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How Long Should Your Tacoma Drapes Be?

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You’ve decided on drapes in your Tacoma home. That’s great! One decision out of the way, but one that brings another. How long should your drapes in Tacoma be? Is there an optimum length or does it depend on your style and preferences? There are a few options depending on the type of home and style you have.

Floor Length, All the Way

Let’s start with the floor length Tacoma drapes. This is the most common option, especially if you don’t have a heater or cooling system in the way. You don’t need to worry about the drapes being too long when it comes to floor length, as there’s nothing wrong with them being a little too long! In fact, extra length drapes can make your home look cosy and inviting.

If you do want the drapes just hitting the floor—if you have a pet you won’t want to get hair on them—then you will need to think about the hem. Ensure it is straight the whole way across, just slightly touching the floor or leaving an inch gap.

Halfway Between Floor and Windowsill

The next height option would be halfway between your flooring and the bottom of your window. This is excellent if you have along the floor heating or vents that would be covered by the Tacoma drapes. Consider a relatively thin hem to your drapes to avoid them standing out.

This can be a good option if you have small children. They are less likely to grab at the material, pulling the window coverings and poles down on top of them. However, pets can still get to the material, especially cats! You can tuck the drapes behind a holder on either side of the window to keep the material out of the way.

Any longer than the halfway mark and it looks like you’ve misjudged the full length of your wall. Any shorter and it looks like you misjudged the length of your window.

Just Under the Windowsill

Finally, consider getting drapes in Tacoma that sit just underneath your windowsill. These can have a small or big hem, and should cover the windowsill completely. The best length is a couple of inches below the windowsill. Any lower than this and it looks like you attempted to do the halfway point, but misjudged.

Sitting your drapes just underneath your windowsill is perfect for those with pets and older children. It is harder for anyone who shouldn’t to grab the material and pull it down. However, if you have furniture close to the window then you will need to consider the chances of animals climbing up.

This length can still be tucked behind a holder when your drapes are open. In fact, you may find that you need to have this holder. This length also works well with lighter colors.

Think carefully about the length of your drapes in Tacoma, Make sure you sit your drapes at one of the three spots to make them look neat and purposeful. When it comes to the exact option, you’ll need to consider your style preferences and any children or pets in the home.

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