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What to Look for in Blinds in University Place

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Getting the right window treatments for your home is important. University Place blinds look beautiful, but you need to get the right types for individual rooms. This is more than thinking about moisture levels. You also want to think about the direction your windows face. Here’s a look at everything to look for in blinds for your home.

Materials for Moisture

Of course, moisture is something you’ll want to consider. Each room will have its own level of moisture, with bathrooms being the most humid. When it comes to bathrooms, there’s a risk of mildew and mold damage. Opt for blinds that will sustain the water, allowing it to evaporate easily, rather than soaking in the water.

Faux wood and vinyl blinds in University Place are among the most popular for bathrooms. They don’t absorb the water and they’re easy to clean.

Avoiding the Warping

If you have rooms that are south facing, you will definitely want to think carefully about the heat in the room. South facing rooms get much hotter than other rooms in the home, because they get a constant blast of the sun. This means your blinds in University Place will suffer from potential warping. You’ll want to think extremely carefully about the materials.

Faux wood, again, is one of the best options. It doesn’t suffer from the heat damage, so the shape will remain constant throughout the life of the blinds. Vinyl can also be a good option, since it also doesn’t suffer. However, some vinyl colors can start to fade with the sun.

Thinking About UV Damage

While you want to avoid warping, you’ll also need to think about sun damage. The UV rays can cause the colors to fade over time. This affects all types of University Place blinds, so it’s the colors that you want to think carefully about.

Darker colors will absorb the rays and show signs of damage much sooner. Lighter colors reflect the UV rays, minimizing damage.

Consider Style of Windows

You’ll want your University Place blinds to match the style of your home. Think about the style and size of your windows. Mini blinds are perfect for big and small windows. You can double up next to each other and the blinds look like one long blind, making them perfect for bay windows and extra long options.

However, you’ll want to look into vertical blinds when dealing with sliding windows and doors. They move in the direction of the window opening, making it much easier to keep the functionality of the windows and doors when they’re in place. If your windows open up and down, you want horizontal blinds instead.

Blinds in University Place look beautiful and give you the chance to see through the window without affecting natural light during the day. However, opt for the right type for your room and home needs. The above four factors are the most crucial to make sure your blinds last for the lifetime.

Why Get Roller Shades in University Place Homes?

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You’ve just moved into your beautiful home and now you need to think about the decorative needs. Your window treatments fall into that category and you may want to consider University Place roller shades. Whether you rent or buy, they can be the most cost effective options for a home. Here’s a look at why you’ll want to consider them.

Perfect on a Small Budget

Roller shades are among the cheapest options for window treatments. But not just that! They’re cheap to install and affordable to maintain. You barely have to do anything to them once they’re hanging in your home. A quick shake to dislodge any dust and a wash down with a damp cloth now and then and you’ll be good to go.

When you’re on a small budget, you’re usually thinking about the right now. It doesn’t matter which window treatments will last a decade. You want something that will tide you over until you have more money for something else. Roller shades in University Place are perfect for that.

They Look Good in All Rooms

Whether you want something for the living room, dining room, or even bedroom, the shades will look good. You can get a variety of colors and materials to suit styles and interests. Children can have a quirky design while adults can opt for sophisticated patterns or bold colors for a particular mood.

The shades can even work in bathrooms and kitchens. Fabric shades aren’t too bad, but you can get thin vinyl roller shades in University Place. These shades won’t take in as much moisture and won’t suffer from the potential mold damage. You’ll have them for longer than some other types of blinds and window treatments.

Work Well With Curtains

If you like curtains, you’ll want to consider shades to work with them. The two work seamlessly together, as long as you get matching colors and designs. You also get a variety of benefits by working the two window treatments together.

One of the biggest benefits is in the heating and electricity bills. You have a double setting within the window to prevent the heat escaping from the home or coming through from the outside. This is perfect if you want more affordable living costs without sacrificing comfort.

