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4 Tips for Choosing Curtain Fabric

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You’ve decided that Tacoma window curtains are right for your home. Now that decision is out of the way, it’s time for another: the material for your curtains. Should you go for a thick, soft material or something light and breezy? Just what are your options and what are the pros and cons to each one?

Here are four tips for choosing the perfect fabric for your window curtains in Tacoma.

Consider the Durability

Your curtains will take in all the UV rays from the sun. Some materials are more susceptible to sun damage than others and you’ll see the damage earlier in others. Silk is the most prone to damage and you’ll see it almost immediately.

One of the benefits of window coverings is that they take the UV damage away from the rest of the room. While they suffer the sun rot, the rest of your home is left looking like new. But you want to get your money’s worth, right? Look out for cotton or brocades for the best durability.

Look Into the Width

There are usually two widths: 42-45in or 54-60in. You’ll want to check out the width of your window to determine the one that you need. Not all materials will come in both widths, so this can heavily affect the type of window curtains in Tacoma you buy.

Got wider windows? You may be able to find some curtains that will suit. Some materials are available into the low 100s. However, you may find that you need a different type of window covering or extra curtain panels to work.

Look at the Thread Count

Decorator fabrics will usually last longer than others. They’re thicker with a higher thread count. There is a downside, though. Most of these fabrics will break down if you put them through the washing machine. They need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. You’ll want to double check all labels before you buy to make sure you get something that is easy maintenance for your needs.

Thicker materials will help to keep more heat in your home during the winter. They can also keep less heat out of the house in the summer. They prevent the heat of the sun shining through, unlike some of the fashionable fabrics.

Consider Your Color Preferences

The color you want will affect the type of material you get in some cases. Thicker materials tend to be in darker colors. You may find you can only get black, dark read, or navy blue. If these colors suit your home then great. If not, then you’ll want to look at your other options.

One of the downside of lighter colors is not blocking out enough of the sunlight. You want to watch a horror movie in the middle of the day but can’t see the screen clearly because of the sunlight shining through your curtains. You’re left with two choices: find something else to cover the window too or wait until later to watch your movie.

Consider all your needs before you get Tacoma window curtains. You want something that will last and is easy to maintain. At the same time, you need curtains that actually do the job you have!

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