even paint the woodwork along the walls in the same color. Use white or cream for the rest of the walls to avoid clashing colors.

Don’t Just Hang Around the Windows

While most drapes will be used for the windows, this isn’t the only option. Drapes make beautiful accents for other parts of the room. You can dress full-length mirrors or pieces of artwork. Consider covering a wall or creating a divided in the room. You can even use the drapes around the bed for extra privacy and regality.

Don’t shutter yourself into just one use for your drapes in Lincoln. Consider every option available with your drapes to create a décor of your dreams.

Utilize Other Window Treatments

Your drapes don’t have to be the only items around your windows. Drapes work extremely well with other window treatments, especially shutters and blinds. You get double the light and heat control, extra privacy, and more security.

Make sure your drapes and other window treatments work together. Consider picking a drape color that stands out with furniture accessories or single wall colors and then have the shutters or blinds blend in with the rest of your room. This way the drapes continue to stand out beautifully and command the attention you dream of having.

Don’t just choose and hang. You want your Lincoln drapes to stand out for the right reasons. It’s all about size and coloring to decorate like a pro.

4 Major Benefits of Getting Outdoor Patio Blinds in Lincoln

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You’ve considered patio blinds for your doors, but now it’s time to consider them for the outdoor area. Exterior patio blinds in Lincoln are among the most valuable and effective tools you can install. They’re also cost friendly. But isn’t the whole point of an outdoor space to allow the light in? Well, here are the four major benefits of getting outdoor blinds installed around your home.

Offering Extra Privacy

While blinds are primarily designed for light control, that’s not the only reason to have them. Blinds help to offer privacy, especially in an outdoor space. While they won’t stop sound from travelling, they will help to keep away nosey neighbors who like to spy on your activities.

The privacy aspect is excellent when throwing a birthday party or outdoor event in your open space. You may not want everyone in the neighborhood seeing, so the blinds help to keep elements secret.

Setting up the blinds can also offer privacy to people you’ve hired. They may need a space to set up for their acts or events away from the watchful eye of guests.

Protection from Some of the Elements

Just because it’s sunny doesn’t mean you want the sun baring down on you throughout the day. You’ll want to take steps to create shade in your garden. This is where outdoor patio blinds in Lincoln are extremely beneficial. You can create shade while adding an element of style.

Exterior blinds are also designed with the elements in mind. As well as shade, you can add a wind breaker or shelter from the rain. It’s possible to enjoy the garden even when the weather isn’t necessarily perfect. Summer barbecues don’t have to be called off because of drizzly weather, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on a gazebo in the garden.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

The Lincoln patio blinds are also good for when you’re not in the garden. You can use them to protect your outdoor furniture. UV rays and damp weather can cause materials to break down. While most patio furniture is designed for this, after a while the products need replacing and they can be expensive. It’s cheaper and easier to replace patio blinds after a while.

The blinds are made to withstand the majority of the elements. They can also help to prevent the wind picking up non-tethered patio furniture, preventing them from blowing around the garden and causing damage.

Can Also Be Pulled Inside

Many exterior patio blinds don’t just have an outdoor use. They can also be used inside the house. It’s easy to move them where you need to, helping to cut down the costs on your window treatments. When throwing an outdoor party, you can install the blinds outside, but then bring them straight back in and place them back on the windows for the night. You get the best of both worlds without the extra costs.

The blinds come in a variety of styles and materials. They will work with all decors and help to create the look of a sunny day even when its drizzly outside.

It’s time to consider exterior Lincoln patio blinds. They are beneficial for more than just light control. You get an element of shade and other weather protection, while creating extra privacy in your garden. Why not install some today?

How to Determine You Have Child Safe Blinds in Lincoln

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There is a lot of focus on Lincoln child safe blinds at the moment. A number of horror stories have led to companies looking at alternative ways to create blinds. In the majority of cases, it’s all about the cords. Companies are cutting the cord to make sure small necks can’t get caught. But there are many other things companies are doing to keep your family safe. Here’s how to determine your blinds are child safe in your home.

Check the Cords

If you can’t afford to replace your corded blinds for cordless options, you’ll want to check the way the cord sits. Blinds with a loop are definitely not safe for children. Young children don’t understand that getting something wrapped around their necks is dangerous. It’s easy to become trapped in the loop while playing.

While some people will put the cord out of reach, this isn’t a foolproof option to create child safe blinds in Lincoln. Nor should you just tie the cord up and hope it stay out of reach. The best thing to do would be to cut the cord in two separate pieces.

Get Non-Looped or Cordless Options

Quite honestly, replacing your blinds is something worth considering. You can purchase corded blinds that aren’t as dangerous to your children as the ones you currently have. It’s possible to get a cord system that twists and is enclosed in a plastic hanger. It’s impossible for the knotted cord to become a danger issue unless the plastic breaks; and if this happens, you’ll want to replace your blind.

Of course, cordless options are certainly the best way to get Lincoln child safe blinds. These usually have a pull and lock mechanism. You pull the middle of the blind and then lock it in place. You have to pull the blind on an angle to release from the lock.

Make Sure the Lock Doesn’t Accidentally Go Off

Not all cordless options are perfect for your needs. The locking mechanism may be faulty or temperamental. The last thing you want is your child to just touch the blind and it bounces back in place. There’s a risk of damage to the body and face. Test the mechanism when you put the blinds up. If it is temperamental have it replaced or buy a new system.

