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Proportion & Balance

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There are so many factors to consider when choosing the proper window treatment. But one factor not to be overlooked is ensuring that your final choice compliments & enhances the balance of your room.

We can take shutters as a prime example: When considering a shutter to be used as a dividing wall in a large loft space, you may want to look at a larger slat size. A 4 ½” slat will look much more in proportion than a 2 ½” slat would. By the same token, if you are looking to cover a small bathroom window, a 2 ½” slat will provide a much more balanced look to your finished project. 

The divider rail placement is also important. While we often see the divider positioned at the half-way point on the height, however, a position which is much more pleasing to the eye would have it at approximately two thirds of the overall height (I.E. If the overall height of the shutter is 60”, the divider rail should be positioned at about 40” – 45” from the bottom-up

Draperies will also follow similar rules of proportion and balance. Tie-back positions for drapery panels should follow the same rules as shutter divider height placement. Although we are tempted to position them at a central height, we should always be following the rule of thirds for the best aesthetic solution.

Valances heights and panel widths should be carefully considered to ensure they don’t look too skimpy or too heavy. Proportion is paramount in ensuring the correct balance.

If you’re unsure, mock it up to scale. Fantastic programs exist such as Studio by Minutes Matter which will allow you to design your window treatment and truly get a feel of the finished product sizing, to scale, and within the parameters of your actual space. This is just one of the ways we try to go above and beyond to ensure you’ll be in love with your new space.  Custom solutions from Budget Blinds of Toronto North.

Child-Safe & Pet-Proof

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The new Canadian laws for child safety on window coverings are amongst the most stringent in the world. At Budget Blinds serving the Toronto North area, we are proud to bring you some of the safest window coverings in the world. From flame-retardant to anti-microbial and easy to clean shades, we can certainly see to your needs – whatever they may be.

But choosing the right product is only part of the equation. With whichever product you purchase, always ensure the controls are properly anchored & out of the way of children or pets. This should be done by the installer at the point of install using a device similar to the one shown here. By tightening-down the cords, we eliminate the risk of little hands & heads getting caught up.

While we can’t promise that your children or pets will not cause damage to your blinds, we can certainly recommend the most durable & appropriate options for you. Furthermore, we can promise that we will stand behind them. With our 5-year “No Questions Asked” Warranty, if your puppy does destroy the blinds, we’ll replace them once for free within the first 5 years! No questions asked!

Child & Pet protection from Budget Blinds of Toronto North.



Caring for Your Soft Fashions

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Welcome the re-emergence of soft! Billowing fabrics in silks and satins, lush velvets and delicate sheers… Drapery and Roman shades of all kinds have certainly been seeing their re-emergence on the forefront of window fashion this year. It’s truly amazing what a little fabric can do to completely change the mood of a room.

So, you’ve done it! You’ve purchased your Roman Shades and Drapery Panels and they’ve just been installed. Why don’t they look right? The short and sad answer is that they won’t… Not right away anyway… Ideally they will need about 2-3 weeks to properly “hang-out” & acclimatize before they fall softly into position.

A humidifier can help, but you will want to ensure that your new soft fashions are not exposed to too much moisture so as to cause any damage to the fabric. Many natural fibers can expand or contract with temperature and the elements and can cause them to shrink or stretch.

If you MUST steam, ensure you check the fabric content tags for directions. Distilled water is preferable and you can always start with steaming the room a little. Sometimes this is all it takes to allow you to relax that wrinkle without damaging the fabric.

Life hacks for steaming:

·         Take a gym sock or 2 (new ones please) and place them over the head of the steamer to avoid steamer drips or spits.

·         Always steam from the back (If something DOES go wrong, better on the back than the front)

·         Never touch the fabric  - Always stay a few inches away with the steam

Ultimately, the best advice is to vacuum your soft fashions delicately once a week and contact a professional if you’re not sure. We’re glad to help!


Skylight Spotlight

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  Skylights are an architectural gift, but can be a window covering nightmare. All of that beautiful light pouring in can really help warm your home in the winter, but can be a real challenge when trying to keep it cool in the summer. While you can cover your skylights with just about anything, there are a few things you must keep in mind when making your decision.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 You’ll always want to leave a few inches of space between the chosen treatment and the skylight glass and always remember to keep it properly vented. When your window treatment is in a fully closed position, heat will build-up under the glass and in extreme situations can cause the skylight’s seal to break or it’s glass to crack… A good rule of thumb is to open your window treatment as you leave the room. Off go the lights and open come the shades.

There are certainly a few products which are best suited in a skylight application. Shutters are a good choice as you can leave the blades tilted slightly open to allow the heat to escape. Cellular and pleated shades are also good choices and will filter the light. As seen above, you can even match the rollershade fabric used on the other windows in the room, to complete your skylight unit. All of these choices will help raise the R-Value providing you with some substantial energy savings. But regardless of your choice, you may seriously want to consider motorizing your window treatments. Solar panels are the way to go. Why not take advantage of your skylight to power its dressing? A great way to ensure you won’t be climbing a ladder every year to change batteries!

Lastly, as always, don’t be afraid to use colour! We live in a world of white walls and white window coverings. Express yourself and take a chance! Fall in love with fabric and throw it to your windows. You won’t regret it!



