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Is Home Automation in Spanaway Right for You?

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More items around the home are become automated. This is especially the case for blinds. It’s now possible to open and close at the touch of a button. The big question may have is whether Spanaway home automation is right for them. Could it be too expensive? Is it just a waste of money? Here’s a look at factors to consider to see if it’s right for you.

Do You Struggle to Reach the Blinds?

Not everyone can reach the top of their windows. Even windows that are relatively low can be tricky, especially if you have mobility issues. The last thing you want is to pull out the step ladder every time you want to open and close the blinds!

On top of that, you may have cut the cords. You’re using cordless features to keep the children and pets in your home safe. But it makes reaching for the blinds so much harder.

Home automation in Spanaway helps to reduce the hassle. You get to open and close with just a touch of the button. The only time you’ll pull the step ladder out or ask a family member to help is when you need to dust within the mechanism once a month or so. If you want an easier life, especially with mobility problems, automated blinds are definitely for you.

Do You Want Something to Connect to Your Phone or Timer?

Your lights in the house are connected to a timer. So is your heating, your alarm system and so much more. The garage door is connected to your smartphone and now even some heating systems can be connected. The only thing that isn’t are your window treatments. While your lights are on to make it look like someone is home, your blinds are wide open and people will know.

Sure, you can use net curtains to make it difficult to see in, but there’s still a chance people realize the truth. You want to make the whole home look busy and full. Making the home look like someone is in will help to reduce the risk of someone breaking in.

Getting home automation in Spanaway will help with this. You can get a wireless system that is connected to your smart device. Alternatively, you can have a wired system connected to your electrical timer. When your lights turn on, the blinds close and people think someone is home.

Do You Want to Manage Your Blinds Conveniently?

Your blinds can be excellent for managing light levels, but they can also be a faff. You have to get up and down to open and close them. Then you have to manage the slats on venetian or vertical blinds, making the blinds far more time consuming. While these aren’t a problem for some, they’re a hassle for those who work from home or have mobility problems.

While getting home automation won’t completely take out of the hassle of opening and closing blinds, it will make the process more convenient. Rather than getting up and going to your window, you can press a button on a remote or on your smartphone. You can control everything from where you sit. The only thing you’ll have to do is not lose the remote!

Is Spanaway home automation right for you? Only you can answer the question confidently, but looking through the three factors above will help you come to a decision. They can certainly be a more financially convenient option in the home.

Do You Really Need to Repaint Your Shutters in Spanaway?

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You may hear that repainting Spanaway shutters is part of regular maintenance. Some people will tell you to do it every couple of years, around the same time you repaint the vinyl protection around your home or your gutters. Well, it’s not necessarily something you need to do. In fact, repainting your shutters could do more damage than good.

Before you repaint any shutters in the home, you’ll want to make these considerations. You may be pleasantly surprised that your shutters are much easier to maintain than anything else in your home.

Consider the Material of the Shutters

Wooden shutters can start to fade and wear. They’re actually one of the least popular materials now because of the upkeep, especially when it comes to exterior shutters. If your shutters are looking worn and chipped, every couple of years they’ll need sanding down, revarnishing and repainting.

However, other materials don’t often need repainting. The shutters in Spanaway made from vinyl and faux wood are designed for the long term. Repainting will usually involve scraping the original paintwork, which can damage the shutters. You’re best off just leaving them and cleaning them regularly. That’s what these materials are designed for anyway.

Consider the Work to Repaint

Look at how the shutters are placed in your windows. Most are screwed on and you will need to align them perfectly when replacing them. Getting the alignment wrong won’t just leave unsightly holes. The shutters will end up off the mark around your windows and not off all the old benefits.

Repainting ends up being far more work and hassle than necessary. This is especially the case when it comes to the materials that just don’t need to be repainted. Even wood can often look good with a clean rather than being repainted.

Consider the Costs Involved

You’re not just buying paint for your Spanaway shutters. There are other costs involved, including varnish, sanding materials, and a spray gun. The costs of repainting soon add up. If you then damage your shutters, you’ll need to spend more money on replacing your items.

The extra costs can make repainting difficult. Then you won’t want to risk damaging the items. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to hire someone to do the repainting for you.

