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Regina Spring Home Show 2018

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 Regina Spring Home Show 2018 logo

It's that time of year again! Spring is on it's way... Finally!!! The Spring Home Show is a great way to start thinking and planning for any home renovations you plan to tackle this year. There are so many different businesses in show that it is easy to get inspired! We hope to see you there and help you finish off your home renovations with beautiful window coverings.

The Regina Spring Home Show will be held at:

International Trade Centre - Evraz Place

4250 Lewvan Dr, Regina, SK S4T 4P4

Look for the Budget Blinds Booth at:

Budget Blinds Spring Home Show Booth



Thursday, March 22nd:   3pm - 9pm
Friday, March 23rd:        1pm - 9pm
Saturday, March 24th:    10am - 8pm
Sunday, March 25th:      10am - 5pm 



One Day Ticket: $13 in advance / $14 at the door
Two Day Pass: $20 in advance / $21 at the door 


Seniors (60+):

One Day Ticket: $11 in advance / $12 at the door
Two Day Pass: $18 in advance / $19 at the door 



What Women Want Trade Show 2017

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What Women Want Trade Show 2017

Time to mark your calendar ladies! The What Women Want Trade show is back at the Conexus Arts Centre on March 17th, 18th, and 19th.This is an event you do not want to miss! It seems to get better and better every year. With so many fantastic vendors it`s hard for us to not spend our whole paycheque there. We love this event because it is a great way for us to meet some wonderful Regina ladies and answer any questions. 

During the show we will be running a special promotion and giving away swag bags. Be sure to stop by our booth to pick yours up! You will also be able to find us on stage on the 17th & 18th at 6:30 pm and on the 19th at 4:00pm.

We can't wait to see you there! 

What Women Want Promotion 2017

Advice From a Local Decorator The Spring 2017 Edition.

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Photo of Budget Blinds - Calgary, AB, Canada. Dress windows of all sizes and shapes with wood blinds featuring a cord lift/tilt.

Let’s talk arches!

Typically specialty window shapes are more costly to install in your home. This added cost will pay you back with unique beauty. Then comes the question: Do I need to cover that window? Well there are few considerations that will play into our answer to that question.

Is privacy a concern? Perhaps your entrance has a really cute octagon window. This space may call for a need for covering. Privacy is important to all of us. There are many options for covering this window. If you like the idea of light still coming in but don’t want your neighbours to be able to tell that you wore that same t-shirt twice (no judgements here) then frosting might be right up your alley. Frosting is a film that can be used on any window and is a cost effective option as well. The only down sides to frosting is that you won't be able to move that daily to get a clear view when you feel like checking out the view. Also at night when you have your lights on then your neighbours will be able to see your outline through that window. Need more privacy? One of our sale consultants would love to be able to help you find a window covering that matches the style of your home and will give you complete privacy. 

Privacy isn’t a concern? Leave it open! Enjoy the sun pouring in (your cat may have a new favourite sun bathing spot)…But beware: the UV rays from all that beautiful sunshine can be damaging to your floors, furniture, or paint. 

2015 Canadian Western Agribition

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2015 Canadian Western Agribition Breaks Records!

 Canadian Western Agribition Budget Blinds booth

Our team recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Canadian Western Agribition. We had so much fun at our booth located in the Sasktel Everyday Living market place. It was great to see faces from near and far come together for this event!

**News Release from Canadian Western Agribition**

On Saturday november 28th, the 45th edition of Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) came to an end, and the organizers announced outstanding results!

Overall attendance for the 2015 show was the highest it has been in five years with 130,200 visitors in attendance over the six-day event.

The Canadian Cowboys Association Finals Rodeo opened with a bang courtesy of The Mosaic Company and numbers stayed strong all wee resulting in a CWA record of 23,560 fans over 5 nights.

The anchor of the event, beef cattle, saw an 8 percent increase in entries as well as a 10 percent increase in sale averages with a cattle semen package selling for $41,000.

The shows reputation as an international destination also marked increased interest. CWA saw a 25% increase in active international buyers. The show was visited by over 800 international guests from 70 different countries.

"From the minute the gates opened, you could feel the buzz on the grounds. All aspects of the show seemed to be hitting the mark. From the Food Pavilion to the barns, everyone was having a great time," notes Stewart Stone, CWA President. 

Trade show entries reached new heights exceeding 430 exhibitors; a new show record.

"The show continues to exceed expectations on many levels. $37M in economic activity for a volunteer led event is something to celebrate," says Stone.


Promoting Child Safety

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**Article originally featured on Budget Blinds Official Blog**

Every October, National Window Covering Safety Month raises awareness of the potential hazards of corded window coverings to infants and small children. Co-sponsored by The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC), parents especially are cautioned to check their window treatments for exposed or dangling cords that could pose a strangulation threat to children. Statistics show that an average of one child a month dies from window cord strangulation, a very preventable death.

Budget Blinds is committed to offering a full range of window treatments that are child safe, meeting or exceeding the standards set by the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Products, and the most recently introduced "Best for Kids" program of the WCSC. Working with our manufacturing partners to continually find ways to improve safety features in all our window coverings, you're assured of high-quality products that will enhance your windows and create a safe environment for your family.


Accordion Shutters The good news is, there's no need to stifle your design creativity when it comes to window coverings, you can have both copletey safe and totally stylish window fashions for every room in your home! With a free, in-home consultation, you'll be able to see samples and design guides to stimulate your imagination and help you create unique window coverings, and your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can work with you on all the safety options that are important to you.

* Shutters offer classic, timeless elegance that is always cordless. Available in wood and composite shutters can be customized for arched, round, unique shaped windows or doors, interior and exterior. Styles include Plantation shutters, Cafe shutters, folding accordion style, or hinged to swing inward, away from the window. You can choose from many natural wood colours or custom colour match shutters to furnishings in your home.

