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    • Faux Wood Window Blinds

      Faux wood blinds offer homeowners all the classic style of real wood blinds, but with the added durability of moisture resistance in very humid or wet environments. Faux wood window treatments are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens and come in a variety of paints and finishes from dark faux wood to white faux wood.

      Reasons to choose faux wood blinds:

      • Made from durable polymer materials, faux wood window blinds and shutters won’t crack, chip, or peel.
      • Faux wood blinds include UVA inhibitors that keep them from yellowing.
      • In their closed position, window treatments with faux wood can save energy as they reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption, lowering your energy bills.
      • Faux wood blinds effectively block UV rays when closed, preventing damage to your furnishings, flooring, artwork, and other valuables.
      • Custom blinds come available in 2" - 2 ½" slat sizes to give you the option of emphasizing either your room’s decor or your outside view.
      • Get the feel of real wood blinds with our available colors that range from whites and neutrals to deep wood grains and come in both smooth or textured finishes, always in the highest quality.
      • Faux wood blinds come standard with a decorative valance and contoured bottom rail.
      • A heavy-duty slim design head rail and crash-proof cord lock ensures smooth and reliable operation every time.
      • Optional operating systems include motorization or cordless lift, which are safer choices for homes with children and pets.
      • You can accessorize your faux wood blinds with solid and decorative tapes, adding a personal touch to your custom window blinds.

      Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

      One of the biggest benefits of faux wood blinds is their price. Our faux wood blinds are made from a vinyl polymer, which is easier and cheaper to produce and process than real wood and some other materials. This allows for more flexibility in your budget.

      However, greater affordability does not mean sacrificing on durability. The polymer used in faux wood horizontal blinds are resistant to humidity, heat, and moisture, preventing warping, cracks, and structural damage. This makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas of the home that may experience high humidity. Faux wood blinds can also withstand more physical punishment, making them a smart and practical window treatment for homes with rambunctious pets or adventurous kids.

      For further family friendliness, faux wood blinds are easy to clean. Even if the blinds do get dusty or marked with crayons, you can easily wipe them clean. For heavier spills or messes, you can easily soak the blinds or hose them down without needing to worry about water damage or warping.

      Along with durability and affordability, faux wood blinds have an appealing aesthetic. They offer the same look as wood and offer a variety of colors and designs. Our faux natural wood blinds also come in a variety of sizes that can be easily customized to suit your specific window type. Slim design head rails and cord locks allow for smooth, worry-free operation every time.

      At Budget Blinds, our faux wood blinds can also provide superior privacy and light control. We include a unique coating that blocks UVA rays that keep the blinds from yellowing while protecting your furniture, flooring, and interiors from UV damage.

      Faux wood blinds are also eco-friendly. They are made from materials that can be recycled, so when you decide to switch things up, they can be reused, ensuring that they don’t end up in a landfill. In their closed position, faux wood blinds can reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption, effectively lowering your utility bills.

      Real Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds

      Faux wood blinds offer the same general look and textures of wood blinds, but they come with a wide range of differences. Faux wood blinds are much more affordable thanks in part to their material. Vinyl polymer is easy to produce, shape, and customize, making them much more affordable than normal wood.

      Standard and Custom Sizes

      Our faux wood blinds have slats that come in 2-inch and 2 ½-inch sizes, which should suit your general window treatment needs. However, for windows that have a unique shape or size, we can cut custom faux wood blinds that will perfectly fit the dimensions of your window. This allows for a truly personalized look that can effectively control light and promote privacy.

      Dark Faux Wood Blinds

      Dark faux wood blinds make an excellent window treatment option for rooms that get a little too much sunlight such as your kitchen and bathroom. You can create a darker, cozier feel without completely blocking out the natural light. This can also allow for more intimacy and privacy.

      Light Faux Wood Blinds

      To enhance the brightness in a room, consider installing faux wood blinds that are lighter in color. This can help to reflect light into your home and make your living space feel much more open. Light blinds still allow for plenty of privacy and light control, effectively bouncing away light and prying eyes in their closed position.

      Light Control

      Light control is an important factor for any window treatment. Faux wood blinds are an excellent solution. Coated with a UVA inhibitor, faux wood blinds allow you to protect your interiors and enhance privacy.

      For even greater light control, consider installing motorized faux wood blinds. Motorized blinds can be customized for any type of blind, including faux wood. These automated systems can be controlled by remote, wireless wall switch, or even phone, tablet, or other smart device. You can raise, lower, open, and close blinds at the touch of a button, allowing for precise control of light and privacy. Motorized blinds are especially helpful for skylights and other windows that may be hard to reach on your own.

      Energy Efficient

      Faux wood blinds are highly energy efficient. In their closed position, they can block UV rays while reducing heat gain and energy consumption, saving you money on your next energy bill. Motorized faux wood blinds can also be set to a sensor that detects heat, sunlight, and temperature conditions to adjust accordingly. Motorized blinds can also be set to a timer to open and close throughout the day when you need it.

      Be sure to ask your Budget Blinds Style Consultant if faux wood blinds are the best option for your specific needs. Our style consultants handle everything from measuring to installing your custom window treatments. Once you have made your decision, our consultants will make the order and inspect the product upon delivery. We can even provide samples so you can see how the faux blinds will look in your home before you make a purchase. Be sure to ask your Budget Blinds Style Consultant if faux wood blinds are the best option for your specific needs. We handle everything from measuring to installing your custom window treatments. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation today to learn more.


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