One option is to have a system with a button at the top. You pull the blind down with your hands, but have to reach up for the button to release. Small children won’t be able to reach it, making the system one of the safest.

Consider Blinds on a Rung

You can get blinds that sit in a rung. You can just move the blinds up, down or to the side (depending on the style of blind) so they open and close. Some of the blinds sit open anywhere within the window, allowing you to pull from the top to let light in without glaring into the eyes.

These types of systems can be extremely safe for children. They don’t have cords and run on levers, so little worry about the locking systems. You can also keep the systems out of reach of children.

Consider all your options for child safe blinds in Lincoln. Now is the time to make changes before something happens to the important people in your family.

Looped vs. Classic Roman Blinds in Lincoln: Which Is Right for You?

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Lincoln roman blinds are extremely popular. They’re aesthetically pleasing for many styles and personalities. Roman blinds are also known as roman shades and they come in two types: classic and looped designs. Just what are they and which will be the right for you? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

Looped Roman Blinds for a Cascading Look

When you think about adding roman shades to your home, you will likely think of the looped options. They are also known as hobbled and flat roman blinds in Lincoln. They certainly look beautiful and offer a cascading view from the top of your window.

Hobbled styles will stick out very slightly when they are opened. The loops stand forward, rather than working over the top of the lower layers. The cascading style is more prominent.

On the other hand, flat roman blinds will sit neatly on top of each other. They still have a cascading view but can take up less space and look neater.

Classic Roman Shades for a Simple Look

The classic shades will pull upwards and sit in a neat, stacked section at the top. In most cases, the material crumples slightly, which is more visible when the shade sits partially open. The blind hides away from everything when it’s opened, so the focus is on the actual window.

In some cases, the classic style can hang slightly lower in the middle. The cords are at the sides, drawing them up tighter than the middle section.

Which Is Best for You?

The type of Lincoln roman shades you choose for your home will depend on the goal you have for your room and style. The looped designs will certainly draw attention in. They tell people that there is something hanging in the window throughout the day. While they stay out of the way, you’ll need to make sure the color and material works with the décor you wanted for the room.

Classic shades don’t quite have this. You can hide the shades completely throughout the day. The only time they stand out is when they are in use. If you’re worried about anyone seeing them while open, you can use window treatments at the top to easily hide the material of the blinds.

All other benefits are the same. The blinds are made of durable material that can be partially see-through or completely opaque. It’s easy to control the light in the room by opening and closing the blinds. With slightly see-through options, you can keep the light coming in without the glare. This manages the light levels a little easier.

There are also the same heating benefits. The material will prevent the heat escaping through the window in your home, lowering the costs of your energy bills.

Whether you get looped or classic roman blinds in Lincoln, you’ll get beautiful shades to add character to the home. It’s possible to mix and match for the different rooms, making sure you get the right character for every single room and personality.

5 Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades in Lincoln

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Have you ever thought about Lincoln solar shades? While you’ve likely considered interior options, exterior solar shades could be the perfect option. Here’s a look at all the benefits for fitting them to the outside of your home.

A Custom Fit Is Easy

The last thing you want is to detract from the beauty of your home. Whether you want the shades to make your home look prettier or are just after something for practical reasons, you need to make sure the shades work with your outdoor space. It’s essential that you find something that is custom fit for all your needs.

Solar shades in Lincoln are the perfect option. They work for almost all outdoor spaces, no matter how big or small. They’re perfect for balconies, sunrooms, and even patios. It’s possible to mount them on the inside of the window frames or have them stand out in all their glory.

They Help Block UV Rays

When you’re outside, you’ll want to keep your skin safe from the UV rays. We all know how damaging the rays are. Lincoln solar shades offer more protection to block the rays from even touching your skin. You can enjoy a seat outside without worrying about timing your exposure. You’ll also protect your patio and outside furniture from sun rot because of the placement of the solar shades.

The exterior shades will take in most of the rays. This can cause them to become damaged themselves over time. Make sure you get shades with the right materials to reflect the rays and avoid too much UV rot.

Reduce the Temperatures Around Your Home

While you want to enjoy the sun, you don’t necessary want to feel like you’re baking in the heat. The problem is running too many fans around the exterior of your home will cut into your utility bills. It’s time to consider solar shades around your home instead.

Exterior solar shades in Lincoln work in the same way as interior shades. They will prevent the heat of the sun’s rays getting through. You’ll have comfortable shade helping you enjoy your time outside.

Offer More Privacy While Outside

When you enjoy time in your garden, you can suffer from neighbors looking in. It’s important to protect the privacy of your family while in the garden. The solar shades make it possible to do that. While you can’t stop the sound travelling, the neighbors won’t be able to see what everyone is up to.

The best part of many exterior shades is that you can usually see out of them, without your privacy being interrupted. The sheer material doesn’t block your view of your garden, helping you enjoy more of your time outside.

They Withstand the Elements

Worried about how your shades will hold up against the elements? After all, most solar shades are designed with flimsy material. That’s not the case when they’re for the exterior of your home. The shades are made with durable material that will actually help to protect more of your outdoor items from the elements and changeable weather.

It’s time to consider Lincoln solar shades for the outside of your home. There are many ways you can benefit from them, whether you want something for a small balcony or a large patio. You’ll be surprised at the extra privacy and comfort you get from these affordable treatments around your home.

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