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Dingy Library Transforms into a Space to Inspire Literacy

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Budget Blinds® is pleased to boast a network of independent business owners who take an active interest in making a difference in their own communities.

As a company, Budget Blinds actively supports several initiatives helping to improve the lives of our military Veterans, and this culture of giving is evident in many franchisees that have provided custom window treatments for various great causes like local schools, Community Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs and more.

Recently, our very own Rich Cudahy of Budget Blinds serving West Shore and Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was featured in an article in The Sentinel, along with other generous members of the community who’ve made a difference at their local elementary school.

Thanks to an effort sparked by the PTO, support provided by school administration and workers and community input, the elementary school has a refurbished library for its kids.”

Read the full article by clicking here

Click here to visit Rich’s web pages on BudgetBlinds.com

 Child Friendly Wood Blinds

Designing the Perfect Custom Window Treatments Is Easy with Budget Blinds

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How many hours have you spent examining catalogues, scouring websites on window treatments and looking at thousands of pictures of blinds, shades, drapes and shutters on Pinterest and Instagram? Have you reached the point of “window saturation” so that you don’t have any idea of what you want anymore?

Sometimes we can get too much of a good thing.

Budget Blinds can spare you this saturation affliction by asking the right questions that guide you to the right choices for designing the perfect window coverings to vibrantly express your personal style. Budget Blinds is America’s #1 window coverings franchise for a very good reason!  We know windows and design and our customers.

It’s All about Style and Utility

Window coverings serve two major purposes: to adorn your windows and enhance the function of your home. Different window treatments offer different benefits and some are more efficient than others for specific needs. For instance:

  • In kitchens and bathrooms where moisture accumulates, faux wood wears better than real wood in blinds or shutters.
  • When privacy is important, light-filtering shades may not offer sufficient coverage, but adding lining or layering treatments can give complete privacy.
  • Cordless window treatments are safer around small children or pets.
  • Hard-to-reach or odd-shaped windows can be beautifully enhanced by the right window coverings.
  • Cost is generally a factor; find the best value combination to maximize beauty and utility.
  • Some window coverings provide better insulation than others.
  • Motorization can be added to most styles for ease of operation.
  • Augment the gorgeous view you bought the house for with complementary window treatments.

What you want your windows to do (let in light, block the light, UV protection, easy operation, insulate, etc.) will determine many of the factors in the final design. With our extensive family of vendor partners and our own Signature Series®, your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can offer practical, stunning solutions for any size budget.  We can help you design the perfect look--bold, sophisticated, trendy or classic—with all the functionality you need. 

Fabric Blinds  

Contrasting cloth tapes and a customized wood cornice box beautifully enhance these tall windows.

Window Customization Exclusively for You

Since every style of window covering does have its own unique features and benefits, that’s the starting point for designing your custom window treatments. What comes standard for a specific style may be all you need, but you don’t have to stop there. The allure of customization is that you can make changes and add extras that allow you to create your own signature style.

  • Fabric choices range from sheer to heavy drapery, with hundreds of color and pattern choices.
  • Light filtering options in shades and linings go from sheer to room-darkening and even blackout.
  • Toppers such as valances and cornice boxes in numerous decorative styles can be added to enhance any window.
  • Lift options include continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift, bottom up/top down and motorization (remote control).
  • Slat and pleat sizes vary depending on the light control and look you want to achieve.
  • Many styles offer optional cloth tapes for artistic detail as well as added strength.
  • Decorative edging, trims and fringes are available on many styles of shades and drapery.
  • Layering treatments is a way to increase visual interest. Drapery panels over shades or blinds transform a window while also increasing energy efficiency by adding an additional layer of insulation.
  • Window film and solar shades offer unique energy-saving alternatives.
  • Decorative drapery hardware such as rods, finials, grommets, hooks and holdbacks are “window jewelry” and choices abound for colors, materials, and textures to make your windows exquisite.