No Mess Installation

The last thing you want is to be measuring windows and drilling holes into the frames, especially if you are renting. University Place roller shades often sit with a pressure beam (although you can get drilling options) to help minimize the mess when it comes to installing the blinds. Even if you opt for those you do drill in the frame, they’re exceptionally easy to install.

And they’re easy to use. You don’t need a degree to use your University Place window treatments.

It’s time to give University Place roller shades a good consideration. They’re affordable, beautiful, and practical for every room in the home. All you need to choose now is the color and pattern for each room.

3 Rooms Roman Shades in Lakewood Are Perfect For

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There are so many types of shades, blinds and other window treatments. Trying to get the right ones for your home can be tricky, especially when you consider that some rooms look better with certain shades than others. Roman shades in Lakewood are absolutely beautiful and certainly help you add your personality to a room, but they’re not perfect for all rooms in the home. Here are the three rooms roman shades are perfect for.

Adding the Mood to the Bedroom

Lakewood roman shades should be considered in depth for your bedrooms. Since they come in a range of colors and patterns, you can add a specific mood to each bedroom in the home. Deep reds can help create sensuality in your bedroom with your spouse, while yellows and oranges can help to create a happier space for children and other adults.

You can get roman shades in a range of materials and thicknesses. Look out for the thicker materials to create a blackout effect, especially in smaller children’s bedrooms. There are thicknesses that will just darken the room, making the wakeup call a little less jarring when the blinds are pulled open.

Bring Brightness to the Living Room

Another popular location for Lakewood roman shades is the living room. Again, this all comes to the colors. You can use bright, summery colors to create the feeling of happiness and warmth throughout the year. However, roman shades also come with a range of patterns, giving you the chance to add floral vine work, leaves, and block shapes to your shades. You get the chance to work easily with any décor in the room.

Roman shades don’t need to be removed a lot. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a shake when opening and closing. There’s no need to worry about excessive maintenance in a room that you spend a lot of your free time in.

One of the downsides is the lack of light control. You either open or close the blinds. However, cascading blinds can offer some extra benefits that roller or solar shades can’t. They hang a little lower at the top to help minimize glare at the highest point of the day.

Create Character in the Kitchen

The material of roman shades in Lakewood isn’t the best for bathrooms, but they can work with kitchens. Kitchens don’t tend to get as humid or damp for long periods of time. You can create character and brightness in the kitchen with your roman shades. Add something with pattern or match the color of your paint work.

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so you want blinds that make you feel happy. The colors can also help to inspire creativity when you’re cooking. Opt for darker shades of your favorite colors due to the grease and oils in the room.

Lakewood roman shades are beautiful and can work for almost any room in the home. The three above are the best options to make the most of beauty and décor.

4 Types of Mini Blinds in Lakewood Perfect for Your Home

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Lakewood mini blinds are perfect options for your home or office. They are a smaller size than others, hence the name, making it easier to fit into smaller windows and doors. These types of blinds can be especially beneficial for French doors and windows.

But what type of blinds can you get in the mini size? Are you stuck with a few options that won’t give you all the benefits you require? Here’s a look at the four types of mini blinds in Lakewood for your home.

Solar and Roman Shades Available

Two of the most popular mini blinds are solar and roman shades. They look exactly the same as their normal sized counterparts, but they’re just designed to fit into smaller windows better. They are excellent for conservatories, dining rooms and some office spaces.

You will need to make sure the depth of the window is right for roman shades. Mini roman blinds look much better when the top sits flush with the front of the frame. This can be difficult with smaller windows, especially if you’re working around bay windows.

Solar shades are perfect for conservatories. They help to create more light but without the glare and brightness. You can manage the heat effectively, while adding positive moods to a room.

Venetian Blinds Are the Most Popular for Offices

Lakewood mini blinds with a venetian style are the type that you’ll find in office spaces. They tend to look more professional, since you can still get the blinds in wood, faux wood and more. Plus the blinds are cheaper to make, helping to keep the costs down in your office space.

