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Can Blackout Shades in Santa Barbara Help You Survive the Summer Heat Wave?

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The summer heat wave is here and now it’s time to look for ways to survive it in your home. You may not want to use air conditioning all the time or not live in a place with air conditioning yet. That means you’re relying on your window treatments. Santa Barbara blackout shades could be perfect for your needs and here’s how.

Opting for UV Reflecting Options

Just because they’re called blackout shades in Santa Barbara doesn’t mean you need to get black shades. Gone are the days where only dark shades work to block out all light. Now it’s about thickness of the material and even the type of material you buy. It is possible to get lighter shades and colors, which will offer the reflection benefits.

The blackout shades won’t just block out the light. They block out the UV rays coming in, which are the reasons for the heat to increase in a room. The rays will also cause damage to walls and furniture, so by reflecting the rays you will offer extra protection in the home.

While darker shades can help to block the rays from coming in, they don’t actually reflect the rays. The shades will absorb them and that means the heat will gradually rise. While darker blackout shades in Santa Barbara can help to minimize the amount the rays come in, they don’t stop them completely and can store the rays instead. Plus, your darker shades are more likely to suffer from the UV damage quicker.

Block Out All the Light

The downside of Santa Barbara blackout shades is that you’ll block out all the light. For some rooms, this can definitely be beneficial. If you have a room where the children sleep or a den, you may want to create a darker effect to make it easier to sleep. Artificial lights can always help to light up the room or you may find it easier to see the TV or games consoles.

But what if you want the natural light? Just because you want to stop the heat coming in doesn’t mean you want to block all the light coming in. This is where room darkening blinds are better than complete blackout blinds. You can even get solar shades that will reduce glare and UV but help to keep the room naturally light.

Slat Blinds for Better Effect

If you want a total blackout effect at times but other times want to allow light in, slat blinds could work better. Whether you get venetian, Persian, or even vertical, you get more control over the direction of the rays. You can even use a net curtain or lining to help further reduce the rays coming in to protect your room from UV damage. When closed, they become blackout shades in Santa Barbara.

You certainly can survive the heat wave with a set of Santa Barbara blackout shades. You’ll just need to decide whether you want a full blackout effect every day or not.

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Your Santa Barbara Outdoor Blinds

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Outdoor blinds in Santa Barbara can be beautiful and practical additions to your home. They can certainly be valuable additions, but there are just so many choices to make. Do you get roller blinds or solar blinds? Where do you place them? When do you use them? Before you buy your blinds, make sure you factor these four key considerations.

What You Want the Blinds For

All blinds will have a purpose. When it comes to outdoor blinds, you may want them to reduce glare and heat on the patio without getting rid of light. You may want to protect your outdoor furniture from UV damage. Think carefully about why you want to get your outdoor blinds for the home.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to purpose. Santa Barbara outdoor blinds can offer privacy, create a new living space for the family, and even protect the new paintwork on furniture or the deck.

How Much You Will Use Them

Take time to consider the use of your blinds. While you may want them closed for the majority of the summer, are you going to want to keep them closed at all times? What about in the cooler months when you want some of the winter sun in to warm the place up? Then there are some who do want permanent fixtures because the heat never really disappears throughout the year.

You’ll want blinds that are easy to operate. You need something that does all the jobs you want in a way that is safe and practical.

Durability of the Material

Fabric is one of the most common fabrics used for outdoor blinds in Santa Barbara. You’ll need to think of the type you get for the use of the blinds. This isn’t just about finding something durable against the UV rays, but about finding something that will withstand the harsher weather.

There are chances your blinds will help to protect against the wind and rain. They will remain hanging even in the colder months, when there’s snow and consistent downpours. Make sure your blinds’ material can withstand all that.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Consider the way blinds will affect the efficiency of your home. Yes, your outdoor blinds in Santa Barbara really can have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of your home, especially in the summer. Your outdoor blinds can become practical for keeping the UV rays out of your home, keeping the rooms cooler without the blinds in the house constantly closed. You can reduce your use of the air conditioning unit.

