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Living Big Outdoors

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Well summer is in full swing, the grass is already brown and it's only the beginning of July! 

It seems I've spent more time outside with the fabulous weather that has included even a heat wave or two. 
After having done almost all my gardening and with our post-flood refresh, it has been such a pleasure to enjoy the house and the patio after feeling stuck inside all winter.

I find this time of year, people want to spend more time outside and do so in the same comfort they enjoy inside of their homes. 

Extending your living space to the outdoors is not nearly as difficult, nor as costly as many believe. Outdoor furniture has come a long way from the plastic folding chairs, floral patterned canvas deck chairs and the ubiquitous picnic table (remember any of these?). 

In fact, exterior design is changing rapidly and each season brings with it more designs, more options, and more comfort. Indoor/outdoor fabrics now come in a wide choice of colours, patterns and textures all fitted nicely in just the right love seat, sectional or chair, that is designed specifically for your outdoor living space. In a store the other day, I actually did a double take when I saw this year's designs. Outdoor furniture that looks like it wouldn't go amiss in my living room...? 

It seems they are, which is a delight. The idea of curling up on a cozy sofa with bright coloured cushions and side tables to rest my book and wine on, seems like a lovely opportunity for relaxing and perhaps even a staycation for this summer. 

That being said, let's take a look at some ways you can break down the indoor/outdoor barrier and extend your living space and summer comfort: 

Aluminum shutters are one of the newest additions to the Budget Blinds portfolio and provide extra protection and security. These reasonably priced alternatives to wood shutters are durable and low-maintenance and come in a range of textures and colours. Not only do aluminum shutters provide weather protection and privacy...

They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain: 

Aluminum Shutters

Moreover, aluminum shutters are perfect window treatments for enclosing outdoor patio areas and can easily create an outdoor 'room' for you and your family.
An alternative to the aluminum shutters are roller shades such as the solar roller shades below. The added draw to this product is that they allow the brightness of the day to shine through while protecting you and your family from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Automated solar screens also enable precise sun control at the times of day you need it most.

In addition to exterior shades, traditional window coverings such as drapery are a nice alternative. Upgraded designs, fabrics and even water resistant materials are all available to boost your outdoor living experience. With the use of tension rods set up around your porch/patio perimeter, drapery can also provide varying levels of privacy and shade depending on your individual needs. 

Enclosing your open air porch with drapery also offers a great amount of sun shade and external comfort when weather - and a BBQ - beckons you outside.
The key to bringing the inside out is to make your surroundings a true extension of your indoor decorating style. Throw pillows, lamps, plants and exterior rugs go a long way in making your space cozy and comfortable. Budget Blinds' new line takes outdoor living one step further with beautiful and durable outdoor area rugs made of 100% polypropylene. From contemporary to traditional patterns and colours, we can help augment your existing décor. 

(momeni rug)
With the addition of heat lamps, cozy blankets and some hot chocolate, outdoor living can extend far beyond the summer months into the fall or even late spring. Why wait until next year to create your outdoor space when we still have weeks ahead of us.
Call today for a free consultation and get more inside living done on the outside! 

Have a great, relaxing summer!

Spring Colour Refresh - Where to start identifying YOUR colour

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Well it's finally Spring and for me, Spring means colour. Yes, it also brings spring cleaning, April showers and May flowers, but as I try to keep warm in the winter months and look longingly to April and May, my first thought is always colour. How about you?

Colour brings joy and I am always fascinated when with my clients to see what colours resonate with the individual. Personally, I enjoy surroundingworking  myself with bright and bold pops of colour, while a friend of mine likes to wake up to calming  blues and grays each morning. 

Colour embodies our personalities and personal style and there is always room to bring our individual tastes into our living space. If you  haven't changed the colours in your room for a couple years, this year is the time to do it! 
Let's get started and see what's on trend for 2016! 

