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Choose Cord-Free Window Coverings for Child Safety

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Budget Blinds Supports National Window Cord Safety and Child Safety Protection Month by offering Cord-Free Window Coverings

 Children are unpredictable. They can be attracted to and fascinated by something that would never even cross an adult’s mind as something of note or interest.

  • The box is more fun than the present inside
  • Crawling into a tight space just because it’s there
  • Following a pet through the pet door
  • Sampling the cat’s or dog’s food

That’s why a parent’s vigilance is on high alert when there are small children in the home. Seemingly harmless things can become dangerous and even deadly with little ones. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) declares window covering cords as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home for strangulation and asphyxiation in children. Since 1983, an average of 12 children per year died from window cord strangulation. That’s one baby or young child a month.

Window coverings can be child friendly and pet safe 

Child-proofing a home takes into consideration everything about the house. Are light sockets covered? Do cabinets and drawers resist curious little fingers? Are harmful cleaners and other such products stored up high? In light of the above statistics, even window coverings need consideration.

That’s why Budget Blinds is committed to providing innovative and beautiful products that meet today’s safety standards for your home. Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds’ Vice President of Vendor Alliance and a mother herself shares, ”From cordless products that protect children from potentially harmful dangling cords to security-grade window film that protects your home during destructive weather, Budget Blinds is your source for window coverings that keep you and  your family safe at home.” Child-safe options include:

  • Cordless Lift System – raise and lower blinds and shades easily with one hand, eliminating the need for cords
  • Motorization – battery-operated remote control allows you to raise, lower, tilt or open and close your window coverings with the touch of a button. No hard wiring is required and you can operate up to five windows from one remote.
  • Spring-assist Clutch – built-in system to raise and lower window shades that eliminates dangling cords.
  • Shutters – cord-free window covering that is perfectly safe around children and pets.
  • Sliding Track System – beautiful alternative to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors and side-to-side openings, the sliding track operation eliminates the need for cords or chains.

Take stock of all your window coverings to see if some protective measures need to be instituted.

  • Move cribs, beds or other furniture that children can climb on away from windows.
  • Be sure continuous-loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor to prevent a child or pet from becoming entangled.
  • Add break-away tassels and cord stops to eliminate cord hazard.
  • Wand control for blinds is an alternative to dangling cords.
  • Keep all cords as short as possible, out of children’s reach
  • Use cordless blinds or shades where children are able to reach the window.
  • Replace older blinds and shades that do not meet current safety standards

If you would like more information on window treatment options that are child friendly, go to budgetblinds.com.


These bypass shutters from Budget Blinds are child safe and offer complete privacy and light control.

Cordless beauty offers endless possibilities

Most of Budget Blinds’ window coverings can be cordless or motorized giving you endless possibilities to find your own personal design style. You are not limited to only a few choices while focusing on child safety in your home. Some of our most popular cordless window treatments include:

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, formal or casual surroundings, your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you find window treatments you’ll love. One phone call brings hundreds of samples right into your home so you can design the windows of your dreams.  Call 866-590-6341 or go online to www.budgetblinds.com today to find the Style Consultant nearest you.

Visit the Window Covering Safety Council or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to learn more about National Window Cord Safety and Child Safety Protection Month.

Budget Blinds and George to the Rescue Partner Together for a Huge Home Renovation Project

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Budget Blinds and George to the Rescue Surprise Amy Van Dyken-Rouen with a Major Home Renovation

Budget Blinds George to the Rescue Amy For three long months, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen worked hard at rehabilitating herself after an ATV accident in June, 2014, that left her paralyzed from the waist down. The six-time gold medal Olympian swimmer was determined to regain control of her life as quickly as possible.

Unbeknownst to Amy, during that same three months, her husband, Tom, had been in touch with George Oliphant of George to the Rescue (GTTR), a popular national home improvement TV show that “rescues” homes when special needs arise. GTTR, Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and other local contractors and friends formed a solid team to renovate the Scottsdale home so she would return to a totally retrofitted house. George shares, “Contractors in the area, normally competing for jobs, today banded together to help us help Amy. We want her house to be 100% accessible before she gets out of rehab. She has no idea we’re here, it’s a total surprise.”  