The outdoor blinds aren’t as good for energy efficiency as some indoor window treatments, but they’re better than nothing. And certain materials and types will be far better that others, so look into the ratings.

When choosing Santa Barbara outdoor blinds you’ll need to factor in a variety of considerations. With the above four considerations, you’ll find something that looks good and is practical for the home; inside and out.

3 Ways Shutters in Goleta Are an Investment

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It’s common to look at window treatments and just see them as an expense. For some treatments, that’s certainly the case. However when it comes to Goleta shutters that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your shutters are more than just purchases. They’re an investment for the home and here’s three ways that’s the case.

They Add Value to Your Property

Whether you get internal or external shutters in Goleta, you instantly add value to your home. This value increases as time goes on and you look after the shutters. You’ll definitely want to consider shutters if you plan to live somewhere for the long term.

Shutters are designed to be permanent fixtures in the home. You leave them behind when you most on, because they’re made specifically for the windows in your home. Buyers are more likely to pay more for windows with shutters, because there are so many ways they benefit financially in the future. They understand the investment, so you make some of your money back.

Exterior shutters also add more curb appeal to your home. You create the right first impression—that you care for the property.

They Lower Your HVAC Bills

During the winter, closed shutters will help to regulate the heating in the home. You get the chance to use the heating less but still feel the benefits within the space. In the summer, the opposite happens. You keep the heat out of the home, so you can reduce the amount you need to use your air conditioning.

In both cases, you get to spend less on your HVAC systems. It’s possible to feel comfortable in the living space without worrying about the expenses you’re running up. That money you spent on the shutters in Goleta is instantly repaid through the money saved on bills.

They Add More Security to Your Home

Another way you’ll save financially is through your home insurance. Both interior and exterior Goleta shutters create more privacy and security for your home. Exterior ones are best, but interior still offer a range of benefits.

Your home is less likely to be broken into. In bad weather, exterior shutters offer more protection against broken windows and flooding. There’s also the benefit of feeling safer in your home. Your home insurance company will view you as a lower risk, so you save extra money through your premiums.

However, you will want to talk to your current home insurance provider. Not all companies will offer a discount and there are other factors that go into this decision. However, shutters offer the other benefits above, so they’ll still be an investment.

It’s time to look at your window treatment benefits for more than just lighting control. Goleta shutters are an investment for your home. While they are the most expensive options, they’re durable and designed to last decades. They will instantly offer financial benefits when it comes to the heating and air conditioning bills and then help you gain value on your home in the long term.

4 Craft Ideas for Broken Roman Shades in Carpenteria

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Many people believe that when their Carpenteria roman shades break, they should throw the shades away. While you may want to get rid of the tangled cords and plastic loops, don’t get rid of the material just yet. You can create craft projects with the broke shades. Here are four ideas just to get you started to make use of the material.

#1. Create Your Own Curtains

Use the material to cut into squares or other patterns. You can use them as patchwork additions to other curtain material. It’s also possible to sew together different squares and patterns from other broken fabric items or old clothes. You can then make your own curtains or drapes to hang on the windows.

This is great when you want something that screams your own personality in the bedroom. They can be fun ideas for the kids’ bedrooms and even work well in the family rooms. Your broken roman shades in Carpenteria can also be used for curtains in nurseries for a friend or relative.

#2. Make Doll Clothes

Sometimes your kids will want you to buy new clothes for their dolls. Instead of buying something from the store, why not put the material from the blinds to use? Pull out the material and get to work on creating tops, dresses, pant suits, and more for your kids’ toys. This is a fun craft project that you and your children can work together on.

You don’t have to make full outfits. The material can be cut into shapes and sewn onto other outfits, creating patchwork outfits. If you have fabric dolls, you can even opt for a Raggy Doll approach and use the material to patch up damaged sections in a fun and cute way.