When choosing colours, I always look at a number of leaders in the industry to see what they have identified as their year's pick. They spend months deciding, planning, and looking at all the angles of colours in order to bring new ideas to their customers. Therefore, why not take advantage of all their hard work and see if you can find some inspiration!
Interestingly enough, I have found 2016's colour trends to be quite provocative and worth some thought. Depending on who you 'speak to' in the design and fashion world, the spectrum of 'trending' colour choices this year is wide, and there are a lot of choices. 
Have a read below and I hope you find your own inspiration! 

Let's start with Benjamin Moore. Always steadfast, always reliable, this brand knows consumers. Which makes their 2016 colour of the year even more fascinating as they have chosen: Simply White (Picture on the left)

 Some of you might be scratching your heads with this one, and I don't blame you. The lovely shade of white gets overlooked far too often as the protagonist in decorating plans and sadly, white never features in the age old question: 'What is your favourite colour?' However, without white around our windows, our base boards, on our ceilings, etc., all other colours wouldn't 'present' as vividly. 

What is 'simply' beautiful about Benjamin Moore's choice this year as they are giving white its own opportunity to shine and take centre stage as opposed to always being relegated to the top(ceiling) and bottom (base boards) of our homes. 

With this colour as the focus, you then have a great opportunity to be dramatic with your accessories in ways you might not have had before. 

Next, we visit Behr, who has chosen high contrast and dramatic effect. Their inspiration comes from the need for "stimulation, which drives us to engage the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch in our homes...creating interiors that are appealing to a design-savvy, yet sensory-deprived society." A heavy statement. 
Check out the bold palette of colours Behr has identified for this year: 

These colours mixed together will most definitely engage all your senses. In past newsletter issues, I encourage readers to throw out the rule book when it comes to their home. Mixing stripes and florals, greens with oranges, what might be thought for the bedroom can come into the living space, etc. Behr has embraced this 'no holds barred' approach by choosing a palette of colours that aren't often seen together - worth a look! 

Third, let's take a look at Dulux, whose 2016 Colour of the Year is: Bear Run

According to Dulux, "Bear Run is an ethereal blue that exudes calm and peacefulness, reflecting our increasing mindfulness about the importance of promoting life balance, and reducing mental and physical clutter." Isn't it interesting how Behr feels we aren't stimulated enough, while Dulux feels we need to reduce the mental 'clutter'. 

In fact, Dulux' extended colour chart for 2016 is a collection of "soothing, delicate shades of soft pastels that are a charming assortment of misty-coloured, comforting colours." Charming indeed! I think I will take a nap right about now.
Dulux' inspiration also fits perfectly with last month's idea of clearing away your clutter a la Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-cluttering and Organizing". This book is definitely worth a read and an excellent inspiration for spring cleaning! 

Finally, let's head over to Pantone themselves. 

Pantone decided to go out on a limb and surprise the design industry by choosing TWO colours this year: Serenity and Rose Quartz. Look at Rose Quartz in the picture below.

While 2015's pick was a rich Marsala red, 2016 is contrastingly focused on harmony and softness.

Joined together, "Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace."

It seems Dulux and Pantone are in agreement here. 

Choosing new colours and incorporating them into our homes is an exciting project for the Spring. The key here is to pull your own palette of colours together in order to create the picture you want. Of course, painting our walls is always a great idea to refresh a space, but layered treatments always bring depth to a room and often goes un-looked. 

For instance, A bedroom refresh with Benjamin Moore's Simply White, paired with a beautiful roller shade or drapery inspired by Behr's Bear Run will create a tranquil haven. Add some sweet throw pillows inspired by Pantone's Rose Quartz and you are set! 

When we look to add colour to our space, these industry leaders provide a first step in getting inspired, but do remember, these are just ideas and are not meant to overwhelm. This year's trends encourage some risk taking but after all, as our new Prime Minister has said time and time again when he is questioned about change and his decision making: Because it is 2016! 

If you are interested in 'taking a risk' or simply making a refresh, I would be happy to go over ideas and help bring in the colours of spring! Please contact me for a free consultation! 