One of the great things about mini venetian blinds is they’re durable. This is especially the case if you get faux wood, which is designed to withstand the heat and UV rays coming through the window. You can redirect the glare of the sun, too. There’s no need to completely cut out all the light, making the blinds highly practical for the office space.

The mini blinds in Lakewood also work extremely well for kitchens and bathrooms, which tend to have smaller windows. The faux wood is durable in humid conditions, so you don’t get as much mold or water damage.

Bamboo Shades for a Natural Look

There is a move into creating mini blinds out of bamboo. This offers you the chance to get the beautiful nature in your home. Bamboo is one of the most valuable materials for blinds because of all its benefits. It’s good for humid rooms, managing heat levels and protecting against UV damage.

Mini bamboo blinds are excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. They can come in a roller or roman style, so you’ll want to make sure the window depth is just right.

You can get mini blinds in Lakewood in a range of styles and materials. It’s time to think about what you want to gain from the window treatments to find the best one for you.

Why You Need to Consider Natural Roller Shades in Spanaway for Your Home

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While there is a lot of focus on fabric Spanaway roller shades, you’ll want to consider the natural options. They are far more beneficial for your home, health and the environment and they are certainly worth the money. Here’s a look at all the reasons you need to consider natural roller shades for your home.

They’re Light Filtering

Whether you get bamboo or wood, the shades are created to be light filtering. This means they don’t completely block out the light, so you can use them during the day without plunging yourself into complete darkness. However, during the night, they barely let any light through, making them excellent options for the bedroom.

On a morning, you’ll see a little daylight come through your shades. It’s a more positive wakeup call, as you’re not blasted with the daylight other roller shades in Spanaway cause when you suddenly open them. You can also see your way around the room relatively easily during the morning.

You Protect the Environment

The natural roller shades are made with natural materials, just as the name suggests. Whether you get bamboo or woven wood, you will have material that protects the environment. They’re designed to last for the years to come, but also breakdown easily in the waste when they’ve come to the end of their life.

Of course, the natural material also offers benefits for your health. There’s less material that will cause irritation and allergies. You can breathe easier in the home, while your mental health is supported because you know you’re doing much more for the environment than your neighbors.

They Look Sleek and Work with All Decors

Whether you want to create the rustic look or you just want that quaint cottage style, Spanaway roller shades with natural materials will work. These types of shades look sleek and beautiful, working with any décor need you have. They are especially beneficial for gaining both vintage and contemporary looks!

It’s not often you’ll find a shades that work for all decors. Whatever you change in your décor, whether color or style, you will find the shades always match.

They’re Perfect for All Rooms

Want something for the cold den? The material is perfect. Need something for a hot, moist bathroom? Look no further! Natural roller shades in Spanaway offer the benefit of being durable, water-resistant and create heating benefits. The material will absorb the heat, putting it back into the room during the middle of the winter.

This can depend on the type of material you opt for. Bamboo is one of the most effective for the moisture benefits. After all, the natural material is used to hot, damp parts of the world.

Now is the time to consider natural Spanaway roller shades. They are cost effective, both upfront and in the long term. They offer more than just décor benefits. You’ll protect the environment and create light filtering in each room for comfort.

Spanaway Roman Shades vs. Roller Shades: What Do You Really Want?

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When you’re looking to dress your window, you likely have an idea of the type of shade you want. You know a rough idea of color, benefit needs and style. When you want something in a fabric that’s neutral and is just basic to use, you’ll likely come across roller shades and roman shades in Spanaway. Now it’s time to decide between the two. What do you really want for your home?

Cascading vs. the Roller Look

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a cascading look to your open shades or the look of the shades on a roller. This will instantly affect whether you get roman shades or roller ones.

