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4 Tips for Using Drapes in Valley Stream with Net Curtains

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Have you considered buying net curtains to work with your Valley Stream drapes? They can definitely fit together extremely well, but you just need to get the styles right. This isn’t a case of picking the first net curtains you find to hang in the window. It’s all about colors, décor, and materials. Here’s a look at four tips for using net curtains and drapes together in your home.

Consider Curtains of the Same Length

While you can get short net curtains that just hang within the window, you may want to consider buying net curtains that are the same length as your drapes in Valley Stream. This makes the two look like they came together in the same pack.

You’ll likely find sheer material that compliments the material of your drapes. The net curtains help to protect the whole back of the drapes, like a lining instead of an extra layer of curtain. They also flow more, helping to add a modern look with your net-drape style.

Stick to White or Cream

While you can get net curtains in a variety of other colors, consider sticking to just cream or white options. The only time you’ll want something different is if your drapes are a different color. By sticking to white or cream, you create a neutral base to build upon. They’re going to match with any other color of your Valley Stream drapes.

Another benefit is that you get to change your drapes whenever you want. There’s no need to buy another set of net curtains to compliment the drapes.

If you really want a different color, opt for a slightly lighter or darker shade of your drape colors. Lighter tends to work better, but it will depend on the exact color of your drapes. If your drapes are white, consider a color in the room for your net curtains. Look at the color of your furniture or something within your wall colors to complement the décor.

Keep the Pattern Simple

There will be many patterns available for net curtains. While they can help to draw attention to the window, try to keep the patterns simple. This is especially the case if you have a border or pattern on your walls. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your guests when they walk into the room.

A simple diamond pattern is a beautiful option for net curtains with drapes. Try to find the diamonds in the same color as your drapes to compliment them. Another option is to stick with plain gold or silver, as these colors will work relatively well with any other color of drapes in Valley Stream that you buy.

Cover the Whole Window

Even if you don’t get the same length of drapes, you want to make sure your net curtains cover the whole window. Not only do you get the full privacy, but you will also protect your drapes. Draperies aren’t made with sun rot in mind. The material tends to be easily damaged by the UV rays, leading to the backs flaking after a while. Net curtains offer a protect layer, almost like a lining. Use that benefit to your advantage.

It’s time to consider net curtains for your windows. They work beautifully with Valley Stream drapes, as long as you think about the complementary colors and styles. These tips will help you blend the two window treatments together effortlessly.

Oceanside Window Coverings Differences: Blinds vs. Shutters vs. Curtains

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You’re looking for window coverings in Oceanside and now don’t know where to start. There are just so many options. Do you opt for easy-to-install curtains or have blinds? What about adding shutters to the outside of your home? Before you even think about choosing, you need to know about the differences. While some differences are subtle, others will make you consider one over the others.

The Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The easiest option to install in your home is curtains. They just require a pole that you can screw into the wall and then hang the curtains from. All you then do is open and close. Maintenance is also very easy, as most of the time you just have to quickly shake out the material and use a vacuum to get rid of dust or pet hairs.

Blinds are the next easiest to install and maintain. There are different types of shades, but most are installed through screws either within the window or just over the top. Maintenance is extremely simple and usually involves some vacuuming and dusting. Some blinds will need removing and a deeper clean, especially metal, wood, and vinyl.

Shutters are the hardest, even if you get interior shutters. You’ll need to make sure they’re installed at the right heights for each window. When it comes to maintenance, every now and then you’ll need to take the shutters down and give them a deep clean. They can also need sanding down, re-varnishing and repainting, depending on the material.

Boosting the Value of Your Home

After that you may wonder whether shutters are really worth the hassle. The benefit of the Oceanside window coverings is that they add value to your home. This is especially the case for exterior shutters. The treatments are designed to be permanent fixtures and remain with the home when you sell. Your buyers don’t have to worry about having them installed, so they are willing to pay more.

Interior shutters can carry the same benefit. You’ll need to make it clear that you are planning on leaving the shutters to get the increased value.

Other window treatments don’t offer the value benefits. However, they can help to create a homely space, which increases people’s opinion of your home when selling. This helps to add value.