Even if you already have window treatments in place and you just want to update and refresh your windows with decorative embellishments, fabulous drapery panels or energy-efficient functionality, we can certainly help. Visit our web site for lots of visual inspiration and review our Design Guide or Inspired Drapes Lookbook for ideas featuring the latest trends.

Design Guide

If you’re ready to love your windows, give us a call. Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant will come to your home, bring actual product samples and idea books, and walk you through the process to painlessly design distinctly styled windows to showcase your home. Call 866-590-6341 today for a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you.

Find Your Personal Drapery Expert - Just a Call or Click Away

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Have you ever gone on a home tour and been in awe of the incredible window treatments in the living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms? The combinations of graceful curves, layered luxurious fabrics, vibrant colors, evocative patterns and exquisite hardware are true works of art.  It might leave you thinking things like:

  • “Who would have thought to mix those patterns/fabrics/colors?”
  • “If that was in my bedroom, I’d never leave the room!”
  • “What glorious windows!”
  • “Someone paid a bundle for that interior designer!”

Capturing a picture of your dream window with your phone is a great way to remember the design, but duplicating that special window treatment in your home may be daunting. For most of us, hanging more than one blind, shade or drape at a window is intimidating, and yet that elegant layered look is so appealing--so you.

Interior Design Expertise without the Big Price Tag

As America’s #1 window coverings franchise, Budget Blinds® has more than 20 years of experience providing custom window treatments to thousands of homes and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Our wide range of designer window treatments--shutters, shades, blinds, drapery and more-- enables our Style Consultants to accommodate any style affinity or budget, designing unique, fashionable windows.

Inspired Drapes® is a Budget Blinds’ exclusive collection of drapes, soft window treatments, distinctive hardware and custom fabrics and accessories that bring interior design excellence right into your home. The Inspired Drapes collection keeps a finger on the pulse of what’s current in home fashions, offering styles, fabrics and design ideas that reflect today’s most popular trends and style forecasts.

Inspired Drapes Training Class

Inspired Drapes provides intensive, focused training by home design industry leaders, covering every aspect of custom soft window fashions. At the end of five full days of training, our Style Consultants are truly window coverings experts!  Their in-depth education includes:

  • Understanding different fabric characteristics and what fabrics work best for specific design styles.
  • Linings, interlinings and blackout options to maximize appearance and utility.
  • Working with world-class manufacturers to achieve an exacting result.
  • Intricacies of hardware and design, ensuring perfect complement to the window coverings.
  • Creative use of all elements of window fashions: valances, drapes, cornice boxes, swags, jabots, pleat styles, embellishments, tie backs and so much more.
  • Drapery slides, carriers and motorization.
  • Caring for draperies and window treatments in your home.
  • Hands-on measuring and installation techniques to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • Professional’s tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid in designing window coverings.
  • Imaginative solutions for any size, shape or style of window.
  • Designing to complement existing décor; accessorizing the whole room.
  • Proper dressing/staging and layering of window coverings.

Get Expert Guidance to Be Sure You Get the Window Coverings You Want

Sometimes an interior designer can be so fixated on a specific trend or design that they won’t hear a client’s desire for something different. The end result may be “the latest in window fashions,” but at the expense of an unhappy client.

With Budget Blinds’ Inspired Drapes, you can be assured that you’ll have a knowledgeable, professional Style Consultant who will listen to you and help you select the ideal fabric, colors, style and hardware to design and create your own personal version of extraordinary, custom windows.  Whether you prefer traditional, modern, ornate, funky or bold, you’ll find endless possibilities in our Inspired Drapes collection.

Ceiling to Floor Drapes 
Ceiling-to-floor drapes in a bold pattern add drama and elegance to this sitting room 

Call 866-590-6341 today or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to schedule a free, in-home consultation with the Style Consultant nearest you. Beautiful, professional window coverings can be yours without an expensive interior designer. We promise.


Wrapping Up 2014 with a Successful Homes for the Holidays Celebration

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Budget Blinds partnered with Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) in November of this year and went right to work helping to fulfill the goal of placing 10 severely injured veterans and their families into new, specially-adapted homes in time for the holidays.

