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Do You Need Blinds with Your Draperies in Puyallup?

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You may have noticed that a lot of photos of drapes or curtains include some blinds. This will lead to the question of whether your Puyallup draperies really need blinds. Surely, you’re buying two window treatments that do the same thing. Isn’t this just going to be a waste of money?

Well, the answer does depend on the type of drapes and the use for them. You may find that blinds with your drapes help to offer far more benefits than you could ever imagine.

Drapes Are Supposed to Be Decorative

Traditional draperies in Puyallup have always been decorative. They weren’t meant to be used practically, and the materials aren’t designed for that. You’ll find that the majority of drapes don’t have a lining, so the fabric is more likely to suffer from sun rot.

The best way to avoid the sun damage is through the use of another window treatment. Blinds look decorative and are practical at the same time. You can also make the blinds blend in with the window, so people only see the drapes. Opt for a drape runner and a stack blind, so you can hide the blind easily behind your runner. Nobody will notice expect when you pull the blind down.

You can use shutters instead of blinds for the practical use. These will be more noticeable, but can work well with the décor.

If your drapes do have a lining, they’re made for practical purposes. You won’t need to buy blinds as well in the majority of cases.

Blinds Help to Further the Décor

The answer will also depend on the type of décor that you want in the home. Puyallup draperies can work well with blinds. The blinds come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easier for them to blend in with the windows. They look like part of the décor and as if they’ve come with the drapes for the practical needs.

You can also have your blinds stand out. They can be made with the same color of material as the drapes. They look like part of the set.

On the other hand, they can continue the pattern of the wallpaper or paintwork. When the blinds are closed, they just look like part of the wall with the drapes framing the section.

Further Heating and Lighting Control

Drapes are useful for heating control. They’re traditionally thicker, which often makes them preferred for the winter months. It’s easier for the material to trap the heat and prevent it going out through the window.

However, the Puyallup draperies offer very little in the way of light control. You either block all light or let it all through. The blinds accompany the drapes and offer more lighting control. Some blinds have slats, making it possible to redirect the sun’s rays around the room so you don’t have to block all the light.

The blinds can also help further the heating benefits. During the night, you can close both blinds and drapes. The heating will have more material to travel through, preventing the loss of the heat from the home.

It’s time to consider blinds with your draperies in Puyallup. You may be surprised at the way the two work together well and offer complimentary benefits for the home.

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