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Secure Your Home While on Vacation

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Have a Stress-Free Summer Vacation with Security and Peace of Mind

Summertime is the most popular season for families to go on vacation. The warm weather, bright sun, and relaxed atmosphere set the perfect stage for fun activities with your loved ones. However, while you’re off making memories in new unexplored territory, don’t forget about the importance of making sure everything is safe and protected back home. Prepping your home before a long-awaited trip to paradise can be a challenge. With errands ranging from finding a dog sitter to shopping for necessities, important things can be overlooked such as ensuring the safety and privacy of your home while you’re away.

The latest trends and advancements in technology and communications have made many of these preparations easier than ever. For example, Smartphone applications allow you to retain full control over a variety of home functions while you’re away including; managing the outdoor water system, lowering your motorized shades, locking doors, checking security cameras, and more! Installing these systems as part of your home’s existing security takes privacy and safety to the next level.

Installing motorized shades is a great way to create privacy while you’re away. It provides an incredibly effective way to keep out prying eyes while you’re gone, making it an especially great fit for ground-level windows. Setting up custom blinds that integrate new motorization technology allows you to control their operation with the touch of a button. Consider scheduling your motorized shades to open and close during key times throughout the day to give the impression that the home is occupied, even when vacant.

Motorized shades, blackout curtains, and other custom window treatments help protect your home in a variety of other ways as well. These window coverings can protect your furniture and other interior decorations from harmful UV damage while you’re away, and make those hard to reach window coverings like skylight blinds easily manageable.

Let the latest innovations in technology help keep your home safe and secure even when you’re miles away with these home improvement ideas. Learn more about how motorized shades can help you achieve this by getting in touch with a Budget Blinds Style Consultant in your local area today.

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Creating the Perfect Den

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Create the Perfect Den using Budget Blinds Window Coverings as Seen on the Latest Episode of DIY Network’s, Mega Dens Takes over Blog Cabin 2014 

You may think that all it takes to create the ideal den or family room is a great entertainment center with a big flat screen TV but you’d be mistaken! It’s just as important to create a comfortable environment for the whole family to enjoy. Having the right lighting, cozy furniture and energy-efficient window treatments can go a long way towards designing the den of your dreams. On the latest episode of DIY Network’s Blog Cabin: Mega Dens Takes over Blog Cabin 2014, Budget Blinds window treatments, along with other home décor products, helped transform a space into the perfect den.

On the episode, DIY experts and hosts Anitra Mecadon and Chris Grundy joined forces to turn the old and outdated Blog Cabin living room into a multipurpose family room. They enlisted the help of their local Budget Blinds Style Consultant, Nelson McCullough of Budget Blinds serving Lakeland Highlands, to help them determine what window coverings best fit the needs of the media room. Nelson selected Tandem™ cellular shades featuring a blackout liner.

Tandem cellular shades with a blackout liner are a great option for a den or family room because they give homeowners enhanced versatility in light and privacy control. They combine a front shade with an independently operated back liner that can be lowered to any desired length. This gives you full control over incoming sunlight so you’ll be able to enjoy movies and TV shows without having to worry about glare. Dens and family rooms can sometimes become very warm in the summer or cold in the winter. The double layer nature of Tandem cellular shades also provides insulation to help keep rooms at an ideal temperature and help you save on energy costs.

Budget Blinds offers a wide variety of window coverings from many trusted manufacturing partners, including Custom Brands Group who donated the products used in the 2014 Blog Cabin. For more behind the scenes footage and a virtual walkthrough of the Blog Cabin, visit www.DIYNetwork.com/BlogCabin

To learn more about how you can add blackout cellular shades to your own den in order to create the perfect environment, request a complimentary in-home consultation from your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today!

Budget Blinds Consultant Nelson McCullough, Host Anitra Mecadon
Budget Blinds Franchisee Nelson McCullough with Host Anitra Mecadon

Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

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Celebrate the Benefits of Automation during Our Motorization Sale Event

To show our appreciation to our loyal customers, we are holding the Motorization Sale Event where you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars on our best motorized blinds and other window coverings. In addition, if you purchase three window coverings, you will get one free*!