It was an exciting venture as Budget Blinds franchise owners across the country donated their time and expertise in measuring and installing faux wood blinds for 10 homes over a two-month period. Todd Jackson, co-founder of Budget Blinds, shares, “Homes for Our Troops perfectly aligns with Budget Blinds’ commitment to honor U.S. military veterans. We are proud to make this contribution to returning soldiers and their families, and to also have our Budget Blinds family be part of the actual building process.

A Worthy Ambition

For over 10 years, HFOT has built specially-adapted homes for the most severely injured veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. As a non-profit, national organization, HFOT relies on corporate and individual donors and supporters to fund this incredible initiative. Budget Blinds, in collaboration with our long-standing manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions, is committed to providing faux wood blinds from our Signature Series® product line into 120 homes over the next three years, a total donation of one million dollars in products and services.

HFOT commits to “building homes and rebuilding lives.” These specially-adapted homes help restore some of the freedom and independence our veterans sacrificed while defending ours, and enables them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives.

To date, HFOT has completed 178 homes, and there are currently 50 more homes in process.

The Final “Homes for the Holidays” recipients for 2014

Marine Corporal Michael Fox, December 18

Michael Fox Marine Corporal Michael Fox was on his third deployment in Afghanistan in 2011, scouting for a new location for a patrol base. As the Fire Team Leader, he was looking for an ideal vantage point when the blast of an IED vaulted him into the air, incurring injuries that resulted in the loss of both his legs. His squad administered life-saving first aid and Cpl Fox was airlifted to safety. From Germany to Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethsada, MD, to Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego, he underwent multiple surgeries, treatments and therapies. His current apartment has places he can’t use because of his wheelchair and help from his girlfriend, Erica, is not always wanted. “She wants to help and I don’t want her to help out, I’m trying to do as much as I can. Having a home specifically adapted to my needs is huge. It takes mental stress away. I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of this program.”

Cpl Fox plans to return to college to finish his degree. His pursuits include racing at the local drag strip and deep sea fishing.

Listen to his story by clicking here.  

Homes for Our Troops Holiday  

Jim and Sunni Craig, franchise owners of Budget Blinds serving Rockwall, Terrell and Forney, TX, provided the measuring and installation of blinds in Cpl Flox's new home and provided this vignette of the experience, declaring it was a "family affair." 

Army Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson, December 20

Jason GibsonWhile on his third deployment, Army Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson lost both his legs up to the hip and sustained damage to his arms and left hand in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2012. He has no memory of the near-fatal explosion that led to almost 20 surgeries including a skin graft on his arm and aggressive physical and occupational therapy. SSG Gibson stays active with hand cycling, surfing, golf, skiing, fishing and church involvement while he considers a career direction and return to school. His wife, Kara, is a physical therapist and blogs about her experiences as the wife of a wounded veteran/amputee.

Bob Shustack, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Marysville, installed the blinds in the SSG Gibson’s new home and shares: “I don’t think enough is done for our troops returning home, especially for those who are injured. I spent the day at the house and was impressed by Sgt Gibson’s good spirits despite his injuries. I am so thankful for those who served.

The new specially-adapted home will help SSG Gibson become completely independent. According to Kara, “There’s nowhere in the house that he won’t be able to access.”

Hear their story by clicking here.


Marine Sergeant Bradley Walker, December 20

Marine Sergeant Bradley Walker was on his second deployment when he lost both of his legs in an IED blast in Iraq in 2006 while driving a security vehicle returning from a completed mission. He received life-saving aid from his squad and was airlifted to Germany, the first stop on the journey to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he remained for two years and seven months of surgeries and rehabilitation. A member of the Adjutant of Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter #356, The American Legion post #201 in White Pine and the Big Brothers of America, Sgt Walker has a heart of giving back to his community and hopes to train for a career in some service capacity.

