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4 Times Window Curtains in Glen Cove Are Better Than Other Window Coverings

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There are so many types of window coverings available. You’ll mostly hear about blinds and shutters, rather than Glen Cove window curtains. Curtains are considered temporary features, not offering many benefits. However, they can be the best options to cover your windows. Here are four times they beat all other types of window coverings.

When You Want Something Temporary

If you’re renting or you know you’re replacing the windows/coverings in the future, curtains are the option to work with. They’re excellent temporary features because they are so affordable. Plus, they don’t have to go to waste in the future. You can use curtains as decorative pieces on the walls or double them up with other types of window coverings in the future.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on temporary features. Work with curtains and save for the better options when you’ll need them.

When You Want an Airy Feature

Window curtains in Glen Cove tend to be lighter in colors and materials. This is why they don’t always offer the benefits that other coverings do. The material isn’t good enough to stop heat escaping through the window. However, they do create a beautiful, airy feeling in your home.

They tend to be excellent options for the summer. You get that lighter feeling, making it appear that your home is ready for the season. The curtains can also help to reflect the UV rays back, so while they can succumb to some of the UV damage the rays’ heat remains out of the home.

When You Want Something Quick

Temporary fixtures aren’t the only reason you’ll want to consider Glen Cove window treatments. You may also want something quick to use. Curtains are extremely easy to put up in the home, usually using either a pressure or screw-in pole that you hook the curtains on.

All you have to do to use the curtains is pull them on and off. Even children can work the curtains. They’re perfect if you want a no-hassle option for your home.

When You Want Something Low Maintenance

You barely have to do anything to look after your window curtains in Glen Cove. When opening and closing, give your curtains a shake to release the dust and dirt at the bottom. Then once a month or so, you can take the curtains down and put them through the wash.

They’re also easy to store away if you have different types of curtains (and you can get them to change looks for the season). You just need to fold and store, whether in a cupboard, drawer, or a vacuum bag.

Many other window treatments require maintenance daily or weekly. You’ll need to dust them down and even take them off the windows to give a full clean (which means unscrewing screws). Curtains easily come away.

While Glen Cove window curtains may be among the cheapest options, they’re not tacky or a waste of money. The four times above are when they’re the best option for your home.

Why Vertical Blinds in Syosset Are Perfect for Your Sliding Windows and Doors

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If you have sliding windows and doors, you’ll find your window covering choices are relatively minimal. After all, most Syosset blinds move up and down, which gets in the way of working your windows properly. This is where you want to look into vertical blinds. They’re the perfect option for your sliding windows and doors and here are four reasons why.

They Work in the Same Direction

The biggest reason to get vertical blinds in Syosset is that you get a set of window coverings that move in the same direction. You slide the blinds left and right, as you would with sliding windows and doors. It doesn’t even matter which way your blinds are set! For example, you can have blinds that move to the right when open but the window moves to the left to open and they still won’t get in the way.

When you get more function out of your windows, you’re more likely to use them. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home and happier when you get the feeling that the windows need opening.

The blinds are also more likely to last longer. When you’re trying to move your windows with the wrong types of blinds, you can damage the blinds.

Sure, curtains can do the same, but this is where the other benefits of vertical blinds.

They Offer Heat and Cooling Benefits

Some of this will depend on the type of material, but the majority of vertical blinds in Syosset will offer heating and cooling benefits in the home. This is something not all types of curtains and drapes can offer.

When the blinds are closed, they prevent the heat from escaping through the window. The sun’s rays are also minimized, so you can keep south facing rooms cooler in the middle of the summer. Since you don’t need to use your heating or air conditioning as much, you save a fortune.

To make the most of this benefit, you’ll want to get blinds made with vinyl or faux wood.

They Keep the Room Light

You can opt for light colored blinds in the home without losing any of the heating and cooling benefits. This isn’t quite the same with curtains. The lighter colors help to keep the room looking brighter and larger.