A National Secret

Behind the scenes, people across the country were working together to surprise Amy. Budget Blinds serving North Scottsdale franchisee Gloria Guillermo was part of the committed team, designing and installing custom cellular honeycomb shades donated by Custom Brands Group, a Budget Blinds vendor partner. Budget Blinds’ sister company, Tailored Living, did a custom closet makeover in the master bedroom giving Amy access to her entire wardrobe from her wheelchair.

Meredith Vieira had Amy, her husband and George as guests on her show, The Meredith Vieira Show, to reveal the surprise to Amy.  Amy shared some concerns about going home as she discussed her accident with Meredith.

Amy:  “Carpets are hard, and doorways. As my house was when I left it, I will not be able to take a shower, no cooking, won’t be able to see if pots are boiling, won’t be able to reach the faucet to do dishes. We’ve had some of Tom’s friends in the house making sure things are okay.”

Meredith: “Do they know what they’re doing?”

Amy: “I don’t know.”

Any apprehension melted away when Meredith introduced George and they explained what had been going on and showed Amy clips of some of the renovations. (Click here to view The Meredith Vieira Show episode.)

There’s No Place like Home

After such an extended time away and with all the new surprises, Amy was anxious to return home. She says, “To me home means laughter, love and good meals—sometimes they’re burnt—but a place where you can put your feet up and your hair down and really be yourself.”

George met Amy and Tom at their home for the “welcome home” reveal. Everyone who participated in the renovation was there to welcome Amy home and her thank you, even before she went inside, was touching: “You guys are amazing. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Every morning when I wake up I’ll probably think of all of you.”

Inside, George took Amy room to room to show what had been done especially for her:

•  Carpets replaced with tile for ease of movement through the house.

•  The motorized cellular shades perfectly compliment the home’s décor and increase energy efficiency. A/C and window shades are remote controlled so Amy can easily manage light and temperature.

•  Master bath received a barrier-free shower, lowered sink/makeup area for Amy, new faucets (she declared it a spa!).

•  Custom closet in master bedroom has pull-down bars, low hanging rods, drawers and shoe racks so clothes and accessories are reachable (Amy called her before closet a “hot mess”).

•  Kitchen island was lowered and fitted with sink and faucets to be wheelchair accessible. 

•  Stove was lowered and fitted to accommodate Amy’s chair so she can cook, and a remote control hood was added.

•  Drop-down cabinets bring dishes to counter top level at the touch of a button.

•  The backyard pool now has a specialized lift so Amy can get in and out of the pool. 

•  Her beloved Chevy was outfitted so she can drive again (this final reveal brought the big tears).

George to the Rescue Cellular Shades

This special day was an emotional time for everyone. Watching Amy smile, cry and laugh was testimony to the depth of feeling this outpouring of love and support created in her. Each person involved has a part in the overwhelming satisfaction and joy of the moment and Budget Blinds was honored to participate. (Click here to watch the George to the Rescue reveal episode.)

It was a true Hallmark moment! 

“It’s like my sanctuary, and you know how you feel about your house. I didn’t want a lot to change but I also didn’t want it to look like the handicapped girl lives there. You guys did such a great job, I’m so excited. I feel like when I’m in the house I’m not really handicapped because I can do absolutely everything in this house. So without George to the Rescue, I would feel like a handicapped person, [but] I’m free. This has changed everything.” – Amy Van Dyken-Rouen

Budget Blinds can help make your home more functional and energy efficient with fresh, stylish window treatments. A Budget Blinds Style Consultant will come to you to discuss your needs, with design idea books and samples of shades, blinds, shutters and drapery fabrics to assist with getting the perfect result for your home. Call 866-590-6341 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at www.budgetblinds.com to find a Style Consultant near you.


Sensory Design Can Make Your Home More Inviting

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Sensory Design Can Make Your Home More Inviting

 Relaxing-Beach-SoundsThink about the last time you had a massage or a facial. Just remembering the experience revives the relaxing feeling you left with, and probably makes you smile. Wistfully. Now you want another massage or facial, don’t you?