Bradley WalkerSgt Walker shares: “I have several friends who have received assistance from Homes for Our Troops and I have seen the tremendous impact it has made in their lives. It will be nice to have the freedom back to access all sections of my house from my wheelchair. I am in awe of the mission that Homes for Our Troops has undertaken. For all the things they do for injured service members; there’s not enough thanks that can be said.”

Hear Sgt Walker’s own story by clicking here. 

Brad and Sue Gerrish, franchise owners of Budget Blinds serving Knoxville, TN, generously provided the measuring and installation of blinds in Sgt Walker’s home.

Start the New Year Right

Here are the 10 “Homes for the Holidays” 2014 recipients--brave men, one and all! If you would like to be part of next year’s Homes for the Holidays celebration or to learn more about how you can get involved NOW with Homes for Our Troops, visit www.hfotusa.org. To volunteer with Homes for Our Troops and find a current project in your area, click here.

Budget Blinds is honored to support HFOT and the corporate commitment is shared by Chad Hallock, CEO and co-founder of Budget Blinds: “We share a strong commitment to supporting veterans who have served our country. Many of our founders have personal connections to the U.S. Armed Forces as do a number of our franchisees across the country. It is our hope that the synergies between Budget blinds and Homes for Our Troops will continue to honor returning soldiers for years to come.” 

Homes for Our Troops Holidays Recipients

Budget Blinds chose our Signature Series® faux wood blinds for the HFOT homes because they are very versatile and appropriate for any area of the country. They give an elegant look that is universally stylish and functional. They provide energy efficiency and light and privacy control, are easy to use and clean, are moisture resistant and can be enhanced with additional window treatments like valances or drapery for a personalized look. Blinds can also be motorized or cordless for child and pet safety.

If you would like some design help with new window treatments in your home, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapes, call 866-590-6341 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at www.budgetblinds.com to find a Style Consultant near you. 

Window Coverings for the Property Brothers at Home

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Budget Blinds Provides Window Coverings Excellence for the Property Brothers at Home

If you’re a fan of the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, you probably know they’ve renovated a Mediterranean style 5,400 sq. ft. home in Las Vegas and turned it into a virtual island of elegance in the desert. They love Las Vegas and wanted a Vegas vibe for their family destination home, where friends and family can gather and be together with “anything anybody might want” all in one place.

For years Jonathan and Drew have helped hundreds of families live through renovations and find their ultimate dream homes with their three popular HGTV home improvement shows, Property Brothers, Buying and Selling and Brother vs. Brother. Now they are their own clients and that definitely makes for some interesting viewing! Just like everyone else, they’ve not been spared the squabbles over design disagreements, sticker shock of unplanned costs and time delays that cause stress and frustration as they raced to finish before the big Scott Family Reunion in November.

Already affiliated through Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers by supplying window treatments for the show’s renovated homes, Budget Blinds® and its sister company, Tailored Living®, came onboard to provide innovative window coverings, custom closet organization systems, garage cabinets and garage flooring.

A Really Major Renovation

Jonathan and Drew turned what they described as an “outdated décor, empty and blank [house] with a barren backyard” into an oasis. A major focus was the outdoor living space since Jonathan confessed, “My favorite spaces to do are outdoor living spaces and this has every component I could want in my yard.” The backyard became an extension of both the main house and the guest house, unified in an over-the-top, luxurious resort area with a strong focus on play:

  • Salt water infinity pool with built-in seating areas and rocking lounge chairs
  • Hot tub to accommodate 10 people
  • Pool house with full kitchen and swim-up bar
  • Fire pit and top-of-the-line barbeque that can cook 35 steaks at a time
  • 15’ drop-down movie screen that’s wind and earthquake proof for outdoor movies
  • Giant commercial-grade Splashtacular water slide, 91.66’ long and 15’ high
  • Putting green (requiring total redesign by Drew)
  • Tiled basketball court with imbedded quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
  • Outside dining area and see-through fireplace
  • Lavish doggie park for Gracie and Stewie (Jonathan’s dogs) with synthetic turf, (real) palm trees, and lounge chairs—relaxing for pets and people alike
  • Game room loft in the main house with custom-made, vintage-style pool table and video arcade games

The Incredible Guest House

The main house is shared living space for the brothers, so they built a two-bedroom, two-bath guest house in the backyard for their parents to escape the cold Canadian winters where they live. Jonathan and Drew took great pains to give it special touches, giving mom a spa-style master bath, open-concept kitchen and handy laundry facilities.