Flood 101 - My Top 10 tips on how to redecorate after the storm

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2015 was an 'interesting' year for my family and I. We had plans for school, plans for work, plans for  holidays, but what we certainly did not plan for was a large scale surprise renovation.

In our case, it was a flood.
I quickly realized then and there that sometimes you can't always plan! However, what this situation did provide was an opportunity to re-evaluate and update a variety of spaces in the house - something we likely wouldn't have done if the flood hadn't occurred.
When you live in a house for more than 10 years, you get comfortable with how the house flows and can't often see its new potential. If everything is in working order in a home, there isn't often a catalyst to make change - other than boredom. So once we got the house mucked out and our belongings put away, I started thinking about the future of the house - and gathered a plan.
My first thought was whether I wanted to put things exactly as they were or if I wanted to make some changes. Putting things back takes little thought while new designs take effort. I was torn. As such, I realized I needed to evaluate the space and try to look at it with fresh eyes. Easier said than done!
While I do not wish a flood on anyone, I do recommend some simple ways of re-evaluating your space to make some new and lasting change:
  1. Get some objective eyes and opinions - When you are so close to your home, seeing things (or not!) day in, day out, it is hard to imagine anything different. I brought in a couple of experts to help me see alternatives in terms of layout, colour, design and flow. Whether the project is covered by insurance or not, this is an opportunity to get professional advice. From that, I was able to develop a clear vision for the house. What a relief that was!
  2. Streamline and simplify - Freshening up your house doesn't always mean redecorate. Purging and reorganizing can have huge impact. Travel mugs and glasses? Do you really need all that Tupperware? And all those appliances on the counter? It's amazing how much you can store in your kitchen. Check your cupboards and donate pieces you haven't used in over a year. Take back your space!
  3. Find your joy - In the bestselling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-cluttering and Organizing," Mrs. Kondo's main theory revolves around the idea of discarding everything that does not "spark joy." I recommend looking her up on Google and following her instructions. By simply reducing those piles of books, stacks of paper, junk drawers, bathroom cabinet conundrums, and throwing away that pile of missing socks, you will reap the rewards of a peace of mind you didn't think possible.
  4. Evaluate space - What space complaints do you have? Where do you need it and where do you have it? Food doesn't always need to be in the cupboard - think about drawers. And then, towels don't always need to be in the bathroom if you have more space in your bedroom. Our first thought is always that we need more space. But, what if you really had the space but just need a new way to look at it? Or if you gave the viewer an  impression of space? In our new bathroom, we opened it up by adding in a large mirror close to our window. Now, not only can mirrors improve the amount of natural light in the room, but the reflection that mirrors provide make a room  appear bigger than it really is.
  5. Change the overall flow of the house - Flow is a very personal definition and we all have a sense of how we like to feel as we walk around our home. Could the furniture be placed differently to allow the family to come together easier for movie night? Is the front room not used because it's too dark for reading? Is it a hassle to get the food from the kitchen to the dining room? You might even find that there is too much in your space or things that no longer fit with the esthetic you are after. If so, do like Mrs. Kondo and donate pieces that don't bring you joy and enjoy the new views.
  6. Colour - It really is true what they say about a fresh coat of paint. This is very cost effective, especially if you do it yourself. Even changing the trim can make you think you stepped into an entirely new room. For our living room, although we did have some repairs done to the walls, the colour didn't change significantly. However, freshening up with paint, crisp clean white trim around the windows and adding decorative drapes in the same colour scheme really made the room flow seamlessly to the kitchen.
  7. Accents - Add in new colours instantly by changing your window coverings, adding drapes,  and decorative pillows. Simple and affordable choices come together to give the room a whole new look.
  8. Hardware - Door handles, light fixtures, socket plates, towel hooks - you name it. There are many affordable options for all of these types which can make a big change. Why not think about dressing up your existing window coverings by adding decorative panels and new high impact drapery rods to help finish off your overall look. 
  9. Windows - New window coverings can change your room in ways you would never expect. One dramatic change in colour on the window will revive the energy in a room in minutes. No paint is required yet a different type of window treatment can change a rooms lighting as well as décor without changing anything else.
  10. Flooring, tiles, dark wood vs light bamboo - all of these choices have the potential to 'lift' a room. Be bold and take a chance on trying something new - you won't regret it.
Although our 'project' is not yet complete, the changes really have come together beautifully to give a whole new energy to the house. Although it is still the same house with much of the same contents, some very deliberate and affordable changes have given us a fresh perspective, a new feel and a delightfully cheerful background for our future memories!
Should you ever be looking for an objective opinion, I would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss how Budget Blinds Mississauga West and Oakville can bring some fresh window covering ideas to your home! 

