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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring Windows for Your Shutters in Oyster Bay

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It’s best to hire a professional to manage the measuring and installation of your Oyster Bay shutters. However, there are times you’ll want to save money by doing as much as possible yourself. This can include the measuring. Yet many people make the same window measuring mistakes, which leads to shutters that are far too big or small for your needs. Here are the top four mistakes to avoid when measuring for your own shutters.

Not Figuring Out Placement First

Before you start measuring, you’ll need to narrow down your choices of shutters in Oyster Bay. Are you getting interior or exterior options? When it comes to interior, do you want them to sit in the window frame or outside?

This can seem like an obvious thing to consider first, but many people forget it. They put multiple measurements down on their paper or measure the outside of the window and then get the shutters designed for in the frames. Choose and then start measuring.

Assuming Window Sizes

One size does not fit all when it comes to your Oyster Bay shutters. And just because windows may look the same size, doesn’t mean they are. You’ll need to measure every single window that you want the treatments placed in. This is time consuming and a reason for hiring a professional, but it’s worth it.

If you assume, you run the risk of a few inches smaller than the shutters need to be, so you end up with gaps. You can also end up with shutters that are way too big.

Giving the Wrong Measurements

When ordering your shutters in Oyster Bay, look for the type of measurements needed. If you’re in doubt, you can always ask for the exact measurements. Does the company want the total window opening or a slightly smaller measurement for the glass of the window? This directly affects the good fit in the windows.

This is similar to assuming the window sizes are the same. You end up with gaps or a shutter that just doesn’t fit snugly enough, so you lose the benefits.

Measuring the Old Treatments

You may be tempted to cut corners by measuring the treatments that were there first. This is especially the case if you’re replacing old and worn shutters or getting replacements for broken individual ones. However, the shutters in Oyster Bay may not have fit the windows perfectly. This can end up with you suffering the same gaps or ill-fitted treatments.

Definitely don’t take measurements from a different type of covering. They’re all designed to fit differently in the windows, so you’ll run into fitting issues instantly.

Avoid the top four mistakes and you’ll be on your way to well fitting Oyster Bay shutters in your home. If in doubt, hire a professional to fit your window treatments. Not only will you avoid the mistakes, but you’ll get shutters that are also installed for you and get rid of the worry that you’ve given the wrong measurements.

How to Repurpose Your Old Drapes in Oyster Bay

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Just because your Oyster Bay drapes no longer look good on your windows or suit your room’s décor doesn’t mean they belong in the trash. The material can be repurposed for other uses and ideas. It’s time to get creative with these top ways to repurpose your old drapes.

Make Cushion and Chair Covers

Start by cutting the drapes down to size to work for cushion or chair covers. Cushions tend to be the best, especially the smaller ones. You can move them around to different rooms to make sure they work with the décor. The cushions also allow you to cut out the seconds of the drapes that no longer look good.

It’s also possible to combine multiple drapes in Oyster Bay for this project. If you have a few that suit together, sew them together for chairs.

Make a Throw or Tablecloth

Depending on the material of your drapes, a tablecloth or throw for the bed or couch could be perfect. You can take multiple drapes from your home and cut them into patches, creating a patchwork throw that brings the memories of decades past. This is also a fun project to do with the kids, as you let them create their own patchwork design and then sew it all up for them—older kids may even be able to use the sewing machine.

Make a small tablecloth for the tables by the door or for the coffee table. You’ll have something to protect the table tops from damage. If you don’t have enough material for the whole dining table, consider a runner for the middle instead.

Make a Tent

How about getting with the kids for another project, one purposely for them? It’s time to give them their space to play in by creating an indoor tent with your old Oyster Bay drapes. The best thing about this project is the drapes don’t even have to match! The kids will just love having a space for their books; somewhere to hide throughout the day and a place to call their own.

You can add a waterproof layer around the outside of the drape tent if you want. This is a good way of creating outdoor shade for the kids to play in.