When you walk into a room, you’re not going to feel depressed looking at the colors. You’re not going to feel constricted, keeping the positive feeling the sliding windows and doors offer for a room.

They Last Longer

Curtains look good and can keep the airy feeling, but the material tends to degrade quickly. Syosset blinds in faux wood or vinyl materials will last much longer. They don’t succumb from the UV damage in the same way that curtains and other types of blinds do.

It’s time to consider vertical blinds in Syosset for your sliding windows and doors. They are far more functional and offer a range of benefits many other options don’t.

Venetian Blinds in Syosset: The Perfect Option for Odd-Shaped Windows

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Do you have windows that are odd shapes? You may have an oval attic window or a curved bay window. Trying to find the perfect treatment or cover for these shapes can be difficult. There’s either an option that doesn’t quite look right or one that is custom made and expensive. Syosset venetian blinds could be just the option you need and here’s why.

Inexpensive to Custom Make

You could opt for shutters, but you’ll end up spending a fortune on custom making these treatments. After all, they’re designed to be permanent fixtures to your home. But how do you know you’ll still be in the same place in 10 years time? Venetian blinds offer a cheaper option to add custom made blinds to the odd-shaped windows.

It’s possible to get oval, triangular, circular and other shapes. The blinds fit perfectly within the smaller, weirder shapes and look timeless and effortless.

They Fit with the Period

Most odd-shaped windows are in period homes. This was the time that people wanted smaller windows or wanted to stand out in some way. So, you need blinds that will suit the period features.

Venetian blinds in Syosset come in a variety of colors, materials and styles. You’re certain to find something that will fit the period of your home. Rather than given an odd appearance in the home, the blinds will work with period features around the window frame, matching the décor effortlessly. You’ll have comments about how beautiful your windows are dressed instead of questions about why you chose a particular color or style.

Mini Venetian Blinds Are Accessible

One of the big benefits is the addition of mini blinds. These are beautiful and look just like their larger counterparts, but they fit smaller spaces. They’re designed specifically for narrower windows and doors. And they end up being cheaper than your traditional Syosset venetian blinds, helping you to stick to your budget.

Mini blinds are often added to bay windows. They help to work with the curve in the bay, rather than using something that sticks out and looks odd. You can use multiple mini blinds within one window to work effortlessly with the wood work.

You Continue to Get Extra Light Control

Just because you want to dress your odd-shaped windows doesn’t mean you want to get rid of all the light. Venetian blinds in Syosset offer the opportunity to gain more light control. You can use the slats to allow some light in without the glare in your face. You continue to protect the home from the UV rays without plunging it into darkness.

Some of the other custom made blinds cause the problem of darkness. This is more the case with cellular blinds, which are popular odd-shaped window treatments.

It’s time to consider all your options to dress your windows. The odd-shaped windows look beautiful with Syosset venetian blinds. Now is the time to invest in them, whether for the attic, bay window or more.

4 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Destroying Your Blinds in Glen Cove

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You have beautiful Glen Cove blinds set up around your home, but there’s a major issue with one of the members of your family. Your four-legged best friend likes to get into the blinds. You’ve found you’re replacing them way more often than you want, so now it’s time to look for ways to protect your blinds. It is possible. You can stop your dog from destroying your blinds and here are XX tips to manage it.

Keep Them Slightly Raised

Your dog isn’t destroying the blinds in Glen Cove to be mean. To your four-legged friend the blinds are an obstacle to go through. And they will literally go through this obstacle. The best thing you can do is limit the obstacle in the path.

This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your blinds altogether. You could look at getting different types of blinds or curtains, but you can also opt for raising your blinds a little. Create a gap that your dog can use to see out of the window and not feel completely blocked.

Train to Leave the Blinds

The first option is just a short term solution. Eventually, you want to train your dog to leave the Glen Cove blinds alone. This means learning the “leave it” command or helping your dog remain calm when something happens outside.

Your local pet store will usually offer some tips to help train your dog. Otherwise, you’ll be able to get tips off the internet and your puppy friends. Everyone has been there and everyone finds a way to train.