Consider Replacing Your Shutters Instead

If you find your shutters look worn and dull even after cleaning, it’s a sign your shutters in Spanaway could need replacing. This is common with worn wood material. Look for shutters that are designed never to need repainting. These materials, such as faux wood, will never chip or crack. Even if you have them as exterior shutters, they’re designed to last for decades without extra work.

Getting new shutters can work out more cost effective and better for your stress levels. There’s no need to hire spray guns to get an even paint finish and no need to hassle with aligning the shutters properly. Your new shutters will just need cleaning regularly to protect them.

Not all shutters in Spanaway need repainting. Many are designed to last for decades without the colors being touched up. The only time you may want to repaint is if you’re redecorating and then you’ll want to consider whether repainting or new shutters is more worthwhile. Consider the above factors and make a decision for your own home.

Best Window Coverings in Lakewood for a Rustic Look

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Getting a rustic or country feel to your home can help to create a homely feel. You want to make sure your Lakewood window coverings work with that décor in mind. This doesn’t just mean looking at specific colors, but specific styles and designs for your window treatments. With that in mind, here are the best coverings to get that rustic, natural look.

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds Are the Best

Let’s start with the wood look. Wooden blinds are by far the best way to create a rustic look around your windows. After all, they’re the natural element from the outdoors. You don’t need to treat the wood in any way, although varnishing can help with caring and durability of the blinds.

Wooden blinds can warp with the heat, though. It can be worth investing in faux wood blinds instead. These look like the real deal, but tend to last longer and are made of sturdier material. The only way someone would know the difference is if they walked up to the window to examine.

One of the benefits of wood or faux wood window coverings in Lakewood is they come in different styles and colors. You can choose any type to work with the exact style you want. Aged wood will help to bring the vintage look, while pine or oak can work with furniture you’ve already got in the house.

Curtains Can Offer a Warm Appearance

If you’re not a big fan of blinds or you want to keep the costs to a minimum, consider curtains for your rustic look. You can also get a weathered or aged appearance, along with country, hunter, and cottage styles. It’s all in the styles of curtains that you buy.

Curtains certainly offer the benefits of easy maintenance and installation. Look out for plaid or tartan styled curtains for the full rustic look. It’s almost like a deer hunter in your home. This works extremely well if you have a plain wood windowsill and boarder around your window.

Alternatively, you can get curtains that have the appearance of a weathered sheet. They can have frayed edges and hang from just one side of the window. Choose beige or other natural colors to complete the look.

Work with Shutters

Finally, shutters can make a beautiful addition to your cottage home. These Lakewood window coverings are best in wood, either without slats or with a small cut out to let in some light. Opt for indoor shutters, making them much easier to use on a daily basis. However, exterior shutters can offer extra benefits.

Like with the wooden blinds, you instantly get the appearance of the outdoors inside your home through the use of natural materials. You can also keep the shutters plain, just sanding them down and varnishing. There are faux wood materials available if you want more durable and heat-friendly options.

The downside with shutters is that they can cost more than other window coverings in Lakewood. However, you will usually increase the value of your home. They’re worth considering, especially when they instant bring that cottage look.

Now the choice is yours. There are some beautiful Lakewood window coverings that work for your home. They will bring the rustic look without any hassle. All you have to do is get the right materials and colors to complete the décor.

Why Blinds in Lakewood Make the Perfect Nursery Window Covering

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When you’re expecting a baby, you want everything to look perfect. This includes getting the right window treatment for the windows. After all, you want something that works with the décor, while offering the blackout effect. Lakewood blinds offer the perfect option for your nursery window coverings. Here’s why you need them for your baby’s room.

It’s Simple to Create the Blackout Effect

One of the biggest benefits is that blinds are easy to create the blackout effect. The material is thick enough to keep all daylight out of the room, making the room dark enough for nap times during the day. Those light summer evenings aren’t going to make it harder to get your baby down for the night and the lighter mornings won’t disrupt the sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, blackout blinds in Lakewood don’t need to be made of dark material. While they are popular, it’s all about the thickness of the material. You can easily get the blackout effect while working with the exact décor of the room. Want to keep a crisp, white or cream décor throughout the room? It really isn’t a problem.

Easy to Install and Use

The last thing you want is to fiddle with shutter clasps or pull curtains closed completely. You’ve usually got your baby in your arms or you’re trying to be as quiet as possible. Blinds offer the perfect option before they’re so easy to use. In many case, you can work them with just one hand, locking them in place without a sound.

