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Hardworking Home Office Window Treatments: Here's the best window treatments for your home office!

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Hardworking Home Office Window Treatments TOP BANNER

The kids are running around, the dog needs let out, the TV is too loud, and your neighbor decides to stop by unannounced. All you want to do is focus and be in the zone for your best work in your home office. With so many distractions around, you might not be able to avoid them all. But one distraction you can nip in the bud are your window treatments. No more putting up with too much or too little light. No more computer screen glares causing you to squint and reposition just to see the screen. No more trying to rev up your creative mojo while hating your surroundings. As such a hard worker, you want your space to compliment and encourage your endeavours. Get ready to shut your office door, and step into productivity.

Reduce Glare On Computer Screens

We all love natural light - usually the more natural light, the better! But when it causes a glare on your computer screen, not only does natural light suddenly become frustrating, but also tends to cause eye strain. Instead of rearranging your furniture, try Solar Shades on your Mill Creek, Washington windows. Solar Shades incorporate the smooth functionality of Roller Shades in light filtering materials that reduce glare and block damaging UV rays. Because they filter and diffuse natural light, they create just the right ambience in the room for you to laser focus on your work. Budget Blinds in Snohomish County has an impressive collection of fabrics in all sizes to fit any window or style. You can even try motorized solar shades for those moments when the sun is rising or setting, and you just want to adjust your view for a little bit without having to stop what you’re doing.

Hardworking Home Office Window Treatments BLUE OFFICE

Block Light and Distractions

If you live on a busy city street in Seattle with a lot of distractions, or your neighborhood in Kirkland has bright street lights at night that play with your vision inside, or maybe you just work best in a darker room, we suggest Roman Shades. Roman shades are soft and versatile, great in front of a desk or shelf. They provide the elegant look of draperies, but offer the modern convenience of shades. Available in a wide variety of patterns, stripes, and silks, roman shades can be made cordless or motorized. These shades will give you the classy, studious look, while meeting your productivity needs. Add a blackout lining to block more light during day or night, to help keep your focus.   

Double Duty

Mix and match window treatments to create your desired effect. Layer Roller or Solar Shades underneath a Roman Shade or Drapes. This layering will create a multitasking window treatment that will allow ultimate flexibility in controlling light and privacy. Bringing your office style to a whole new level, you’ll love your office hideaway and meet all your work goals.

Hardworking Home Office Window Treatments DOUBLEDUTY

After updating your Everett and Monroe, Washington  home office windows, you’ll gladly close your door to ignore the other distractions. Some things you can’t avoid (i.e. your kids), but you can know that when your office door is closed, you have now entered into your own space. This space created by you, to promote your highest abilities. Choose to enjoy the Pacific Northwest sun, or close yourself off for a few hours and lose yourself to your work. Your hardworking office window treatments will compliment your hardworking self.

If this Budget Blinds of Snohomish County article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality.

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