Cascading shades can look a little more inviting. They’re softer and help to create a sense of beauty in the home. When you want them, you want Spanaway roman shades. If you just want something quick to use and aren’t that bothered about the look when the shades are open, you’ll want to consider roller shades.

Both types of shades use cords to open and close. However, there is a move into offering cordless options. Roman shades are moving quicker into the cordless features out of the two.

Consider Your Budget

The budget you have available for your window treatments will need to be considered fully. Roman shades in Spanaway certainly look beautiful, but there’s the downside of cost. They tend to cost double of roller shades, because of the style and amount of work that goes into creating thing. And this is just when basic fabrics and styles are chosen.

When you want to add more design work and creativity to your blinds, you’ll end up spending more. Roller shades just have to fit the open and close system, while roman shades need to connect together to cascade properly when open.

The Depth of Your Window

One of the most overlooked parts of the choosing process is looking at the depth of the window. Both roller shades and roman shades in Spanaway will have depth minimums. Then they’ll have ideal measurements.

With roller shades, you can just work with the minimums. All you have to do is decide which way the roll will sit (whether close to the window or further away) and you can use right away. The fabric sits in the middle of the roller, preventing the shades from sticking out from the frame. You can also have them mounted so they purposely stand out of the frame, spreading over the edges of the frame if you want.

With roman shades, you’ll need to decide whether they’ll look good partially standing out from the window or whether you want the flush with the frame. Roman shades tend to look better when flush, but the choice is up to you.

Consider the three factors above carefully. They’ll help you determine whether roller shades or roman shades in Spanaway are best for your home.

Is Home Automation in Spanaway Right for You?

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More items around the home are become automated. This is especially the case for blinds. It’s now possible to open and close at the touch of a button. The big question may have is whether Spanaway home automation is right for them. Could it be too expensive? Is it just a waste of money? Here’s a look at factors to consider to see if it’s right for you.

Do You Struggle to Reach the Blinds?

Not everyone can reach the top of their windows. Even windows that are relatively low can be tricky, especially if you have mobility issues. The last thing you want is to pull out the step ladder every time you want to open and close the blinds!

On top of that, you may have cut the cords. You’re using cordless features to keep the children and pets in your home safe. But it makes reaching for the blinds so much harder.

Home automation in Spanaway helps to reduce the hassle. You get to open and close with just a touch of the button. The only time you’ll pull the step ladder out or ask a family member to help is when you need to dust within the mechanism once a month or so. If you want an easier life, especially with mobility problems, automated blinds are definitely for you.

Do You Want Something to Connect to Your Phone or Timer?

Your lights in the house are connected to a timer. So is your heating, your alarm system and so much more. The garage door is connected to your smartphone and now even some heating systems can be connected. The only thing that isn’t are your window treatments. While your lights are on to make it look like someone is home, your blinds are wide open and people will know.

Sure, you can use net curtains to make it difficult to see in, but there’s still a chance people realize the truth. You want to make the whole home look busy and full. Making the home look like someone is in will help to reduce the risk of someone breaking in.

Getting home automation in Spanaway will help with this. You can get a wireless system that is connected to your smart device. Alternatively, you can have a wired system connected to your electrical timer. When your lights turn on, the blinds close and people think someone is home.

Do You Want to Manage Your Blinds Conveniently?

Your blinds can be excellent for managing light levels, but they can also be a faff. You have to get up and down to open and close them. Then you have to manage the slats on venetian or vertical blinds, making the blinds far more time consuming. While these aren’t a problem for some, they’re a hassle for those who work from home or have mobility problems.

While getting home automation won’t completely take out of the hassle of opening and closing blinds, it will make the process more convenient. Rather than getting up and going to your window, you can press a button on a remote or on your smartphone. You can control everything from where you sit. The only thing you’ll have to do is not lose the remote!

Is Spanaway home automation right for you? Only you can answer the question confidently, but looking through the three factors above will help you come to a decision. They can certainly be a more financially convenient option in the home.

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