These window treatments are also easy to install. Unlike shutters, there’s often no need for screwdrivers and hammers. You won’t need to get help to make sure your blinds are straight. You can quickly use a drill to put the blinds above or within the window and get yourself ready for the baby’s arrival without the stress.

Easy installation also means easy removal. As your baby gets older and wants a change of décor, it’s very easy to work with that.

Safe for the Family

At one time there were worries about the safety of Lakewood blinds for children. Many blinds came with cords that children could get themselves trapped in. This isn’t the case anymore. More and more companies are creating cordless features. You can get them with toggles or pulley systems, making them much easier to use than ever before.

It’s also possible to get motorized blinds for the nursery. Not only do you cut the cord, but you make it even easier to open and close the coverings. You just need a click of a button, which can easily be kept out of the reach of the children.

You will still need to follow some basic safety tips. Make sure no furniture is near the blinds to prevent babies and children climbing up and pulling the blinds down!

Work With All Types of Décor

Blinds in Lakewood are usually made of fabric. Some are made of wood, faux wood, or vinyl. However, all the styles have the same benefit of working with the different types of décor. As mentioned, you can get blackout blinds in bright colors. You can also get styles with cartoon characters on them or patterns to help stimulate development in babies.

There’s absolutely no décor that blinds won’t work with. At the same time, they’re affordable so they are perfect when you have a lot of outgoings for the new arrival. Make sure you consider Lakewood blinds for your baby’s nursery in depth before settling on any type of window treatment.

What Are Roman Shades in Steilacoom and How Will They Help?

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With so many types of window coverings, it’s easy to find yourself lost. You’ll have heard of venetian blinds, honeycomb shades, interior shutters, café shutters, and even roman shades in Steilacoom. It’s hard to tell the difference between some of them and then decide on the best one for you.

It’s worth looking at them one at a time. Steilacoom roman shades could be exactly what you need for your home. Here’s a look at just what they are and how they will help dress your window.

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman shades, like all other shades, help to block out the sun. While they pull down like solar shades, they don’t roll up. Instead, they stack evenly. You’ll see the fabric hang with a slight loop, so the shade sits in a smaller space. However, you can also buy shades that stack instead. This is a classic design that has been overshadowed by the looped, cascading styles.

Most roman shades will use a cord mechanism. However, there are some changes being made to protect children. The cords will usually run on the outside of the blind, and you just pull on one side or the other depending on whether you want to open and close.

The material has a smooth look and feel to it. Most other shades will use bumpy and ribbed material for various heating and aesthetic benefits.

Offering the Benefits of All Other Shades

Quite honestly there is little difference between Steilacoom roman shades and other types of blinds. They will all offer lighting and heating benefits in the home. One of the benefits of roman shades is the use of the fabric material rather than wood or vinyl.

It’s easier to make the fabric work with different designs and styles, making the blinds suitable for the majority of rooms in the home. They come in a range of colors and designs, suiting all personalities and styles.

The material will also allow some daylight to shine through but without the glare. Fabric can be slightly thinner to make it possible for some daylight to prevent the use of electricity. That isn’t the case with wood and vinyl.

Creating a Beautiful Open Look

One of the biggest benefits to roman shades in Steilacoom is the style when the blinds are open. The way the looped blinds cascade helps to create a slightly more aesthetically pleasing look. It creates a smooth style for the window, drawing attention for the beauty. There’s no need for window treatments at the top to cover the blinds, because they look like treatments on their own.

If you want the classic, you can also gain benefits. The blinds tend to take up less space in the window because they stack. You gain more daylight through the window when open and it tends to be easier to hide the blinds behind trellises. 

When you’re looking for window treatments, make sure you look into each option available to you. Steilacoom roman shades are beautiful additions when used right. They offer the benefits of so many other shades, while offering the aesthetic benefits when opened fully.

What Can Draperies in Lakewood Offer Other Than Light Control?

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You’ll know that Lakewood draperies can be excellent for light control. That is their primary function in the home, but certainly not their only function. With the right drapes, you can add style, character, and financial benefits. Here’s a look at other ways you’ll benefit by adding them into your rooms.

Keeping the Electric and Heating Bills Down

One of the biggest extra benefits is to your utility bills. The drapes can help to prevent heat escaping from your home and unnecessarily entering it. You can keep the running costs of your heating and air conditioning to a minimum throughout the year.