It’s no accident that wellness spas and massage therapy centers make you feel so good.  They are purposefully designed to maximize ambient experience by appealing to all of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Every element of sensory design engages one of the five senses to heighten the experience for the customer:

  • Soft lights and relaxing color schemes in comfortable surroundings
  • Soothing sounds of nature like gentle waves or nighttime sounds
  • Spicy herbal teas or refreshing flavored waters
  • Fluffy, luscious towels and robes
  • Hands-on treatments by trained professionals
  • Aromatherapy oils and wonderfully scented beauty products

Using the Five Senses as Basis for Home Design
Industrial designers, home decorators and even brand designers believe that the best designs appeal to all (or most) of our senses. Our senses are how we perceive the world, so it‘s logical that the more involved we become with our surroundings, i.e., the more senses we use, the stronger the experience.

Consider this: you smell coffee brewing, you cradle the warm cup in your hands and you slowly drink, savoring the moment. That’s three senses engaged; smell, touch and taste. If it’s got a fancy cream design on top, you can add sight and if it’s a steamed-milk latte, the hissing of the steamer adds hearing. All five senses are engaged in this coffee experience. That pretty much describes Starbucks; they excel at marketing to all the senses. (Now you want a coffee.)

Design that speaks to the senses can evoke comfort and relaxation; the end result is the desire to spend more time in the space. Using the five senses as a basis for whole home design will result in a more personal, warm and inviting home. Here are some decorating ideas for engaging each of the five senses that can be adapted for any room in your home to reflect your own personal taste and style.

Budget Blinds Cordless Cellular ShadesWhen you walk into a room you form an immediate impression by what you see. You want your home to be interesting, attractive and inviting at first look and every day, so being visually appealing is a big part of that first impression. A room should say, “Glad you’re here; come in and stay awhile!”

  • Mix patterns, textures and colors in your furnishings.
  • Use interesting artwork and décor as eye candy.
  • Capitalize on the best view for each room, whether it’s outside or inside (such as a fireplace) and arrange seating to capture that view.
  • Clutter can be unsettling, so de-clutter and have ample, comfortable seating.
  • Frame your windows with beautiful window coverings to enhance the view and dress the room.
  • Let in natural sunlight, it’s easy on the eyes and a natural mood enhancer.

To a degree, sounds are subjective, not everyone likes the same things. The sound of a fountain, children laughing, or tinkling wind chimes can be soothing. Everyday living noises like dishwashers, washing machines, TVs and computers can become overwhelming without some peace and quiet as well. Listen to your home and see if you need to make some auditory adjustments.

  • When setting up game rooms, media rooms, or work rooms consider how the sound will impact other areas of the home; you may need to add some sound buffers.
  • Be sure a home office or nursery has the availability of quiet.
  • Place furniture (big comfy reading chair) by an open window to bring pleasant outside sounds in.
  • Layering drapes over blinds or shutters helps block noise from freeways, schools or train tracks.
  • Keep your windows closed and create a calming ambiance by using music, a sound machine for sounds of nature (ocean waves or rain), or just enjoy the golden silence.

You may not have thought of incorporating elements of taste into decorating, but there are ways to utilize the sense of taste in many rooms for an added feeling of enjoyment and belonging.

  • Use appetite-inducing red or orange in the kitchen or dining room.
  • Fresh fruit in a bowl stimulates the desire to taste it.
  • The irresistible allure of chocolate in a decorative candy dish invites a bite in any room.
  • Arrange several clear containers on the coffee table filled with appetizing snacks.

Smell is often considered the strongest sense, and a smell can instantly bring back memories. A distinctive perfume recalls a special person, or a wood fire can transport you to carefree days at camp. There are great comfort smells like cookies baking, popcorn popping and fresh flowers. There are also uncomfortable smells like litter boxes, kitchen trash and smoke. A pleasant smell will obviously make your home more inviting, so consider these tips:

  • Place fragrant plants like lavender, rosemary or mint around the house, fresh or dried.
  • Potpourri, scented candles or oil burners can lightly scent a room.
  • Open the windows to provide a cleansing breath of fresh air.
  • If you have a fragrant tree or garden outside, an open window will allow these scents in (orange blossoms or night-blooming jasmine).
  • Join the 73.9% of American households that use air fresheners (Statista.com)
  • Don’t allow smelly items or areas to get out of control.
Faux Wood Blinds from Budget Blinds

The sense of touch is closely associated with the emotions of belonging and warmth. Add sensory design elements to every room in your home to make it most inviting. Create a balance of same or dissimilar textures that express your own personal style.  For example, if you have an eclectic sense of style, playing off distinctions like a distressed wood dining table with an elegant fringed linen table runner can make quite a statement.