Sunset to Sunrise: Adjusting to the Long Nights and Warm Days of Summer

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Well summer IS here and although we've had more rain that I'd like, at least my garden is green and lush. The old wives tale 'Red Sky at night...sailor's delight' has brought a lovely warm evening and the sun staying up past 9:00 p.m! Delightful indeed.


Longer nights and warmer days harken summer and with that, preparations for the months ahead will put you in good stead to adjust to the lighter evenings and keeping cool during those hot summer days.


With the kids off during the summer, lighter evenings can wreak havoc on bedtime and morning wake-ups. To combat this, form and function can easily be found in roller shades and black out blinds that allow you to be in control of how much light you prefer at different times throughout the day.


Roller shades and black out blinds also support families as your children progress through different age groups - from newborn's who require numerous naps during the afternoons and early hours of the morning, to your teenagers who want (although they may protest that they require!) to sleep in on vacation. For new parents setting up nurseries for their upcoming additions, outfitting the baby's room before the arrival of your little one will be one less thing to worry about and will provide additional support to all of your new sleep schedules!


Budget Blinds Mississauga West and Oakville offers a variety of colours, patterns, textures and sizes that will fit and match any room and need. In fact, one of our new Roller Shade Books from Mera Window Fashions, shows off our great array of bright and colourful offerings that will match any room décor and in fact, can be one of the focal points of a room as can be seen in this picture of an adorable nursery.

In addition to the use of blackout shades, some clients also incorporate side and bottom channels which allow for total darkness when you want it.  Whether you work shift work or have children that sleep during the day, you are in complete control of your 'dark' and 'light' times throughout the day that work with you and your family's schedules. In addition to supporting sleep times, room darkening systems in conjunction with the blackout shades supports another important factor we encounter in the summer - HEAT!


You are also seeing more motorization of window treatments these days; in particular for those hard to reach windows that become a problem in the summer with the sun working against the air conditioning. Luckily, there are systems that allow you to set the times to raise and lower your shades automatically or those with a sun sensor so no timer is required. 


A Budget Blinds installation will ensure you take advantage of the sun when you want it and keep the heat out when you don't. Having a consistent schedule and using natural means to reduce interior heat will also help cut down on air conditioning needs and in turn, hydro bills!


In addition to keeping the heat out and the cool in, some solar roller shades also help block UV rays helping protect your interior household items such as carpets, floors and furniture from damage. Moreover, quality roller shades reduce glare on the technology that a busy family uses on a day to day basis and can provide some privacy without compromising your views.


To learn more about your options and how we can help you enjoy the summer even more, please contact us for a free home consultation.


Until then, I wish you all wonderful summer. 


Summer Checklist - Safety and Savings Go Hand in Hand

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 Summer Checklist

Is it just me or do you find yourself using the word 'prepared' a lot in summer?
Prepping for the kids to be home all day or at camp.
Prepping the washing, the packing, the suitcases and the itinerary for vacation.
Prepping the BBQs. Not to mention the food!
Prepping the car for the trip up to the cottage as well as snacks and sunscreen and hats and towels and....