For dad, Drew made a replica of a coffee table he and Jonathan played on as kids. The original had been made by their dad and had ranch brands burned into the top. They hunted down branding irons of the ranches he’d worked in the past and burned them into the new table. (The table was a big hit and mom cried happy tears when they toured the guest house.)

Travis Ogburn, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Las Vegas, concentrated on making the guest house the comfortable haven Jonathan and Drew wanted it to be for their parents. Roman shades donated by Horizons Window Fashions, a long time manufacturing partner of Budget Blinds, were the ideal window treatment to manage light and privacy while enhancing the ranch-style rustic simplicity the parents like. Jonathan said, “The roman shades look killer!”

  • In the living room, knife pleat roman shades in a neutral tone layered with patterned floor-to-ceiling drapes were the perfect backdrop for the overstuffed sofa and chairs, creating a “quiet, comfortable elegance with a warm blend of fabrics to make the room cozy.”
  • The master bedroom and guest bedroom received knife pleat roman shades in room-coordinating colors so each room’s décor was uniquely refined.

Budget Blinds Vegas

Travis Ogburn, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Las Vegas installing roman shades in the guest bedroom just before the parents arrive. 

Roman shades combine classic form with contemporary function:

  • Many styles to choose from including balloon shades, hobbled, classic pleated, cascading fold and relaxed folds
  • They come in a variety of elegant fabrics and colors
  • Light-filtering and room-darkening options to suit your preference
  • Shades provide energy-saving insulation
  • Shades can be cordless or motorized, making them child-and pet-friendly

Travis confesses that working in 100+ degree heat was challenging, but he enjoyed working with the brothers and sharing their humor. His favorite features: the art display wall in the main house and, of course, the giant waterslide in the resort-style backyard.

Tailored Living provided custom garage cabinets and garage flooring, creating a “Garage Mahal” with floor-to-ceiling custom Silver Frost cabinets with Powder-Coated doors and stainless steel counter tops. PremierTrax garage floor tiles completed the transformation and Johnathan called PremierTrax “the nicest garage floor I’ve ever seen!”

Custom closet organization systems were installed in both bedrooms in the guest house, providing an enormous amount of storage in a relatively small place.

Even if you’re not doing a major renovation, you can reinvent your space with new window treatments to make a dramatic improvement to your home’s interior. A Budget Blinds professional Style Consultant will come to your home with samples and design inspiration to make it happen. Call 866-590-6341 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at www.budgetblinds.com to find a Style Consultant near you.

To see more reveal pictures of the Property Brothers at Home total renovation, click here.

Budget Blinds Corporate Welcomes a California Veteran Home for the Holidays

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Budget Blinds and Homes for Our Troops Welcome a California Veteran Home for the Holidays

On November 15th, Budget Blinds® Corporate employees participated in a Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) Volunteer Day in Murrieta, CA. It was an exciting day as we helped put the finishing touches on the landscaping for the home intended for veteran Cpl Carlos Garcia and his family.

Now, one month later on December 16th, Budget Blinds was present for the Key Ceremony when the keys were given to Cpl Garcia as he and his family received their new “forever home” from HFOT.

Homes for Our Troops is a privately-funded, nonprofit organization that builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. These homes help to restore some of the freedom and independence of veterans who lost limbs and received other debilitating injuries, enabling them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives in safety and comfort. . Budget Blinds, in collaboration with our long-standing manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions, is committed to providing faux wood blinds from our Signature Series® product line for 120 homes over the next three years, part of the overall corporate goal of donating one million dollars in product and cash contributions to HFOT.