  • Use natural materials like woven wood shades  to exude warmth.
  • Incorporate interesting textures in various décor items that provoke the desire to touch.
  • Shutters, shades and draperies will all enhance the textural experience of a room.
  • Contrast textures in your furnishings; layer a soft throw over a wood chair.
  • Pillows and rugs in different textures and fabrics add dimension and interest.
  • Large and small plants add living texture that brings nature indoors.

Are your senses fully engaged? By now you want a massage and a coffee, and probably some custom window coverings! If you’re ready for some sensory design ideas to customize your living spaces and refashion your home as we move into 2015, your Budget Blinds Style Consultant is ready to help. Call 866-590-6341 today for a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find your nearest Budget Blinds location. And don’t forget to put the coffee on.

Layered Window Treatments Increase Market Value When Selling Your Home as seen on Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

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Layered Window Treatments Increase Market Value When Selling Your Home as seen on Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

When buying your new dream home is contingent upon selling an existing home, you’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. The HGTV home-improvement series, Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers, follows real-life families who take that challenge with Jonathan and Drew Scott, the ever-popular Property Brothers. These families in transition place both the selling of their existing homes and the buying of a new home into the capable hands of Jonathan and Drew.

The Double Challenge
Jonathan and Drew Scott are uniquely qualified to handle the renovating, the selling and the buying. Drew is a real estate professional who knows the industry inside out and orchestrates the absolute best deals possible. Jonathan is a contractor, able to make renovations on both ends so selling price is maximized and the new home is customized to meet the family’s every need, on budget. Years of experience have made them the consummate pros and the makeovers are fascinating to watch.

To help bring the outgrown or “seasoned” homes up to top-dollar market standard, Budget Blinds® partnered with the Property Brothers on 10 of this season’s renovations to provide custom window coverings to enhance the beauty and value of each home. Custom layered window treatments work almost like magic in transforming uninspired rooms into possibilities.

The customized blinds and draperies installed in these two homes were provided by Budget Blinds’ long-time, trusted manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions.

Layering Adds Beauty and Style
Ken and Laura were ready to leave the suburbs for a larger downtown home to accommodate two kids and space for Ken’s race cars. While Drew was challenged with meeting Laura’s artistic tastes and fulfilling the couple’s wish list for a new home, Jonathan’s expertise was needed to update window treatments and do an overall freshening up to get their old house ready to sell. Installing Budget Blinds’ Signature Series® 2” Milk White faux wood blinds in both the dining and living rooms transformed the windows. Pleated draperies in Engagement White Gold in the living room created a softened, elegant effect for the windows flanking the fireplace. Floor-length drapery panels in Engagement Madrid added an appealing splash of color in the dining room, increasing marketability. See the final reveal on Pinterest by clicking here.

Budget Blinds Property Brothers DrapesJennifer and Adesola’s home makeover presented some unexpected challenges to Jonathan and Drew that complicated the whole process. Franchise owners Jan Fitzgerald, of Budget Blinds serving Roswell, and Mike Hewitt of Budget Blinds serving Atlanta North East came through with dazzling window treatments that helped pull the extensive makeover together. Installing Signature Series 2” Milk White faux wood blinds in living room, dining room and kitchen set the stage for a clean, consistent look that was further enhanced in the living room and dining room by colorful draperies to brighten up each space. Jennifer, Adesola and their three children were finally able to move into a much-needed larger home. See the final reveal on Pinterest by clicking here.

Draperies from the Inspired Drapes collection, sold exclusively by Budget Blinds, and coordinating Signature Series® blinds create an elegant atmosphere. Draperies or curtains alone can beautifully dress a window, but layering them over blinds or shades can add extra glamour to a room. Draperies over blinds also provide an added layer of insulation to improve energy efficiency, helping to maintain a constant room temperature while maximizing light and privacy controls.