Well, I think you get the picture....
But what I have also noticed is that my friends, family and customers often overlook vital summer preparations that should always be on the list. Thought I would pass them along:


With kids home for the summer, safety always trumps and not just around the swimming pool. Do consider these safety precautions as part of your summer preps:
Choose child-safe window coverings to eliminate the hazards posed by dangling window cords including: cordless blinds and shades, shutters, motorized shades, and drapes.
Add safety features to existing window coverings by using a permanent cord cleat to ensure all pull cords are out of children's reach.
Optimize window safety throughout the house by placing cribs and other low-standing furniture (beds, bookshelves, toy boxes, chairs, etc.) away from windows to prevent young ones from hurting themselves.
Finally, if you're concerned about some of the corded blinds you already have, there are retrofit kits available to enhance the safety of looped pull cord window treatments. Click here to look at some.

We all know the benefits of keeping the blinds closed to keep the heat out and opening the blinds to let the sun in as the largest portion of a home's energy demand comes from heating and cooling our houses. Therefore, the use of highly efficient window treatments can be a saving grace in the middle of an Ontario heat wave.
Solar Screens are a summer time necessity at my house. Not only do they allow me to have a nearly unobstructed view of my backyard so I can watch all the 'goings on' outside but they also allow for a cool breeze to lift away the summer heat. I'm not against air conditioning by any means, but I really do love fresh air and having the windows open is always my first choice. Plus, I can keep my energy bills down by not having the air conditioner on 24-7. Ahhhhhhh.....
Cellular Shades go one step further as they are among the few window coverings that provide optimal insulation and help keep air from entering and/or escaping. As a result, your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Win-win situation if you ask me.

One of the things I love about summer is the later evenings and sitting out on the patio with a cup of tea. But along with the late sunsets, come early sunrises and the potential for disruptions in our sleep patterns.
To get a better rest, it is important to prepare a sleep-friendly environment. A tried and tested recommendation is the use of black out shades which are simple and highly effective in minimizing disruption - both with light and noise. In fact, black out shades are one of the first things Doctors and Naturopaths recommend when patients suffer from sleep problems.
Black out shades can be fitted in a variety of ways to help reduce and eliminate light from shining through. If you require total darkness, there are systems that work with the blinds to optimize room darkness.
Some black out shades can also help reduce energy bills even more by preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
Most importantly for summer, black out shades will help prevent little ones from waking too early in the morning or from afternoon naps.
Parents need a vacation too!
Enjoy your summer!

Bring the Outdoors in!

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Bring the Outdoors in!

Spring and summer may have been reluctant to make an appearance, but we shouldn't have to sacrifice seasonal traditions, nor our desire for fresh interiors and bright rooms.

Now that summer is finally underway, what can you do to freshen up your home after what was a long hard winter. Aside from throwing open your windows for long needed doses for fresh air, here are some tips to make the most impact in brightening up your space.

Let's bring the outdoors in!


Who doesn't like a good purge after a long hibernation? De-cluttering offers us a great opportunity to look at our space with fresh eyes and a ruthless license to let go of 'stuff'. Re-examining the items we have accumulated on the principals of WANT vs NEED vs STYLE will also open up your space and see it in a new light.

Re-shuffling furniture always brings a new feel to a room, but small modifications to your living areas can have just as much impact - or more! Storing your items differently or re-positioning art-work are little changes that make big impressions!


If Marilyn Denis can get away with mismatched pillows on her sofa, so can you. Color charts are effective guides for ideas and inspiration, but my recommendation is to choose a palette that speak to you.

Yellow and teal are in this season which is a coincidence considering we are lacking in sunshine and blue skies! Fresh cut flowers have a way of bringing cheer to any room while a vibrant pillow, decorative drapes over your existing window treatments or a bright graphic rug will have an immediate impact in your room - and your mood!


Windows are our 'filter' to the world outside, so consider going beyond the usual window washing this year and focus on window coverings. A light vacuum or wash will easily eliminate the build-up of dirt brought on by the seasons - and bring a revitalized look to your rooms.

Take the time to check the state of your blinds and coverings as a quick adjustment (tightening/screw) may be all you need to see them through another season. Should you discover your coverings require extensive repair or replacement after years of use, fresh designs may be the answer. Fashionable contours, adjustments in light intensity and energizing color schemes can infuse a room with light and beauty.

Bring the outdoors in!

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