During the hot summer months, keeping your home cool without cranking up the AC can be a real challenge. In an effort to save money, homeowners typically resort to blasting their fans, taking cold showers, and closing all the windows to prevent hot air from coming in.

Did you know you can avoid all of that by installing the right window treatments in your home? As much as half of your cooling energy can be lost through your windows. Many homeowners aren’t aware of how much of an impact professionally installed window treatments can have on not only their energy bills, but on the décor of their home.

If you’re looking to create a more sustainable home, it’s important to make sure you have the most energy-efficient window coverings in place. One way to reap those advantages is by installing motorized blinds. When you add motorization into the mix, you can control some of the heat gain in your home with the simple touch of a button–even when you are on vacation.

All of our motorized blinds feature Somfy® technology, which allows you to program your window coverings to close at preferred times of the day to help keep your home at a manageable temperature. When you use Somfy, your automated blinds can promote energy-efficiency by keeping your home cooler during the summer. Motorized blinds are also a great option if you’re concerned about child or pet safety since they are inherently cordless and prevent entanglement.

Somfy motorization technology can be added to almost any type of window covering, whether it’s solar shade, blind or shutter. Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today for a complimentary in-home consultation to learn more about our sale event and how Somfy motorization can help you save money.

 *Offer good on selected Signature Series® window treatments only. Discount applies to lesser priced item. Ask for details about motorized window coverings. Offer valid at participating franchises only and at time of initial estimate only. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, or coupons. Some restrictions may apply. Valid for a limited time only.

Motorized Window Treatments by Budget Blinds

Solar Screens and Window Treatments

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Three Benefits of Using Solar Screens with Your Existing Window Treatments

To create a comfortable environment in your home during the hot summer months, you don’t always have to resort to using the air conditioner. Fortunately, there are many ways you can beat the heat and keep your home cool without breaking the bank on those pricey energy bills.

One of the ways you can protect yourself against the heat and block UV rays from entering your home is by using exterior solar screens. Not only do solar screens look great from the outside, they also provide a variety of benefits such as keeping insects and allergens out. They can also be combined with your existing window treatments for even more heat protection. Below are three reasons why you should install solar screens in your home this summer.

Increase Energy Efficiency
Solar screens can be strategically installed on windows that need them most, especially east and west facing windows that receive the most heat during sunrises and sunsets. By installing energy-saving solar screens in these locations, heat gain will be reduced as will your dependence on your air conditioner!

Create Privacy
The design of solar screens allows you to not only save energy, but also create optimal privacy throughout your home without compromising your view. If you’re concerned about curious eyes from the outside, install solar screens on street-facing windows to heighten privacy levels.

Customized for Tricky Spots
If you have skylights in your home, or other windows that are irregularly shaped, solar screens can be custom-fitted to give you the best results. They can also be installed on patio doors or sliding glass doors, providing optimal energy efficiency while keeping out those pesky insects and preserving your view.

Solar screens can offer many benefits for your home all year round. They can also be motorized so you can operate them with the touch of a button. Whether you’re looking to add more privacy to your home or a way to save money on energy bills, solar screens offer a great solution. Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today for a complimentary in-home consultation

Exterior Solar Screens from Budget Blinds

Stay Cool with Green Window Treatments

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer While Making it More Environmentally Friendly

Protecting your home from the harsh summer heat is one of the most effective methods of keeping it cool without the expensive utility bill. Stylish, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient living isn’t just limited to 21st century smart homes; all homes, old and new, can benefit from a few simple upgrades that can help your household reap the benefits that smart homes enjoy without the hefty price.

The wide variety of green window treatments offered by Budget Blinds provides the opportunity to not only increase the energy-efficiency of your home, but also reduce its carbon footprint! The green window treatments available from Budget Blinds are made from sustainably grown hardwoods, natural grasses, jutes, reeds and rattans. 100% recyclable packaging is used in product shipments as well. Many of Budget Blinds’ eco-friendly products are also GREENGUARD Certified for added peace of mind. Products that are GREENGUARD Certified meet stringent chemical emission requirements to improve the air quality within a home.