Make a Beautiful Photo Frame

Sometimes you only have a little material to work with because of UV damage to the Oyster Bay drapes. Use the material for photo frames instead of large projects. You can just takes strips to wrap around the metal or wooden frames, making them look brighter and helping them work with your décor better. This can also help to turn normal photo frames into beautiful cork boards if you want a vision board or modern-styled photo board.

Don’t just throw your drapes in Oyster Bay away. Make use of them by turning them into art projects. Whether you do them yourself or with the kids, you’ll have hours of fun and new items for the home.

3 Tips to Get an Upstate Feel with Roman Shades in Oyster Bay

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You know the type of look you want to achieve with your shades and window treatments. It’s time to get that professional, upstate look; the one that you see all the time on TV shows and in movies. Is it really possible to do that with Oyster Bay roman shades?

These are actually the best shades to get this sort of look. The cascading style and beautiful patterns are everything that upstate means. Make sure you choose the right shades for your home and rooms with these top tips.

Opt for the Regal Colors

Start with the coloring of your shades. This is extremely important as you can’t just choose any. You want colors that scream royalty. After all, your home needs to look like it belongs in the Hamptons or fit for a queen.

Bold but traditional colors are the way to go for this look. Royal blue is definitely one of the favorites. It’s crisp and fairly neutral for most homes. Purple and burgundy reds can also be good options for that regal look without too much effort and the colors can certainly work well for most interests and styles. If you want to opt for a more nature feel with the upstate look, emerald green is a fourth option.

Silver and gold can create a royal look, but it doesn’t always translate well as the base color of your blinds. These are the colors to consider when it comes to the next detail.

Vine or Oriental-Style Patterns

Upstate roman shades in Oyster Bay aren’t going to be plain. But you want to get the best pattern and this is where the use of gold and silver will come in. Just choose the one color to work for a simplistic but regal looking piece of artwork in your windows.

Floral vines are beautiful and ornate. They don’t take a lot of focus away, but the nature feel can help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. These patterns are perfect if you want to minimize the regal look, keeping that simplistic upstate feeling.

When you want to go more formal, Oriental-style patters are certainly the way to go. Think about the beautiful patterns of the Indian royal families and the Chinese dynasties. They instantly bring that look of centuries gone by.

Go with Cascading Blinds

You usually get the choice of working with either cascading or stacking roman shades in Oyster Bay. You’ll certainly want to work with the cascading ones. This style helps to bring more of a flow to your blinds, creating that energy that you already bring with the colors and patterns. The stacked blinds can look a little regimental.

Getting an upstate feel with your Oyster Bay roman shades is much simpler than you thought. With the above tips, you’ll soon find people comment on that feeling of being in the Hamptons the minute they walk in. All the while, you’ll be happy and relaxed in your own home.

Why There’s Something Beautifully Simple about Roller Shades in Oyster Bay

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There are so many types of window treatments that it can be hard to find the best for you. Oyster Bay roller shades could be just the option you need. There’s something beautifully simple about the coverings, while you also get to keep the costs down. Here’s a look at just why roller shades are the simple and attractive.

They’re So Easy to Use

Let’s get one thing straight: roller shades are the easiest option for your home. You just need to pull on a cord and you can open and close your blinds. If you have the cordless roller shades in Oyster Bay, you just pull down and ping back up. There’s no need to figure out which way to turn dials or mess around with different mechanisms.

On top of that, the shades are easy to maintain. There’s no need to constantly remove them to clean out hinges like you would with shutters. You don’t need to get into slats or small spaces like with venetian blinds or honeycomb shades.

Plain Coloring or Simplistic Patterns

Oyster Bay roller shades tend to be basic in the way the coloring and patterns work. This doesn’t mean boring or bland. It’s easy to make your shades work with any room in the home, bringing out the personality and style of the room.

Many of the floral patterns aren’t intricate or ornate. They tend to use basic vines in one shade, helping to create a sense of natural beauty in the home.

