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    • Composite Blinds

      Composite blinds – a great alternative to real wood blinds – are the ideal solution for homeowners who demand only the most durable blinds for their windows. Composite blinds are constructed from high-quality synthetic materials that prevent blind slats from fading and cracking, and have unique UVA inhibitors to help prevent against yellowing and warping. And because they are moisture resistant, they are a great window blind choice for steamy laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

      Discover the many benefits of composite blinds:
      • Crafted to look like wood blinds, composite blinds are light-weight and offer a high-end feel at an affordable price.
      • Composite blinds are available in 80 color choices; wood paints and stains are furniture-quality and provide a beautiful, durable finish.
      • Choose from smooth or textured finishes to complement or coordinate with your existing decor.
      • In their closed position, they can protect your interiors from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and provide insulation to lower your energy bills.
      • Composite blinds are a highly durable alternative to classic wood blinds and are a perfect solution for homes undergoing larger and more costly renovations.

      Composite blinds are right at home in any environment, from the dry deserts of the Southwest, to the cold and wintery Northeast. Schedule your free in-home consultation with a Budget Blinds Style Consultant today to view our full line of composite blinds and learn which assortments work best in your space.

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