* Window binds in wood, faux wood, composite, vinyl and our Signature Murano fabric blinds can be cordless with motorization, or with wand-control operation of louvers, eliminating dangling cords. Choice of styles and colours is limitless, from a variety of whites and neutrals to natural wood grains and smooth or textured finishes. Fabric blinds ofer light-filtering properties, with various levels of paucity and myriad colours available. Blinds can be further customized with decorative tapes, valances, cornice boxes and layered with curtains or drapes for a sumptuous look.

* Window shades are the most versatile of all custom window treatments. From natural woven woods to lush exotic fabrics you can create any look your heart desires. Choose from Roman shades, Pleated shades, Cellular shades, Roller shades, Solar shades and more to achieve the balance of light, privacy and energy efficiency that you need. Window shades can be cordless lift or motorized, making them ideal for homes with children and pets. Layered Fabric Blinds Other cordless options for window coverings that you can investigate with your Style Consultant include:

* Sliding Track System - beautiful alternative to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors and side-to-side openings, the sliding track operation eliminates the need for cords or chains.

* Wand-control vertical blinds provide cordless light and privacy control.

* Manual-control curtains and draperies provide cordless operation for opening and closing.

* Somfy motorized blinds or shades give the ultimate cordless control convenience with one-touch operation, and can be added to most of the window coverings we offer.


Nation Window Covering Safety Month is a good time to evaluate your window coverings and assess if they present any risk. Talk to your Budget Blinds Style Consultant about replacing older binds and shades that do not meet current safety standards, as well as explore ways to secure cords on existing blinds or shades with a child safe retrofit kit. Here are some things to consider as you "think safety"

* Move cribs, beds or other furniture that children can climb on away from windows

* Be sure continuous-loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor to prevent a child or pet from becoming entangled. 

* Wand control for blinds or drapes is an alternative to dangling cords.

* Kepp all cords as short as possible, out of a childs reach

* Use cordless blinds or shades if children are able to reach the window

* Spring-assisted clutches can be installed to raise and lower window coverings, replacing cords.

* Break- away tassels are designed to break apart under minimal stress to prevent entanglement.

* Cord stops restrict how far internal ladder cords can be pulled from a blind or shade, eliminated the possibility of a loop big enough to fit over a child's head.

* Cord cleats safely secure cords up and away from a child's reach.

Our Customers Mean the World To Us!

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We are so thankful each and everyday for the customers who choose Budget Blinds! Thank you so much to these customers who offered us some feedback about their experience!Budget Blinds Review

Budget Blinds Testimonial

Privacy, Please! Budget Blinds make the difference for Condo Owners

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Black Faux Woods

 By Ashleigh Mattern  

Blinds have come a long way: Years ago, your only options for colours were forrest green, dusty rose, or navy blue, and they only came in one material- metal- attracting heat and cold into your house. Plus, they were hard to clean. Leanne Pilsner-Fisher, Budget Blinds Owner and Style Consultant, remembers people going to odd lengths to clean their blinds, including bathing them. 

"Now blinds are so beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing, and can really finish your home or recreate a feeling," Pilsner-Fisher says. 

They also play a doubly important role for condo owners, who are often looking for window coverings to give them privacy from their neighbours.

"There are lots of options that will give full privacy, but lots of light," says Pilsner-Fisher. "When people think privacy they think it has to be dark, but that’s not it at all. You can get a multitude of colours but allow light through." 

Top down, bottom up blinds are an especially nice feature for privacy while still being able to see outside from in and control what people can see inside from out. 

"If you’re on the third or fourth floor, you can get a nice view but people can’t see in depending on where you place the blind." 

The top-down feature comes in cellular or honeycomb style blinds, and roman shades,.  Another option are blinds that have horizontal slats, like faux or real wood blinds. "Those ones have the tilting feature too that allows for privacy. You have many options for light and privacy at the same time; anything with louvers or slats that you can tilt up and have light coming in in a filtered way." 

There are also options for people who have bought a condo for the view: Solar screens allow you to get the full view from your big, beautiful windows, while still protecting your home from UV heat and glare that can damage furniture or floors. Paired with drapery, the screen gives you privacy and protection during the day, and the drapes can be drawn at night. 

Pilsner-Fisher notes that blinds are especially important in homes with a lot of windows, which are essentially walls that can only be decorated with window treatments – including blinds and fabric décor. 

"Windows are a cold feature in a home; they’re just blank. You can warm up a home buy adding fabric, drapery, or wood.... It really can change a home." 

Paired with the furniture, paint job, and accessories, window coverings can help to tell a story about what your home is to you, and what you want people to feel, says Pilsner-Fisher. 

While styles vary widely depending on the homeowner's tastes, some general trends she's noticed include contemporary styles in white and cold greys, and natural grains. Roman shades are also still popular for rustic chic styles because they pair well with drapes. 

The most popular style by far, though, are cellular blinds.  

"You get good insulation, tons of colours, a choice of cordless or top down bottom up, and they can come with a room darkening feature" says Pilsner-Fisher. "They have all the options available, all the colours available, and it’s affordable." 

There are a multitude of options for window coverings, but Pilsner-Fisher says you can easily narrow it down by asking a few important questions: "What do you want it to look like? How do you want your friends and family to feel? How do you want it to function? How much do you want to spend?"  

Window coverings typically have a lifespan of about five to 20 years, though Pilsner-Fisher notes the only reason to switch them out after five years is for a change. Functionally, your blinds should easily last 10 to 15 years. 


"We always talk about windows coverings being an investment, just like your floor, just your countertops," Pilsner-Fisher says. "When choosing blinds, think about the long term investment you’re making." 

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