Adding Personality and Style to Your Home

All the window coverings in Oceanside off light and heating benefits. They also help to add style and personality to each room in your home. Some do this better than others.

Exterior shutters need to match the outside personality of your home. They will all look alike, working with the color of the woodwork to add curb appeal. There’s little you can do for personality and style, although you can get cut outs in your shutters for a personal touch.

Interior shutters and other Oceanside window coverings will work with individual room décor. You can use materials to develop a certain look and feel. Wood and faux wood can give a rustic look, while metal can create that futuristic appearance.

There are some major differences between the multiple window coverings in Oceanside. Make sure you know the type of style you want and consider the maintenance work you’re willing to put in. These factors will help determine the best treatment for your home.

Exterior vs. Interior Shutters in Bellmore: What’s the Best for You?

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You’ve decided you want to get Bellmore shutters for your home, but now you have a choice to make. Do you get interior shutters or opt for the more conventional exterior shutters? They both offer different pros and cons, once you get past the lighting and heating benefits. Here’s a look at the differences between then to help you choose the best for you.

Better Protection and Security Through Exterior Shutters

The biggest benefit of exterior shutters over interior ones is the extra security and protection for your family. People will see that you have shutters in Bellmore placed on your home. The extra material acts as a deterrent for would-be thieves. When the shutters are closed, they have no idea if you’re in or out. All light is blocked from the inside.

On top of that, it’s another layer of material to get through. Sure, interior shutters offer that, but people don’t see them as easily. They may attempt to get through the window, only then to see the extra layer of material. With exterior shutters they won’t even bother with your home and move on.

The exterior shutters also offer your home extra protection from the storms. The material takes most of the battering from high winds and extreme weather conditions. You won’t have to deal with broken glass as often.

For More Décor Inspiration

The interior shutters have the benefit of working with your décor more. The compliment the look in the room, meaning you can have a different type of shutter for each room in the home. You can choose different colors and styles depending on the room preferences.

Kitchens and dining rooms can look beautiful with café style interior shutters in Bellmore. Meanwhile, bedrooms can look quaint with full-sized shutters to use.

While exterior shutters can offer some decorative benefit, they need to be more uniform. The colors and styles need to match, while working with the individual windows in the home. There’s less freedom in choices to make sure they suit the style of the home.

Easier to Practically Use

There’s no denying that interior shutters are far easier to use practically than exterior shutters. You just have to walk into the different rooms to close them. This means they’re more likely to be cost effective, since you’re actually likely to close them on a daily basis.

Exterior Bellmore shutters will require you to go outside more often. You can close them through your windows, but you’ll need to have the right type of windows. If you have those that open out, you can find it trickier to grab the actual shutters to close them!

Add More Value to Your Home

Exterior shutters do have the superior benefit of adding more value to your home. They’re designed to remain in the house after selling, rather than moving them to your new home. The shutters will also add more curb appeal, increasing the perceived value of your home.

While interior shutters can also remain, they don’t offer the instant curb appeal. They don’t instantly make people feel like this is a home before they even walk through the front door.

It’s time to consider the different types of Bellmore shutters to choice. Exterior or interior? Which one will suit your home’s needs more? It really depends on the benefits that you want to gain from your shutters.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hanging Curtains in Valley Stream

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Have you just bought curtains for your home? Valley Stream curtains can certainly help to dress a room, but they can also draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Some of those reasons will be linked to the way you’ve hung them in your home. Follow these dos and don’ts and you’ll have the perfect hanging curtains right away.

Do: Hand Closer to the Ceiling

Many people hang their curtains from the top of the window. This doesn’t look that great at all. The curtains end up making the room look much smaller than it really is. You want to hang your curtains higher, so they are at least halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling. The closer to the ceiling the better. Your ceiling will look much higher than it really is.

At the same time, make sure your curtains hang low enough. They want to reach at least halfway between the bottom of the window and the floor, preferably all the way to the floor.

Have Longer Curtain Rails

You’ll also need to think about the width of your rail for hanging. Have it sitting so it overhangs your window by a few inches. You want to get your curtains in Valley Stream to sit on the outside edges of your window when they’re not in use. This helps them frame the window better, so they look beautiful during the day.