#3. Make Photo Frames and Organizers

It’s time to pull out the dowels that aren’t broken and make them into a photo frame, notice board, or other organizer for the home. The material from the Carpenteria roman shades can then wrap around or work as the backboard for the frame. You’ll get your own poster board that you can build upon.

The best thing about this project is you can make the frame to fit your exact sizing needs. If you have precious pieces of artwork that don’t quite fit standard frames, there’s no need to worry!

#4. Make Your Own Cards

Use the material to work on scrapebooks and cards. You can create beautiful bows, add detailed frames, and even opt for patterned scrapes to stick on the front. Think about a heart-shaped cutout from your favorite part of your old roman shades. This is perfect if you had shades with floral patterns or a favorite cartoon character.

Don’t just let your broken Carpenteria roman shades go to waste. It’s time to pull out the elements that can be reused. Sit down with your kids and have fun on some new craft projects using the leftover material and dowels.

4 Ways to Use Window Curtains in Santa Barbara Homes

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Santa Barbara window curtains aren’t just to offer privacy and lighting control in your home. They also offer beautiful decorative benefits. It’s time to get the full benefits of using curtains in your home and here are four ways that you can include them.

Decorate Your Windows

Just because you have curtains up over your windows doesn’t mean they’re there only for lighting benefits. They may beautiful decorative pieces that can brighten up this space in the home. With the right colors and material, you can pull out the focus on period features or beautiful designs on the windows or within the frames.

Your window curtains in Santa Barbara don’t even need to be physically used. They can drape around the window and you can use another window covering to use practically. Curtains work excellently with shades, shutters, and blinds.

Create Wall Pieces for Decoration

Another way to use curtains for decoration is to hang them on walls. They become like murals or artwork, standing out and drawing attention to specific parts of your room. One of the great things is you can put them in any room to work, but they’re extremely beneficial for children’s rooms.

You may have a friend who made curtains for a nursery. As the child gets older or moves room, the window curtains in Santa Barbara may no longer work. You can hang them for the memories instead.

Opt for a Divider

If you need to create privacy in a room, curtains are the perfect option. While they don’t block sound, they block the view enough to create the sense of another room within a room. They can hang from the ceiling easily, keeping the costs of dividers down.

These are perfect if you have a shared room or space. For example, studio apartments benefit from light curtains to divide off the sleeping area form the sitting area. You get to keep the whole section feeling open and light, but still have the privacy of a bedroom door.

They are also good for shared rooms between people. If two siblings want their own privacy, a set of curtains can be pulled on quickly and easily. This is one of the reasons curtains are used in hospitals on wards.

Heating Benefits Around Doors

While they’re called Santa Barbara window curtains, they can be used in any space around the home. The doors are in need of curtains or drapes for the heating benefits. A lot of heat will escape through the gaps in the doorframe. The curtain will be in the way of the heat escaping, helping to keep it in the room in the middle of winter.

The downside is moving the curtain out of the way when you want to go through the door, but it’s certainly a possibility. This is great if your room tends to lose a lot of heat quickly and you can’t tell why.

Consider Santa Barbara window curtains for your home. The four ways to use them are just your starting block.

Why Are Curtains in Santa Barbara Perfect for Studio Apartments?

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Studio apartments are those places that have just the one room. Sometimes you have a separate kitchen, but your living and sleeping space are together. The apartments can help you save money and also allow buildings to have more apartments in a space. If you have a studio apartment you’ll definitely want Santa Barbara curtains.

Most of the time, you’ll find anyone with a studio apartment has a curtain set up. Whether they’re renting or owning, they’ll have curtains in areas that aren’t connected to the windows. Why?

Curtains Offer Necessary Privacy

You don’t want your guests to see your sleeping space when they visit. That’s what happens though with a studio apartment, unless you have curtains in Santa Barbara. The curtains will work a lot like the curtains on hospital wards. They’re quickly pulled on, around the space you sleep in, to create a feeling of privacy.