Green window treatments are great for the environment, and equally as great for your home. They can act as a layer of insulation over your windows to help keep heat from escaping during the winter and from entering during the summer.

The Budget Blinds Design Guide provides style inspiration to help you decide on the perfect mix of green window treatments to meet your household’s unique needs and décor. Pulling inspiration from the Design Guide can also help you integrate other stylish and sustainable elements into your home to create a cohesive look and feel throughout your rooms. Budget Blinds bedding for example, can be designed to effortlessly match your newly updated window treatments, while custom pillows, rugs, and other accessories, can serve to further accentuate the look.

The Budget Blinds Design Guide is your first step towards creating a home that looks and feels brand new. Once you’ve gathered together some of your favorite concepts and designs, a Budget Blinds Style Consultant in your area can help tailor your ideas so that they match your sustainable and energy-saving goals as well. This unique fusion of style and sustainability makes green window treatments the perfect choice for your home renovation projects this summer. Learn more by getting in touch with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today!


Motorization Sale Event

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Budget Blinds Enhances Home Automation with Motorized Window Treatments

Window Coverings Company Uses Motorized Technology to Give Homeowners Improved Customization and Convenience

Orange, CA – The last several years have shown a spike in demand for home automation systems. According to a study conducted by ABI Research, 1.5 million home automation systems were installed in the U.S. in 2012, up almost 50% from 2011. That number is expected to increase to 12 million by 2016. Budget Blinds—a leading window covering franchise—is helping meet the demand with its full line of motorized window treatments powered by Somfy® Systems.

Home automation increases efficiency and safety within a home, saving consumers time and giving them peace of mind. Budget Blinds keeps with these fundamental benefits by allowing homeowners to open and close their window treatments with the touch of a button. Tracy Christman, Vice President of Vendor Alliance and window coverings expert at Budget Blinds, offers the following top 6 advantages to motorizing window coverings:

1. Privacy: You can program your window coverings to open in the day and close at night for privacy.
2. Convenience: Motorization is great for hard to reach windows or for rooms with several windows.
3. Extended Product Life: Motorization reduces the wear and tear that comes from manual operation.
4. Child-safety: Eliminates dangling window covering cords which can pose a hazard for small children and pets.
5. Energy-efficiency: You can program your window coverings to close when the sun is glaring to reduce solar heat gain, thus minimizing your dependence on air conditioning systems.
6. Light control: From a remote control, you can open your window coverings to let in more light while reading, or close them to reduce the sun’s glare while watching your favorite show.

Almost all Budget Blinds window treatments can be motorized including shutters, blinds, shades and its Inspired Drapes® line of contemporary curtains and draperies. Motorized window treatment control options include timers, wall switches and remote controls.

“Home automation is here to stay, especially now that automation systems are more affordable and less complex,” said Tracy Christman. “Our motorized window coverings simplify operation so homeowners can live more productive lives.”

In order to encourage window treatment motorization amongst consumers, Budget Blinds is launching its Motorization Sale Event which runs from August 4rd through September 28th, 2014. The event lets homeowners save hundreds of dollars when they add motorization, plus, they will receive one free selected Signature Series® window covering with the purchase of three. For more information, and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, call (866) 590-6341.


Budget Blinds' Motorization Sale Event

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Save Hundreds of Dollars When You Add Motorization!

Motorized window coverings let you control lighting and privacy preferences at the touch of a button. They also eliminate the danger of dangling cords to keep children and pets safe. During our big Motorization Sale Event, you can save hundreds of dollars when you add motorization to your blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes! Plus, buy 3 window coverings and get 1 free! Contact your local Budget Blinds Style Consultation and start saving today!

To hear more about this existing event, listen to our radio ads now: US Radio, Canada Radio

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