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How Cellular Blinds in Tacoma Help to Offer More Light Control

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At first, it can look like Tacoma cellular blinds don’t offer many lighting benefits. You can open and close them, creating a full block against the light or letting all the light in at once. This can sometimes go against what you really want from your window coverings.

With the right cellular blinds, you’ll get the exact opposite. It’s possible to get full light control that other coverings can’t offer. Here’s how they offer you more light control.

Lighter Materials to Block Just the Glare

One of the major benefits is the material and coloring that is often used for cellular blinds. You’ll usually get lighter material, which allows some light into the room. That means when you shut the blinds, you don’t actually create a full blackout effect. You block the glare and not all the light. It’s possible to use the blinds during the day and still see around the home.

This doesn’t affect the heating benefits of cellular shades in Tacoma. That benefit you get with the heat (or cooling, depending on the season) comes from the honeycomb sections. Even with thinner material, you still get the heat circulating back the way it came.

Coloring and thickness will have some effect. The thicker materials do help to keep more heat in the room, but you’ll lose some of the lighting control. You’ll need to decide what is most important to you.

Open from Both Ways

Many cellular blinds in Tacoma work with a cordless feature that places them in frames to cover the whole window. They often sit in the middle of the window, allowing you to open from either the top or the bottom. This allows far more benefits when it comes to lighting control.

For example, you may want to block the light shining from the bottom of your window, while still allowing light to shine directly in the room from the top. You can keep the top half of the blinds open, while still reducing the glare directly on your face. On the other hand, you can work the blinds the way you would other types of shades and blinds, opening the bottom half but easily keeping the top half covered.

Of course, when you want full privacy, you just have to shut the whole blind. This is effective day and night, regardless of the thickness of the material. Even the thicker, darker materials that match your décor will work well for this benefit. After all, you’re opening the full blind. You’ll also get more heating benefits with the in-frame options, since there are no gaps for the heat to exit through.

Before you rule out Tacoma cellular blinds because of what seems like a lack of lighting control, look at all your benefits. You may just find they offer exactly what you need, without losing the heating benefits and while keeping the costs to a minimum. They are excellent additions to bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms for all the lighting control benefits.

Can Drapes in Federal Way Bring Out the Summer Feel in Your Home?

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When you look for window treatments for your home, you’ll want to work with the seasons. One of the things you don’t want to do is block out the sun or lose that feeling of the current season. In the summer, Federal Way drapes can initially seem like something that wouldn’t work but it can actually be the exact opposite. It’s all about getting the right type.

Opt for Lighter Drapes

Start with the coloring of your blinds, along with the material. While drapes are traditionally heavy and darker, you can get some lighter shades and materials. Look out for cotton or linen drapes in white or light yellows and oranges. They’ll help to bring the colors of nature or a crisp look that helps to leave you mentally feeling happier and brighter.

While the materials will lead to losing some of the heating and lighting benefits, they look beautiful decoratively. You can also pair the drapes in federal way with other window treatments but still get that summer feeling. Consider shutters or blinds, which can be fully opened to allow the sun in during the day but offer benefits throughout the night to help protect privacy and comfort.

Dark colors tend to work against the summery feel. They make you think of the colder nights, leaving you feeling colder and a little more down when in the room.

Work with Summery Patterns

Look out for drapes that have a summery pattern to them. You can do this with just mixing brighter colors, such as twinning oranges and yellows together. Alternatively, you can work with curtains that have a summer print, such as a beach look or the look of a forest. The idea is that you bring the outside to your home.

Keep the number of colors to a minimum to avoid overwhelm, especially when it comes to patterned Federal Way drapes. You want to make the brighter, summery colors to stand out and to feel relaxed whenever you walk through the door.

Stay away from the cooler colors in your patterns. While light blue works for skies and seas in printed drapes, it doesn’t work in patterns. The colors are associated with ice and frost, bringing the feeling of winter into your home instead.

