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Pictures of Drapes in Kirkland Washington

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If are looking for Drapes for your Kirkland home here are a few tips to keep you on the right track
Know your budget:
Before shopping for anything these days you have to take some time to figure out exactly what your budget is going to be. This is especially true when it comes to new Drapes. If you are not on top of this you will be sitting with your consultant looking at things like hardware for your drape that can cost $500 or more in the blink of an eye, or looking at a 100% silk fabric that you just love and then you find out it is $167 per yard (ouch!). Maybe the designer will mention a cornice board would look great over your new window treatment and then you find out it adds $1,800 to the price. It’s always to your advantage and your consultants to know how much you want to spend on this project before you start putting it all together.

Know what window you want drapes on:
It’s easy to think to yourself that you like drapes and want them on all of your windows and some Kirkland homes do that but again remember you budget. If you put a cordless honeycomb shade in the window maybe it costs you $400 but if you put a draw drape with a line on the same window it could cost you over a thousand. So thing about what you want the treatment to do and then decide on a treatment that fits those requirements.

Think about the how the room is going to be used:
If you have a room that you want to get really dark from time to time like you child’s bedroom or maybe a theater room you may think that you must do that with a drapery and you would not be wrong but there are many other products that you could use also like a roman shade mounte4d outside of the window frame or a room darkening cell shade or maybe a plantation shutter. You may have pets and while you love drapes they just wouldn’t work with all of your animals so just give it some thought.

Consider the time it will take:
This means several things first custom made drapes take a while to get made. Think about it with drapes there are still real people working in soft treatment work rooms who make these products by hand, this take time. Many manufactures run out of fabric all the time so there is another delay. Budget Blinds of Kirkland has thousands of fabrics to choose from and dozens of different style of drapes to choose from like pinch pleats or grommet tops or maybe back or top tabs. Take your time with this and if you don’t see the fabric you want from one company than call another one as there are a lot of fabric companies out there like Kasmir or Fabricut so just take your time and plan ahead.

Give some thought to the size of the window:
This is a tricky one as one of the reason people think about drapes is because they have a large area to cover and they think the drape is the best way to cover it. With today’s window covering many shades can be made to cover very large windows. Honeycomb shades can go as wide as 144” as can roller shades. Plantation shutters can go as wide as you want. Cell shades can be turned on their side and as long as you want and then there is the panel track so drapes are not you only choice for wide openings. The next thing to think about is the stack I have been in many Kirkland homes where my customer wants drapes on their wide windows and they forget that drapes need a place to go so if you have a 200” opening and you want to put drapes on the window the stack on both side of the window will be about 40” which when I show where the stack will be many customers get depressed as they forgot that all that fabric needs to go someplace.

If you keep these suggestions in mind you should have no problem finding the right drapes for your Kirkland home and don’t forget Budget Blinds of Kirkland offers FREE In-home consultations and the Northwest largest selection of drape manufacturers and we would be happy to send one of our design consultants to your home which of course is the best place to look at new drapes for your home.

  Pictures of Drapes in Kirkland Washington

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