People visiting will only see through if you have the curtains open or they go into the space for any reason. You don’t have to worry about the mess you may leave behind, like you wouldn’t if you shut your door on your bedroom.

There isn’t privacy from sound, but at least you can stop people seeing into a space that is for you on a night.

No Feeling of Being Boxed In

There are other ways to get the privacy, but they tend to be a little more closed in. If you’re claustrophobic or just prefer airier spaces, Santa Barbara curtains will benefit you more. The material is light and comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can use your favorite color, stick with a white for open space, or even have your favorite cartoon character.

This is a chance to add more personality to your living space. You’ll have a smile on whenever you see your curtains, helping your apartment feel more like a home. This is especially important if you’re renting and don’t feel like you can do much where you live.

Cheap and Easy to Install

Chances are you’re renting an apartment, so you want to find a way to add the privacy without spending a fortune. Curtains in Santa Barbara are affordable for all. There are a variety of styles and cuts to work with your budget. There’s no need to feel like you’re wasting money on a place that isn’t yours.

On top of that, the curtains are easy to install and maintain in the long term. You don’t need a special runner. All you need is a pole that sits at the top of the wall or hooks hanging from the ceiling to place the curtains up. Then you can take them down and put them in the wash when you need to.

When you want privacy in your studio apartment, look into the use of Santa Barbara curtains. They are fell of privacy and color benefits, making your apartment feel more like a home and a safe space. Plus, they’re affordable for all needs.

Cordless Blinds in Santa Barbara Are Beautiful as Well as Safer

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There are so many options for blinds. Do you work with venetian blinds, roller shades or even opt for the traditional drapes? Once you’ve worked through all those options, you then need to decide whether you want Santa Barbara cordless blinds or not. Cordless structures are certainly much safer for younger family members, but they’re also more beautiful. Here’s a look at why.

Keep the Cords Away

Cords are a danger for children, but that’s not the only reason you want to keep the cords away. They can become a distraction to the blinds, standing out when you just want the focus on the design or style of window treatment. While your blinds can look rustic, vintage or even futuristic, the cords suddenly take you out of the feeling.

There isn’t that issue with cordless blinds in Santa Barbara. You can focus purely on the design of the blinds, without finding a way to hide the cords.

Fit Better in the Windows

Blinds with cords need to make space for the actual cord. This can sometimes mean the blinds just don’t quite fit properly, especially if you want venetian blinds, mini blinds or even cellular shades that sit within the window frame. When you opt for cordless structures, you instantly get a better fit.

Many Santa Barbara cordless blinds sit in a runner. This is attached to the window frame, so all sides of the blinds will fit in with ease. Of course, this will depend on the style of blind, but you’re definitely going to get something that fits within your window frame.

You actually get custom made blinds. They’re designed to be more permanent fixtures than most corded blinds, making them far more valuable for our home.

Work Better for Motorized Blinds

Cordless blinds in Santa Barbara are more likely to be motorized easily. After all, you get rid of the fixture that is used instead of the motor. This is your first step to seeing how motorized blinds will look in your home and your space. You’ll get an idea of the size that works and the style that fits your décor needs.

There are many reasons to buy motorized blinds, including the ability to work the blinds without getting up. They become permanent, practical options throughout the home.

Work in the Décor Easily

Cordless blinds come in a range of colors and styles. You don’t just have to work with cheap-looking cellular shades or put up with simple roller blinds if you don’t want to. More companies are creating cordless blinds in Santa Barbara, because of the safety aspect to them. They want to keep your family safe, but want you to do that in style at the same time.

You can get a range of materials, colors and cuts. If you want patterned solar shades, you can get them. Prefer faux wood venetian blinds? Not an issue!

It’s time to consider Santa Barbara cordless blinds. They are the most beautiful and safest options you can get for your home.

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