Open as Much as Possible

It’s not all about the look of the drapes in Federal Way. You will also need to think about the way your drapes hang in the home. Try to keep them open as much as possible during the day. This allows more of the daylight into the home, so you’re left feeling brighter and happier throughout the day. You only want to close them in the evening to protect your privacy.

Drapes can look absolutely beautiful in the home and create a summery feeling. There’s no need to choose the dark and thick colors anymore. You don’t need the materials that look and feel heavy. Work with the above tips for a summer feel with Federal Way drapes.

Tacoma Venetian Blinds vs. Persian Blinds: What Are the Differences?

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You’ve likely heard of venetian blinds in Tacoma. They are the most popular slat blinds for offices, homes, and more. However, Persian blinds are another consideration for some. Before you pick any type of blind for your home, you’ll want to do your research. In this case, you’ll want to know the differences between venetian and Persian blinds for your windows.

Mostly the Same with Different Names

For the most part, Tacoma venetian blinds and Persian blinds are pretty much the same. They both offer many of the same benefits, especially when it comes to light control and heating benefits. You can also get both in different materials, whether you want faux wood, wood, metal, or vinyl. It’s the materials that offer the different benefits.

It’s because of the similarities that you’ll likely not even know if you’ve got venetian or Persian options in your home already, especially if you’ve bought from a seller with all the fittings. There’s no need to worry about switching either, considering they offer the same benefits.

Persian Blinds Can Be Vertical

The biggest difference is in the way the blinds sit. Venetian blinds in Tacoma will always be horizontal slats. They’re perfect for all types of traditional-opening windows and are extremely popular for French windows and doors. You’ll also usually find venetian blinds in the mini form, which makes them popular options for office spaces and longer windows.

Persian blinds, on the other hand, can also come in vertical form. If you have sliding doors and windows, Persian blinds are the ones that you’ll want to look out for the most. Vinyl or faux wood options are, by far, the most durable option, especially if you have the larger sliding windows that see a lot of sunlight. Vertical blinds aren’t the best for traditional-opening windows, since it’s harder to get past them to open the windows. Horizontal blinds get in the way of rolling sliding windows back and forth.

Difference in the Rotation

The main difference in the slat blinds is the way they turn to direct the light. Persian blinds will turn a full 170 degrees, which can offer a number of benefits for your lighting control. You’ll see some people choose to close them so the overlap sits on the top instead of the bottom. Venetian blinds don’t usually turn upwards all the way to close.

However, the two types of blinds have started to cross over into each others’ territory in recent years. Persian blinds also aren’t as popular anymore, so you’ll mostly find the venetian type on the market.

Before you start hanging blinds in your home, look at the different types available. You’ll want to consider the window you have and the benefits you want to gain. While there are many similarities between Tacoma venetian blinds and Persian blinds, there are also some major differences that can affect their suitability for your home. Which one is perfect for your needs?

Best Ways to Use Window Curtains in Tacoma to Reduce Noise

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Did you know that Tacoma window curtains can reduce the noise in and out of your home? They’re good for reducing noise from the actual windows, as well as from the doors. However, before you just put up any curtains, make sure you get the right types and use them in the best ways. Here are the best tips on using your curtains for reducing the noise in and out of your home.

Get Thermal Curtains

One of the best things you can do is get thermal window curtains in Tacoma. These are far thicker than your average options and offer a range of other benefits. The insulation is designed to prevent heat passing through fabric material, but that also works for sound waves.

With the thicker material, you’ll also be able to reduce your heating and cooling costs in the home. Your everyday bills will drop and you’ll get the sense of feeling more homely and comfortable. Like all other curtains, thermal curtains come in a variety of styles and colors, working for any and all décor.

Consider Blackout Curtains

Tacoma window curtains designed to blackout all light can also offer noise reduction benefits. These aren’t as good as thermal, but they still offer more benefits than the standard single-lined material that you will usually pick up. The blackout curtains are usually thicker, which is why they’re so good at blocking the light and sound.