In your own home, your imagination can run wild with layered window treatments:

  • Add drama with contrasting color-block drapery styles or exhilarating colors and patterns
  • Bring nature indoors with woven wood shades in natural fibers and textures for a casual, calming effect
  • Create a softening effect by using sheer fabrics in light colors and subtle patterns
  • Incorporate valances and custom hardware to add interesting details and style
  • Add motorization to makes drapes, blinds and shades easy to manage with either a handheld or a wall-mounted remote

Budget Blinds is the world’s largest window coverings franchise in the U.S. and Canada, and we’ve been helping people love their homes for over 20 years. Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can show you dozens of options of fabric, textures, colors and styles to create exactly what you want to dress your windows.

Call 866-590-6341 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at www.budgetblinds.com to find a Style Consultant near you. They design, measure, order, inspect, install and warranty your new window treatments. All you have to do is enjoy them!

HGTV’s Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers offers lots of remodeling advice and tips in a very entertaining way. Check your local TV listings to join the fun.

Image: Draperies from the Inspired Drapes collection, sold exclusively by Budget Blinds, and coordinating Signature Series® blinds create an elegant atmosphere.

Home Franchise Concepts Partners with George to the Rescue and Welcomes Olympian to a Renovated Home

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Budget Blinds and Tailored Living Help Welcome Athlete Back Home Following ATV Accident

ORANGE, CA—(Oct. 14, 2014) Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company of Budget Blinds® and Tailored Living®, is partnering with NBC’s George to the Rescue TV Show to transform the home of six-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, who recently severed her spinal cord in an ATV accident leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Home Franchise Concepts and its network of franchises, along with a valued manufacturing partner is donating new products and materials to upgrade Van Dyken-Rouen’s Scottsdale residence so that it meets her needs as she continues to recover. Budget Blinds, Tailored Living and the George to the Rescue team aim to have the renovations complete in time to welcome her home. 
Budget Blinds is outfitting Van Dyken-Rouen’s dining room and family room with energy-efficient honeycomb shades and her master bedroom with roller shades. The new shades will be fully motorized so that Van Dyken-Rouen can open and close the window coverings in her primary living spaces with the touch of a button. In her bedroom, the roller shades will accompany her existing drapery to create an additional level of insulation and energy savings. 
Tailored Living is outfitting Van Dyken-Rouen’s master bedroom closet by adding a combination of hang bars and wardrobe lifts at a convenient height making it easy for Amy to access her wardrobe. Tailored Living has also added elements that will speak to Van Dyken-Rouen’s passion for fashion including baskets, drawers, a lined jewelry drawer and custom shelf tower for handbags and shoes.  
“We have a great history of being able to support national heroes including veterans, injured servicemen and women, and now Olympians,” said Chad Hallock, President and CEO of Home Franchise Concepts. “Every window treatment or closet that we donate allows us to give back to those who have given so selflessly. We all admire Amy’s courage and are honored to be able to give her something to support and celebrate her strength as she continues to inspire us.”
“On the show we witness amazing stories of courage and strength every day and Amy’s story is a powerful example of this,” says George Oliphant, host of George to the Rescue. “We’re proud to be able to transform Amy’s home into a place where she can continue to thrive alongside her family and friends and we couldn’t have done it without the support of companies like Home Franchise Concepts.” 
Van Dyken-Rouen’s home renovation will appear on the 2014 season airing on NBC starting the weekend of Oct. 18, check your local listings. The George to the Rescue crew partnered with The Meredith Vieira Show to reveal the remodel to Van Dyken-Rouen on-air during an interview on Sept. 10.   
Home Franchise Concepts would like to thank its manufacturing partner, Custom Brands Group for donating the motorized window coverings. It would also like to recognize its franchisees Gloria Guillermo of Budget Blinds serving North Scottsdale and Kevin Kinney of Tailored Living serving Scottsdale for volunteering their time and skills to design and install the custom window treatments and custom master closet. 
For more information or to view episodes featuring Amy Van Dyken-Rouen’s home remodel please visit this link. For more information about Home Franchise Concepts please visit: http://www.homefranchiseconcepts.com.

About Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds® was founded in 1992 and currently boasts over 900 franchise territories serving nearly 7,500 cities throughout the United States and Canada. The company offers customers a full line of quality window coverings including shutters, shades, blinds and draperies. It also provides free in-home consultations as well as measuring and installation services. Budget Blinds has been recognized as a leader in the franchise industry by organizations such as Entrepreneur, AllBusiness, Inc. and Franchise Business Review. With a strong vendor alliance program and growing product portfolio, Budget Blinds is the clear franchising leader in the multi-billion dollar window coverings market. For more information on Budget Blinds, visit www.budgetblinds.com. For franchise opportunities, please visit www.budget-blinds-franchise.com.
About Tailored Living
Tailored Living® featuring Premier Garage® proudly offers homeowners high quality organizational solutions for their garages, closets, pantries, family rooms, home offices and more through complimentary in-home consultations. The company also provides complete design, measuring and installation services adapted to each client’s specific needs. Tailored Living's industry experience, commitment to service, and wide breath of product offerings has allowed it to grow into the largest whole-home organization company in the nation. For more information on Tailored Living, please call (800) 519-6296 or visit www.tailoredliving.com. For franchise opportunities, visit www.tailoredlivingfranchise.com. Connect with us on Facebook for behind the scenes photos and features by visiting www.facebook.com/TailoredLiving
About George to the Rescue:
Each week, Emmy® Award-Winning host George Oliphant teams up with design and construction experts to rescue a family or community in need of home improvements. From complete design updates to brand new kitchens and community centers, George to the Rescue fixes the homes of those in need. A spinoff of the successful Open House franchise, George to the Rescue has resonated with audiences across the country.  Episodes begin with the homeowners plea for help and the exciting moment when George and his team meet them for the first time to tell them they are about to be rescued. The makeover and renovation process is energetic and dramatic as the team deals with time issues, budget, and overcoming the inevitable hiccups of home improvement projects. In the end, there is nothing better than seeing the looks on the families faces when they step into their new space for the first time, and know that a community came together to come to their rescue.
George to the Rescue is produced by LX.TV, the lifestyle production arm of the NBC Owned Television Stations division of NBCUniversal.  The show airs on the 10 NBC-owned television stations: WNBC (New York), KNBC (Los Angeles), WMAQ (Chicago), WCAU (Philadelphia), KXAS (Dallas-Fort Worth), KNTV (San Francisco Bay Area), WRC (Washington, D.C.), WTVJ (South Florida), KNSD (San Diego) and WVIT (Connecticut) as well as the NBC affiliate station in Boston. Check local listings for airtimes.
 Show segments will also appear on www.nbcnewyork/georgetotherescue as well as on NBC Owned Stations’ digital out-of-home properties, such as taxi cabs.  Viewers can also get show updates via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/georgetotherescue  and Twitter at @George2Rescue and @GeorgeOliphant.

Worry-free Installation is Part of Budget Blinds' Promise of Excellence in Custom Window Coverings

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Worry-free Installation is Part of Budget Blinds’ Promise of Excellence in Custom Window Coverings

Budget Blinds Installation ProcessIt's a difficult task to design your dream home all on your own, and many homeowners don't have the experience, expertise, or resources necessary to truly make that dream a reality. At Budget Blinds, we know how much your home means to you, so when you buy blinds, shades, shutters, draperies or any other window coverings, you're not simply buying the product and installation - you're also getting design expertise in the convenience of your own home. Here's a look at how it works…

At Budget Blinds, Your Window Treatment Installation Is A Start-to-Finish Experience:

  • The first step in your custom installation process starts with custom design. This initial vision will help define your home improvement goals and ensure a cohesive and complimentary look when you finish. The Budget Blinds' Design Guide is a valuable resource for getting up-to-date on the latest trends and interior design inspirations, helping you identify your personal style and aesthetic.
  • Once you've identified images that suit your personal style from the Design Guide or other resources, you're definitely ready for our complimentary in-home consultation.  A Budget Blinds Style Consultant in your area will come to your home with product information, samples, detailed options and benefits for all types of window coverings, innovative layering techniques and more - to help turn your vision into a reality that not only looks good, but makes your home feel great too.
  • When it's  time to install your custom window treatments, Budget Blinds can also take care of all the heavy lifting and labor. No need to hassle with unknown or unreliable subcontractor, since your local Budget Blinds professionals are there every step of the way from sizing for a  perfect fit, to completing the expert installation with their own trained installers.
  • The Budget Blinds custom experience doesn't end with your window treatment installation. Count on your local Budget Blinds to be there should you need any advice, support, or repairs in the future. Budget Blinds also offers window treatments covered with the best warranty in the industry. Ask for details about our "No Questions Asked Product Warranty" for the ultimate peace of mind.