Use a Bitter or Sour Apple Spray

Some dogs just like to gnaw at the blinds. This means finding a way to prevent your dog finding your blinds tasty, which is where a spray comes in. You can get bitter or sour apple sprays from the pet store. They will become your best friend and can be used around the house.

The spray doesn’t damage the wood work, but tastes awful (and this is from experience of getting it on the hands accidentally). Use the spray on areas you don’t want your dog to chew. When they go to chew, they get the awful taste and learn that the blinds in Glen Cove actually aren’t that fun.

Offer something else they can chew on instead. Eventually, you’ll no longer need the bitter spray.

Help Your Dog Deal with Alone Time

Dogs can become anxious when you leave the house. Because of this they start destroying things. It’s their way of saying they need you home. This doesn’t mean you have to stay around or sacrifice your blinds.

It’s time to crate train or help your dog deal with anxiety. Train your dog to accept alone time and know they’re safe when you’re not around.

You can protect your Glen Cove blinds from being destroyed. Figure out why your dog destroys them and work on training against it.

3 Choices to Make Before Ordering Your Custom Plantation Shutters in Syosset

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You know you want Syosset plantation shutters in your home. You’ve looked through all your other window treatment options and shutters are your preferred type. You have even looked through all the different types of shutters, and know that the plantation style offers all the benefits you need. Now it’s time to get your shutters made.

Plantation shutters are custom made. They need to be to suit your exact window style and size. That means a lot of decisions available for you to make. Here are three choices you’ll need to make before ordering.

The Frame and Divider Style

Plantation shutters come in three different styles. You can get the one panel that opens and closes easily, the café style that only covers half your window, or the panel with divider so each panel separates. All three have their own pros and cons, with the dual opening panels being among the most expensive.

The decision will really depend on what you want to gain from your shutters. If you want to shut out complete light at some points of the day, café plantation shutters will instantly be ruled out. If you would like to sometimes add privacy to the bottom of your windows but sometimes open the top, the dual panels may be worth considering.

Slide or Swing Open

Plantation shutters in Syosset can come in two main ways of opening. You can get those that pull open and swing back closed or you can get those that slide on a runner. Again, there are cost implications on the two, but there are also design implications.

With a slider style, you’ll need to get runners placed around your windows. If you just have swing style, you’ll need a locking mechanism either side of your windows to keep the shutters open throughout the day.

The Size of the Louvers

Another consideration is going to be the size of the louvers. This is an option many people overlook, believing that the louvers come in a one-size-fits-all approach. Most Syosset plantation shutters come with 2.5”, 3.5” or 4.5” louvers. All offer the same benefits when closed, but slightly different benefits when opened.

If you want to allow plenty of light into your home when the shutters are closed but louvers open, you’ll want to consider the larger louvers. However, you’ll also want to consider the size of your windows. Smaller windows will work best with the smaller louvers, as they tend to work in proportion with each other. Likewise, larger windows tend to look better with the larger louvers.

Not sure and have no real preference? The 3.5” louvers tend to be the most popular, because they sit in the middle of needs.

Don’t just order your custom plantation shutters in Syosset. These are permanent fixtures. Buying is more than just thinking about colors and style, but about the way they open and sit in the window. The three factors will help you get beautiful shutters for your windows.

How to Use Curtains in Syosset to Create a Princess Bedroom

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Many young girls dream of being a princess. You can help add to that dream by creating a princess bedroom. This is more than just hanging posters of their favorite Disney princesses. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive fabrics and furniture. Here are the steps you need to use Syosset curtains to create a princess bedroom.

Use Net Curtains for the Bed

All princesses will have four-poster beds with curtains around to protect privacy. You can use an idea of these types of beds to create something for your daughter. You just need a set of curtains made of net or another sheer material. You’re not getting rid of all sight to the bedroom and the sheer material is still breathable.