The Key Ceremony: A Day of Delights

All afternoon people were arriving in anticipation of the 6:00 p.m. Key Ceremony which includes speeches, raising the American flag, the ribbon cutting and key presentation to Cpl Garcia. Touring the home, meet-and-greets, photos and video takes filled the time leading up to the Key Ceremony.

Additionally, Budget Blinds’ partnership with HFOT was formalized with a signing ceremony prior to the home presentation. Todd Jackson, co-founder of Budget Blinds, did the honors. “At Budget Blinds we share a strong commitment to supporting veterans who have served our country. Many of our founders have personal connections to the U.S. Armed Forces as do a number of our franchisees across the country. It is our hope that the synergies between Budget Blinds and Homes for Our Troops will continue to honor returning veterans for years to come.” 

Todd Ja  

Todd Jackson, co-founder of Budget Blinds, signs on the dotted line, formalizing the commitment to Homes for Our Troops and our U.S. veterans

Major General McHale
 A warm handshake with Major General (USA, retired) Timothy P. McHale, President/CEO of Homes for Our Troops draws smiles from fellow veterans, including Cpl Garcia’s new neighbor, Cpl Jon Schumacher (far left), as well as Budget Blinds’ staff members

 At 6:00 p.m. sharp, Cpl Garcia and his family were escorted up the driveway to their new home as supporters and community members lined the street waving American flags and cheering. The newest family member, Andrew, born November 25th, was just in time to move into the new home with his family!  

The crowd gathered in the HFOT tent for speeches by HFOT executives, Todd Jackson, Cpl Garcia and his wife, Jackie. Pure joy marked the occasion for everyone present. 

Jackie Garcia  

Jackie Garcia wipes a tear from her eye as Major General (USA, retired) Timothy P. McHale, President/CEO of Homes for Our Troops speaks in honor of her husband’s and every other veteran’s sacrifices

“We at Homes for Our Troops do not believe in giving a home to severely injured veterans in charity. We believe it is a moral obligation of our society. There is no way we can repay you for your service to our country, but we hope this home can be a down payment.” -- Major General (USA, retired) Timothy P. McHale, President/CEO of Homes for Our Troops

Todd Jackson HFOT

Todd Jackson shares a special Budget Blinds greeting

On behalf of the Budget Blinds family, Todd Jackson presented a $200 Visa gift card to the Garcias and reiterated the Budget Blinds’ commitment to supporting veterans: “The Budget Blinds organization is extremely honored and inspired by the Homes for Our Troops mission to help make a difference in the lives of Veterans. We hope Marine Corporal Garcia and his family will enjoy the beauty, convenience and energy efficiency of these new window coverings for many years to come.”

Rich Symbolism

HFOT erects a flagpole at each home site, flying the HFOT flag until the home is presented to the veteran, at which time it’s exchanged for an American flag. A yellow ribbon guards the entrance until the ribbon is cut and the home is officially awarded. Each action has significance for HFOT. “Our veterans raise the American flag and cut the yellow ribbon outside their new home. These are gestures of patriotism and service symbolizing our veterans letting go of the barriers that previously prohibited them from living independently. Freedom in the way of a fully-accessible home has arrived at last for our Hero.”

Flag Raisin

Cpl. Garcia raises the American flag that will proudly wave in the front yard of his new home

Timothy McHale

Jackie Garcia and Major General (USA, retired) Timothy P. McHale assist as Cpl Garcia and daughter Isabel cut the yellow ribbon, opening up access to their new home

After the flag raising and ribbon cutting, a tour of the home followed with Budget Blinds’ easy-care faux wood blinds as just one of the over 155 special adaptations that go into each of the homes.  These adaptations include wider halls and doorways, automatic door openers, roll-under sinks, stove tops and counters, pull-down shelving, backup house generator, sliding windows and roll-in shower with digital temperature control. Living in an HFOT specially adapted home aids injured Veterans in their recovery, allowing them to have complete wheelchair accessibility to the entire home, without fear of falls and other injuries that can occur in a conventional home setting. 