When you choose your local Budget Blinds for your custom design and window treatment installation, you can rest assured you're in good hands. Our custom installation process is a start-to-finish experience that will give you the guidance and confidence necessary to make your dream home a reality much easier than you believed was possible. Take the first steps toward experiencing the Budget Blinds custom process first-hand by calling 866-590-6341 to find a Style Consultant near you, or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to take a look at our Design Guide and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today!

Budget Blinds Participates in This Old House's 35th Anniversary Project House

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ORANGE, CA—(Sept. 25, 2014)—Budget Blinds, a quality window covering franchise serving the United States and Canada, was selected to participate with PBS’s This Old House to install custom window treatments in the show’s 1850 Greek Revival Rowhouse in Boston’s oldest neighborhood, Charlestown. The window treatments will complement the aesthetic and history of the home while adding to its beauty, value and energy efficiency. 

The master bedroom, closet and bathroom now all feature cordless Cellular Shades. Cellular shades are not only incredibly versatile; their honeycomb-shaped pockets are designed to keep air from escaping or entering a home to increase the room’s energy efficiency. This is particularly advantageous in diverse climates like New England and in older homes. According to the US Department of Energy, window treatments like cellular shades can help reduce summer heat gain by 33 percent and reduce winter heat loss by up to 25 percent

The kitchen and sitting room both feature new Woven Wood Shades. Woven wood shades are made from one hundred percent organic materials such as rattan reeds, grasses, bamboo and jute making them environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. 

To add to the overall quality, convenience and value, motorization has been installed in the master bedroom and kitchen. Motorized shades can be activated by a hand-held remote, set on timers that allow the owner to program when shades open and close, by light sensors that will automatically open and close shades at peak times to maximize energy-efficiency, or wireless wall switches for ease-of-use. Motorization can be added to almost any type of window treatment to eliminate dangling cords, not only to add comfort and convenience, but to also make the home more kid-friendly by removing potential safety hazards.  

“It is a great honor to be invited to take part in the anniversary of a show that is so widely revered and respected in the home remodeling community,” says Chad Hallock, co-founder and CEO of Budget Blinds, Inc. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the care and preservation that the crew has poured into this beautiful historic home. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the value and comfort that custom window treatments can offer a home.”

Budget Blinds would like to thank its manufacturing partner Springs Window Fashions for donating the window treatments. It would also like to recognize Janet Rosa of Budget Blinds serving Waltham, Westwood and Dover-Sherborn for volunteering her time and skills to design and install the custom window treatments. 

The thirty-fifth anniversary season of the Emmy Award-winning home improvement show will air on October 2 on PBS (check local listings). The Charlestown, MA home remodel will take place over an eight-episode story arc.

For more information about Budget Blinds please visit: http://www.budgetblinds.com. For more information about parent company Home Franchise Concepts, please visit: http://www.homefranchiseconcepts.com.

About Budget Blinds
Budget Blinds® was founded in 1992 and currently boasts over 900 franchise territories serving nearly 7,500 cities throughout the United States and Canada. The company offers customers a full line of quality window coverings including shutters, shades, blinds and draperies. It also provides free in-home consultations as well as measuring and installation services. Budget Blinds has been recognized as a leader in the franchise industry by organizations such as Entrepreneur, AllBusiness, Inc. and Franchise Business Review. With a strong vendor alliance program and growing product portfolio, Budget Blinds is the clear franchising leader in the multi-billion dollar window coverings market. For more information on Budget Blinds, visit www.budgetblinds.com. For franchise opportunities, please visit www.budget-blinds-franchise.com.

About This Old House:
THIS OLD HOUSE is produced by THIS OLD HOUSE Productions, Inc., for THIS OLD HOUSE Ventures, Inc., and is presented on PBS by WGBH Boston.  Executive Producer is Deborah Hood. Director is Thomas Draudt. Producer is Jo Sagar. Series creator is Russell Morash. THIS OLD HOUSE is the No. 1 multimedia home enthusiast brand, offering trusted information and expert advice through award-winning television, a highly regarded magazine and an information-driven Web site. THIS OLD HOUSE Ventures, Inc., is owned by Time Inc.

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