The way you hang the curtains will depend on the type of bed frame your daughter has. If it’s a four-poster bed, you can hang the curtains along the top. Chances are you don’t have that. Instead, hand a hook with a hoop from the ceiling. The curtains in Syosset can then hang from the hook and around the hoop. The curtains will cascade outwards to cover the bed.

Work with Sheer Curtains Around the Window

Princess bedrooms are light and airy, so you want to make sure you use the right curtains around the windows. Look for light fabrics with some sheerness to them. While you’re not going to block out all the light, you will offer some beauty around the windows. You can even use the same material as the curtains for the bed.

To get the darkness on a night, opt for some light-colored blinds or shutters. The light colors will help to keep the brightness to the home, but also help to create that crisp and magical appearance. Shutters tend to be the most valuable for the home and you can even opt for barn shutters with a crown cut-out at the top to keep the princess theme alive.

Use Glitter Rope to Tie

The curtains will need tying out of the way. This is the case for both Syosset curtain around the window and those hanging over the bed. You’ll want to get the perfect material to tie the curtains up.

Princesses love glitter. Whether your daughter prefers pink, gold, silver or even purple, get a glitter tie in their favorite color. You don’t need to connect the ties to the wall. Pull the curtains around the window to either side and place the tie about two thirds of the way down the curtains. For the one above the window, you can either tie and place to one side or tie up towards the hoop.

The princess bedroom is made complete with curtains in Syosset. It’s time to make your daughter happy without breaking the budget. It’s amazing what sheer curtains and glittery ties can offer for a child’s bedroom.

Blinds, Curtains or Drapes in Syosset? Follow These Easy Steps to Choose the Perfect Option for Your Home

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You’ve got multiple choices when it comes to window treatments in your home. Do you get Syosset drapes? What about staying modern with blinds and curtains? Then there are shutters to consider. With so many choices, it can become overwhelming.

Take a deep breath and a step back. There’s no need to panic just yet. These easy steps will help you choose the perfect option for each room in your home.

Choose Your Budget

Each window treatment option will suit individual budgets. Right now, you may not have the biggest amount available. You want something that will work for the time being, while you save up for something fancier. There’s nothing wrong with that!

What you need to do is make sure you have a budget in mind right away. Have a maximum that you are able to spend on each window in your home. There really is something for everyone.

List the Needs for Individual Rooms

Window treatments are not a one-size-fits-all approach. The drapes in Syosset living rooms aren’t going to necessarily work for bedrooms and kitchens. You may want faux wood blinds for the bathrooms, while looking into insulated shutters for the bedroom.

Something you need to do is look at the needs for every room in the home. What exactly do you want to gain from the treatments? Are they for style or comfort?

Once you have the goals, you can look through the individual treatment options. Research each one in full to find out which ones will work with your exact needs. If they’re out of your budget, you can then look at those that are second best within the budget. Your choices will start to narrow effectively, making it easier to create the perfect look within the home.

Consider Ordering Samples

Did you know that some window treatments can be ordered in a sample size? You can get them into your home, hold them up to the window and see just how many benefits they offer. While you don’t get the full look, you have the perfect ability to make sure colors match decors and the fabrics are perfect.

Get everyone’s opinion on the samples. Don’t just focus on look, but also on the feel of materials, the lighting benefits, and the potential heating benefits. Make sure everyone in the home is happy with the blinds or drapes in Syosset, especially if they’re for their individual bedrooms.

Check Out the Reviews and Pictures Fully

Don’t just buy something based on a description. While many companies will have beautifully worded descriptions, the best way to find out if a window treatment is right is by checking pictures and reviews. Look at third-party reviews to make sure you’re getting an honest opinion on the make, model and style. This is more than just look, but about the quality of manufacture.

You’ll also want to look at photos from previous customers. This will give you a chance to see the Syosset drapes and curtains in action. You’ll see the cut, color and style in one.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when choosing your window treatments. Whether you’re looking for blinds, shutters or drapes in Syosset, use the simple steps above and find something that offers all your needs within your budget easily and effectively.

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