Faux Wood HFOT
 Budget Blinds’ faux wood blinds give light and privacy control in this living room and entry way

Cpl Schumacher

Cpl Jon Schumacher, close friend and neighbor of Cpl Garcia, demonstrates to Todd Jackson how convenient the pull-down cabinets and roll-under countertops are in the kitchen

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Cpl Carlos Garcia was on his first deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 when he was severely injured in an IED blast that resulted in the loss of both his legs. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer as he was evacuated by helicopter, he was placed in a medically induced sleep for ease of transport to Germany, the first stop on the way to final destination of Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego where he continues to receive treatment and therapies. Cpl Garcia says that time with his family is very important to him, and now with two small children, this new specially adapted home will enable him to participate more fully in home life. ”I will be more independent and feel more comfortable on a daily basis because all areas of my home will be accessible to me. “Rolling around freely without bumping into anything, it’s amazing. When my daughter is crying, I just spin around and get right to her.”

Jackie shares, “It’s incredible to think that there are people out there [who] understand the struggles we have to deal with. We’re so grateful we’ve been given this opportunity. It’s heartwarming to know there are people out there who truly, truly care.” You can hear their whole story by clicking here.

To date, HFOT has placed 175 families into homes, with 52 current projects underway. Visit their website to learn more about how you can get involved in honoring returning veterans in your area and click here for a list of upcoming volunteer dates. 

If you would like to update your own home with easy-care faux wood blinds and other decorative window coverings, Budget Blinds offers an extensive line of window treatments including shutters, shades, blinds and drapes that offer benefits beyond beauty: energy efficiency, motorization, eco-friendly and child-friendly options. Call 866-590-6341 for a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you.

Supporting Veterans and Their Families this Christmas

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Budget Blinds and Homes for Our Troops Support Veterans and Their Families this Christmas

In November, Budget Blinds® partnered with Homes for Our Troops (HFOT), a privately-funded non-profit organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely wounded veterans. For 10 years, HFOT has been building homes across the country around the unique needs of veterans, accommodating loss of limbs and mobility, restoring independence and freedom of movement, to make home a safe and comfortable place to recover and rebuild their lives.

Budget Blinds has a long corporate history of supporting U.S. veterans and is proud to become an official supplier of HFOT who will be providing mortgage-free homes to those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy each day. Budget Blinds, in collaboration with our long-standing manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions, is committed to providing faux wood blinds from our Signature Series® product line into 120 homes over the next three years.

Faux wood blinds were chosen for the homes because they are very versatile and appropriate for any area of the country. They give an elegant look that is universally stylish and compatible with any décor.


  • They provide insulation and energy efficiency.
  • They offer light and privacy control.
  • They can be enhanced with additional window treatments like valances or drapery.
  • They can equally withstand dry or wet climates as they are moisture resistant.
  • Faux wood blinds are easy to operate, easy to clean with soap and water and beautiful for years to come.
  • They can be motorized providing one-touch control for added convenience, and cordless for child safety.

Homes for the Holidays Celebration

2014 marks the third annual HFOT Homes for the Holidays celebration to get 10 veterans and their families moved into new homes between November 8th and December 20th, just in time for the holidays. Budget Blinds’ nationwide network of independent franchise business owners donate their time and expertise, measuring and installing the window coverings in each home. Even with the busy-ness of the holidays, Budget Blinds franchisees are happy to participate in HFOT’s Homes for the Holidays celebration.

  • Scott Spielberger, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Memphis shares, “When I was requested by corporate to be involved in this project, I was extremely happy and 100% willing. I greatly applaud corporate for coming up with such a great opportunity for us to help the veterans.” (More from Scott in Cpl Jacob Romo’s story below.)
  • For Carolyn Tricoli, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Clearwater, this opportunity served two of our military at the same time. One of the HFOT veteran’s homes was originally intended to be serviced by Budget Blinds serving Seminole, but the franchise owner, Tommy Fisher, was recently called to active duty himself. Carolyn has stepped up to do the measuring and installation and is maintaining the Fishers’ territory in his absence so, “he [has] a business to come home to [with] his reputation of great service intact.” Her generosity touches the lives of veterans and active military alike. (More from Carolyn in Sgt Thongdeng’s story below.)