If you can’t hang the curtains completely to the sides, have curtain ties in place. Pull them back to allow more light to come through the window.

Make Sure They Completely Close

Check that the width of your Valley Stream curtains is right. This is something to do before you buy. Measure twice to double check!

When closed, the curtains need to start from outside the window and pull all the way closed. Having a few pleats left in, so it looks like the curtains are actually too wide, is perfect. This doesn’t just look good but will offer more practical benefits. The extra material helps to block more light, offer more privacy, and block more heat from escaping the room.

Work with the Style of Material

Now do you hand with hooks or place holes in the top of your curtains? This will depend on the material and the style. Curtains that are designed to have pleats will usually already have holes at the top for you to hang directly from. Alternate the way the railing runs through, so the pleats look neat and organized. You can use hooks, but make sure they match the style of curtain and the railing you have.

If there are no holes, you’ll need hooks that clip onto the top of the railings. Opt for loops that match the coloring of the railing to help blend in well.

Some curtains have loops above the top of the curtains. They’re designed to be used directly. Most of these types of curtains are thin and won’t have pleats.

Make sure your curtains in Valley Stream hang properly. Not only will this give you some practical benefits, but the curtains will also frame the window neatly.

3 Types of Plantation Shutters in Long Beach for Your Home

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Long Beach plantation shutters are extremely popular. They don’t just add value to your home, but they can add beauty and charm. You just need to find the right type of plantation shutter for your home’s style. This is more than just choosing the right material and color, but getting the right cut. Here’s a look at the three types of plantation shutters to consider for your home.

Louvered Shutters for the Vintage Look

If you want easy to maintain, vintage-style plantation shutters in Long Beach, you’ll want to consider louvered options. These have slats that are cut the same length and overlap one another in a wooden frame. They’re extremely popular and ones that you’ve likely seen in homes around your area.

They withstand all weather, block the outside view, and are extremely easy to use on a daily basis. You can also paint them in a variety of colors. They are the easiest to work with all types of homes.

Instead of the overlapping wood, you can opt for traditional plantation shutters. The slats sit more in-line with each other and can be pivoted. They allow more light control throughout the day. You get to keep the shutters closed, but not block all daylight from shining through.

Raise Panels for Decorative Needs

Sometimes you just want shutters for decorative needs. This is when you want to consider raised panel shutters. They will often remain open, never offering any practical reasons. They’re excellent when you want a country-style home that has a formal and beautiful appearance on the outside.

They certainly withstand extreme weather, but they don’t offer much protection for the windows. They are sometimes too narrow to completely cover your windows, meaning people can see through the mirror. This will depend on the way they’re made.

If they do close fully, they won’t allow any light in or out. They are a full piece of wood that can be painted any color you want. Using them with a flowerbed underneath is the most popular way to decorate your home with them.

Board and Batten for Practical, Rustic Looks

What about if you want a rustic style? If you have windows with a curved top, you will certainly want to consider the board and batten style Long Beach plantation shutters. Because of the use of single planks of wood connected together, they have a more rustic, antique look. They appear like those from cottage homes around the world, rather than traditional plantation shutters.

The style fits with the windows better. Since they shape the windows, they offer more practical uses. They are able to cover up the whole area, blocking the light and offering more privacy.

You can make the shutters stand out if you want. However, some people choose to stain them to leave the natural wood. It totally depends on the style you want to achieve.

The type of plantation shutters in Long Beach you buy will depend on your needs. You’ll need to think about the style of your home and the need for the shutters. Are they going to be decorative or practical? The choice is completely up to you.

Should You Get Freeport Blinds for Your Home?

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There are so many different types of window treatments and coverings. Blinds in Freeport tend to be the most popular. They’re practical, cheap, and easy to use. The question is whether they’re the best option for your home. Here’s a look at the pros and cons to consider about all types of blinds.

Different Types for All Different Style Preferences

There’s not just one type of blind available. This is a window treatment that comes in a variety of style to suit all needs and preferences. Want something that will withstand moisture for the bathroom? There are plenty of slat options. Need something that will block all light out of your child’s room? Blackout blinds in Freeport are available.

