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    • Fabric Blinds

      Our fabric blinds come in a variety of unique weaves and on-trend colors to choose from. And our exclusive Inspired Blinds™ collection offers a complete line of fabric blinds available in room-darkening and light-filtering fabrics for the ultimate in light control.

      Discover the style and sustainability of fabric window blinds:
      • Depending on the opacity you choose, in their open position, they softly filter sunlight into your room, and when closed, can provide you with room darkening and privacy.
      • Made from durable fabric that has been treated with a special topcoat, these blinds are designed to repel dust and dirt.
      • Work well in high-humidity areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms due to their inherent warp resistant qualities.
      • Because they are virtually stain resistant, lightweight, and easy to raise and lower, these are a perfect option for homes with small children.

      Choose our routless option for maximum privacy and extra light control, or customize your blinds even further by adding decorative cloth tapes, wooden cornices, and motorization for safety and convenience.

      Discover a remarkable range functionality and style with fabric blinds. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to view our full line in the convenience of your own home.

      Why Choose Fabric Blinds?

      Fabric blinds offer a variety of advantages over other horizontal blinds, blending form and function into unique and elegant designs fit for any home. They have a distinct visual appeal and smooth operation, blending the light control of blinds with the soft filtering of a window shade. Fabric blinds can also provide extra insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

      Light Control - The main purpose of any set of blinds is light control, and fabric blinds offer unique light control functions. The Inspired Blinds™ collection of fabric blinds come in room-darkening fabrics that can significantly block the amount of UV radiation that enters your home, preventing harsh sun glare from damaging your interiors and to help keep rooms dark when closed. Light-filtering fabrics provide a warm glow of diffused daylight when blinds are closed and do not completely bathe your room in darkness.

      For even more precise light control, Budget Blinds can turn your designer fabric blinds into motorized blinds for added safety, as motorization eliminates the potential hazard of children and pets becoming entangled in dangling cords.

      Our unique motorized system provides convenience and allows for easy, precise adjustments using a wireless wall switch or remote control. Motorized blinds can even be set up to be controlled by your smart phone or tablet for ultimate convenience and greater precision, from raising and lowering the blinds to tilting blind slats.

      Along with wireless light control, motorized fabric blinds can be set to a timer to raise or lower based on your preferred time of day. Your fabric blinds can also be set using sensors that detect sunlight, temperature, and other weather conditions. This allows for automatic adjustments throughout the day to maintain your comfort Motorized blinds are an excellent interior design solution for larger windows, skylights, and other windows that may be hard to reach.

      Privacy Control - Fabric blinds offer a great deal of privacy, making them ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas in your home requiring extra privacy. Thanks to various fabrics, colors, and filters, you have complete control over the privacy in your home. Blackout fabrics allow you to completely shut out light coming from outside, while fabrics and filters of varying opacity allow you to maintain privacy while still allowing for some natural sunlight and illumination. Even in an open position, fabric blinds can act as a light filter will still providing plenty of soft light.

      Humidity Resistant - Humidity and moisture can be big problems for conventional blinds, particularly natural wood. Any amount of water can easily cause wood blinds to warp, crack, and turn brittle. Protective coatings may also weaken over time and exposure to the sun, leading to discoloration and yellowing. Fabric blinds are naturally resistant to humidity and moisture. This prevents warping, discoloration, and other deformations in the blinds, ensuring that they will last you for years to come. This natural resistance to humidity also prevents the formation of mold, fungus, and mildew on the blinds, ensuring the health and wellbeing of your family. Resistance to humidity and inherent warp-resistant construction make fabric blinds an excellent option for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other areas of your home that may experience extra moisture.

      Child Friendly - Thanks to their construction and material, fabric blinds are safe and secure for the entire family. Other blinds are rigid and have a surface that can be easily scratched, dented, or damaged by adventurous kids and curious pets. Fabric blinds, on the other hand, have a durable construction that can stand up to the wear and tear while still maintaining a tactile softness and window fashion. This makes it much harder for kids—or adults—to accidentally break, damage, or dent the blinds. Fabric blinds also tend to weigh less than other materials, making them easy to raise and lower by anyone in the family. Furthermore, Budget Blinds uses durable fabrics that have been treated with a special topcoat. This topcoat helps the blinds repel dust, dirt, and dander. Any dust that does accumulate can be wiped or vacuumed away. Our fabric blinds are also virtually stain resistant. Even if the kids do make a mess, either with accidental spills or wayward markers, fabric blinds can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

      Many Colors and Designs - One of the biggest advantages to fabric blinds is the number of available color options to help you add accents and charm. From neutral whites and grays to sky blues and deep reds, you can choose from an expansive range of colors to match your personal home’s design and bring out your personality.

      Along with color, fabric blinds are available in a variety of decorative weaves and designs, delivering unique textures that can imbue your home with character and warmth. You can even combine your fabric blinds with drapes, cloth tapes, and more for added customization. You can also choose from a variety of slat sizes to fit your window, from mini or micro sizes to large slats for larger windows.

      Our fabric blinds are also available in routed or routless options. Routed blinds have holes in each slat for the lift cords. With routed blinds, the slats stay in place better thanks to the cords running through each slat. However, those holes also mean more light leakage and some loss of privacy. Routless slats ensure complete light blockage and privacy, though the slats may have a harder time staying in place without the cords running through them. Routless blinds are recommended for windows that kids and pets cannot easily reach.

      Budget Blinds is here to give you all the tools you need to choose the perfect custom window treatments for your home. Our team of style consultants can help you make your decision by addressing your personal needs and your budget. They can even bring a wide range of fabric blind samples and swatches to your home so that you can see what the blinds will look like before you buy. Our team of consultants is trained to help you through every process of upgrading your window treatments without the inconvenience of running store to store. They can:

      • Measure your windows
      • Order the products and window shades you want
      • Inspect the window coverings once they have been delivered
      • Install your new window coverings

      Budget Blinds only works with trusted brands and quality products that look and feel good without breaking the bank. We are here to empower you and help you find window coverings that will show off your style. If you have any questions about us or our consultation process, please give us a call at (866) 590-6342 or visit our contact page. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our products and services and receive special offers sent straight to your email. Discover a remarkable range functionality and style with fabric blinds. If you are ready to begin the process, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to view our full line in the convenience of your own home.


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