Homes for Our Troops is fortunate to have the support of patriotic businesses like Budget Blinds to help us in our mission of building specially adapted homes for our nation’s veterans. Having partnerships like this is crucial in allowing us to return the gift of freedom and independence that these heroes fought so bravely to protect.” --Major General (USA, Retired) Timothy P. McHale –President/CEO of Homes for Our Troops

Meet Cpl Jacob Romo of Somerville, TN

Jacob RomoMarine Corporal Jacob Romo was on a first deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, on patrol in farm country when he stepped on a buried IED. Retaining consciousness, he knew immediately that both his legs were gone. His comrades performed life-saving measures and got him airlifted to safety. His multiple injuries, including severe head injuries, necessitated treatment at The Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego for over two years before he could return home to Tennessee with his wife and two young sons.

Jacob attends Whitten Memorial Baptist Church and is affiliated with the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors, Krav Maga Worldwide, and Dojo of the Four Winds (an ancient Martial Arts study). He and his wife, Michelle, renewed their wedding vows the same day of the Key Ceremony, December 6th, when they received their home. Jacob has a mentor’s heart and looks forward to opening their new home to fellow veterans. “We are so grateful for this opportunity. I am a big believer in self-empowerment and investing in people. This home will allow us the means to ‘pay it forward’ to other service members as well as those in our community; we will be able to more effectively help more people in the future. Thank you.” Click here to hear Cpl Romo and Michelle share their experience.

Sgt Thongpane Thongdeng of Largo, FL

Sgt Thongdeng Army Sergeant “TD” Thongdeng paid the ultimate price when he deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and sustained life-threatening injuries when his jeep stuck an IED, resulting in loss of his right leg and paralysis. As he and his family worked through his recovery challenges and rebuilding their lives, he lost the battle and passed away on June 30, 2014, before his home was completed. HFOT will honor the commitment to Sgt Thongdeng by presenting the home to his family in a private Key Ceremony. Carolyn Tricoli shares, “I am very proud and honored to have the opportunity to install blinds for Sgt Thongdeng's family.  My prayers go out to his family and hope that they enjoy every moment on his behalf in their new home.”  

Sgt Thongdeng was faithful to attend Groundbreaking and Key Ceremonies for other HFOT veterans in the Tampa area, sharing their joy at receiving new homes. Friends say he was looking forward to living in a barrier-free environment where he could live independently and comfortably.  HFOT offers a goodbye salute: “TD was a valued member of the HFOT Family, and we will miss him greatly.”

A Tribute to All Veterans

Scott Spielberger attended the Key Ceremony on December 6, 2014, when Cpl Romo received his new home, and was privileged to speak. What Scott shared is a beautiful tribute to all veterans and sums up the Budget Blinds corporate philosophy of supporting our military veterans any way we can:

“It’s not every day that you get to be in the presence of a true hero. Corporal Jacob Romo put this country—you, me, and our way of life--before himself when he traveled to Afghanistan. We are forever grateful for his tremendous sacrifice. I am proud to be part of Budget Blinds commitment to U.S. military veterans and the Homes for Our Troops program which helps restore the freedom and independence of veterans like Corporal Romo. My brother is in a wheelchair and I know, through him, just how important a home like this can be. We are thrilled to provide the window treatments for this beautiful home and just to get the chance to give back to this true American hero. Corporal Romo, we hope you and your family enjoy each moment spent together in this new home and that you make incredible memories here in the years to come. Thank you for everything.”

To date, HFOT has placed 174 families into homes in 38 states, with 54 current projects underway. Visit their website to learn more about how you can get involved. To volunteer with Homes for Our Troops and find a project in your area, click here.

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