Your Patio Doors; A Place to Show Off

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Patio Doors, Patio Doors, Oh what to do with those patio doors? With so many options to consider, it’s hard to know which path to take.  While they are often the most expensive window covering you purchase, they are guaranteed be your showpiece…  So what do you do with them?

Hard or Soft window fashions?  Motorized or Manual?  Light-Filtering?  Room-Darkening?

You may be considering some beautiful shutters for your home.  While motorization and tracking systems are available for any window in your home, Patio doors are truly their ideal application. Manually-operated Tracking Systems are a clever option as the top tracks tend to support the shutter’s weight and allow for much easier manual operation. Stack-back options can even allow us to completely clear the window opening for maximum view – and make the overall look of your window much grander in the process. In a motorized option, you can control them with the click of a button. While these options will up the budget a bit, they are certainly not to be overlooked and bring a certain blend of “old-meets-new” in a classic solution with a modern twist.

Drapery is always a crowd favourite and its possibilities are endless! While we know that drapery can often be a less “Budget Friendly” product, there are ways to reduce costs: You can chose decorative drapery panels overtop of basic sheers. Your drapery panels will not cover your entire window, but will add a splash of colour and provide a more finished look to your basic sheers. An inviting “Soft Fashion” look to your space - without breaking the bank. I do have to admit however, that it is hard to resist all of the beautiful options available that add window jewelry to your drapes.  Color-blocking & banding, tassels and crystals, Tie-backs & Rosettes, Cornices & Swags all add personality to your windows. The right balance of these options help you personalize your windows and create a space you’ll love.

But don’t limit yourself to Drapery or Shutters, find the right style to fit you. Let us show you how to get there – on budget at Budget Blinds of Toronto North.


Window Film: Add a Peek-A-Boo Element to Your Windows

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Most of us will automatically think of fast cars and tall towers when we think of Window Film, but its quickly taking its place as a commonly used solution for residential use. More and more people are turning to window film as a cost-effective way to cover their windows.


We have leapt out of the box and have left it miles away with the possibilities of window film. Faux stained glass, faux wrought-iron work, company logos, patterned films, frosted films, layered, safety & even bird distraction films. Truly, anything you can think up can be presented as a film in a way to meet your needs: Have a favourite landscape from your last vacation? The coral reefs you photographed while diving off the coast? That perfect sunset? What would you like to see up in your windows?


We are also seeing the introduction of beautiful faux wrought-iron work for our clients’ windows. Often seen as a front-door sidelight application, they feature a frosted privacy layer and well as a decorative design overlay; all while inherently adding to the shatter resistance of the window glass.


A personal favourite of mine is Apex Window Film’s “Abstract Leaf Matte” shown here. Soft and delicate, this film will provide privacy and help soften the direct sunlight. Not necessarily a stand-alone product, window films also pair beautifully with other window treatments. Add a smart little roller shade and step-up the look with an additional feature for windows that constantly surprise.


One thing to consider when entering the world of window film is to ensure you factor-in the installation cost. While some considerable savings can be made in choosing film over other products, its installation can be tricky and install charges can end-up cancelling any savings made here.


All in all however, window film is not a product to be overlooked in the search for the perfect window treatment and can inexpensively add a playful “peek-a-boo” element to existing shades.


You’re limited only by your imagination! What will you dream up next?


We’ll help you get there.


Budget Blinds Serving Toronto North



Sun Protection Solutions for Window Treatments

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When it’s May and we’re still wearing toques & scarves, we must be in Canada. Spring still feels a long way away, but you know as well as I do, that it really is just around the corner. Before we know it, everything will be in bloom, the bugs will be out and we’ll be complaining about the heat. It’s time to start thinking about your windows and how they can provide the best Sun Protection solutions to suit your needs.

 Whether you’ve just bought your first home or are looking to “facelift” your existing one, window coverings can completely set the mood of a room. From sleek, modern roller shades to soft cascading draperies, your window fashions have a lot to say about your style. But one thing is constant: they control the light.

Sun Protection, aesthetics & privacy are the three major factors we consider when purchasing window coverings; and when it comes to sun protection, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond helping with the temperature control of your home, room-darkening window fashions will also help to protect your furniture & floors from fading over time. This can be achieved by products as inexpensive as faux-wood or mini blinds, but these really are just the tip of the iceberg. So many beautiful products exist which allow you to optimize your view by providing multiple effects.

The Latour Trilight Shade is a beautiful example of this. As shown in the image above, these delightful shades offer two shades in one; allowing you to either feature the sheer pleated shade, the room-darkening cellular shade or (position to your liking) to showcase a combination of both!

The Opera Roller shades & Perfect Sunset Shades from Maxxmar also offer a stylish & functional solution offering two roller shades in one, allowing you to operate each roller shade separately. In the Opera Shades you can choose a soft light-filtering fabric for the front, while still having a blackout option on the back. The Perfect Sunset offers yet another feature adding a full visibility option to the front fabric layer. Full visibility, a sheer light-filtering shade and blackout shade – All in one!

Whether you’re looking for new drapes for your decadent chateau or mini blinds for your humble home office, your windows are your view on the world and we’ll help you get there – On Budget.

Budget Blinds Serving Toronto North.


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