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Why Are Cordless Blinds in Puyallup So Important for Your Family?

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When you’re looking at blinds for your home, you will usually come across two distinct types for use: corded and cordless. Puyallup cordless blinds are one of the most beneficial types for your family. They are certainly worth considering if you have children or pets in the house. Here’s why you need them for your home.

Putting the Safety of Your Family First

Cords may be useful for closing and opening the blinds, but they aren’t the safest option. Too many families have lost or nearly lost children and pets due to accidents with the cords. It’s easy for a child to get their head through the cords without realizing and then become tangled. Parents don’t know at the time, because choking and strangulation are silent.

While you can put the cords out of reach, the sometimes call down. There are other steps that you can take, but really the safest option for your family is to buy cordless blinds in Puyallup. There’s no danger of your children or pets getting trapped in the cords. You don’t have to worry about the horror stories you read and wonder if it will ever happen to your children.

Cordless Blinds Are More Durable

While the cords may be easy to use, they’re not the most durable of features. If you pull too hard or the cord starts to wear away, it will break. This can leave your blind unusable, depending on where the cord breaks. You run the risk of the cord getting trapped within the mechanism, so you have to pull on the actual blind instead.

Puyallup cordless blinds don’t have that problem. The mechanisms last longer, since there are no cords to deal with. You don’t have to worry if something snaps and gets trapped.

The blinds can also have tech mechanisms placed within them. It’s easier to use them with a touch of the button, making these types of blinds safer and easier for everyone in the home.

They’re Easier to Find in Stores

Because of all the safety issues, many stores are now starting to only stock cordless blinds in Puyallup. The companies don’t want to contribute to needless deaths in the house, so they are giving you fewer choices between the mechanisms. This means that cordless structures are going to be easier and cheaper for you to source.

There’s no need to go out of your way to find corded options. The cordless blinds will do the exact same job without putting the safety of your children at risk.

They Look Better

Puyallup cordless blinds certainly look better, especially when you consider the safety tricks you may need to do for cords to keep your family safe. There’s nothing hanging down the side, alerting you to the danger. Many people choose to cut the cords, but then this can look ghastly hanging at odd lengths. The other option is to tie the cords up, which can look just as bad and you’re still on the lookout in case the cord falls down.

Getting cordless blinds in Puyallup is definitely worth the effort. They are far safer for your family and will help to put your mind at ease. You’ll also find them much easier to source now because of safety concerns.

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