For example, during the winter the heat will escape out of the windows. You spend more money heating the home, especially if you have drafty windows. So you need something to help block the escaping heat. Draperies in Lakewood are quick to install and easy to use. Whether you have thick or thin material you will block some of the heat from escaping, so you don’t have to use your heating as much throughout the winter.

Likewise, the drapes can prevent the heat from getting into your home through the window in the summer. The heat is blocked by the material, forcing it back out of the window. Your air conditioning doesn’t need to be used as much.

Create Character and Style in Your Home

Drapes come in all types of colors, styles, and designs. It’s no longer the case that you have to buy thick, dark-colored velvet. You can enjoy something beautiful that works specifically with your décor.

Your room will gained character and style instantly. It’s possible to dress the windows in ways that draws attention to them. You can work with the smaller elements in wallpapers or through furniture in the home. It’s even possible to make the part of the room blend in with the rest of it.

Your Lakewood draperies can help to show off personalities and likes. Kids can have material with their favorite superheroes, while adults can add different patterns and styles. Good style will help with financial benefits, as home buyers will enjoy the look of your home and want to buy it.

Easy Maintenance for an Easy Life

Ever thought about the amount of times you’d have to take your window coverings down to maintain, wash, and dry them? Well, that’s not a problem with drapes. They’re designed to hang permanently, so you just have to give them a shake regularly. When you have the vacuum out, use the upholstery fitting and dislodge all dust and remove it easily.

If you really need to wash your drapes, this is easy. They come down like curtains and can be washed in the washing machine in most cases. Some may require hand washing or dry cleaning, but you can check this before buying them. Drying can be a little harder since most can’t be put in the dryer, but the drapes are certainly much easier than blinds, shutters, and other options.

Consider all the benefits and downsides of using window treatments. It’s not all about the light control. Lakewood draperies offer a range of other benefits to make sure you gain both aesthetically and financially.

3 Tips to Customize Your Plantation Shutters in Tacoma

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After deciding that you want Tacoma plantation shutters around your home, you’ll want to look at ways of customizing them. These are permanent fixtures, so they need to show off your personality and the style of the home. Even though you likely won’t take them to your next home, you want to create beauty and enjoy them while you have them.

Customizing plantation shutters couldn’t be easier! Here’s a look at three top tips to customize them to work with your personality and needs.

Choose the Right Paint and Colors

Start with colors. This is the easiest way to customize your plantation shutters inTacoma. You can use whatever colors you want to show off your favorites.

Some people will work with the color of their patio woodwork or the panels on their home. Others will work with the color of their roofing or their balcony work. Then there are others who will opt for a color that stands out and draws attention to their beautiful colors.

Don’t be afraid to use patterns with your paintwork. You can choose Scandinavian paintwork, Tudor period design work, and much more. Get creative and show off your interests and style. Just be aware that the more personal the harder it may be to sell your home. People want to imagine themselves living there and won’t want to spend hours repainting your shutters.

Consider Different Shaped Shutters

Work with your window design and get shutters that match. If you have curved, stone cottage style windows, you can get curved Tacoma plantation shutters that help to create a more uniformed look.

It’s also possible to get rounded shutters to work with rounded windows. When you open the shutters, people will be able to see that you’re complementing the home. They will know what to expect when they walk into the home.

Be aware that these shutters will be harder to move with you. You’ll need to get customized shutters for your next home, as it’s unlikely that you’ll have the exact same size and style of windows.

Get Cut-Out Shutters

Who said you needed full wood shutters? You could look at getting shutters that have a slight cut-out within them. Some people will choose a cut-out that shows off their hobbies or interests, while others will get a cut-out that is linked to their families.

You only need a small cut-out to personalize your plantation shutters in Tacoma. The small cut-out won’t affect the integrity of your wood or affect light control too much. You could end up with the sun shining through into the room, casting the cut-out on a wall. However, this will depend on the location of the window and the angle of the sun.

Because of the style of the shutter and personalization, you could find people are less willing to buy. They will look at the work needed to replace the shutters. Even if you’re not thinking about selling right now, this is something to consider in the future.

Customizing your Tacoma plantation shutters is an excellent way to add beauty and style to your home. It’s a chance to show off your personality and bring part of who you are as a family to the exterior of your home.

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