Blackout curtains can also be good for heating and cooling benefits. Just because they’re called “blackout” curtains doesn’t mean they have to be black or even dark in color. Remember it’s all about the material of your curtains.

They tend to be cheaper than thermal curtains. When you want something for the kids’ rooms or you need something suitable for doors, these are good options.

Opt for Other Window Treatments Too

Don’t just opt for window curtains in Tacoma. Many people will double up on their window treatments, opting for blinds or shutters as well as the curtains. This is excellent for sound, heating and cooling, and privacy benefits.

You won’t always want to use your curtains throughout the day. They tend to block all light, which can lead to the use of your home’s electric lighting instead. When you have another window treatment like blinds or shutters, you can minimize the glare coming into your home without affecting natural lighting levels.

With the two sets of materials against your window, you create a better sound barrier. It’s possible to get rid of the majority of the noise coming in and out of your home. Of course, this is only good for windows, but it can be highly beneficial and cost effective.

Don’t just hang up any curtains for noise reduction benefits. The type of curtains and way you use them will affect the amount of noise you block. Tacoma window curtains aren’t soundproof, but they offer excellent ways to keep noise to a minimum.

3 Reasons You Can’t Use Solar Shades in Tacoma Bedrooms

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Tacoma solar shades are beautiful additions to the home, but they don’t work for all rooms. The style of blind is perfect for those that get a lot of light during the day, but not for the rooms where you want privacy on a night. This makes them one of the worst options for bedrooms. Here are three reasons to avoid solar shades in your Tacoma bedrooms.

They Create the One-Way Mirror Effect

Let’s start with the main reason. During the day, the light coming through the solar shades will block the view coming into your home. These types of shades create the one-way mirror effect, allowing you to see out of the window through them but not allowing someone to see in. Of course, this happens the other way around when the lighting is reverse, which happens at night.

When you turn the light on in the home, you’ll block your view from outside. You don’t get the privacy that you need in your bedroom, which can leave you uncomfortable in your own home.

You Don’t Get All the Lighting Benefits

If you live near street lights or you get a lot of headlights coming towards or around your home, solar shades in Tacoma will cause a problem. Not only have you lost the privacy, but you don’t get the lighting benefits. The point of solar shades is to allow some light into your home without the glare. Of course, as night, you want to create a darker room to make it more comfortable to sleep.

When you use solar shades, you’ll get every street light shining through. The headlights can distract you and make it harder to stay asleep, so your bedroom doesn’t feel comfortable or relaxing.

Even if you’re not near other lights, on a morning you’ll get the daylight shining through. While you get rid of the glare, you still get a ruder awakening than you would with other types of shades.

There’s No Heating Benefit

Tacoma solar shades do help to block the UV rays through the day, but they do nothing on a night. During the winter, you will still lose heat through your home. On a night in the summer, you can still struggle with rooms not being the optimum temperature.

Other types of blinds and shades will create a room that’s comfortable throughout the year. You’ll find it much easier to sleep on a night, so you feel well rested the next day.

On top of that, you’ll spend more on your heating or air con, which leads to higher bill costs. If you have more optimal blinds or shades, you’ll spend less on a month, so your budgets stretch further.

It’s time to think again about your blind choices in your bedroom. Solar shades in Tacoma bedrooms just don’t work. They don’t offer the privacy or the heating benefits that you’ll crave for throughout the year. There are many better options.

How to Make Blackout Shades in Tacoma Work for Small Rooms

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Tacoma blackout shades are extremely useful for nurseries and bedrooms. They helped to plunge a room in complete darkness, despite light still outside. In the middle of summer, children find it much easier to fall asleep, believing that it’s night. But they can cause a small room to look even smaller, and usually children have the smaller rooms.

Can you make blackout shades work for these smaller, usually darker rooms? Here are all the tips you need to make the blackout shades work.