The shades can also act as something to keep attention away from the window. If you want another feature in the home to become the focus, you can opt for that by choosing cream or white shades. The plain colors will blend in with the windows but allow brightness and attractiveness around the area.

Create a Relaxing Feeling

Too much noise in a room draws attention everywhere. When your blinds are simple, they help to settle the mind and the feeling in the room. You have the chance to create a relaxing atmosphere.

That’s exactly what roller shades in Oyster Bay offer. They’re the perfect way to keep the room crisp and light, especially in the living room, conservatory, or the family rooms. You can even opt for thicker material that’s still light to create a darker effect for the bedrooms without bringing too much noise to the room.

When you get the relaxing feeling, people want to spend more time in a room. It’s hard to get that with some other window treatments, because the focus is all about the patterns and vibrant styles.

Are you ready to get you’re the best window treatments for your home? It’s time to consider Oyster Bay roller shades. They’re beautifully simple and work for every single room in the home. At the same time, they keep the costs to a minimum since they’re one of the most affordable options when renovating rooms.

4 Times Window Curtains in Glen Cove Are Better Than Other Window Coverings

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There are so many types of window coverings available. You’ll mostly hear about blinds and shutters, rather than Glen Cove window curtains. Curtains are considered temporary features, not offering many benefits. However, they can be the best options to cover your windows. Here are four times they beat all other types of window coverings.

When You Want Something Temporary

If you’re renting or you know you’re replacing the windows/coverings in the future, curtains are the option to work with. They’re excellent temporary features because they are so affordable. Plus, they don’t have to go to waste in the future. You can use curtains as decorative pieces on the walls or double them up with other types of window coverings in the future.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on temporary features. Work with curtains and save for the better options when you’ll need them.

When You Want an Airy Feature

Window curtains in Glen Cove tend to be lighter in colors and materials. This is why they don’t always offer the benefits that other coverings do. The material isn’t good enough to stop heat escaping through the window. However, they do create a beautiful, airy feeling in your home.

They tend to be excellent options for the summer. You get that lighter feeling, making it appear that your home is ready for the season. The curtains can also help to reflect the UV rays back, so while they can succumb to some of the UV damage the rays’ heat remains out of the home.

When You Want Something Quick

Temporary fixtures aren’t the only reason you’ll want to consider Glen Cove window treatments. You may also want something quick to use. Curtains are extremely easy to put up in the home, usually using either a pressure or screw-in pole that you hook the curtains on.

All you have to do to use the curtains is pull them on and off. Even children can work the curtains. They’re perfect if you want a no-hassle option for your home.

When You Want Something Low Maintenance

You barely have to do anything to look after your window curtains in Glen Cove. When opening and closing, give your curtains a shake to release the dust and dirt at the bottom. Then once a month or so, you can take the curtains down and put them through the wash.

They’re also easy to store away if you have different types of curtains (and you can get them to change looks for the season). You just need to fold and store, whether in a cupboard, drawer, or a vacuum bag.

Many other window treatments require maintenance daily or weekly. You’ll need to dust them down and even take them off the windows to give a full clean (which means unscrewing screws). Curtains easily come away.

While Glen Cove window curtains may be among the cheapest options, they’re not tacky or a waste of money. The four times above are when they’re the best option for your home.

Why Vertical Blinds in Syosset Are Perfect for Your Sliding Windows and Doors

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If you have sliding windows and doors, you’ll find your window covering choices are relatively minimal. After all, most Syosset blinds move up and down, which gets in the way of working your windows properly. This is where you want to look into vertical blinds. They’re the perfect option for your sliding windows and doors and here are four reasons why.

They Work in the Same Direction

The biggest reason to get vertical blinds in Syosset is that you get a set of window coverings that move in the same direction. You slide the blinds left and right, as you would with sliding windows and doors. It doesn’t even matter which way your blinds are set! For example, you can have blinds that move to the right when open but the window moves to the left to open and they still won’t get in the way.