This can make it difficult to choose your blinds. You have to look at the pros and cons of all the different types of shades and blinds available. It’s important to get the best option.

The good news with the different styles is they can work with all your preferences. It’s not always about blocking all light on a night. You may want something that will offer some control through the day, blocking the glare but not all light. If you get the right blind type, you will be fine.

Heat Control as Well as Light

It’s not all about the light control. Blinds can offer benefits for controlling the heat. Some styles of Freeport blinds are better than others, but you can gain from all in certain ways.

The blinds will cover the whole window. This helps to prevent the heat from escaping through the winter. You can keep your room warmer for longer, meaning you don’t need to put the heating on as often. This allows you to save money on your heating bills. The same applies in the summer when it comes to using the air con because of heat coming in from outside.

Little Maintenance Depending on the Style

Maintenance of your window treatments is important. All types of coverings will require some cleaning to ensure they last. When it comes to Freeport blinds, you’re in luck. Most of the styles require very little maintenance.

All you’ll need is to get rid of the dust throughout the day. Wooden and vinyl blinds are much easier, as they often require just a wipe down with a duster or damp cloth. Fabric blinds are a little trickier. You may need to scrub them or soak them, depending on whether they have stained from UV damage.

They Do Succumb to Sun Rot

This is a window treatment that can suffer from more sun rot than other types of window treatments. They are constantly in the firing line of the sun’s rays.

The good news is the material of your blinds can help. It’s worth looking into faux wood or vinyl blinds. They tend not to warp as much as other materials. They don’t stain as easily, while also not succumbing to damp or moisture problems.

Blinds in Freeport are excellent options for many homes. Could they be the option for you? Look at all your window treatments to find something that ticks all your boxes. There is definitely something out there!

3 Reasons Mini Blinds Are the Best for Your Long Beach Home

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There are just so many types of window coverings to choose between. You’ve looked at curtains, roller blinds, shutters, and so much more. Now you’ve come across Long Beach mini blinds. Just how many more can you find?

Well, now that you’ve found mini blinds, your search can stop. They are the perfect options for your home, especially when it comes to the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms that you don’t spend a lot of your time in. Here’s a look at why mini blinds in Long Beach are truly the best option.

Perfect for Single Panes

Your windows are likely made up of single panes. When you have normal sized blinds, you either open the whole window to the world or you cover it all. With mini blinds, you get the choice to only expose one side.

Mini blinds are narrower versions of normal roller or shutter blinds. You can use two or three for one window, giving you chance to just open one side rather than the whole window. This offers an extra layer of privacy and you get to control the light more.

If sunlight is blaring through one side of the window, you don’t want to block all the daylight out to stop the glare. With a mini blind you can close the side that’s causing the problem and still keep the natural light coming into your home.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Mini blinds in Long Beach are like all other slat blinds. They are extremely easy to use and maintain. You just pull on a cord and the blind will open and close. There’s no need to mess around with pulleys, catches, or buttons.

Of course, the cords can cause a problem for safety if you have small children. This is why the blinds are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Kids are less likely to be in these rooms and you can keep the cords completely out of reach. Of course, you want blinds that are extremely easy to use in these rooms, as you can’t always get right up to the windows.

Maintenance is simple with a quick swipe with a duster and damp cloth. There’s no need to constantly remove them to give them a deep clean.

Versatile and Not Susceptible to Much Damage

Long Beach mini blinds have the benefits of versatility and durability. They come in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shades. You can work with all decors and needs quickly and effortlessly.

When it comes to durability, the blinds aren’t susceptible to as much damage as other options. Most of the blinds are metal, wood, or faux wood. Unlike fabric, the material won’t wear down and become stained from cleaning and dusting.

Metal especially is good for avoiding sun damage. Woods and some fabrics can easily succumb to sun rot and color fading. Your blinds are constantly in direct line to the sun, so you want something that is worth your money.

It’s time to consider mini blinds in LongBeach for your home. They are the number one choice, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom.

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