Start with Light Colors

The first thing to consider is the color of your blackout shades in Tacoma. You can instantly make a room look wider with lighter colors. They help to reflect more light around, even when there’s minimal light in the room. As the light reflects around, the room expands.

Darker colors will constrict the room. It can pull the walls towards each other and leave many people feel claustrophobic. This can even have an effect on young children, making it harder for them to fall asleep, since they feel like they’re in a much smaller room.

While there isn’t a lot of light that comes into the room when the Tacoma blackout shades are in use, you will use artificial light at times in the room. You can also have nightlights to help ease feelings. The lights will reflect from the lighter colored blackout shades to expand the room easily.

Continue the Colors in Other Parts of the Room

It’s not just about the color of your blackout shades in Tacoma. You’ll also want to think about the color of the items in the room. Work with white painted cots and other furniture to help spread the light when there is some.

If you want to work with wooden cots and furniture, opt for the lighter wood. Pine is an excellent option to spread the light around the room.

Do keep the amount of furniture in the room to a minimum and work with the under-bed and overhead space.

Remove the Focus with Patterns

Don’t worry too much about the look the blackout shades create. Instead, take the focus off the small room by focusing on a different pattern or design on your Tacoma blackout shades. You bring the attention to the window and the personality within the room.

This works better when you maximize the floor space. You’ll also want to work on keeping the room as tidy as possible, which isn’t easy when you have children.

When you do use patterns, opt for lighter colors. Polka dots with light yellows, pinks, and greens on a white background are popular for keeping the space open and taking the attention off the space at the same time.

Your Tacoma blackout shades can help to minimize the look of small rooms. Small rooms can make it uncomfortable for people sleeping in the room, even young children. Using the above tips will help creating a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for getting the kids to sleep.

3 Ways Drapes in Tacoma Are Perfect for Shared Rooms

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If you have to share a room with someone, you’ll want to create some sense of privacy. Likewise, if you have a studio apartment, where your living space and bedroom are in one, you’ll want to block off part of the room during the day. Tacoma drapes can be the perfect options for your shared rooms and here are three ways how.

They Make Beautiful Dividers

Many people use drapes for their windows, but that’s not the only option. Draperies also become excellent dividers. You can add pattern and color, without creating a space that’s too confining and claustrophobic. The character of the room continues with the fabric divided in a way that other types of treatments can’t offer.

Plus the divider is fluid. It’s easy to peel away and pull one whenever you need to. If you want to open the whole space, you can quickly pull open the drapes in Tacoma and the space instantly feels bigger and brighter. Yet the coloring of the drapes remains at the side, helping to capture attention for the right reasons.

They Create Privacy in a Room

There’s nothing worse than feeling there’s no privacy at all when you share a room. Drapes at least offer a sense of privacy. They block the view and can help to minimize some of the sound. Hospitals tend to use curtains and drapes for privacy in wards and with good effect. You can do the same in your home, but with a beautiful divided that works for the space.

Thicker drapes are better for this purpose. Not only will they prevent a transparent view into a space, showing a silhouette, but they will also offer some sound barrier. This isn’t perfect, but it’s something extra when you want a sense of extra privacy.

They Make Decorative Pieces

Drapes in Tacoma aren’t just for the windows or to create dividers. They can also be extremely beneficial for decorative purposes. This is possible when doubling up as dividers. Rather than just pulling the drapes to the side of the room, they can be hung against the wall. This is something to consider during the day when living in your shared space with a roommate, as you can converse better.

You can also add more character and personality to the room. With the right colors and styles, you instantly create the right mood for the space. If you have a living room/bedroom set up in a studio apartment, the Tacoma drapes become the perfect way to add yellows and oranges to create a summery and happier feel.

Start looking at ways to dress up your shared rooms or shared space. Drapes in Tacoma often make the perfect option. They can be used in ways other window treatments can’t, making beautiful dividers to make your space your own. You’ll be surprised at the creative options with the coverings.

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