When you get more function out of your windows, you’re more likely to use them. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home and happier when you get the feeling that the windows need opening.

The blinds are also more likely to last longer. When you’re trying to move your windows with the wrong types of blinds, you can damage the blinds.

Sure, curtains can do the same, but this is where the other benefits of vertical blinds.

They Offer Heat and Cooling Benefits

Some of this will depend on the type of material, but the majority of vertical blinds in Syosset will offer heating and cooling benefits in the home. This is something not all types of curtains and drapes can offer.

When the blinds are closed, they prevent the heat from escaping through the window. The sun’s rays are also minimized, so you can keep south facing rooms cooler in the middle of the summer. Since you don’t need to use your heating or air conditioning as much, you save a fortune.

To make the most of this benefit, you’ll want to get blinds made with vinyl or faux wood.

They Keep the Room Light

You can opt for light colored blinds in the home without losing any of the heating and cooling benefits. This isn’t quite the same with curtains. The lighter colors help to keep the room looking brighter and larger.

When you walk into a room, you’re not going to feel depressed looking at the colors. You’re not going to feel constricted, keeping the positive feeling the sliding windows and doors offer for a room.

They Last Longer

Curtains look good and can keep the airy feeling, but the material tends to degrade quickly. Syosset blinds in faux wood or vinyl materials will last much longer. They don’t succumb from the UV damage in the same way that curtains and other types of blinds do.

It’s time to consider vertical blinds in Syosset for your sliding windows and doors. They are far more functional and offer a range of benefits many other options don’t.

Venetian Blinds in Syosset: The Perfect Option for Odd-Shaped Windows

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Do you have windows that are odd shapes? You may have an oval attic window or a curved bay window. Trying to find the perfect treatment or cover for these shapes can be difficult. There’s either an option that doesn’t quite look right or one that is custom made and expensive. Syosset venetian blinds could be just the option you need and here’s why.

Inexpensive to Custom Make

You could opt for shutters, but you’ll end up spending a fortune on custom making these treatments. After all, they’re designed to be permanent fixtures to your home. But how do you know you’ll still be in the same place in 10 years time? Venetian blinds offer a cheaper option to add custom made blinds to the odd-shaped windows.

It’s possible to get oval, triangular, circular and other shapes. The blinds fit perfectly within the smaller, weirder shapes and look timeless and effortless.

They Fit with the Period

Most odd-shaped windows are in period homes. This was the time that people wanted smaller windows or wanted to stand out in some way. So, you need blinds that will suit the period features.

Venetian blinds in Syosset come in a variety of colors, materials and styles. You’re certain to find something that will fit the period of your home. Rather than given an odd appearance in the home, the blinds will work with period features around the window frame, matching the décor effortlessly. You’ll have comments about how beautiful your windows are dressed instead of questions about why you chose a particular color or style.

Mini Venetian Blinds Are Accessible

One of the big benefits is the addition of mini blinds. These are beautiful and look just like their larger counterparts, but they fit smaller spaces. They’re designed specifically for narrower windows and doors. And they end up being cheaper than your traditional Syosset venetian blinds, helping you to stick to your budget.

Mini blinds are often added to bay windows. They help to work with the curve in the bay, rather than using something that sticks out and looks odd. You can use multiple mini blinds within one window to work effortlessly with the wood work.

You Continue to Get Extra Light Control

Just because you want to dress your odd-shaped windows doesn’t mean you want to get rid of all the light. Venetian blinds in Syosset offer the opportunity to gain more light control. You can use the slats to allow some light in without the glare in your face. You continue to protect the home from the UV rays without plunging it into darkness.

Some of the other custom made blinds cause the problem of darkness. This is more the case with cellular blinds, which are popular odd-shaped window treatments.

It’s time to consider all your options to dress your windows. The odd-shaped windows look beautiful with Syosset venetian blinds. Now is the time to invest in them, whether for the attic, bay window or more.

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